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G7th Performance Capo - 6-String Reviews

4.5 stars based on 20 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Mark Magdich

    The G7th Capo is quite literally one of the best I have ever used. The design of this is quite different in that it uses a clutch system with a spring rather than just a spring. The result is no re-tuning due to less pressure on the strings - no matter the size of the fret!

    The design is amazing and innovative to say the least!

  • from Bay area Calif. June 9, 2014Music Background:
    Blues player/Student of the Arts

    Great Gear

    This Capo compliments the Taylor 410e I just got also from Sweetwater.

  • from Charleston, SC February 14, 2014Music Background:

    G7th Performance Capo

    The G7th Performance capo is a well built, quality capo. I am still struggling to get the capo on and off the neck in a timely and efficient manner during a performance. When I have the time to place the capo in the correct position to avoid fretting out etc... it is perfect. For now I am more comfortable with the G7th Nashville capo during a performance situation. With a little practice, I should be able to master a quicker and proper placement.

  • from Monterey, CA USA December 23, 2013Music Background:
    Musician and Live Sound Engineer

    Pricey but worth the investment

    The only reason I didn't give 5-stars is the price point. To be honest, I doubt I would've purchased this if I was paying on my own dime. I was using a gift certificate and wanted a better capo than my old spring capo which often caused uneven pressure requiring retuning with every capo switch and also resulted with either retarded string resonance and/or buzzing on some open strings. This capo lived up to its advertising with the spring clutch and even/sufficient string pressure that is similar to my own barre with index finger. The low profile is nice too with no protrusions to get in the way of your playing. I use it on my Taylor 314CE and it is easy to apply/remove.

  • from September 10, 2013

    Best capo out there

    I've tried alot of capos and this is by far the best I've had. Ease of operation being able to change position with one hand is great.

  • from Dayton, OH September 3, 2013


    A friend lent me his when I was having trouble with my capo pushing my Tele out of tune when I had to use it for one song in our set. Being able to control the amount of tension on the capo was a VERY pleasant surprise that made me ask, why hasn't somebody done this before? I bought one immediately.

  • from Chico, CA October 23, 2012Music Background:
    Local musician

    Most consistent capo I've ever used.

    Most consistent capo I've ever used. Never worry about a string that isn't dampened. Easy on off.

  • from landis n.c. October 18, 2012Music Background:
    pro. muician

    G7 capo

    Great capo, Ian really not a capo fan because I can just play barred chords.but needed that open sound for a song so I gave it a try. I was well pleased with how it works so I don't think you whould be disapointed in this one. Recommened to all who what top of the line and not just one that will work and get you by. You get what you pay for.

  • from Seattle September 18, 2012Music Background:

    The best I've used

    Just not 5 (because one cannot be blown away by a capo unless it makes coffee for you and rolls your...well, you know): This is the best capo available. Strong, built like the proverbial brick house of shite. When in use it actually sounds like the nut has been moved. Yeah yeah expensive--but get it...you won't buy another one EVER!

  • from Holland Patent NY August 23, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    The Only Capo

    I've been playing guitar for over forty years and always have used a capo.My biggest gripe was that I was always tweaking the tuning to make up for capo's tension.And that all capos were downright ugly,cumbersome and sometimes got in the way of my fingering.I'm happy to say those days are gone.The G7th Performance Capo is a blessing.The tension is totally ajustable and mirrors the same force I use barring chords with my index finger.Therefore the guitar stays in perfect tune no matter where on the neck I place it.Its small and compact and does not get in the way at all.And because of its size I hardly notice it on the neck.The release is quick and very easy to move up and down the fretboard.I realize it is a bit more expensive than other capos but belive me its well worth it.I love this capo and I'm sure you will too.

  • from Dallas, Texas April 24, 2012Music Background:

    G7 In 7th Heaven

    I have used several capo's over the years, and can say that this is the most versatile one out there!
    No more fret bumps, buzzes, or irritating handles to get in the way.
    I have used it on both electric and acoustics with no problems, and cannot find a flaw!
    Over time I will have one in all my guitar cases!!!

  • from Elkhorn, WI. April 17, 2012Music Background:
    Semi pro for over 30 years.

    Awkward but good

    The capo works very well, and the way the mechanism works is great. Doesn't matter what size neck or even the shape, you still get a good clamp and fretting of the strings. Removing it is a bit awkward though. If the release lever operated in the reverse direction, it would be easy and natural to remove the capo and grab it in one smooth fluid motion.

  • from Colorado February 20, 2012

    G7th Capo

    Need an awesome easy to use capo? Get this one! I'm not a huge capo user, but I've been around long enough to use some less than ideal ones- this is the best I've ever used!

  • from Canbridge MA January 19, 2012Music Background:
    Fingerstyle guitar, recording, performing, teaching.


    Though I never had to retune with any capo ( the right pressure just behind the fret will do, btw) I tried the G7 for fun after loosing all my Shubbs. At first the weight might be a bit daunting. Feels like a monkey wrench on my boutique flat-top, and it throws the balance a bit. (Don't drop that bad boy on your sound board) But it is super easy to use, and the dense mass seem to add tone and sustain. I like it a lot. Now the Shubbs feels a bit lightweight in contrast, still has its place in my tool box.

  • from Chicago, IL January 11, 2012Music Background:
    RF Development Engineer & Musician

    Solid Capo

    A little practice to get comfortable with changing it, but it fits my guitar perfectly, leaves no marks, and frets the strings firmly. Very dependable performance.

  • from United States October 26, 2011Music Background:

    Well worth it!

    It's expensive but well worth it. It's one handed use makes it as easy to use as a Kyser Quick Change. There'st no string buzz and no re-tuning. You gotta get this.

  • from SoCal October 21, 2011Music Background:
    Music Producer / Music Composer

    The Best Capo

    Pricey for a capo, but well worth it. Unlike other brands (Kyser) where you'd have to re-tune your guitar after putting the capo on the neck, the G7th Capo applies just the right amount of pressure to keep the notes from being muted or bending out of tune. Now, I have found my self transposing songs, that normally i wouldn't. The G7th capo fluidly changes keys and I don't have to deal with the hassle of re-tuning every time I move the capo up a fret or two, like with the traditional capo mentioned above! Solid brushed aluminum construction. Very low profile, doesn't get in your way at all.

    If I had to choose one capo to take with on an some epic adventure... this would be the one.

  • from Portland, OR October 1, 2011Music Background:
    Professional guitarist and composer

    Good but not perfect

    Considering the other reviews and the extra high price, I had high hopes in buying this capo. The shortcomings of most capos is that they tend to sharpen the overall pitch by around 10 - 20 cents. While the shubb capo is sharper than this one, the G7 is still raising the pitch around 10 cents overall. In general the pressure is slightly more even (more uniform sharpening) - still the result too different from the others. Considering the price difference, I am disappointed with my purchase. Additionally with using 13's on my acoustic, capoing at the first fret can result in a slight buzz due to insufficient locked pressure in this mechanism.

    A good capo - however not the perfect one it is selling itself as. Not worth the price.

  • from Houston Texas January 8, 2010Music Background:
    street musician

    G7 capo

    I am extremely happy with this no buzz capo. It would be even better if they made it smaller. Make it the size of a schubb and I will buy one for each of my guitars. Thanks G7John

  • from Nashville, TN USA November 28, 2008Music Background:
    Pro musician, Recording Engineer

    Worth every penny!

    I've been playing for over 40 years and have never found anything that compares. It fits all my guitars, acoustic & electric, goes on instantly, no string buzz and NO retuning! Absolutely worth every penny!

  • from Braintree, MA October 10, 2007Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    An expensive fret-lobster, but holds its place.

    If it wasn't for the price, I'd recommend this capo to everyone. It's sturdy and solid, tunes right. I've had other capos "walk" on me, but this one is tight and the action is great. Also not much to stick up over the fretboard to interfere with playing. Expensive, but worth it.

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