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Gator GFW-GTR-AMP - Combo Amp Stand Reviews

4.0 stars based on 32 customer reviews
Questions about the Gator GFW-GTR-AMP - Combo Amp Stand?

Questions about the Gator GFW-GTR-AMP - Combo Amp Stand?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • Customer
    from Honolulu June 2, 2017Music Background:
    Musician in various bands

    Gteat Stand

    Ordered this stand for my Line 6 Spider Valve IV combo amp. Pretty good support and stability. Locks on tight with easy to use fasteners. Very durable and reliable.

  • Edwin R. Saunders Jr
    from New Jersey May 26, 2017Music Background:
    Nothing of late but played in the school band in grammar and high school. Played the Tuba, Sosaphone and the French Horn.

    Combo Amp Stand

    The stand was exactly what I was looking for. It met my expectations for the small area I wished to use it in. It afforded my Amp with the right positioning to allow my wife and son to practice their guitar playing and singing. It is strong and does the job I bought it for.

  • Ray
    from Louisiana May 5, 2017Music Background:
    Guitar, bass and acoustic for 55 years.

    Amp stand

    When you don't have a lot of room, but want to play in your room at night, this amp stand is perfect.
    Fits in a little space. Raises the amp high enough so you don't have to bend over to see the knobs.

    The stand is strong and sturdy. You can easily use it on stage to get the sound up to you.
    For the price it can't be beat.

  • Nashvegas Picker
    from Nashville March 29, 2017Music Background:
    Hobbiest and local gigger

    Does the job very well!

    I have used it for my Supersonic 22, 68' Vibrolux, and multiple 2x10 and 2x12 cabs. Gator makes the most rugged gear for the price. I use their stage cases, guitar stands, amp stands, pedal power, pedalboards, etc. you can truly trust this brand!!

  • Customer
    from February 28, 2017

    Sturdy stand and great value

    Very sturdy adjustable angle stand for small to medium amps.

  • Fred Schmidt
    from Lindstrom Mn December 30, 2016

    Best Ive used

    I wish everything was built this well, and worked so good. Well worth the money. I use it with my Mesa Rect-O-Verb 25. not only can I hear myself better, but I can see all my control settings.

  • Fred Schmidt
    from Lindstrom Mn December 3, 2016Music Background:
    Legit and Rock and roll musician

    Rock solid!

    This thing is great!!! I use it for my Mesa Rect-o-Verb combo. I can now see all the controls on the front of the amp. and I can hear myself. Its built like a tank, and looks good too! Best amp stand Ive ever used by far.

  • Sean Decker
    from Wheeling, WV March 20, 2016Music Background:
    Guitarist 20+ years

    Works great

    Works at it should. Good deal

  • Ed
    from Canton, GA November 6, 2015Music Background:

    Star Wars

    I received this bad boy as a gift and I must say that it easily supports my JVM410C and looks good plus gives my old aching back some relief when adjusting the six channels of the Marshall. And it's clean looks somehow remind me of an Imperial Walker when the amp is mounted! But I reckon that whether the setup runs on the dark side or light side depends on how much I practice!

  • Steve Cooper
    from Fishers, IN January 8, 2015

    Heavy Duty Stand

    This is the ONLY amp stand that doesn't wobble. The clamp system is fantastic. I am using this stand for a purpose it wasn't intended for, but it works great- I have an ATA rack that I put on the stand with the controls of the rack facing up. With a weight of 80 lbs, the stand supports it firmly.

  • Jim Keller
    from TN September 16, 2014Music Background:

    Solid Amp Stand

    If you're looking for a strong and collapsible amp stand, this is it!
    The stand folds flat for easy transport but locks into position with a snap.
    You can change the angle as best suits your needs. I highly recommend this amp stand.

  • Alain
    from Montreal June 16, 2014Music Background:

    Perfect for my Axe-FX 2

    I bought this stand specifically for my Axe-Fx 2 in a 2u rack. It does precisely what I expected. It stays close to the ground, thus reducing the risk of a serious fall, but puts the display in the perfect angle and the controls at the perfect height. I have used it live recently and felt my Axe-Fx was well protected.

    from LOUISIANA - - USA June 12, 2014Music Background:



  • Dick Miles
    from Lancaster NY March 10, 2017Music Background:
    Semi-pro 50+ years

    Works great!

    Very sturdy. I think this stand would handle most guitar amps with ease. Adjustment is easy and the tilt back gets your sound over the top of the audience. I would have liked it to be a bit taller (thus the 4-1/2 star rating) but all in all, a good product.

  • Neil
    from Wisconsin January 1, 2017

    Gator Amp Stand

    Have only used it once and it worked well. The ordering and delivery process was great!

  • WILLIAM balestrini
    from California December 6, 2016Music Background:
    43+ years

    Nice and solid! But be ware of open-back amps!

    This stand is nice and solid and works great.
    Be aware! If your amp is an open-back style, and your amp width is greater than about 19", the back rest could fall into the back of your amp and possibly damage the speaker, tubes etc..
    In my case, my amp (Burgera V22) is about 22" width, so I had to make an easy modification.
    I simply bought a piece of 1 1/4" wood dowel and took off the two end caps on the back support and inserted the dowel, which extends the back piece horizontally to about another couple inches.

    It would bring up the price a bit, but if they had a small telescoping piece it would fit better.

    Anyway, nice product either way!

  • Rick W.
    from Quakertown,PA November 23, 2016Music Background:

    Gator GFW-GTR Combo Amp Stand

    Needed a small amp stand for my Fender Pro Jr.III..I looked at quite a few,but the Gator was the perfect stand that I was looking for,Very well built,adjustable,perfect height for my needs.What more can I say,I like it a lot.Can"t go wrong with this amp stand.And yes,your small combo amp definitely does sound better when it is on a stand.

  • Customer
    from March 30, 2016

    Love it

    Very sturdy, and my Fender Princeton sets on it just fine

  • Dean
    from July 11, 2015

    Great little stand

    Great stand, particularly for studios. I use it for a bunch of different amps. It holds my AC15HWX just fine...not sure what the previous review was about when they said it can't hold an AC15, but the AC15HW amps are much bigger than the standard and it works just fine with mine. The really good news about it is that you can really get the amp angled up at your head (and ears!). We all know that you lose high frequencies when you listen (or place a mic) off axis, so if the amp isn't aimed at your head while standing you have to get down on your knees to really hear the highs that are coming out. This stand allows angling the amp at your head so you can really hear what it's doing without crouching. You do have to make sure your amp fits, and make sure the stand is oriented correctly or it will fall over backwards. Just make sure you can read the "gator frameworks" label on the bottom horizontal support before placing your amp and it works great.

  • Joe L
    from Fredericksburg, VA USA August 11, 2014Music Background:
    Weekend Warrior

    Compact Stand With Several Configurations

    I purchased this hold my AxeFX2 and the rack case I have it in. Works great. Along with clamping down the stand at different heights you can rotate the stand to offer different angles of setup. My rack is a simple 2U padded bag and the AxeFX2 is fairly light as well. This is meant to just prop the AF2 up at a better height for any on stage tweaking.

    I've also tested this with my 212 cab. Still hold up sturdy.

    My only complaint is the rubber feet on the stand. The feet are prone to coming off and being left behind on darker stages.

    Overall I would recommend this as an inexpensive stand solution for both smaller cabinets and rack units.

  • Eric
    from Michigan January 5, 2017

    Does what it says

    It holds up my amp, and a variety of angles, it's easy to transport and it seems very sturdy. The downside is that after one gig, the finish got really scratched up without much effort.

  • Rod
    from Marion, IN. November 28, 2016Music Background:
    35 years gigging musician

    Sturdy built!

    Well constructed, easy to adjust. I'm using it on a TC Electronics BG-250 bass amp and it is a little top heavy when tilted back very far. If you have an open back amp, the rear crossbar may protrude into the amp, or you may need to find a way to prevent it from doing so. The rubber leg pads come off easily. It does what I wanted, but I find it necessary to use caution setting to up to prevent tip-overs.

  • Mike M
    from Philly August 11, 2016

    Gator Amp Stand

    I tour with a loud tribute band and regularly have issues with the monitor mixes on stage hearing my bass clearly. It seems that a lot of monitor systems in the venues we perform just get muddy when you blend the bass into the mix. I fixed that by getting this stand and a small bass extension cab - problem solved. This stand folds up nicely and takes almost no additional space in our trailer and it sets up in a snap. I really like the design of this stand. I can easily position it as needed on stage and the sound guys love it as now I turn down my main rig at the back of the stage and there is less bleed into the mics. Wish the guitar players would do the same...

  • Jim S
    from New York April 14, 2016

    Well made but limited

    This stand is great for amps that "fit" but there are limits. My Fender Pro Jr. is a great fit, but my Peavey ValveKing II 20 watt and my Peavey Delta Blues 210 are not. A combination of the height of the amp and the design of the back of the cabinet are the limiting factors. Otherwise it's sturdy, easy to open and close and portable. Some sort of marking on the latch would be helpful in finding the setting that works best for you. A small dab of "white out" will do the trick. After 50+ years of playing this is my first amp stand and it's like hearing myself for the first time! You simply can't evaluate your volume and tone when its hitting you at ankle level.

  • Scott Walls
    from Pittsburgh July 22, 2015Music Background:
    Experienced Guitarist

    Awesome Stand!

    Does exactly what I needed it to. I have a very heavy Mesa Boogie Mark V and this holds it with no problem at all.

  • scott thompson
    from Chicago IL September 22, 2014Music Background:
    band member playing keys

    versatile (sp)

    I was not sure if this stand would take care of a little issue I had on my keyboard amp but after the first gig with it I am very pleased. two things I really like is the quick set up with just using the single lever to lock position in place verses and screw in bolt... The other thing is the way its built I can tilt my amp in such a position to keep the power cord under the rest. on my old stand the rest pushed against my cord taking on the full weight of the amp, now my cord is free and clear with this stand.

  • Rob
    from Petersburg, VA August 7, 2014Music Background:
    Guitar, metal, 30 years, part time

    Perfect for combos

    I have two of these now, one for an Orange 10" single combo and one for a Marshall 10" single combo. The adjustable angle is perfect for getting the best direction of speaker angle. This device is very sturdy and I will use these anytime I have a medium to small combo for play.

  • bruce howlett
    from Andover, MA February 23, 2015Music Background:
    Garage band musician

    Gator GFW-GTR-AMP - Combo Amp Stand

    I liked the quality and price of the amp stand BUT I have a fender amp that is about 1/2 open in the back so the rear support had nothing to lean against. I fixed this buy getting a 1 inch pipe and inserting it inside the rear support pipe, thus making the upper support about 4 inches wider on each side. Now the amp can rest the open sides on the pipe extension. If your amp is open in the back, check the width of the opening against the width of the amp stand to see if there is anything for the amp to rest against or be prepared to modify the stand

  • jim knight
    from columbia, ct February 9, 2015Music Background:

    Gator Amp Stand

    This stand is really good....not fantastic....because I cant get the perfect position of the amp...........
    Never the less, if you don't have an amp stand, buy one.
    It is really hard to jam or play with multiple amped musicians with your amp aimed at the floor as you simply can't hear your instrument unless you turn it up loud. By tipping the amp you can hear exactly what your playing at lower volume. Buy an amp stand - you'll play better!

  • Mike Balistierri
    from Treasure Island Fl USA December 8, 2014Music Background:
    Pro musician for 50 years

    Works, but not perfect.y

    My amp, a Roland Cube 80 XL, tips over backwards when on this if I don't put something under the back leg. Disappointed but I can make it work.

  • Bill Schott
    from Victor, NY November 16, 2014

    Make sure your amp will fit.

    Just 19" wide which might work for a small amplifier but my Fender Twin Reverb is much wider. Nothing is adjustable except the tilt which limits your options for width and height. Also came damaged but I was able to fix it.

    from Avon, NY 14414 September 19, 2014Music Background:
    Guitar Player

    It doesn't fit my needs.

    It's build really well. If you gig with it, it should work fine. But I needed it for my bedroom. It's way to big. And my AC 15 Vox Amp is too big for this stand. So I have a solid oak tool box under it. It look very cool. So I put back in the box. And I'll try to sell it. Edward J Kelly.

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