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Roland GK-Kit for Guitar Reviews

4.5 stars based on 5 customer reviews
Questions about the Roland GK-Kit for Guitar?

Questions about the Roland GK-Kit for Guitar?

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  • from United States January 4, 2013Music Background:
    Worship leader, hobbyist

    Good product

    Like any technology, it is not perfect. But if you spend some time tweaking your settings with the GR-55, you can really get the most out of the product. I never attempted to install the external GK3 pickup, because of the many negative reviews I read online. I purchased this internal kit and brought it to a good luthier to install. It sounds great.

  • from Titusville,PA December 18, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Best GK Pick-up available

    I have this unit installed in a Zion guitar. I also have two other Zion guitars with the GK-2 and GK-3 external pickups mounted and I must say that for whatever reason this internal model seems to track much better than the others. I did not install this myself as I purchased the guitar with the unit already installed. But it is obvious that the installation does require some degree of skill to facilitate a good job! If you are not confident in your skill level I would suggest hiring a good technician to do the work. You wont be disappointed. I use this pick-up through a GR-55, VG-99 and a Korg Kronos. Sound capability with this system (properly adjusted) are simply amazing!

  • from San Jose, CA. January 19, 2009Music Background:

    I built a synth guitar

    After using the Gk3 external pickup for a while with my Roland GR-20 I decided to get the GK kit.
    I had a pro Luthier install it for me and I would recommend anybody to do this.
    I had it built into my Epiphone Prophecy SG custom and it sounds great. I can run a functioning extra cable from my guitar now as well to a 2nd amp.
    having it built in to my guitar opened up many more playing, sound and configuration options.

  • from Peoria,IL November 9, 2012Music Background:
    pro musician

    Easy install and working great

    Although I have some experience in wiring,I think the diagram was fairly
    easy to follow and the pickup worked the first time I plugged in.I installed it in a strat and I think that is probably is the easiest guitar to
    put it in because of large cavity under the pickguard.All in all I am
    extremely happy with the GK-3.

  • from Atlanta , GA July 25, 2010Music Background:
    Pro Musician, session musician, recording engineer.

    Its Worth it!!!

    I had a GK-kit installed on a G&L commanche (strat). It has opened up a whole new world to my playing. This is especially true for studio work. I make keyboard players nervous (lol)!!! He hasn't been late to practice, or missed one, once since I got it!!! I even got a few extra studio calls due to its unique sound. I got it installed by Jason over at "Too many Guitars" (Tucker, GA). Unless you are a good to great guitar repair person or luthier...don't try to install it yourself!!
    I use it with a Roland G.I. -20 midi / usb interface. My synth modules of choice are Emu Mo Phatt, Triton, and a fantom. The ability to toggle switch between pure guitar, guitar synth mix, & pure synth is great.
    I have had this set up for a year now. I can honestly say its worth the money to ensure your midi rig is road worthy. The GI-20 only comes with a short (expensive) 13 cord and there are no rack ears included!! Of couse there are certain patches that have to be programmed for sensitivty, bends, and other traits specific to those patches. You can't just freely strum certain tracks. However...so far it has held up. Nothing is loose and it still works. Its like having a hemi engine in a honda accord!! The shocked & puzzled looks are worth the money alone. Since it is totally internal you can't tell unless your up close or know what to look for.
    When used with keyboard modules it really sounds like a regular keyboard playing. Its not a knock off. Its not a magic solution right out of the box...but it dang close. With practice, patience, and programming this is a heck of a tool for the money. The only comparison is a parker or godin which is crazy money. This is much better than the ready made midi guitars on the lower end of the guitar spectrum. SO take your favorite, high quality axe and get er done!!!

Questions about the Roland GK-Kit for Guitar?

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