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Gator G-BUS-8-US - Pedal Board Power Supply Reviews

3.0 stars based on 11 customer reviews
Questions about the Gator G-BUS-8-US - Pedal Board Power Supply?

Questions about the Gator G-BUS-8-US - Pedal Board Power Supply?

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    from MIDDLEBURG HEIGHTS, OH January 20, 2017

    Light me up....

    Very useful and makes things more organized with my new P-board.

  • Howard
    from IN October 12, 2016

    Just what I needed

    Had been using various wall warts, and besides some of them being noisy, I was tired of having to use so many. Bought this, plugged it in and found it to be be very quiet (silent actually) and great to have to use just one AC outlet.

  • Jesse
    from Kettle Falls WA December 13, 2016Music Background:
    gigging musician

    Gator Power Supply

    I've gigged with this power supply for several years now on my home-made pedal board. It has always done its job perfectly well. I've electrical taped the wire right next to the wall wart because it was getting kinked. That wire is pretty small, but this unit has never failed. Very good product.

  • Gary Claybrook
    from Ok February 15, 2017

    Power supply

    I really enjoy the quality and the brand. I had one before and this is a replacement.

  • Chad
    from Oxford December 31, 2016Music Background:
    Tech Director/Audio Engineer FBC

    Great Power Supply

    I have enjoyed this product because of it's size. It doesn't take a lot of room up on my pedal board. It powers all my MXR pedals and Wah. So, I'm very pleased with this product. Thanks Joe Secu for your service and hospitality you and your staff show me. You guys are great! Thanks

  • Jeffrey Hellman
    from Sonoma, CA July 8, 2016

    G-Bus 8

    All good except it w=on't power my Jamman pedal, otherwise its a perfect match for my pedalboard

  • MK
    from MI February 7, 2012Music Background:

    Does the trick

    I've noticed everyone uses the Voodoo power supplies. The Gator BUS, at nearly half the price has been exactly what I need. Small, plenty of plugs. No brainer.

  • Rachel
    from OH June 14, 2017

    Fragile AC power supply cord

    It was OK for the two years of pretty casual use that I got out of it before the power cord failed. I always did get a moderate amount of noise/hum when it was working, but it wasn't overwhelming and it served well enough as a starter power supply for my fledgling board. However, a few days ago, just as I was about to start a gig, the ac adapter cord (which is very thin, but showed no signs of being damaged or kinked) simply stopped working. I had to withdraw from the gig, and I couldn't find a replacement adapter. A little online research tells me that this is not uncommon with this unit, so I decided to purchase with a different power supply that didn't run from a wallwart like this one, and also featured true isolation.

  • Doug
    from Bedford, TX June 19, 2017Music Background:
    Amatuer and occasional gigs

    Absolutely useless power supply

    The gator power supply will not power Boss, TC Electronics, Cry Baby, or Mad Professor. They have no power adapt features for those pedals. Better power supplies do not mount out of the way t this board, I wished I had read the reviews. I only saw one that discussed not being able to power the Digitech Solo XT. All of them discuss the non isolation and noise problems from power supply.

    I am so thankful I buy all of my gear from Sweetwater. The engineer I work with agreed to accept a this supply.

  • Wayne Morea
    from Brewster, MA March 23, 2017

    Not an Isolated power supply!

    Purchased this power supply in combination with a Gator board. The first thing I experienced was a lot of noise. Before I blamed the problem on the power supply I purchase quality mogami patch cables. Still had extreme noise. I used the board in differing locations with differing power outlets and still had extreme noise. I went through every pedal on my board to rule out one of my pedals as being the issue. Still had extreme noise. Finally I broke down and purchased Voodoo Labs ISO 5 Isolated power supply and all the noise went completely away.

    I have bought many Gator products in the past and have been very satisfied, but on this purchase I was very disappointed. This power supply is NOT an isolated power supply and thus very prone to allowing ground loop NOISE. When buying a pedal board power supply make sure it is an ISOLATED power supply to avoid the noise issue I sadly experienced.

  • Shemp
    from NY March 9, 2017Music Background:
    Keeps me busy

    Made in China

    Not insulated, so can't run digital and analog pedals together. This is an simple yet overpriced daisy chain. Not a true power suply.

Questions about the Gator G-BUS-8-US - Pedal Board Power Supply?

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