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Zoom G2 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 13 customer reviews
  • from Oak Park, IL February 11, 2011Music Background:
    Film scoring.


    I'm shocked this sounded so good for $100. This unit sounds better to me than, NI Guitar Rig 2, Line6 POD Farm 1. Both of which I own. I was especially impressed with the harmonic overtones. Harmonics just jump out of you fingers with this. There are also a whole bunch of video's on youtube on how to mach many artists tones. Awesome!

  • from Wellsburg, WV February 2, 2011Music Background:
    Home recording, Songwriter, Worship Leader


    ZOOM has really stepped up their game over the past several years. After researching and playing through countless guitar processors, I bought this one for my home recording studio. I thought that I would just use it briefly until I settled on a "serious" unit. Well, this IS a serious unit! You will not believe the tones you can get out of this processor! Simple to use, quiet, highly editable, records incredibly and all for under $100!!!
    Thank you ZOOM! I highly recommend this item!

  • from Akron, Ohio August 8, 2010Music Background:
    40+ years on Guitar, 2+ years on 8-course Lute & 8-string Guitar

    ZOOM G2 A Suped-Up Headphone Amp: Small, But So Cool!!

    I've had a Boss GT-6 for several years, and the "latency" (the time lag between when you play a note, and when you hear the sound) made it useless. I got the ZOOM G2 because of that, and it has about a 10th the time lag, which is much better (maybe a 100th of a second compared to about a 10th of a second). The tones are eminently tweakable, which is fortunate because the presets are as bad as is usual on a multi-effect unit (as has been said). I love the Ring Modulator, and the Long Delay (the latter of which the Boss GT-6 didn't have). It's also very small & light - about 1-1/2 pounds - I can set it up on the arm of my recliner, sit back and play, still being able to adjust it. To me, it's a suped-up headphone amp with lots of user control over the sounds, which is what I wanted.

  • from Chicago,illinois August 24, 2009Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Guitarist , musician.

    Zoom Zoom Zoom

    I'm a Boss pedal guy . But when I started using Zoom G2,
    I was amazed by a lot of effect combination tha i can do.
    The Noise reduction is really good , the delays, chorus nad the Distortion is amazing. For the price ,it a steal.

    NOw I'm selling some of my Boss pedals to buy another Zoooommm.

  • from Kettering, Ohio December 7, 2006Music Background:
    former rock musician, play in church worship groups

    More than I expected

    I bought a Crate amplifier a few years ago and was never satisfied with the sound. But with my new Zoom G.2 I get very satisfiable sounds. I had a Les Paul Custom and a Twin Reverb in the late 60's and it sounds similar. I haven't owned other amps, but this pedal gives many tremendous sounds if you take the time to tweak it. Take all the effects off and start from scratch. It is amazing.

  • from Ottawa, Canada April 29, 2010Music Background:
    Hobbyist recording songwriter

    Great value!

    Got the G2 a week ago and just love it. In addition to being very sturdy it has a great look and above all is easy to use. The instructions manual is a must read. It's very well written and is extremely useful for "tweaking" the sound I am looking for. I use it for recording and the reference from recording to playback is identical, which I find is not the case with virtual amps software. Zoom hit a home run with this one.

  • from IN March 6, 2007Music Background:



  • from St. Louis, MO USA January 14, 2007Music Background:


    This is my second zoom effects pedal I have owned and it no doubt blows my first one out of the water.
    (zoom 9002) which I bought around 1995 and still have and works. I am a guitar player of 40 years and have owned many guitars, amps, and accessaries.
    Having owned and used a zoom 9002 since 1995 I found the G2 effects pedal fairly easy to use and understand. I play finger style jazz, country and rock . All I can say is WOW!! What a gadget.

  • from Edmonton, Canada October 16, 2012Music Background:
    Amateur musician, Home recording

    Great overall, may be a bit over-hyped

    This is a REALLY good pedal overall. The construction is flawless, for this day and age, nothing on it feels cheap which in itself is an achievement.

    Very easy to operate and find settings, everything is well laid out and makes logical sense. There are some caveats with the external control footswitch, but you can't have it all (would be nice to have more flexibility in terms of changing patches for example)

    The sound is sparkling clean!!! The effects are very good, especially the Drive module the Delay and Chorus and the Reverbs. Noise reduction is very well done, sounds a bit gated but if you use good judgement it doesn't get in your way. The booster is also a nice tool. The harmonizers are also decent.

    The effects that are less than perfect are the Compressor and the Flanger, in my opinion. The compressor is a bit all over the place, if you need a good compressor this is not it. It works and for live sound is more than adequate. For recording, not so much. The Flanger is O-K, but I can hear some digital artifacts in the signal every now and then. Nothing horrible, and it actually gets a bit diluted in a mix so no biggie. Auto-Wah is horrendous! Like all auto-wah's, but that's my opinion. I haven't tried the manual wah with a volume pedal, so I can't comment but I imagine it's quite usable.

    Overall this is a great unit, and for $99, come on! I would buy again and recommend to a friend. And for home recording, if you watch the effects (not over-do them) it is the perfect little tool.

  • from Market Drayton, England. July 13, 2007Music Background:

    User Patch Settings?

    I bought one of these a month ago, and there are now dark circles under my eyes!

    I need some sleep! Smithering bubblesquats!

    Does anyone know of any user group pages for this Zoom pedal, where people post their favourite set-ups, as you can find with the Digitech and Line 6?

    I (any many others I suspect) would be most grateful.

    Best wishes to all on this site,


  • from SF CA January 21, 2007Music Background:

    Nice Tech With Limitations

    If you view this pedal as a stomp box (or 3, which is about how large it is), it's an unbeatable value. As a complete guitar processor it has some shortfalls. It's the usual type of pedal where you have a handful of lists (noise reduction, compression etc.) from each of which you can choose one effect. You then can change the parameters of that effect; there are usually about 3 parameters per effect, which are adjusted with knobs. (Of note, Eq is 6-band -- it's two different lists.) You can easily store the adjustments, and also easily reset to factory specs. Doing the adjustments themselves can be annoying, because you need to press the foot switch buttons with your fingers. Also, the display is only two figure-8 LEDs and two dots, which seems absurd in modern times, and pretty much locks you into keeping the manual around to decipher what it's trying to tell you. Speaking of the manual, it's mostly good but doesn't always make sense, as when it describes one parameter as "sound quality," with a range of 1-10. When do you want low sound quality? A few other parameters are equally mystifying.
    There are 20 presets, each in a version for running into an amp (uses extra eq) or a recorder (uses cabinet sim), and 40 user slots. Most of the presets are weak, and seem designed to showcase some particular effect rather than to be useable, though they say they're based on particular albums. (Weird albums, unless you're really into Robert Fripp et al.) This is a strange and disappointing choice. Try the Behringer V-Amp presets, for example, and they'll sound much better. The other problem I have with this machine is that if you turn on the drum machine, the "reverb" section of effects shuts off. (This is remarked on only in fine print.) Obviously this isn't a problem if you're recording, since you're not going to use the drum machine for that (there's no "dry" output) settings can sound a lot different with the reverb suddenly gone, and since the point of practicing with a drum machine for me is to improve my timing, I miss it. Strangely you can have two delays running simultaneously with the drum machine -- just not reverb. (The I/O, by the way, is completely primitive -- 1 TRS in, 1 TRS out, and a 1/4 inch headphone jack.)
    One final gripe: the middle ground between clean and totally distorted can be hard to reach.
    So what's to like about this machine? A lot. For one thing, the sound is pristine and detailed. (A number of settings do pull forward the hum from a single-coil, though, which I've never heard before.) The sims and effects are mostly excellent. (Reverb's not the greatest.) The machine itself is quiet, switching is quiet and fast. The tuner is good. The drum machine has a lot more variety than most on this kind of device, and is both tappable and settable to BPM. The thing feels solid. It's the kind of thing you dreamed of a stompbox being when you were a kid.
    And it's a hundred dollars! Which for something that's this useful as both a practice and recording tool (I don't "gig" much) is very much worth it.

  • from Dover, De USA February 28, 2006

    G2 - Excellent Buy Loaded with Features

    I just purchased the Zoom G2 and I must say that I am very impressed with all of its features and (most importantly) it amp models. For the mere sum of $99
    you get several modeled amps, noise reduction, flanging, EQ, delay and a pitch hamonizer. This pedal, in my opinion, sounds better than the Line 6 floor pod ($350-$400). The G2 is ever so easy to tweak and store your own patches. Oh by the way, don't let some of the wimpy factory pre-set patches color your opinion of what this unit can do. You can easily get a great sound by creating your own patches. I suggest starting with the JCM800.
    The only draw back is that there are only two foot switches for changing patches. This can be overcome,
    however, by strategically arranging the order each patch. Highly recommended.

  • from Bay Area (CA) December 1, 2005

    I've done the research for you

    To all out there looking for somthing truly great, look no further. I am an anal son of a bitch and this thing is amazing. I did over a month of research trying to find somthing cool to bring with me when I teach my lessons (I have over 15 years experience) and finally found the G2. Now this thing doesn't leave my studio. From total begginner to the most outragous advanced payer, this thing will put a smile on your face. Just to let you all know, I never write reviews so you know this must be somthing special. I can't beleive that you get everything the G2 offers for only $100. Trust me, look around, you won't find anything that even compares (the closest thing is the Digitec, which I tested and there's no comparison, the G2 is waaayy better in so many different ways). I can play "Satch Boogie" without getting saturated (you can make this thing ring out every single note without having to compromise any effects). There are some cool settings but you gotta play with it to get the sound you want (and don't worry it's not rocket science). I give the Zoom manufacturers total respect for this one. Peace

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