Zoom G3Xn Multi-effects Processor with Expression Pedal

Pedalboard-style Guitar Multi-effects with 5 Amp Models, 5 Cab Models, 68 Effects Models, and Built-in Expression Pedal
Zoom G3Xn Multi-effects Processor with Expression Pedal image 1
Zoom G3Xn Multi-effects Processor with Expression Pedal image 1

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Zoom G3Xn Multi-effects Processor with Expression Pedal
In Stock!

Powerful Multi-effects Plus Pedalboard Convenience

With the power of an advanced multi-effects unit combined with the convenience of a pedalboard, the Zoom G3Xn guitar effects and amp simulator pedal is your go-to all-purpose guitar tone tool. Three large LCD displays and footswitches give you a genuine stompbox experience, and individual controls for effects and amp modeling make the G3Xn an invaluable live tool. Other features, such as an onboard tuner, looper, and rhythm patterns are especially handy for private practice. Dual outputs allow you to send stereo effects to your recording device or PA system. Complete with a built-in expression pedal for manipulating your effects, the Zoom G3Xn is ready to perform.

Faithfully models 5 tube amps, 5 cabs, and 68 classic effects for endless options

Guitarists who have dreamed of owning a studio full of great guitar gear or taking a backline of amps out on the road will love the flexibility of the G3Xn. This pedal lets you choose head and speaker impulses to approximate up to 25 different amp combinations — like tweed 2 x 12" combos, British half-stacks, or American high-gain combos — and tweak them in real time. Further color your sound with 24-bit reverb, overdrive, phaser, and many other onboard FX — up to seven effects simultaneously. Then save up to 150 effects chains to lock in your settings for stage and studio use.

Onboard stereo looper and tuner for solo performers

A built-in 80 sec looper makes the G3Xn an exceptional value for acoustic players and solo artists. Experiment with different rhythms, melodies, leads, and chord shapes in practice — then take your riffs and tones to the stage. Staying in tune between songs is easy with a discreet onboard tuner.

Built-in expression pedal

Guitarists at Sweetwater love effects pedals that support expression control, and we're pleased to report the G3Xn packs a built-in expression pedal for creative control over your effects. Use it to tweak delay feedback on the fly, fade reverb in and out, adjust the rate of a phaser, or anything else you can imagine.

Zoom G3Xn Multi-effects Pedal Features:

  • Powerful amp modeler and multi-effects unit with built-in expression pedal
  • Mix and match 5 tube amps and 5 speaker cab impulses
  • Hardware knobs for real-time tweaking
  • 68 digital FX including reverb, chorus, flanger, and overdrive to color your sound
  • Onboard 80-sec stereo looper for creative stage work
  • Built-in tuner for convenience
  • Headphone out for silent practice
  • Includes AC adapter and user manual

Tech Specs

Pedal Type Multi-FX
Number of Effects 68 DSP effects plus looper and rhythm pedal
Effects Types Distortion, Delay, Vibrato, OSC Echo, Reverb, Flange, Phase, Chorus, EQ, Compression
Amp Modeling 5 amp emulators, 5 cabinet emulators
Looper 80 seconds
Inputs 1 x 1/4" (instrument), 1 x 1/8" TRS (aux in)
Outputs 2 x 1/4" (main out, headphones)
USB 1 x Micro-B
Expression Control Built-in pedal
Software Zoom Guitar Lab patch manager
Compatibility Mac, Windows
Power Source 9V DC power supply (included)
Height 2.5"
Width 12.5"
Depth 7.1"
Weight 4 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number ZG3XN

Customer Reviews

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Zoom G3Xn Rocks! And Blues,and Clean...

Love this multi-effect unit! Great variety of pre-sets. Takes a little time to figure out how to save your own patch edits the first few times. Sounds great and is fun to play through.
Music background: Play for fun at home. Love any type of music that includes a guitar!

Amazing Multi Effects For The Price

I have used many pedals for the type of music I play in the band and have tried Boss GT, Line 6 HD and the one I just recently sold which was the Zoom G3X which I was extremely happy using it for many years until I saw this Zoom G3Xn at the NAMM show and tried it and hear the difference compared to my G3X Well the improvement is so huge so I decided to buy it at Sweetwater. I have it for two weeks ago now and I had better chance of exploring everything. What impresses me most personally are the amp modelling and the cabinet simulations. My favorite is the Fender Twin Reverb amp, I must say it's Wow! it's so amazing! There's also many addition in the effects section and huge improvement in the modulation effects, drive, and other effects and Zoom added tap delay and simplified the tweaking of those effects. So for under $ this effects is an incredible value. I would highly recommend this effects pedal for guitarists looking for a high quality effects processor.
Music background: Guitarist/Vocalist/Sound Technician


First, I'm a tube guy - 68 Vibro Champ, 57 Deluxe, Falcon. Next, I have hand wired boutique pedals. And C, I have owned previous Zoom iterations of this pedal, my favorite is the MS100 BT. With all that said this unit is awesome!! It's all metal and a solid build. The onboard tuner is easy to get to and has more options than I expected. I love that it is stereo out and has an aux in for my iPhone backing tracks. Now the sound - the word is the started from the ground up on modeling amps, cabs and effects. I can tell you the rocks my sox. Whether I'm going through it with my SG or my Les Paul this thing screams. From trippy ambient delays and reverb to 50's rock. The acoustic guitar tones are very convincing. All this for $200 is a steal. I would have gone with the larger version but I have the previous unit and it's to big for me to haul around. The G3Xn is the exact right size for me. It will fit in the bottom of my open back pine cab. I run this through my tube amps and it sounds just as good through my Quilter solid state amp. I might even say this unit is perfect for the Quilter. I had it in an outside environment just yesterday cranked up and sweet potato pie did it sound good turned up. It just occurred to me that since I have had it not once have I thought, "that sounds digital." Even the dirt pedals work and it comes with some of my favorites. To sum up I own vintage amps, pedals and guitars and I love this board. Great job ZOOM!
Music background: Playing guitar 45 years (that's crazy).

Great Little Piece of Gear

I have been playing around with the Zoom G3Xn for a few weeks now, and I must say, it sounds excellent. I have tried a number of modeling solutions (I don't like the idea of taking a nice tube amp to university) and this is easily my favorite. Other products I have tried include the Mercurial Spark Marshall amp sim DAW plugin, and the Line 6 AMPLIFI 75. Both of those other products are great in their own respects, but this combines the best of both into one small form factor package. AMP SIM- I got the Line 6 AMPLIFI a couple of years ago, but I was beginning to find that, while it was an excellent speaker, the amp models just weren't up to par. So I went online and purchased Mercurial Spark in order to get some high fidelity amp models, which were amazing, but required a computer with decent specs to work well. Then there's this little board, the Zoom G3Xn, which falls somewhere in-between. The main amp models I use on the Zoom pedal are the Marshall JCM800 and the Mesa Boogie Mk3 in combination with the various cab sims (all of which are excellent). The amp models on the Zoom are noticeably better than those of the Line 6, especially in regards to the dynamics and sustain. However Mercurial Spark takes the win over the Zoom in amp sim quality due to better super high gain clarity and better overall customization for your tone. EFFECTS- In this regard, it's the Zoom vs the Line 6, as Spark only has the basics, and its not what the plugin was designed for. There is no real difference that I can hear in the basic time based delay/tremolo effects, but the chorus, phaser, etc are a lot better on the Zoom G3Xn. It's honestly hard to tell that they are being produced by a digital board at all. As far as drive pedals, the Line 6 has more options, but generally speaking the ones that the Zoom has all sound as good or far better, especially the tube screamer. One issue with the Zoom is that as of yet, I haven't been able to find a good fuzz tone for the "Comfortably Numb" solo and other songs, but that's not a dealbreaker for me personally, and Zoom is continually releasing new effects models on their website, so I've not lost hope yet. Another big advantage the Zoom has is the expression pedal, which I will touch on next. EXPRESSION PEDAL- The expression pedal on this board allows me to use effects that I've not been able to use at all on my other digital/modelling solutions. It allows me to use a volume pedal to do ambient swells, or, more importantly, use wah pedals. The G3Xn comes with a few different wah pedals to choose from, I feel that they are very hit or miss. I really enjoy using the Chrome Wah and the WAH100 models the best for my playing. Zoom also incorporated some interesting other effects that utilize the expression pedal. One uses the pedal to set the volume of the repeats of an echo effect, and another lets you control the rate of a phaser. But, my favorite of these is one called the Oscillating Echo, which uses the pedal to control both the delay time and feedback of the tape echo effect model. This basically creates a sound that, if used correctly, is a pretty good imitation of the "Hyperspace" pedal the Tom Scholtz invented and used throughout the Boston records. USABILITY- The Zoom G3Xn is very easy to use once you spend 10 minutes just messing around. You really don't have to read the manual at all, unlike many of its counterparts... (looks at Boss). Once you set up your patch, you can control 3 effects via the 3 silver footswitches. The buttons correspond with the effect model displayed on the LCD screen above it, so you just position the displays on the series of effects you want to switch on/off and away you go. USAGE- I have this pedal set up using my AMPLIFI 75 purely as a speaker, and sometimes I add a slight bit of compression using the AMPLIFI if needed. As a result, I can get plenty of volume for practicing alone, rehearsing with a band (acoustic drums), and even small gigs. While the pure sound quality of programs like Mercurial Spark may be a bit better, the sounds you can get out of the Zoom G3Xn are still perfectly fine for gigging, cutting demos, or even some studio work *(obviously, if you can use the real tube amp, effect pedal, etc, use those in the studio). CONS- While it's hard for me to find much negative to say about this product, I have to mention that I'm not sure how well it would work going straight into a standard guitar cab. It works great direct into an audio interface or into a PA, but I just can't attest for the other. Also, the expression pedal gets a little sqeaky at times, but a little grease can fix that, I'm sure. The Zoom G3Xn covers all of the bases for me, and I feel that it punches well above its weight for the money.
Music background: Light gigging & recording solo and in groups

Zoom G3Xn

love the pre-loaded sounds, easy to find what works for me. The manual is a bit hard to follow, I couldn't get to the looper or drum beats with its instructions. Found some users on YouTube that showed better ways to navigate the settings. I have the Line6 floor unit as well. I do like the songs and drum beats in the Line6 better than these, but the tones were what I was after. And the sweetwater price is great for this unit.
Music background: guitar
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