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Zoom G2.1DM Dave Mustaine Reviews

3.5 stars based on 2 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Aric Brenner

    The patches offered in the Zoom G2.1DM Dave Mustaine pedal continually blow me away. They are very well thought out and offer tones anywhere from big heavy leads to super calm and tranquil ambiences. In addition to the stock patches, I'm able to tweak every sound and design my own patches from the ground up. This is a very fun pedal great for the beginner as well as the most advanced player looking for that huge rock solid tone.

  • Brian
    from New Mexico USA!!! November 10, 2011Music Background:
    student hobby, Metalhead.

    Absolutely fun Pedal.

    Have been using Line 6 products and love them. But the floor controllers used for their amps need their own foot pedals. Which you pay for. Their amps go obsolete fast and i am always curious if they will keep making pods for older Spiders and their newer tube amps. And i do not always like the tones they choose from so many NU-Metal bands! personal preference i guess. I like HD pods and have no problem with line 6. But wanted a more metal early tones type of floor unit. This bad-boy delivers with everything from NWOBHM, and i mean early too. UFO banks and Judas priest "Hell Bent" and "painkiller" tones. to daves 40 custom settings, and one real cool "Devils Island" tone, i could never get that one! If you like Megadeth this is your toy! early stuff from the thrash movement, from killing is my business, and piece-sells all the way up to todays newest sounds and early 90s Countdown and Rust records. he has made every sound available off his records. He even has metalcore sounds if you like that. And one very unique sound of the BIG Four from the early days of Slayer , Anthrax and Metallica. And they sound real close. Playing "Die by the Sword" was awesome! You can also dial in your own gain or whatever you like. he even has so many rythmic and lead tones i am lost in the banking up and down to play them all. They all hit it spot on for the sound too, even the Boss MT2 and DS1 and OD1 MXR distortion+ for Randy of course! Pedals like the famous Rat and even the old Marshall Guv,nor and peavey 5150 to Dual rectifier and Fender Twin reverb down to overdrives like TS-808 we all love. and the LED shows the pedals your using . The banks all sound just like the originals if not better. I put a few i own up against each other and could not tell a difference at all. MXR Dist+ was a complete perfect copy of that classic pedal. It is made well with tough rubber sides and a metal plate on top and lights up like a christmas tree. Has , looper, Lots of classic distortion pedals and even an acoustic simulator that sounds good and does not hiss. plus you can record , save your own sounds and create your own pedal sounds in 100 blank banks. And update on your pc. For the price you cannot beat this little unit and i may become a zoom user for good and never go back to line 6. I saved a bit of money Plus it is small and saves space on my floor. streetwater shipped it well and fast as usual. They always try hard to please the customer.

  • Chris Nagel
    from somewhere by STL, MO June 3, 2013Music Background:
    Semi Pro Musician with smaller label, Hobbyist, Student, Recording Engineer (avid Certified!), teacher, etc

    Maybe It's Just Me But It sounds like Garbage through Tubes!

    Solid State Amp guitar players will love this little device, but it was rushed in production & sounds terrible through tube amplifiers on CLEAN SETTINGS LIKE HIGH END ORANGE, MESA BOOGIES, FENDERS, Etc. you will spend hours adjusting this gadget & it won't work for you on a Tube Amp Setup even with noise reduction pedals as well bc the built in noise gate IS A JOKE IMO. NOW for Solid State little Amps to some bigger ones too, you might actually love this thing, it's just I spent $500 on this thing & so I was Like "NOPE This Guy is going back for a Full Refund bc it's another outsourced, rushed Piece of JUNK that my Line 6 pedals, stompboxes, & preamps from over 10+ years ago still sound better than this JAPANESE & Other various outsourced Asian made parts for this Zoom Pedal were made for! IT WAS RUSHED & DAVE IS just thirsty for money again or Was completely smashed when listening to the quality this pedal puts out overall through all situations! THE BEST OVERALL QUALITY I GOT OUT OF THIS WAS ON MY Neighbor's crappy solid state First Act Amplifer that had a 3" speaker! LOL. ALL The drum presets glitch out & are still the same as all the other old Zoom pedals have as well. Maybe I got a bad one in the Batch, but FOR $500 at the TIME You EXPECT SOMETHING OF SUPERIOR QUALITY!-NOT THIN CHEAPO ACTION FIGURE PLASTIC that melts and overheats as you play it for 1-2hrs at a Time! Like I said if it's on sale maybe take a chance on it IF YOU R PLAYING ONLY SOLID STATE PRACTICE AMPS, NOT TUBE AMPS bc it will kill your sound in your Tube amplifiers as well as Make You want to Smash this thing with a Sledge Hammer bc of how bad the quality is EVEN after Tweaking with it for HOURS AT A TIME! JUST do yourself a favor & get a Line 6 POD HD500 or something of that caliber & you will Thank Me Too!

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