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sonuus G2M Version 2 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 5 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Kenny Bergle

    OK - Wow! for $99 you too can have MIDI output from your guitar, or any guitar with a 1/4" jack output! WOW, did I say Wow?! Use your favorite electric guitar with NO modifications whatsoever. As a single-line pitch-to-MIDI device, this thing is amazing! This UK product tracks just fine (fyi, for the MIDI-guitar uninitiated, playing MIDI guitar is to playing elec. guitar as playing a QWERTY-MIDI virtual piano is to playing an acoustic piano- one has to compensate for it and once one gets that down one can fly!). It outputs MIDI straightaway without any other $200-$400 converter box, and even has a built-in tuner. It's only timing-accurate as monophonic as advertised, but really it makes some cool kooky arpeggio-ed type effects with the chords too (chordally the pitch is accurate and the timing after the initial strum takes on a random-arpeggio-type triggering). Chaos is a great thing when one has such a limited ability as mine! Anyway, if you ever wanted to check out what MIDI guitar can do for your act (again, single note at a time only, unless you're experimental or avant-garde like me) this is a great unit for you! After all, one still has a tuner that fits in the case! (Tuner works fine, actually similar to a strobe-tuner!)

  • Carson McClain

    Plug a dynamic mic in to this guy and you can control a synth or a computer via MIDI.

  • from Detroit July 14, 2015Music Background:
    Recording Engineer / studio musician


    Just fantastic. ...

  • from Houston, Texas January 9, 2015Music Background:
    An old man who plays almost every instrument but mainly Bebop

    Perfect to Fretless

    If you play fretless or slide guitar or even violin, you should try it and you won't be disappointed.
    I just got mine from Sweetwater an hour ago and started playing with a fretless electric guitar that I made, a cello and a violin and so far I don't have any problem to play with it.

  • from Campbell, CA USA December 5, 2011Music Background:
    Composer and Remixer

    Nice handy unit

    I'm not a guitarist, but the G2M works fine for a lot of things. I'm triggering MIDI events from my board using an effects send. This is also a nice little Swiss army knife for mapping analog synth sequences to MIDI songs when there's no PC handy.

    Volume tracking is quite fine. Pitch tracking is also good as long as you avoid anything even resembling a chord: the more complicated the timbre, the less likely the pitch will be resolved correctly. So if you want a device that will negotiate or ignore chords and can't make a wrong guess at a slinky note, this may not be for you.

    Chromatic mode is a nice addition, though the pitch bending in normal mode useful as an effect. I expect there's some filtering--since sonuus also has a bass-to-MIDI unit--but the G2M seems to function well across a broad spectrum. There is a slight but noticeable tracking delay, though I'm sure it's technically unavoidable, and for effects it's usually manageable.

    Having the phone plug trigger the power switch is nice. Battery life has been fantastic so far. I haven't used the tuner, so can't comment on it.

    As a way to add MIDI voice doubling and effects, it's compact, a very good value for the money, and a useful tool in my kit.

  • from Chicago, IL February 23, 2015Music Background:
    live musician, engineer, producer

    Sonuus G2M Ver. 2

    Great addition to my live rig. The Sonnus G2M allows me the flexibility to play horns and synths live, via AB switch, without having to move from the guitar to the keyboard. I can switch from guitar to midi at the stomp of foot switch or play both at the same time!

  • from Chicago June 25, 2009Music Background:
    Extreme Hobbyist

    The Least Expensive Route to MIDI the Guitar

    I am a synth nut. But my primary instrument is the guitar. So, even though I own and can kinda play my keyboards, I prefer to drive them with the guitar using a guitar to midi converter.

    I own two guitar to midi converters (Axon and Roland) and use them a ton. But when I saw the Sonuus G2M for $100, I had to buy it.

    First of all, it is a monophonic (one note at a time) device. It will not handle chords, not even one note from a chord. Thus, it only serves when playing a melody line or single note lead.

    That is not all bad. Back in the day, and even today, there are monophonic lead synths and lead patches that sound great and are extremely useful.

    The beauty of the Sonuus G2M is that it does not require a special hex pickup. You simply connect your guitar to the device using a standard guitar/instrument cable.

    The unit tracks very well. Like any guitar to midi device, the more cleanly you fret the notes, the better the results. I found for most lead patches, it easily followed my fastest lines.

    However, I tend to play a lot of single notes from chord forms and those were problematic. It seems to work best when you're literally fretting each note as you play the note.

    I tried the G2M with a telecaster, a strat, and a Godin Nylon ACS. The strat worked great, the telecaster and the Godin were quite acceptable. The instructions suggest using the neck pickup if wrong notes are played. Seemed to help a little...

    I found playing higher up neck 5th through 20th frets) provided best results. Tracking on all guitar to midi devices seems to improve in the higher registers.

    The instructions recommend muting with your picking hand. Again, this is general knowledge for guitar to midi users. Muting prevents ghost notes. Again, good flatpick picking technique and muting goes along way to improve note interpretation.

    I also tried it with a Martin acoustic guitar with K&K pickup. That did not work at all. The notes were all over the place.

    The onboard tuner works very well but is a pain to use. You basically tune the string and watch the power light flash until it stops flashing. It is very accurate, but I found I kept jumping past too low to too high...

    I connected the G2M MIDI out to a yamaha keyboard synth and it worked very well for most presets. As one might assume, the monophonic lead presets worked best. I also connected to a yamaha digital piano and it worked great.

    Finally, I connected it to the Roland GR-20 guitar synth and for whatever reason, it just did not work. The notes were all over the place.

    So for those that want to add lead synth, melody instruments (sax, flute, trumpet, violin, etc), or single note bass lines, the unit works very well.

    It also provides a way of recording/notating midi notes in a DAW. I have yet to try that.

    Some might call it a toy, and it is certainly not a serious, will always work perfectly well in all uses, instrument. But I believe synth-oriented guitarists will find good use for it.

    For $100 the device is a good deal. I'm sure it will drop to $80 or even $50 before too long.

    So I don't give it a full and hearty recommendation, but for guys like me, it's a bundle of fun.

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