G7th Newport Capo - 6-String, Black

Spring-loaded Capo for Steel-string Acoustic and Electric Guitars - Black
G7th Newport Capo - 6-String, Black image 1
G7th Newport Capo - 6-String, Black image 1
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G7th Newport Capo - 6-String, Black
In Stock!

Your Go-to Capo!

Sweetwater knows that when it comes to capos, you want convenience and speed of adjustment - and that's what you get with the G7th Newport capo. The Newport gives you perfect string pressure plus easy operation. The spring-loaded Newport pivots behind the neck instead of beside it, so playing is more comfortable with this capo in place. If you change keys or remove/place the capo mid-song, then you'll love this clamp's super-quick action. While it's convenient and compact, this Newport Capo is ideal for all kinds of 6-string steel-stringed guitars - acoustic and electric. Make the surprisingly affordable G7th Newport your go-to capo - onstage, in the studio, or in the rehearsal room!

G7th Newport Capo Features at a Glance:
  • Ideal for all kinds of 6-string steel-stringed guitars
  • Spring-loaded mechanism for fast changes
  • Behind-the-neck pivot point, for unobtrusive use
  • Stylish, sleek appearance
The G7th Newport Capo rocks!

Tech Specs

Made For Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Color Black
Manufacturer Part Number G7 Newport BLK

Customer Reviews

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Best dam capo

I think this is it,the best ,simplest,smallest . Worth the little extra,
Music background: Not much

Very precise and adjustable force

I purchased this capo after some frustrating experiences with a few others. I find it interesting when users make blanket statements about capos in general. That’s because you can only judge a capo when it’s experienced with the guitar you intend to use it with. There’s kind of a happy place that a capo needs to be with any given guitar. If any strings aren’t sufficiently capo’d, you won’t experience clearly defined notes. If over capo’d, it can note sharp and require retuning on the mild end, or even eventual damage to the neck over time. The problem is that different brands and models of guitar are, well, different. A thicker neck for example can cause a spring loaded capo to squeeze more tightly than desired. A thin neck can cause the same capo to apply less than sufficient force. That can result in buzzing, especially with a slightly aggressive attack. Another issue often overlooked is the fretboard radius. A given guitar can have a more exaggerated radius than that of a given capo. It can therefore require more force to adequately capo ALL the strings. The additional force then results in a few strings being over capo’d with all the associated problems. The reverse can also be true. Some guitars have wider nut widths than others. That can also effect the usefulness of a given capo when used with it. The bottom line is that different capos work differently with different guitars. All of that said, I have a Taylor GA, steel string. I had been using a G7th Performance capo prior to my purchase of the Newport. While I couldn’t argue with the quality of the Performance, I was experiencing some buzzing, especially when I put any pluck on the “G” string. I’d used the same capo on other guitars with great results. For some reason however, the Performance didn’t sit well with the Taylor radius in particular. I’ve never been a fan of spring loaded capos, and I didn’t want anything large or gimmicky. That’s when I decided to try the Newport. I have to say that it has exceeded my expectations. It’s quick and easy to adjust. Once adjusted for a given guitar however, it’s even faster. You dial in the exact amount of force necessary for a given neck. It just seems to fit the radius of my Taylor better than the Performance. As crazy as it sounds, it even seems to produce a better tone. I didn’t think that was possible until listening with the Newport and the Performance, and others, side by side. The only explanation I can determine is the slimmer profile of the Newport. I only know that for reasons I can’t necessarily determine, my Taylor just seems to sing with more definition and clarity with the Newport. I can hear bell-like qualities and complexities in the overtones that just didn’t pop out with the others. I’m very sold on this item, especially with my Taylor. The Newport and Performance are both great capos, but the Newport really did the trick with my Taylor. The black Newport by the way also looks great on virtually any guitar. I won’t be searching elsewhere. Highly recommended.
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