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Gretsch G6131T-TVP Power Jet Firebird Reviews

5.0 stars based on 4 customer reviews
Questions about the Gretsch G6131T-TVP Power Jet Firebird?

Questions about the Gretsch G6131T-TVP Power Jet Firebird?

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  • from California May 12, 2017

    Super Versatile Guitar

    I purchased my Firebird Gretsch about 2 months ago as I was looking for something other than my Fenders and Les Paul's. I heard a friend playing his Gretsch with the TV Jones Filitrons and loved the tonal versatility he was getting going through the different amps in the studio. He let me play the Gretsch and I instantly fell in love with the neck shape, smooth run up and down and the variety of tones I was able to get from the guitar. Now granted, this model has the TV Jones "Power Tron" pickups. The difference I'm told is that the Power Trons give more "mids" and get closer in tone to the Gibson PAF's. I'll leave that up to the individuals ears. Either way, I love the pickups and would buy again. This model also has the 3 x Volume, 3-way pickup switch, 3-way tone switch. I encourage those looking at this model to try one out and run it through the various amps you're likely to be using. I bet you'll love what you hear!

  • from California November 7, 2015Music Background:

    Report number 1 along time coming

    Okay, so this was my second purchase from sweetwater, the first being a small solid state Marshall amp. With this my next purchase I discovered I had a dedicated sales engineer, a very personable chap called Ian Angle. So I bought this guitar in March 2014 as a complete novice, but I had the cash, I already had a Gibson SG and was and still am playing every night of the week for 2 hours and longer at weekends so that justified this purchase in my mind.
    The reason I chase this gretsch is I am a huge ACDC fan as well as a ZZ top fan so this seemed like it would be a good guitar to dial in tones for Malcolm Young & Billy Gibbons. The guitar arrived in mint condition, set up as discussed with Ian (perfect low action) and not a scratch on there. Plug & play, completely in tune and sounded and to this day sounds fantastic. I know the pups are a bit hotter than standard filtertrons, however, you just have to plug into a Marshall tube amp(I have a DSL5C) hold back the gain to about 2 on ultra gain channel or on classic gain just turn up the volume and you get close to Malcolm's early tones. ZZ top tones I just use ultra gain channel and adjust as needed. It sounds great clean as well, something I was not expecting. It also sounds fantastic through my micro and dark terrors, I love the ebony fretboard, the tone switch and above all it's very easy to play. It sounds phenomenal !
    Since this purchase I have bought nearly all my gear from sweetwater, Ian always returns my calls, answers my dumb questions and researches and gets back to me if he does not know the answer. There is never any hard / pushy sales techniques applied and he seems to be 100% customer orientated, very good at explaining products to a simpleton like myself. Thanks Ian!

  • from Bay Shore, NY April 13, 2015

    6131T-TVP -

    Looks, Quality, Playability, Power... this guitar has it all. It does take some getting Used to but once you do, It's really adaptable to any style. Hard to describe, it just has Thickness to it yet can Jangle. I have mine now for over two years and purchased it from Sweetwater (when it was under 2300) The neck is wide enough, the ebony smooth as silk.Frets are just right. Easy to get under the frets for accurate bends. The Bigsby Tremelo is flawless. I can't think of any more good things to say about this Beauty. The vibe of a vintage guitar yet modern and necessary updates like strap locks, Modern locking tuners and a pinned bridge, powerful TV Jones Pickups that actually are full and loud but not that "compressed" humbucker sound you get from a Les Paul. (I own a number of Les Pauls and a couple of PRS'.) This is easy to play, gives you the stability of a hardtail yet holds tune well with the Bigsby. Buy one, it will not disappoint. By the way, the body is bigger than a Les Paul. I'm a big person and it doesn't look like i'm playing a mini guitar. The pictures don't tell you that, nor does the weight. Just Perfect.... Sound, comfort, fit and finish. also this is the ONLY new guitar I have ever purchased.

  • from Toronto Canada June 5, 2012Music Background:
    Union musician for over 49 years steel,danish,midi etc

    Great lead guitar rock or jazz all you,please ever nee

    This guitar has all you will ever need the rest of your life. I have more than. 9 guitars and have played professional for over 40 years. Took it to one of my gigs after a few days of getting use to the feel, tone settings , finger board etc, and have been using it ever since. Guess I will have to sell my other lead guitars. Great hardware sustain, and. Comfortable to hold.. For the serious musician. Felt stir when I first used it, but soon took over my every type of music style.

Questions about the Gretsch G6131T-TVP Power Jet Firebird?

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