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Chandler Limited GAV19T 19-watt Tube Amp Head Reviews

4.0 stars based on 3 customer reviews
Questions about the Chandler Limited GAV19T 19-watt Tube Amp Head?

Questions about the Chandler Limited GAV19T 19-watt Tube Amp Head?

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  • Stuart Niven

    The new GAV19T from Chandler Limited is everything I want and need from a boutique hand-wired amplifier. The unique design of this amp allows me a wide range of sonic possibilities from silky to gnarley by adjusting the actual bias of the power section. All tube, all tone!

  • Si
    from Seymour, CT March 8, 2016Music Background:
    Multi instrumentalist, engineer, producer

    Tone like a fist

    I stumbled upon this amp because a client of mine gave it to me to sell for him. I was playing through an Orange TH30 and thought that the Orange was loud enough (running at half mast) and had enough focus with it's tone, until I played through the Chandler. I tried the Chandler out to see how it worked, so I could sell it better - and I never went back to the Orange. I sold it the next day. The Chandler has a beautiful tone that will make you want to play all day. This amp will make you love being a guitar player. I've watched youtube demos and they do not do the amp justice. You need to be in the room with it to experience being engulfed in the ball of sonic fury it creates. It's like being punched in the face with guitar tone and liking it. I noticed that when I switch from playing chords to playing single note lines, I hear no loss in presence or volume like I've heard playing those same parts through other amps. It's a loud amp and it needs to be cranked to sound it's best, so it's not for people who need to be quiet. Don't be deceived by 19 watts. This amp is well loud enough for most rooms and stages. It's not an amp for clean tones, but in the same breath, it's responsive to your playing. If you play softly, the gain melts away. When you get aggressive, the amp picks up with you. I'll be using it with a 2 stage gain pedal, because I play hybrids of heavy metal, but I will still enjoy plugging in direct and fiddling with the different gain settings on the amp itself. A beautiful piece for sure.

  • Bill Manning
    from Baltimore, MD November 26, 2013Music Background:
    Weekend Musician & Hobbyist

    My New Little Red Head.

    Sooo musical! What a great example of a duel EL84 amp.
    I just plug in and play. Not a lot of distracting features that get in the way.
    It's just great tone that makes you want to play all the time.
    I was laying in bed early Saturday morning reflecting on the gig Friday night
    with my new GAV19T.
    Everything felt and sounded just right at that place in Bowie MD.
    I received so many compliments on my playing that night.
    I Jumped up out of bed, ran in my studio and started jamming with my new amp.
    I think it's essential for many of us players to have that special tone
    you can just get lost in.
    I am loving the incredible tone this amp has to offer.
    By the way.. the amp I replaced with this GAV19T, is a 1969 Marshall 50w,
    it too is a great sounding amp but no longer desired.
    Bill Manning

  • mario reyes
    from NEW CASTLE, DE February 22, 2015Music Background:
    Entrepeneur, 30 plus years, amp builder and modifier.

    Not worth the Price

    For the money, the Suhr Badger 18 is a way better amp. It has more EL84 chime and you can use it at low volumes and its cheaper by $400 and has an FX loop, preamp overdrive and Power Scaling . The GAV19T amp is very loud and only has a master volume. To get crunch, you have to crank it up even with the boost all the way up.
    If you live in an apartment or with others in your house, you will need a sound proof room or an attenuator. The tone features are cool, but the overall tone of the amp is no better than some home built EL84 amps I've made. Its very raw / vintage sounding.

Questions about the Chandler Limited GAV19T 19-watt Tube Amp Head?

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