Yamaha GC1TA TransAcoustic Grand Piano - Polished Ebony finish

5'3" Acoustic Grand Piano with Silent Piano Technology and TransAcoustic Amplification System - Polished Ebony Finish
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Yamaha GC1TA TransAcoustic Grand Piano - Polished Ebony finish image 1
Yamaha GC1TA TransAcoustic Grand Piano - Polished Ebony finish image 1

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This instrument is available in our Fort Wayne piano showroom only. Visit us today or call Clete Goens, our resident piano expert, at (260) 432-8176 ext. 1219, to schedule a personal demonstration. He'll help you choose the perfect piano or keyboard for your needs and your budget.

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NOTE: Due to shipping weights, customer service considerations, and manufacturer requirements, this instrument is only available for purchase at our piano showroom in the Sweetwater retail store in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Please call (260) 432-8176 ext. 1219 to schedule a personal demonstration.
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Yamaha GC1TA TransAcoustic Grand Piano - Polished Ebony finish

Connect with Your Music in a Whole New Way

Yamaha's GC1TA TransAcoustic Grand Piano will change the way you think about acoustic pianos. The GC1TA is three things. First, it's an acoustic piano. Classic design elements, traditional grand piano styling, and natural warm resonance with the feel and playability any pianist would enjoy. Second, it's a digital piano. Silent Piano technology gives you access to 19 different sounds, MIDI I/O, recording capabilities, and the option of completely silent playing with the module's Quiet function. Third, and most amazingly, it's a speaker. The TransAcoustic design has transducers mounted directly to underside of the soundboard, essentially turning the GC1TA into one large speaker - no worries about adding cables and speakers, simply adjust the onboard volume control to play as loud or soft as you need. Take advantage of all Yamaha has to offer in grand piano technology with the GC1TA TransAcoustic's great features.

Yamaha GC1TA TransAcoustic Grand Piano at a Glance:
  • Technology meets traditional playability
  • Versatility and great sound for recording
  • Flexibility for the home, stage, and rehearsal room
Technology meets traditional playability

Silent Piano technology puts the power of Yamaha's digital engineering into your hands without compromising acoustic grand piano playability or sound. Engage the Quiet mode on the GC1TA's module and hammer shank stoppers prevent the hammers from striking the strings allowing you to plug in headphones and experience the sounds of a meticulously sampled CFX, Yamaha's flagship acoustic grand piano, without your GC1TA actually making any sound. With MIDI I/O you can use the GC1TA as a controller for your favorite virtual instruments and plug into your favorite iOS device to access Yamaha's NoteStar and Piano Diary applications to enhance your playing experience. You'll have 19 sounds to choose from when you play along to any of the 50 (53 total) included songs - Yamaha gives you a copy of "50 Greats for the Piano" which contains all the scores to the onboard songs. Just because you're in your living room doesn't mean you can't sound like you're playing in a grand concert hall. Simply scroll through the four reverb presets to change the feel of your sound from the punchiness of a recital room to big stage presence.

Versatility and great sound for recording

The GC1TA's usefulness in the studio doesn't stop at its MIDI capabilities. A front panel USB connection lets you plug in to the module and record audio files directly to your computer or, you can record WAV files to a thumb drive and import them into your DAW for editing and mixing - all without running a single cable! If you want direct piano sound but still want the 'feel' of the room, you can disengage the Quiet mode and let the GC1TA's voice ring out for the mics - record just the strings or turn up the TransAcoustic system for a custom mix before the signal even hits your DAW all while still capturing the clarity of the direct sound from the module. Recording a live session? Onboard fine tuning let you adjust the pitch of the GC1TA to match other instruments without the hassle of retuning the entire piano. Yet another great convenience of the Silent Piano technology, if you discover right before a session that your GC1TA happens to have wandered out of tune as acoustic instruments do, simply use the auxiliary audio output and record the module's sound directly avoid that emergency call to your piano tuner.

Flexibility for the home, stage, and rehearsal room

Whether you're in need of a versatile instrument for your home, school, house of worship, or concert venue, the GC1TA has the flexibility to fit your needs. Silent Piano technology lets you move between natural sound, TransAcoustic amplification, and silent operation as you need. At home, use quiet mode to practice songs in the early morning or late at night, and when friends and family are gathered for the holidays, use the beautiful acoustic voice of GC1TA for sing alongs. Teachers and students at music schools are often distracted by the sound of other lessons taking place at the same time. The module lets both teacher and student plug in headphones to monitor playing, hear the onboard metronome, and record lessons for helpful playback. Houses of worship and other live music venues will find controlling the volume level of the GC1TA in the room by using the PA instead of acoustic baffles or closing the lid helps maintain the fullness of sound and performance impact you expect from an acoustic grand piano.

Yamaha GC1TA TransAcoustic Grand Piano Features:
  • 5'3" acoustic grand piano with TransAcoustic amplification and Silent Piano technology
  • Non-contact key and hammer sensors for expressive playability
  • Damper, Sostenuto, and Shift pedals
  • Quick Escape mechanism silences strings without compromising keybed response
  • Piano voice is binaurally sampled Yamaha CFX piano
  • Four types of digitally controlled piano effects maintain the characteristics of acoustic performance
  • 19 voices including electric pianos, organs, and more
  • Onboard metronome for precise practicing
  • 256 notes of polyphony for huge sound
  • 53 onboard songs - 50 to play along to, 3 exhibit the sonic abilities
  • Two recording systems - Built-in recorder and USB audio recorder
  • Simple and easy switching to "Silent" mode with the press of a button
  • 2 headphone outputs for simultaneous monitoring
  • MIDI I/O for application interfacing or using piano as MIDI controller
  • Auxiliary input let you jam along to tracks on any 1/8"-equipped device
  • Aux and speaker connections give you versatile audio output options
  • Includes power adapter, headphones, headphones holder, owner's manual, music book "50 Greats for the Piano"
Yamaha's GC1TA is your choice for traditional playability and modern versatility

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