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Zoom G1Xon Multi-effects Pedal with Expression Pedal Reviews

4.5 stars based on 33 customer reviews
Questions about the Zoom G1Xon Multi-effects Pedal with Expression Pedal?

Questions about the Zoom G1Xon Multi-effects Pedal with Expression Pedal?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Birmingham AL May 3, 2017


    When I think back on the thousands of dollars I have spent on stomps that I no longer use it's crazy! This is the best multi effects pedal I have ever used, it has so many things going for it ,being able to shape my sound with the g1xon is so simple and easy words fail. I've been a big fan of ZOOM for many years.. Service has been fantastic, ordered on Tuesday PM received it on Friday AM.....thanks again to Rob P. He has treated me like an old friend..

  • from MI March 1, 2017

    The Zoom G1xon Multi - FX pedal

    This is a very unassuming tool , that does not come across at all as a very useful tool .. yet , when played and demonstrated , this little pedal shows it's true nature as a very versatile little go-getter , which can be used by just about anybody , to utilized it's very analogue features and to create looping strategies which can assist in live or a studio environment.
    Now , by simply listening to the posted youtube videos I am quite blown away , by how simple and versatile this little device is ..

    So, I have o have one , or two in my multi-FX collection , plus it's a Zoom product which I am full aware can last , because I have several Zoom pedals from 1994/Demo units , which are fully functional and have never been repaired , ..

    This is such a handy little device to have ... Thank you Zoom ..!!

  • from Ky January 7, 2017

    Great pedal

    This thing is amazing. I love it. Hopefully it'll survive me longer than the last model I had. Lol. Thank you sweetwater. You done awesome as always.

  • from Nashville October 19, 2016Music Background:
    playing guitar, keyboard, and sax for over 40 yrs.

    so good, sweetwater ran out of them today!

    i took a lot of time comparing half a dozen multi-effects gadgets with expression pedals currently available, and was pleasantly surprised that my preferred choice just happened to be the least expensive of them all -- the Zoom G1Xon. with this amazing unit, i can tailor multiple effects to create virtually any sound i might want my guitar to make. some of the preprogrammed sounds are pretty good as-is, but the real fun is in tweeking the effects to make customized sounds. in just a few hours, i have created and saved dozens of effects that include a spacey Robin Trower sound, a powerful Neil Young growl, and a sweet 12-string acoustic/electric that chimes like Roger McQuinn. Jimi Hendrix is up next.

  • from Pittsburgh PA October 14, 2016

    Multi FX Essential

    This is a fantastic fx pedal and it is Stereo. It has the same 32 bit Sharc processing as it's bigger brother the G3. The G3 can be edited by computer with free software. But the fx in both are superior. The amp SIMS are very good and there is a control for each amp to control the tube feel and sound. I love the Diezel for power leads and VH classic rock distortion plexi style. The magic happens in the order of fx in the mix and many great things happen when sending a boosted signal into an amp SIM just like was done to get those classic tube overdrive sounds we all love so well. Has the most useful pedal the graphic EQ. It is a shame that the Factory Presets are overdone and only sound decent at low volumes. As power is boosted hi end needs to be reduced as per the Fletcher Munson Loudness Contour Curve effect. I can get most tones by doing side by side comparisons with my best amps. The compressors are good the mods are great the Acoustic SIM is very good the delays are excellent. This is a totally useful pedal to add to any pedal board and clear out some of those pedals it will definitely replace. I am really blown away. The vol pedal will control three assignable parameters of your choice and this is such control for detail. Of course there is a 30 sec looper and drum patterns. No doubt best pedal whether to enhance or use as the total package.

  • from September 11, 2016

    Better than 20 pedals

    Great effects, great sound, great drum sounds and a looper for less than a single stomper.

  • from Valley, Alabama May 30, 2016Music Background:
    I have played a guitar since I was 8 but never played in a band

    So happy with the Zoom G1Xon Multi-effects Pedal with Expression Pedal

    This Pedal is far more than I ever imagined. It has all the sounds that I was wanting and so more that was a great surprise. The price was so great. A set up like this would be far more and still not be able to operate it the easy way this system works.. Thank you for have a pedal that has all the great sounds and affordable for a person that is just getting started in set up my equipment. I will be checking with your catalog for other good deals.
    Oh I had to set up an account with Sweetwater because I see myself buying other items in the future.

  • from The South May 18, 2016Music Background:
    Enthusiastic Hobbyiest

    Pedals aren't just for bicycles

    I was never a fan of pedals, but when I started playing in my church praise band, things changed. Everything went through the PA system, nothing through individual amps. And, I was in a situation where most songs required a very different sound or tone. I was on a budget, so I bought a different brand of multi-function pedal first. Turns out all it was good for was hard rock and heavy metal. Then I tried the Zoom G1Xon and was blown away. This has ALL the different sounds and effects you'd ever need. Does it sound as good as a gazillion dollar Les Paul through a break-the-bank Marshall stack? No. But this is an ideal solution for anyone playing through a PA system, or who is still waiting to be able to afford an expensive tube amp. With this and an inexpensive solid-state amp, you're ready for any kind of garage band or bar band gig you might find yourself in. If you're having fun and pulling in a little extra money in a cover band, or you're still only on the first rungs of the ladder climbing to major rock stardom, this is a great and useful tool. I challenge anyone playing in a cover band who needs to play a lot of diverse sounding songs to find a better, more useful, and more dependable alternative for three times the price of the Zoom G1Xon.

  • from USA May 17, 2016

    WOW!!! Where did this come from?

    As a broke kid Zoom was my rig, I pretty much had them all as I slowly upgraded. The 505, 10/10, 30/30, GFX series, you name it. When the GT7.1ut came out it started to feel redundant. More options, bigger boards, bigger price tag, but the sound wasn't improving much compared to the new upcoming brands. Zooms old motto "catch us if you can" went out the window and I soon switch over do a different brand and kinda wrote Zoom off. Then I reached the point where you go to tube amps. But I was never happy with the pedal tap dance or the multi efx's that sucked your tone when hooked up to your tube amps efx loop. Then the 4CM came out so I bought one of those HD5millionXYZ things. That turned out to be the biggest buyers remorse in my life. I didn't like anything about it on it's own and it killed the life of anything it touched, so I ditched it.
    I picked up the Zoom G1Xon for travel & it's looper. I wasn't expecting much out of it considering it's price and it doesn't look like something great. I guess you can't judge a book by it cover, when I got it home I was blown away at the sound upgrade and features. Instead of trying it out I ended up jamming on it through a power amp for 2 hours. The unit alone could get you through any situation. Then I tried using it through my amps efx loop and was extremely pleased with how well it worked. Very little difference, some tone suck but completely acceptable. I threw on some noise gate, then a little EQ from it's Graphic EQ effect and was impressed with the improvement it made. Then I decided to throw on the effects looking for it's weak points. The end result is I prefer this over dealing with expensive pedals! When comparing the quality of sound, limited tones suck, programmable presets, it's a no-brainer. Since my amp has efx loops for each channel I plan to buy another one to stick in the clean efx loop. What turned out to be an intended toy became part of my rig, the cheapest part..lol. Being made out of plastic is it's only downside. Since the I/O jacks are not secured with nut's they will eventually short out because you will break the solder joints on the circuit board. To help with this I usually put some plastic JB weld or epoxy/hot glue in the I/O gaps to sturdy them up.

  • from April 8, 2016

    Like carrying big sound effect in a little box

    This unit sounds great. And I like that I can easily carry in a guitar side pocket bag. I don't like bringing out big heavy guns with lots of light effects because I think it can be pretentious. Plus it's just me without a roadie so in the end you end up the fool having to haul in and out with all your own gear.

    I'd rather walk into a gig without seemingly much and have people blown away how good it sounds but where is all the gear? This does the job. But a couple of tips. I either insert a very thin metal from something like a thin hair clip or tape some paper clip buttons on the up/down triangle parameter edge. This allows me to hit the up and down banks with my feet and I have much more versatility like the more expensive and bigger devices. It makes it so much more versatile for performance.

    I wish the USB could store all your settings for easy back up and transferring settings ideas with friends.
    I also wish with the line/amp-single stack, seperate stack settings could be universal so when I go to different gigs with different amp setups I don't have to go into each sound and adjust for it.

  • from April 7, 2016

    Great product

    I'm not a professional player just do it as a hubby. I have tried several pedals before with a lot of complex features. This pedal is very easy to use and it features as lot of great effects. Every day I fall in love more and more with this simple to use multi effects pedal.

  • from March 6, 2016


    Super bang for your buck! Awesome! So many different possibilities of effects in one package. Would save a fortune in not having to buy individual stomp boxes.

  • from Aberdeen Wa November 19, 2015Music Background:
    Hobbyist, multi-instrumentalist, playing in praise/worship and nightclub settings for 50 years

    A must have for every guitarist on every level

    The only thing they could have added to all the features was a couple dozen jam tracks, but to compensate, they put in a very good versatile rhythm machine with bpm display to help keep the timing perfect and a 30 second looper that is long enough to record a medium tempo 12 bar blues progression so I could practice my rhythm guitar/recording skills as well as my lead skills. You can hear all the rhythm machine sounds on YouTube. They also included a 1/4" aux in so you can use your own Jam Tracks or free YouTube/Internet Tracks. You can use the looper and rhythm machine together with multiple overdubs as your first portable poor man's mini-recording studio. There is a bass guitar setting in the presets so you can use your guitar to record a bass part over the rhythm machine. I use a cheap set of $1 store headphones and a $2, 1/8 to 1/4" adapter plug to use it as a silent practice amp. I bought the Zoom power adapter as well. For less $100 you can't get as much value as this in anything on the market and you're good to go for years to practice and play/record/loop any style. The education you get from working with all these effects as to what they sound like, do, their main parameters and where they go best in the chain is extremely valuable and is as important and fundamental as its use as a practice amp. The Zoom G1Xon has really cool ambient presets and I will use this machine to explore ambient guitar styles I never really had the time or money for mainly because of what the pedals cost individually. It does take a little time, patience and motivation to learn this machine thoroughly and I have only scratched the surface so far. I turn down the Master volume to 25% of the machine for everything, YMMV, stand alone use with headphones or plugged into a Fender Champion 40 so I can get very low playing volumes from the amp ( at 1mm increments at '2' it goes from silent to very loud with the master volume at 100)and it works great both ways. It is nice to have such a great palette of 105 presets but so far I have found 6 that I like enough to use as is or with a little editing in the styles I currently play. With today's excellent $300 guitars ( I just bought the most beautiful a $279 hardtail Jackson Dinky, professionally set up out of the box from the factory that would have had to cost $1000 or more 20 years ago, compound radius fretboard, 43mm nut width), set up professionally, there is nothing to stop you and you have all the tools you need as the whole setup with cables fits into a gig bag that has both large and small pockets. Don't be a tone snob when you have so much to learn. I love these sounds even through such cheap headphones and amp. Zoom is world unto itself and the value they offer is like none other.The next time I play at church whether it be guitar or bass I am using this. It has an acoustic guitar patch that is excellent. No more carrying amps, effects, or multiple guitars. I am very happy.

  • from FEMA region 3 November 17, 2015

    Great Deal, most bang for buck.

    For the price this pedal cannot be beat.
    multi effect with amp simulators
    drum machine
    While I haven't used the tuner, the other features on this are outstanding. I've heard / handled a lot of multi effects through the years, and this time Zoom hit it out of the park.
    The only thing more $ will get you is a better housing, and more parameters / control.

    At less than $100 this unit is amazing..

  • from Eureka Springs Arkansas November 1, 2015Music Background:
    4 albums and tons of shows...

    LOVE Love Love IT!!!!!

    This pedal really impressed me. The price is ridiculous in that you get so much for so little. I recently finished my 3rd album, and the pedal made my les Paul sound like everything from an acoustic to a strat and anything else. Even my hard core musician friends couldn't believe the sounds. The effects are awesome right out of the box, but I have edited a few, and found the process very easy. I recommend this pedal, especially for those of you recording direct.

  • from Akron, OH August 23, 2015

    Perfect pedal for the price

    This pedal is perfect for gigging or just jamming at the house. I would recommend this pedal for anyone at any level of ability or experience playing live. No, it's not the greatest pedal ever made, but if you are on a budget and need a pedal that will do pretty much anything you need then this pedal will cut it.

  • from Michigan August 19, 2015Music Background:
    Film composer, pro-musician 25+yrs

    Incredible value

    I needed an affordable guitar solution for my clean keyboard amp rig and this pedal fit my budget. Needless to say at the price point I didn't expect much.

    First let me just say, the online pictures don't do the build justice. It looks like a plastic toy online, but I was pleased to find it's mostly metal with thick rubberized pedals. Very solid.

    I only needed a couple tones; A good blues chunk and lead, and a solid classic rock rhythm and lead sound. This pedal has those well covered, along with a slew of metal tones I'll never use. From the musical standpoint, the distortion is surprising dynamic and reactive. Not what I expected from a pedal at this price, especial when you consider all the add on effects.

    The tuner and rhythms are well thought out and elegant to use. I haven't used the looper yet, but for me it's just an extra freebie so what's not to like? I can't believe the value of this thing. Highly recommend.

  • from Atlanta, GA March 11, 2015Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Best $70 You'll Spend on an Effect

    I've been playing for over 35 years. I've owned hundreds of pedals and was an analog snob for most of that time. I've recently discovered that audiences don't care if my gear is analog, only that it sounds good.

    The G1Xon sounds very good. The amp sounds are not perfect, but they are good enough for a professional gig. Editing is easy, as is changing between patches. There are complaints about not being able to turn off/on an individual effect within a patch, but my solution to that is to just create another patch without that effect. There are enough patches to play with.

    After six months of regular use, being thrown into a gig bag after weekly gigs, my G1Xon is still in perfect working condition. I bought is as a backup for my pedal board, but I find myself using this more often than not because it's just so easy to carry around, and it sounds great. It even works as a headphone amp.

  • from United States January 15, 2015Music Background:

    I am very happy with the G1X pedal.I use it with headphones',for practice and it gives' me some great sounds'.I like to loop a simulated bass-track,with a drum-beat and then play over it,to practice leads'.I really like the sounds' that are in the G1X.I have not tried to write over them,but eventually I will change a few,just to see how it works'.I play an Epiphone SG,through this and this thing makes' my SG come to life.I never really liked my SG,until I got this pedal..I can get an Acoustic,Strat and even a Tele-type sound,with the G1X.A lot of really nice,thick sounds' ! For my purposes',this is a great,little pedal.

  • from Fort Wayne, IN December 10, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician and Teacher


    Best bang for the buck of any pedal out there! So good that I bought two!

  • from Seabeck WA October 27, 2014Music Background:
    Student, Sax, guitar, trumpet

    G1Xon Guitar effects pedal

    I really like it! Its great for practicing. You can plug your headphones in with an adapter and play at night without bothering anyone. The drum effects are great for practicing and keeping time. Not all of the effects are great but there is something for everyone. There are so many options you're bound to find a few you like or you can modify them to fit your needs. For the price I think this is a great tool!

  • from December 5, 2015

    If only

    If only such things were available at the third of the local monthly minimal wage, I may have turned out much more in music than the amateur I became. Just great for home practice, and the usb power function is awesome - you can easily power it up even in the car. Graphical interface is almost (?) unique in the category

  • from Naptown December 1, 2015Music Background:
    Songwriter,guitarist. 40 years.

    Great value-good tones

    Bought this pedal to provide a portable effects solution for my mobile practice rig. Was surprised at the quality of sounds. Very tweakable. I have yet to really get in and put my own patches together as there is a learning curve to doing these operations efficiently,but overall there is versatility there. Some effects I have no practical use for but are fun to mess with anyway. Built in drum machine helps practice with timing. The looper is small but fun for practicing and composing ideas. Built pretty well out of high impact plastic. Expession pedal is just ok, but really more of a bonus feature anyway. Fit's in my gig bag,weighs nothing and makes my Vox Pathfinder sound like anything I want. Good battery life. Great for all levels. A good starter pedal.

  • from Winter Springs, FL USA November 19, 2015Music Background:
    Recording Engineer (retired)

    Cheap - Wonderful!

    The range of sounds and effects provided by the Zoom G1Xon is amazing for such a small price. This is the effects equivalent of a bottle of hot sauce for my Microbrute - it was almost like Zoom made this pedal just for this synth! However, it is made of plastics which probably won't last long under the rigors of hard stage use. Another minor problem is that a bit of line noise bleeds through on a few the presets. But in a studio, or under light weekend gigging, this box should hold up fine. And adding a noise box to your pedal rig should help tame the odd bits of line noise. Overall, I highly recommend this effects box.

  • from MCLEAN VA USA December 30, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist and a Pro Audio Enthusiast

    A Winner From Zoom

    At the beginning you'd think its a Toy !!!
    But Boy I hooked it up through my line mixer to my Crown Amp
    To couple of 300 Watt AUDIX Monitors and I was literally blown away by all the Presets on this little Device.
    I recommend it highly for its portability and quality
    4.5 Stars because it didn't come with a PS unit but that's not a big deal

  • from Seattle January 17, 2016Music Background:
    Pro Bass Player for more than 45 years, educator, author

    Great Entry-Level Multi-FX

    Bought this for a friend who is just getting into digital FX. He absolutely loves his new G1Xon! Easy to program and configure his own sounds, he is now well on his way. I would recommend and buy again...

  • from Faith, SD October 17, 2015Music Background:
    Non-Pro player

    Zoom G1Xon Pedal

    Wanted a multi-pedal for practice and to use w/my smaller amp. Have had other brands in the past, but decided to go w/the Zoom G1Xon. The price and features helped me to choose on the Zoom. Still working with it and understanding all it has to offer, but so far so good. I feel it will do just fine.

  • from March 21, 2015

    Not bad

    Pretty good pedal. When you consider what you get for $69 it is great. There are several good sounds and it is pretty easy to navigate the settings. If you are a beginner it is a no brainier, get one, it is a great practice tool and will keep you inspired. If you have been playing awhile, get one, its fun to mess around with.

  • from United States October 7, 2014Music Background:
    Dedicated amateur

    Fun little starter pedal

    As a long time acoustic player I took the plunge recently and got a Les Paul Studio (From Sweetwater, great purchase and service on that too.) Now that I know what I like I may (or may not) buy some more traditional pedals. This big thing I'd like is analog controls, but let's face it, that costs and the whole point of this is to have an inexpensive piece of gear that does a lot of things for you.

  • from Columbia, SC USA September 23, 2014Music Background:

    Zoom G1Xon

    Great little box. The beat rhythm and single track looper are really useful for practice. Be careful about the noise gate on a couple of the effects. Some of them break real early on initial setting.

  • from United States August 8, 2014Music Background:

    Nice little pedal

    I bought an amp with no reverb, so I got this mainly for that use. It turned out that this little thing can do a lot more. Effects sound decent, as I write this, I am still discovering more pedals. I like the looper and built-in tune. Good for people who just want to experiment.

  • from Gulfport MS April 1, 2016

    Decent little pedal

    It's pretty good considering the price. BUT I only gave it 3.5 stars because the drums kinda suck and it KILLS batteries!!! FAST! I suggest using the USB or power ports on the back or maybe some super high dollar rechargeables.
    As always, shipping was prompt and the service was top notch. No complaints with Sweetwater, but this will probably be my last Zoom purchase.

  • from United States July 27, 2014

    Zoom G1Xon

    Has some nice sounds and so far seems easy to use,although I have not done much with it, as I just received it yesterday. It runs on batteries, (4aa included), or 9volt adaptor,(not included). I put the batteries in and plugged in the input and the unit did not power up. I hooked up an adaptor and the unit worked fine. I checked the battery voltage and made sure they were installed correctly,but the unit does not power up. Normally I power all my pedals via adaptors, but I hate "broken from the box" stuff. I wanted the battery option for a practice on the front porch kind of thing. Plug in your axe and headphones and jam away. The price is very fair and as I mentioned, has some nice stomp effects that can be fine tuned to your taste. The looper is very easy to operate and includes some good drum beats.I will decide in the next day or so if I will bother with the whole return procedure to get a unit with a functional battery supply.

Questions about the Zoom G1Xon Multi-effects Pedal with Expression Pedal?

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