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Gator Frameworks GFW-MICACCTRAY Microphone Stand Accessory Tray Reviews

4.0 stars based on 12 customer reviews
Questions about the Gator Frameworks GFW-MICACCTRAY Microphone Stand Accessory Tray?

Questions about the Gator Frameworks GFW-MICACCTRAY Microphone Stand Accessory Tray?

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  • Bill
    from Chicagoland June 24, 2017

    Perfect GO:MIXER companion

    I've been searching for a solution to the short USB cable that is required to provide streaming audio/power to the Roland Go:Mixer for my SmartPhone, and still be able to connect it to my Smartphone on a boom stand.

    This tray solved the problem perfectly! I can now connect my Smartphone to my boom mic and place my GO:MIXER on this tray, connected to my Smartphone. The short cable is no longer an issue. :)

  • Customer
    from June 14, 2017

    great product

    love it, wish I had bought one long time ago.

  • Customer
    from April 25, 2017

    Free your mind...

    I didn't realize how much I would appreciate this. It actually lowers my stress level since I don't have to look around for stuff or worry about spilling (or even bending down) for a drink.

  • Allen Miller
    from Ohio October 2, 2015Music Background:

    Mic Stand Accessory Tray

    It is what it is...nothing too fancy...but it certainly has been a great tool to use for my purposes.

  • Pat
    from CT March 3, 2017

    Great tray

    Fits mic stand very good... seems very secure.
    Would recommend highly

  • Richard
    from Central New Hampshire August 16, 2015

    Getting Organized

    I just got this to attach to my Gator mic stand and it fits perfectly. Easy to clamp on and the drink holder has a hole in the bottom so moisture from your drinks won't turn it into a wet swamp. It's not too big or too small just the right size to hold your capo, slide, picks etc.

  • Rick
    from January 9, 2017

    Frameworks Mic Stand Tray

    The Frameworks Mic Stand Accessory Tray does exactly what it's description says. It's a great place for picks, phones, drinks, etc. Initially, I was concerned that it could get in the way. No worries there. It keeps your items within easy reach without causing any interference. Everyone needs a few of these.

  • Dan F
    from Saint Paul, MN January 4, 2017

    Works as designed

    This tray works great to hold a capo, harmonica, phone, pen, drink, etc. Fits the stand well. I actually use it on a music stand in my practice studio but have used it at a show. It works well if you use a Schubb capo, since they cannot clip onto your guitar headstock when not in use.

  • Jim Boedicker
    from Ada, Ohio July 16, 2016Music Background:
    solo guitarist/vocalist.

    Good insurance

    I accidently spilled a partial cup of water on my Bose system about a month ago. It killed the system! Fortunately, after drying out, it came back to like. This try and cup holder help reduce the chance of that ever happening again plus it help keep track of special pick, capos and glasses. Pretty cheap insurance and very handy!

  • L.T.
    from N.J. December 7, 2015Music Background:

    Well Made Tray!

    I just received my tray in the mail today from Sweetwater. It got here super fast as always. The tray is sturdy and strong and the clamping system is high quality. This tray also will fit stands with larger poles, such as Atlas Mic Stands. Hopefully it will last a long time with no issues!! Overall, I'm feelin' good about buying this item.

  • Gary Mettler
    from New Jersey September 20, 2016Music Background:
    40 Years as Professional Musician

    Here's To You

    Good design in principle. Only flaw is that there is an opening in the middle of the rubber bottom of the drink holder;so if the drink glass sweats, the water leaks out on the floor beneath the holder.

  • Customer
    from March 12, 2016

    Mic stand tray holder

    The cup holder couldn't hold a beer glass. Please note, don't hit the Mic stand.

Questions about the Gator Frameworks GFW-MICACCTRAY Microphone Stand Accessory Tray?

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