George Ls 15' Straight to Right Angle Guitar Cable - 15'

Guitar Cable, 1/4" TS - 1/4" TS Angled, 15' Long - Black w/Nickel Plated Plugs
5/5 3 Write review Item ID: GL225Gtr15A
George Ls 15\' Straight to Right Angle Guitar Cable - 15\' image 1
George Ls 15\' Straight to Right Angle Guitar Cable - 15\' image 1
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George Ls 15' Straight to Right Angle Guitar Cable - 15'
In Stock!

Keep Your Tone Intact with George L's Cables

It's a fact: guitar cables can change your sound. George L's guitar cables are designed to change the sound as little as possible, they were actually chosen Best in Sound Clarity by Guitar Player Magazine. Some of the pickiest musicians use George L's cables, because they preserve your instrument's tone. Let's face it, we all work hard to find the perfect combination of guitar, effects, and amp to create our own sound, and at Sweetwater we know you don't just want any old cable that will suck that precious tone away. These cables even help get rid of unwanted noise and hum in your signal chain. The specially designed ends used on these high-end audio cables ensure a solid connection and great tonal transfer. Check out George L's guitar cables and give your rig the best sounding cables around.

George L's Guitar Cables at a Glance:
  • Quality sound
  • Low-capacitance cable
  • Players
Quality sound

One of the most overlooked ways to increase your sound quality is with better cables. Remember your signal chain is only as good as the weakest link. George L's Guitar Cables use high-end cables and connectors to create the best signal possible. George L's cables will even help reduce unwanted hum and noise in your signal chain. Plug into one and notice the difference in your sound today!

Low-capacitance cable

George L's uses low-capacitance coax cable, this gives them as clear and uncolored a sound as possible. The higher the capacitance of a cable the more it gives you a muddy sound by killing your highs. We've all plugged into cables that have sounded muddy and nasty, George L's guitar cables ensure that you won't have that problem again. Whether you are going direct from guitar to amp, or via a pedal board George L's cable will give you the best sound.


Thousands of players have heard the George L's difference and switched cables. Some of those players include Eric Johnson, Johnny A., Neil Zaza, Rob Balducci, and many others. Try out George L's guitar cables for yourself and see the difference they make in your rig.

George L's Guitar Cables Features:
  • Low-capacitance co-ax cable
  • High-end plugs with lifetime warranty
  • Solderless plugs
Add a boost of tone to your rig with George L's Guitar Cables.

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Tech Specs

Connector 1 TS Male 1/4
Connector 2 TS Male Right Angle 1/4
Length 15'
Balanced No
Manufacturer Part Number 15' .225 Bk Str/RA

Customer Reviews

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The best guitar cable I have seen.

The George Ls 15' straight to right angle guitar cable looks to be the last cable I'll ever have to purchase because of its unique cable to plug attachment. It is VERY sturdy. The plugs fit perfectly and silently in both instrument and amplifier jacks. This is a really well made cable.
Music background: Retired music educator now working as the instrument repair tech for the Rochester school district. I have been playing bass professionally for more than forty five years.

What you call a cable

Adds a whole new dimension to the sounds coming out of the guitar/amplifier.
Music background: studio guy

Great Cable!

I have used Lava (Ultramafic and ELC) as well as Monster and Planet Waves cables in the past with electric guitars, but had primarily played acoustic and classical nylon over the last 17 years as I like an organic tone. I initially used Lava cables with my recent purchase of an Eric Johnson Stratocaster/57 Champ Reissue which only has a volume knob (no tone or reverb control on amp) so the cable (and tubes) have a significant impact on sound as the 5F1 circuit of the Champ is the set tone of the amp (and a great one at that). Compared to the Lava Ultramafic and ELC, the George L is crisp, clean and clear. The Ultramafic (at $100) had more bass but it was muddy and soft compared to the George L which has more clarity and punch. While the bass is not as boomy as the Ultramafic, it is quite present and not thin. I wouldn't say the tone is compressed- but more due to the low capacitance of the George L cable which doesn't roll of the trebles and allows the full sound to come through. It's my opinion that high capacitance cables sound bigger, but are muddier - all depends on what one likes; I like clarity and definition. Treble-wise, the George L has more presence as opposed to type of harsh brightness and the overall tone is outstanding. It's also good to know that if a connection should need work, that I can cut the end of the George L cable and patch the repair without solder. The cable is stiffer than most, but it's not too bad. After hearing, I can understand why Guitar Player Magazine voted this the #1 cable for sound quality. I'd also say here that it looks like one tough cable.
Music background: 17 year guitar player
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