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Eminence GA-SC64 Signature 12" Guitar Speaker Reviews

5.0 stars based on 8 customer reviews
Questions about the Eminence GA-SC64 Signature 12" Guitar Speaker?

Questions about the Eminence GA-SC64 Signature 12" Guitar Speaker?

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  • from East Tennessee March 22, 2017Music Background:
    lifelong guitar player

    Good job!

    This was a great buying experience as usual from Sweetwater. Item was in stock, easy to find and shipped fast. What more could you ask for?

  • from South Florida February 22, 2017

    Huge Improvement Over the Jensen C12Q in Fender Blackface Deluxe Reverb

    I play mostly classic rock and pop (60s, 70s, 80s) through a Fender Deluxe Reverb hand-wired clone. It's had the Jensen C12Q in it from day one, which I always kind of liked. I was really concerned about losing the beautiful low end on this amp, which I love, but the reviews finally got the better of me. I had maybe a few hours of rehearsal on the speaker when I gigged with it the first time. Man, that Deluxe was talking to me like never before! The amp has never sounded better! This speaker is so much more present in the band mix, and the low end is still there but tighter, more controlled. It is a little darker than the C12Q and I don't know if that will change as it breaks in. For now, I just turned up the treble a notch and that evened everything out for me. I should also mention that I play through the vibrato channel of the amp and that I have a switch on the volume control that takes the treble cap out of the circuit. Highly recommended upgrade!

  • from Los Angeles October 25, 2016

    Better Fender-esque Speaker

    Amazing speaker. It's bright but not piercing, mid is there.. not scooped but enough, and the low is definitely tight and really punchy. C-Rex used to be my absolute fave speaker, but after a while I got tired by its low mids characteristic. I needed a more open Fender-y sounds without being brittle on the top end and farty on the lows like Jensen does. This one has always deliver great tones whether I played clean or dirty. Did I mention that the low end kicks hard bouncing on the floor?

    It's a speaker you need to try and experience. By far my new fave, trumped my old trusty Crex. Speakers are one of the most fundamental pieces that you need to look into first and foremost, will definitely help you end your endless search for THAT perfect overdrive sound/pedal. I know, I've been there.

    Amps used: DRRi and Ampeg GVT15-112 combo (both amps are 6V6's).

  • from Rock Island, IL May 9, 2016Music Background:
    Semi pro

    Awesome speakers

    Ordering speakers over the Internet is definitely something of a crap shoot. You don't really know how they will sound and you can't return them. Ordered 2 of these to put in a cabinet wired up 4ohm to be driven by my '69 Bandmaster Reverb head. If you are looking for a classic Fender sound you won't go wrong with these. Wonderful clean guitar tones. Gets loud when it needs to be.

  • from Houston December 24, 2015Music Background:
    Adamant Home Player

    I'm Extremely Impressed

    First impressions, I'm extremely happy with what this speaker did for my amp, which is a 65 DRRI. I've got on a speaker swap tangent recently after I decided the Jensen P12N I had some issues I wasn't willing to sit with, be it sharp high end and nasty compression I didn't like, but what I failed to realized was that it was the best sounding speaker I had played, hence I kept it for some time. I purchased a 12f150 by Weber, which was way to high end focused and mid-scooped, and a C12K by Jensen, which was way to flabby and messy in the mid-range.

    The GA-SC64 provides a VERY similar tonality to the Jensen P12N I had, which I loved, but with some definite differences. Firstly, the mid-range & bass end is more clear with the GA-SC64, though a con is there is a noticeable volume drop, which may just be break-in time required to loosen everything up, it wouldn't be the first time. Also, like the alnico, the eminence is sparkly but at the same time dark, which is a very pleasant tonality again. In fact it's so dark I'm hoping some high-end will come in so I can get those classic screaming fender tones when the strings are picked hard, but at this point I don't care, I hated all the other speakers I've had in my amp and they've been a disappointment. The GA-SC64 I think compliments my amp more, instead of trying to shove a high-wattage speaker in a low-wattage amp, this seems to fit the amp more and compliment it's strengths and the amplifiers natural tonality. My apologies for the unorganized review but I'll try to make a short and sweet summary.

    Short story,

    This speaker is a neutral sounding speaker, a very clear and non-intrusive mid-range, a tamed high end and tight, very responsive bass end. There is a slight volume drop compared to a high-wattage speaker, but it is compensated by the speakers ability to push air in a very pleasant manner. Also, this speaker can handle a Fender amp being cranked without blowing out in high end, it keeps itself together and reproduces the amps distortion in a very pleasant manner, again it never really get's alot of high-end, but I'm hoping that will be recovered in the break-in period. By all means though, this is the best speaker I've played, given all factors, for my Deluxe Reverb. All the frequencies sit right, and the speaker pushes air easily and fluidly, and it is actually pretty light by comparison to the C12K I had before. I would highly recommend this speaker, especially in fender applications.

  • from Lancaster, Pa September 15, 2015Music Background:
    Blues Guitarist, 35 yrs. experience

    Great Speaker

    I installed two of the GA-SC64 16 ohm speakers in a Seismic 2X12 Cabinet. I have a Fender Super Sonic 22 with an internal Eminence Red Fang speaker powering the cabinet. Holy Cow!!!!!
    The sound is definitely classic (Fender) Tone. As a Blues Guitarist with 35 yrs. experience, I can highly recommend the GA-SC64 Eminence Speaker.
    My sales Engineer, Chris Neyman special ordered the 16 ohm version for me. The speakers arrived in one week. If you need advice or new gear, call Chris Neyman at Sweetwater.

  • from PA August 7, 2015Music Background:
    10 years experienced guitar player


    This speaker is really awesome!! It sounds exactly like it is advertised maybe better. Nice balanced EQ speaker just a really smooth overall tone. Even before its broken in it has a great sound. After it breaks in its even better.I would highly recommend this speaker for a nice upgrade.

  • from West Virginia June 3, 2015Music Background:

    The Right Stuff!

    Great speaker for Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. Fender tone the way I remember it from the seventies, very well balanced lows, mids and highs.........full and rich sound.

Questions about the Eminence GA-SC64 Signature 12" Guitar Speaker?

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