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Gator Deluxe ABS Molded Case - Double-cutaway Electric Guitar Reviews

4.5 stars based on 60 customer reviews
Questions about the Gator Deluxe ABS Molded Case - Double-cutaway Electric Guitar?

Questions about the Gator Deluxe ABS Molded Case - Double-cutaway Electric Guitar?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from February 28, 2017Music Background:
    worship musician

    fantastic case

    I bought this not even knowing if my Reverend guitar would fit in it. it fit with not even a 99/100 of an inch to spare. but its a solid, heavy duty case. I love Gator

  • from January 17, 2017

    Great gear

    No surprise that it was excellent. Sweet water is known to deliver!

  • from Arcata, CA November 17, 2016

    Fits Bass VI PERFECT

    Great price, Fits the Bass VI PERFECT.
    I ordered a different case and Ed called me to let me know that the one I chose wouldn't fit. He got back to me a week later with information on this one. Great customer service. Made all the difference in ordering this up. Thanks again!

  • from October 18, 2016Music Background:
    Lead guitar

    Very nice and Well made

    Very durable molded heavy plastic case, with plush interior. Plenty of room for extras, comes with name tag so you won't grab your band mates ax. This one will protect that new guitar or your prized vintage. Yea, this is the one that you'll want, so just get it!

  • from Atlanta, ga July 6, 2016

    Gator Deluxe Case

    This case is the best case I have used for my tele and strat.....I have around 15 guitars, and I have found that this is the best case for those fender guitars. If you own a nice Strat or tele, this is the case you need. Sweetwater is the best place to get, there shipping is real fast. I ordered it on a Wed and got it Fri. Thanks Sweetwater for the great service. RM

  • from Sarasota Fl January 31, 2016

    Nice case

    Bought two for my PRS guitars excellent fit and sturdy case.

  • from Washington September 21, 2015Music Background:
    Professional Muso

    Beautiful strong and sturdy case!

    Great case for the little bit of money I spent on it! It will surely protect my beautiful Telecaster with east! Roomy and just luxurious!

  • from Roaring Spring PA. June 25, 2015Music Background:
    46 years same band

    Gator Delux ABS Molded Guitar Case

    Fantastic looking guitar case. Guitar fits excellent.This case is built very well.

  • from June 1, 2015Music Background:
    Beginner guitar player

    Gator Deluxe Case

    Anyone looking for a guitar case look no further the Gator Deluxe ABS Case is the ultimate guitar case.

  • from Monee, IL April 7, 2015

    Gator Case

    Real nice case and as always Jeremy Clifford does it again!

  • from NC February 5, 2015Music Background:

    I'll be getting another one soon

    Snaps tightly shut - guitar does not move within case - even loose pics left in cubbies stay put

  • from January 12, 2015

    Great Case

    We bought this guitar case to hold the PRS Santana Yellow Electric Guitar that we bought. We asked Nathan the sales person if it would fit and he assured us it would. It fits nice and snug and is a really good case with storage space inside. The only thing that would make this better is if the storage areas had a cover, but we just put the small items in a small ziploc and it works great. Would definitely recommend this case and we even got it on sale which was a bonus.

  • from Sebastopol, CA December 16, 2014Music Background:
    Private Studio Cat


    This case is everything I wanted for my new Variax JTV-89F. PERFECT FIT! Cushy, dent and bend proof as they come. And... lots more room for all the junk we stuff our cases with than any I've seen so far, while less bulky than my similar Fender-branded Strat case.

    Gator Cases, Sweetwater, and my sales engineer ( the inimitable Andy Miller ) all have their act together!

  • from baytown, tx November 11, 2014Music Background:
    novice guitar enthusiast

    fits like a glove

    my fender strat fits so right..with enough space for some cords and song books

  • from Santa Ana,CA September 22, 2014Music Background:


    What a great case.

  • from NM April 9, 2014Music Background:
    semi pro,hobbyist,builder,modder,student,teacher,more


    Needed a generic case to fit my ever changing list of guitars, sell or trade the guitar, keep the case, get a new one & already have a case then. Works for many types, check your measurements to be sure. They have others that will fit what you have. Just got another one for my 6 string bass that fit!! Tyler at Sweetwater always takes care of me. When I am buying new, these guys get my biz,Thanks!!

  • from Neosho, Mo. January 28, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Instumentalist (Solo) and groups

    Gator GC Cases

    I recently ordered two Gator cases, one for the Telewhacker I built and the other one for "Guitar" and both exceeded my expectations. Both were quality products you can even put an over priced Gibson in and not worry. I love mine and would buy them again if they are available.

  • from Norfolk, VA January 2, 2014Music Background:


    I was having trouble finding a case for my PRS SE Tremonti and ordered this one having previous experience with Gator. When it arrived and I placed the guitar in the case I didn't think it fit. The lower bout looked to be about an inch wider than the case opening. However, slight pressure on the bottom of the guitar compressed the foam on both sides and the guitar slipped right in to a perfect fit. The contour and width of the neck support is a perfect match for the Tremonti. It looks like this case was custom made for this guitar. The case construction, lining, hardware, looks, all perfect. This case is a bargain at $89.99. Highly recommended. Kudos to Peter VanHorn and Sweetwater for great customer service and the fastest shipping anywhere.

  • from December 17, 2013

    Great guitar case! Gator GC-Elec-A

    Timely delivery, beautiful case! Very sturdy and well constructed.
    This is my second Gator case....they are always a great buy for the
    price! Sweetwater does a great service to musicians!

  • from Niles, MI December 2, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Great case for the money

    The Ibanez RG fits perfectly. Solid fit with no movement inside. Good basic protection for your typical transportation abuse to and from gigs. It is by no means an ATA case, but it does not cost as much either. I wouldn't use it for any of my high end "precious" guitars, but for a run of the mill RG, it is perfect.

  • from Texas March 23, 2013Music Background:
    hobby player

    Gator case

    Fits my Start perfectly. Well made, should last a lifetime.

  • from United States February 28, 2013

    Great Deal

    The Gator Guitar Case was a great deal.

  • from bluffton in. usa January 25, 2013Music Background:

    gator gc elec-a

    very nice strat fits perfect very solid has great locks on it very sturdy and awsome case the money thank you sweetwater.

  • from Grand Ledge,Mi USA March 1, 2012Music Background:

    Guitar case

    Perfect fit for my strat. Goog storage pockets. Great protection.

  • from Arooyo Grande, Ca August 23, 2011Music Background:
    Keyboards > progressive rock, claissical.

    Such a quality case at a great price.

    This is actually a shorter case than all my hard cases but perfect for full size Tele. The aluminum frame is strong and real plush inside fitted great for the guitar. Super light but super strong construction.

    Great formula and did not have that strong chemical smell of glue to a point where have to leave open in a garage for days! yikes...
    Just a super case design...

  • from Kansas July 29, 2010Music Background:
    Active Musician

    Great Case!

    Fits my PRS Custom SE like a glove. Love it!
    Highly recommend this case, well made, great fit, decent price.
    I own an SKB for my Strat and, this case will stand up to it anytime.
    Very Satisfied and, Sweetwater comes through again.
    Ryan Sloan has been my product engineer and, I just had to mention his name because he has treated me GREAT!!!!!!!!

  • from VA,USA July 18, 2010Music Background:
    Recording Artist

    The best case

    I bought this case in 2007 for my washburn strat. I have stood on this case a few times I am about 190LBS the case hasnt even been phased. This has to be the best case I have ever owned. I carry my Fender in this case now with pride while my washburn sets at home. I will be buying a 2nd case.

  • from MIDDLEBURG HEIGHTS, OH December 28, 2016Music Background:
    Over 35yrs in music!


    Fits like a glove. It would be nice if the "pockets" had lids/covers!

  • from California November 7, 2016

    Good Solid Case

    It's a good solid case. Fits Strats, Teles and my new Duo Sonic pefectly. Not a gigging musician so not sure how well it would hold up to rough road use, but moderate to light use it would be sturdy enough. The only thing I wish it had was a closed pocket(s). Not a huge deal because when it is closed nothing gets to the guitar (i.e. cables, strings, trem bar, etc.). I like the case and don't see a need to upgrade to another any time soon (if ever).

  • from February 9, 2016

    Gator Case

    I purchased this case about 1 year ago, it is a wonderful case. My telecaster fits like a glove.

  • from December 28, 2015

    Great Case for the $

    This case is a good value for the price. It may not be suitable for the luggage hold of an airplane due to its locks, but for every other function it is more than adequate. It protects the guitar with its tough outer shell and molded foam lining cushions impacts. It also has a nice area to store tuner, picks, extra strings where they wont scratch guitar. Case open displays guitar nicely too.

  • from Hammond, IN July 11, 2015Music Background:

    Great case

    Bought this for my PRS SE Custom 24 and it is a well made, quality case. Light weight and plenty of protection for the guitar.

    Would have been nice if they offered a choice of interior colors. Other than that, truly a great case.

  • from Charleston, SC USA!!! June 11, 2015

    Nice case!

    This fits my EVH wolfgang perfectly and has space for the extra's. A great deal as well form Justin 2 Sweetwater. Thanks again!

  • from Baltimore January 28, 2015Music Background:

    Gator case

    This is a sleek, sturdy case that fit my PRS like a glove.

  • from San Diego, CA December 26, 2014

    works perfect with PRS

    Sturdy enough to protect my PRS SE 24.

  • from Westchester NY May 5, 2014Music Background:

    Great Case Great Value!

    Fits my Charvel SoCal perfectly. Got it to replace the gig bag the guitar came with. Very sturdy and well made. Would prefer a compartment with a cover inside but no big deal.

  • from White Lake, NC USA March 27, 2014Music Background:
    Sound Technician, Hobbyist, Student of guitar

    Gator GC-Elec-A

    Could not rate a WOW because I already own the acoustic equivalent so I was not blown away by the quality since I already knew what the quality would be. I purchased the Gator GC-Elec-A because I had 2 Guitars that I wanted to be able to use this case with, Epiphone Nighthawk Reissue and a PRS semi-hollow body. Both of these guitars fit the case like it was made just for them. I am 100% satisfied with this product. My equipment gets exposed to the environment being that our Chapel is an outdoor Chapel and I transport my guitars to and from. I had used Gator for a year and a half so I knew they could meet my needs again. Great rugged equipment for those that attempt to take care of they stuff. No designed for combat use, so don't expect to be able to throw it around and not have damage. Gator does however make cases that are combat ready if that's what you need. Sweetwater has the best prices I could find and as usual, they have the best follow up to insure you get what you ordered and in some cases, what you needed to keep you from ordering the wrong merchandise. To me, service is part of the satisfaction of the product your ordering, and I don't believe Sweetwater can be beat.

  • from Charlotte,NC September 21, 2013Music Background:

    Gator GC-Elec-A

    Great case for the price. Strong, light and solid. The only problem for me is there is no inner storage for picks, strings, etc. A real "Sweetwater Bargain"

  • from August 31, 2013Music Background:
    20+ years live performance - country, southern rock, 80's rock, beach boogie and blues

    Gator Hardshell Case

    Really good, solid case. Holds my tele nice and snug.

  • from Gastonia, NC May 26, 2013

    Great case sturdy case

    Arrived in great condition. No weird smell(which I've heard is the problem with some cases) or any big defects.
    -Fits my strat snugly and has enough room to throw in a strap, some cords, and a tuner.
    -Feel like it could take some punishment from being thrown around.
    The "lock", and I use the term lock loosely, is very cheap. This is my first guitar case so I can't say how good the quality is on other ones but the lock on this one feel like something that would go on a kids diary or lock box. Feels like I could break it open with two fingers.
    -Some of the lining is bunched up from where they glued it. Doesn't really bother me that much but figured I'd throw that out there since it looks somewhat funny when you go from perfectly smooth lining to a really ugly bunched up line and then back to a smooth section. Minor defect but doesn't detract from it's purpose as transport for my guitar.

  • from Defiance, Ohio March 18, 2013Music Background:
    Amateur musician

    Light Durable

    A good durable lightweight, protective case. Great addition to anyone's gear.

  • from Princeton, WV February 20, 2012Music Background:

    Great looking case

    Great looking case and well constructed. Guitar fits perfect, great price and greater protection.

  • from Texas December 6, 2011Music Background:

    Pleased with the purchased

    The case is just what I expected, My Schecter C-1 Custom Artist 111 fit perfect. All the measuremnts I took payed off. No complaints here.

  • from Florida February 11, 2010Music Background:

    lightweight yet durable

    This case is better than what you might expect for the price. I would have given it 5 stars if it were made in the U.S.A. I needed a case for an Ibanez RG5EX1... something that Ibanez could not offer. Not only does this case work for the RG5EX1, but it is also perfect for my standard Fender Strat. This is a nice looking, well built case that should last many years. It has two nice storage compartments that are perfect for my Boss MICRO BR Digital Recorder, A/C, and guitar cable. Thanks to Dave at Sweetwater for suggesting this product.

  • from Maryland December 30, 2016Music Background:
    Intermediate Guitar

    Deluxe Guitar Case

    This case is very well constructed and light-weight. It is similar in construction to the cases that Fender includes with their American Standard guitars. The padding will definitely keep a guitar safe from shock and the plush interior protects against scratches. The only complaint is that there is no enclosed compartment for storing items. It has two cutouts that are open at the top, which will hold plenty of accessories, but I prefer the compartment to have a lid so hard objects such as Allen wrenches, feeler gauges, and other hard objects won't come loose and scratch the guitar. I have a standard Gator case which costs less and I like that interior better. However, the Deluxe case has a far superior outside construction.

  • from Virginia March 1, 2016Music Background:
    Part time Band

    Nice Case For the Price

    This Gator case is excellent for the price. A good no frills protective case that is adequate for most gigs (unless touring with lots of equipment and equipment handlers).

    It does not have a separate inside pocket like more expensive models, so accessories you are trying to keep with specific guitar is a problem.

    However for gigs, I always carry a separate bag for all of the stuff I need. So this is good basic gig case.

    I like the old type traditional metal latches on this case. Very sturdy and easy to use.

    Some of the newer Fender and other cases have the overlapping plastic latches, which I do not like.
    The Fender type latches are a bit clumsy and if the case top slams shut, it can break or damage the plastic latches.

    Overall, the Gator Deluxe is an excellent case for the price.

  • from NW Indiana December 2, 2015

    Good case

    Bought this for my Richie Kotzen Tele and it does the job. Well made.

  • from November 4, 2015

    Does the job.

    First off, Sweetwater's staff has been outstanding! Delivery was super fast, well packaged. My sales engineer, Derek, has been consistently helpful with advice, info on new gear, and he always follows through to ensure my satisfaction with my latest purchases.

    Got this case for my PRS SE custom 24 because it was time to upgrade from a gig bag and this is less than half the price of some other options. The guitar fits pretty well, with just about a 1/4 inch of clearance between the strap button on upper horn of the axe and the foam of the case. I can't give 5 stars because, while this is fine for storage in my house, the case feels very light to me and I'm not sure I'd trust it to hold up to a rigorous workload and it doesn't have the quite the luxurious feel of my other cases.

    Overall, I'm happy with my purchase. Worth the price.

  • from Morgantown WV September 12, 2015Music Background:
    Still learning

    Nice case

    No complaints. My Fender Tele fits fine in it. Plenty of interior room for cable, extra strings etc. Good protection

  • from January 1, 2015Music Background:
    Live sound Engineer


    Solid made and straight

  • from December 29, 2014

    Fully Functional Case

    The case does the job, and that's all I expect out of a guitar case. It's a "light duty" case, so don't exdpect it to be a sherman tank. But it's solid, the latches are consistent, it fits the guitar well, and it is WELL BALANCED! I highly recommend it... as for durability? too soon to tell, but i expect it to hold up well.

  • from Northwest Ohio November 28, 2014Music Background:
    Aspiring rock n roller

    Great Protection

    The case is great, solid protection for the Strat. The only caveat I care to attach is that the lock is so tight that I've never actually locked the case for fear of breaking the rather flimsy key off in it. (I'm not gonna try it, but I think I could drive my car over it and not harm the contents.)

  • from Portland, Oregon USA June 14, 2014Music Background:
    Semi-Retired pro musician, Bassist, Guitarist,Student of Recording

    Gator GC-ELEC-A-Guitar Case

    The best thing about the case is, 4 of my 5 guitars fit perfectly in it without any of them moving around, and it seems very solid. Iv'e not found a case anywhere that's so versatile in that regard. The only negative I can think of is, there isn't a compartment for a strap, tremolo bar,rags, etc. If this case would've had that, it would be a 5 star case in my opinion. Great case other than that small detail. Also it's not very heavy at all, which is very nice indeed.

  • from Arlington, TX June 7, 2014Music Background:

    Very good case

    This is a very sturdy case with plenty of storage room. My Strat, Tele and Schecter C-1 Plus are fit snuggly. The headstock on the Strat and Tele are elevated enough to put a manuscript book in the compartment underneath it; not so much for the Schecter.
    The latches and hinges seem to be good and the handle is comfortable enough - plastic, not leather (what you would expect in this price range. I like the fact that there is a built-in name and address plate under the handle.
    If you're going to be doing a lot of traveling or checking your guitar through airlines, I would recommend going with a more expensive and stroner case. But if you just need something to tote around to gigs, this case is perfect.

  • from Warren, Mi. USA September 21, 2012Music Background:
    Semi-pro musician

    A good home for my PRS Custom 24 SE

    Nice case for the money. Guitar fits nicely and it has space for accessories. Needed a case for my PRS for several months and the price was good. I'm leary about molded cases so I won't give them a 5,

  • from April 23, 2012Music Background:
    Musician, Recording Engineer

    Couldnt ask for more, especcially for the money!

    Has held up very well moving to and from studio and rehersal space. Very minimal movment of all contents within the case. I am very happy with this buy.

  • from June 24, 2011

    Great case

    Outstanding case for the price. I needed one for my Schecter when deploying overseas. Case and guitar traveled just fine through the mail back and forth!

  • from April 19, 2015

    Guitar Case

    Bought for my new American Strat. Fit is acceptable, not perfect. Case quality is excellant. Feel sure it will protect my axe in transit.
    Would recommend it!

  • from Carbondale, IL USA June 1, 2014Music Background:
    Semi-retired pro guitarist.

    Very Nice Case!

    Because of the rating system, I gave it 3 stars, due to the fact it really didn't accommodate my Kramer Strat-Style electric comfortably, so be very careful measuring your intended guitar! However, after one night of being jammed in there, it's fine now! Just had to force its way into the cushioning because the strap lock on the end didn't quite fit. Having said that, my Fender Strat fits fine, and it's a very nice way to protect your axe for the money. I would really have preferred flaps/doors over the spaces where you can stash strings and stuff though; seems kind of cheap not to have those, but again, overall, very nice.

  • from Bedford NH April 18, 2014Music Background:
    playing for 40 years, gigging in band professionaly 35

    Gator strat hard case

    not super impressed here. Although this case "defends" my guitar just fine, it is a bit flimsy and the cover doesn't line up with the case when you shut it. You have to tweak it a little to completely close. It has a lock but really would be simple to open when locked. Interior is superb however. Plush, soft neck slip 2 "trays" really nice inside. For the money it's worth the purchase

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