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Boss GE-7 7-band EQ Pedal Reviews

4.5 stars based on 14 customer reviews
Questions about the Boss GE-7 7-band EQ Pedal?

Questions about the Boss GE-7 7-band EQ Pedal?

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  • from Fredericksburg, VA March 6, 2017Music Background:
    Semi-pro Drummer of 20+years and Guitarist for a little over a year.

    A Must

    Like others have said....it's amazing. What this pedal adds to the sound coming out of my Orange amp is just mind-blowing. It is the only pedal I use and have it in the EFX loop. I works well for rounding out the tones of my acoustic as well. For the price you cannot go wrong. Your tone is worth it. Right?

  • from Texas June 12, 2016Music Background:
    Praise and worship

    Tone shaping tool

    I love boutique pedals as much as the next guy but this pedal does more for the tone and how it cuts through the mix than any other pedal.

  • from Woodstock December 25, 2015Music Background:
    one-time pro turned weekend warrior

    My only Must Have pedal

    I bought my first one 30 years ago. I recently replaced it with a new one. The old one still works but the LED has finally burned out, I like to be able to look to see if its on.

    Anyway, this is the only essential pedal for me. I like to drive my tube amps to tube saturation and much prefer that sound to any of the gain or distortion pedals I have tried. The GE-7 makes a great clean boost to drive the front end of a tube amp, and has the added ability to shape the tone of the boost to whatever I want. Add to that its use for shaping the sound of an acoustic guitar before an amp or PA, or as an overall tone shaper when used in an effects loop, and it's the best bang for the buck pedal available IMO. So glad Boss is still making this pedal! By the way - LOVE SWEETWATER.

  • from Illinois December 5, 2015


    This is a great equalizer. I put it through the universal loop of my AmpTweaker Big Rock Pro (best distortion pedal I have ever played by the way). So every time I click on some distortion the pedal kicks in. It does an amazing job shaping my tone from things like ZZ Top to as hard of metal as you can imagine. It's also great for lighter stuff too. My friend who is more of a soft rock guy played it and ordered one the next day. The seven bands of EQ are more than enough for a pedalboard equalizer. Over this thing is fantastic, and I highly recommend getting one if you think you want one

  • from MS October 27, 2015

    Boss GE 7

    I've read and watched many opinions on an Eq in your pedal chain. I was skeptical of the effect on my tone. Wow. This thing is capable of voicing my amps to that never before reached region. Get one!!!

  • from Big Rapids May 15, 2014Music Background:

    Great Pedal

    Clean and quiet. I use this as a volume boost as well as a tone shaper. Fits with my other Boss stuff, power supply and cables.

  • from East TN May 1, 2017

    Solves all Tonality Issues

    I bought a Taylor T5S that has the 5 position switch for pickup selection. The guitar has no on board EQ and really needed one to eliminate that "cuppy" sound this guitar creates. The GE-7 lets you dial it out and warm up the tone very nicely. For me, it made the difference in being able to USE the guitar in a performance and not leave it for practice only. The applications for this EQ are endless with 7 bands, so you can dial up what you need and expect the results to be right on demand. Take a picture and save it in case the switches are inadvertently moved. Sweetwater had the right answer, so problem solved! Thanks!

  • from Olean, NY March 16, 2017Music Background:
    Semi-Pro (not the way I make my living), Songwriter

    Apparently Just What I Was Looking For...

    The title to my review actually says it all. I almost had the title be "Why Didn't I Buy This Pedal A Long Time Ago?" but decided it was a little too long. Let me start by admitting that I am primarily a solid state guitar amp user. I would be a tube amp "snob" if I could tolerate there relative unreliability and cost to constantly replace tubes. To me a well-designed solid state or hybrid amp is a great compromise. I have one of the new Boss Katana 100s, a B.K. Butler Tube Driver, a Vox Cambridge 30 Reverb, a Peavey Transformer 112, and a Tech 21 Power Engine for my guitar amps. With the exception of the Tube Driver I have found that these amp, regardless of "eq-ing" lack that "sparkle" or "glass" that I was looking for and got in tube amps, particularly Fenders. So I bought the Boss GE 7 in January of 2017 and just have not taken the time to plug it in let alone mess with it. Professional obligations along with a greater desire to spend my time playing and learning the guitar had put "tinkering" with this pedal on the back burner. Well, I've finally taken some time to play around with it and, "Wow!" I am impressed with its capabilities. It is what it is though. It's not anything fancy or that will make your guitar sound like a spaceship but it will modify your tone! Each control slider, which obviously controls a specific EQ range is very sensitive and "active". In other words, it will change your tone. I have primarily used it on clean tones but am excited to check out is capabilities with my overdrive tones as well. Additionally, the level has a "notch" at about midway that sets the pedal were the effected/EQ'ed tone and non effected/EQ'ed tone are at the same level. Very nice. That being said above the notch the pedal can act as a very effective boost pedal. It's just a great pedal that really does what you would expect it to do. Maybe the most useful $ I've spent on gear to date. And I have spent a lot of $$$ on gear...just ask my wife!

  • from Plano, Il February 9, 2011Music Background:
    active musician

    must-have stomp

    this little box is awesome. I ran my guitar into it and then my floor processor, and it gave me a warmth and resonance I'd never heard before after just a couple minutes of playing with frequencies. it immediately added a smooth, natural air before I even boosted or cut anything. today was the first time I'd used it, and it's staying in my rig.

  • from 61 M, Gulberg III, Lahore, Pakistan April 13, 2007Music Background:
    Engineer & a hobbyist guitarist for the last 27 years.

    Looks ordinary but sounds extraordinary.

    I bought it quite sometime ago when I was trying to enhance the sound of my guitar and amplifier altogether. Though my friends told me to replace the pickups and speaker of my both instruments but the idea was quite expensive. So I happened to hire this unit from one of my friends and I got really shocked to hear its stupendous and dynamic sound quality. It really made my sound so well that I just started wondering to myself that how I was missing such a nice pedal for so long. I immediately purchased it on the very next day. It is a wonderful pedal for shaping or boosting up the sound of your guitar to any level. Whether you are playing hard rock, metal or crystal clear you will get your sound with extra points right there just a pedal away. I have tried it both on my humbucking and single coil pickup guitars and it makes each of them sound so well and every note of your guitar becomes alive and refreshed to an ultimate level. Though this pedal seems very simple and ordinary by its name but once you hear it you will say spontaneously that "Hearing is believing". The pedal is very quiet indeed with very smooth sliders. One of my pedal sliders knob came off so that requires a little bit more stronger glue. In the end I must add that one should never misjudge this simple pedal, take my words for guarantee it won't disappoint you NOT & NEVER at all. Thanks & regards.

  • from Buffalo, NY October 30, 2006Music Background:

    The Great Equalizer!

    The Boss GE-7 Graphic Equalizer offers seven bands of equalization in a compact, durable, package featuring low noise operation and a silent switching system.

    The seven bands of available EQ are optimized for guitar and offer up to 15db of cut/boost in the following bands; 100hz, 200hz, 400hz, 800hz, 1.6khz, 3.2khz, and 6.4khz. There is also a level control that can be used to cut, boost, or equalize the effected signal with the unaffected signal.

    I have used it to fatten and boost my leads, “scoop” the mids/boost the highs and lows for Modern Metal, tighten up a flabby clean sound for cutting through a mix, and to find and minimize feedback producing frequencies.

    Placing the GE-7 before an overdrive or distortion pedal allows you to actually shape and change the overall character of your overdrive/distortion. Placing the GE-7 after your overdrive/distortion pedal allows you to accentuate or cut specific frequencies to add color to your sound without radically altering the basic character of your overdrive.

    For the ultimate in tonal versatility, try using two GE-7’s. Place the first in front of your OD/dist pedal. Set it to cut the bass going into the distortion pedal by about 9 db, because excessive bass frequencies pre-distortion results in a muddy or flabby sound. Also, boost the pre-distortion mids at 800hz for a crunchy, biting attack. Next, place a second GE-7 after the distortion unit. Set it to bring the bass back up or even boost it a bit (try about 12 db of boost). Also add in some highs. This set-up works great to produce an absolutely crushing crunchy overdrive or 80’s style Metal sound.

  • from Dothan, Alabama January 18, 2015Music Background:
    Guitar player

    Exactly what I expected.

    Sweet pedal. Worth every penny.

  • from Tacoma,WA August 6, 2013Music Background:

    Boss EQ GE 7 pedal

    I probably would not use this pedal alone. Same with a few Boss pedals I have tried. But what is sort of cool about some of the Boss pedals is they work nicely together and sort of compliment eachother. Sometimes just having a pedal on and all the settings turn low can still push other pedals into a sweet spot. I notice that both the boss pedals I have work nicely with some other brand pedals I have too. When its on everything in the pedal chains sounds more sparkly. Just kind of set it and forget it. There is a lot of hate for Boss but many times people probably are not using them correctly too. I mainly use pedals for just subtle differences into an already medium gain tube amp.

  • from North Carolina November 9, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist >35 years playing

    Very nice EQ

    Does a great job. It adds a little noise (as do most EQ's). I still prefer the Parametric EQ.

Questions about the Boss GE-7 7-band EQ Pedal?

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