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Dunlop JHF1 Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face Pedal Reviews

4.5 stars based on 7 customer reviews
Questions about the Dunlop JHF1 Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face Pedal?

Questions about the Dunlop JHF1 Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face Pedal?

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  • from November 18, 2015


    I know I'm giving this 5 stars, but there are some cons to be discussed with this pedal. The input and output jacks are on the opposite sides from what is standard, there's no indicator light, the pedal is huge compared to your average mxr size box, and it only runs on a 9v bolt battery. But that's all apart of that vintage nostalgia right? So as long as you know what you're getting into you won't be disappointed. This thing is a vintage recreation to the letter so you will receive no modern luxuries. However, other than the size, lights, 9v plug in jack to a power supply, and switched jacks are easy and cheap upgrades if you can't deal with the vintage thing.

    The sound of this pedal really depends on your amp, which to me, is really fun. You get a different vibe depending on the amp. Make sure you play this thing through a good amp. Plug into a nice tube amp, crank the volume and fuzz all the way up, and every negative comment in this review will disappear and you'll hear why I gave it 5 stars.

  • from Brentwood TN USA May 31, 2013Music Background:
    professional songwriter/performer; recordist

    All Rule BUT,

    I was fortunate enough to obtain a Ltd Ed JH BC-108; however, I also was able to A/B it with the "Space Saucer" version (the blue one) w/ the same transistors. The circuit boards were identical but the Ltd fit my pedal board better (and was actually what I ordered [from another company]). If one knows how to play with feeling, it is impossible NOT to be able to approximate Mr Jimi. I adore the way it shows me how Jimi obtained that Marshall sag: crank the pedal up and you have it, and I am including my Danelectro 15 W "nifty Fifty". Imagine how it sounds through my Fender valve "Woody" (EL84s), VOX AC30 (British-made) and the Duo-Verb Line 6 100W !!!! The delineation between notes is shockingly clean cranked ... (to my ears, much better than the germanium version.)

  • from Ormond Beach, FL USA September 19, 2012Music Background:
    28 years of guitar playing, giged almost every week back when I lived in NYC

    Fantastic Fuzz

    Favorite dirt box! I own a pile of pedals and this one is just too much fun to play. It probably can't serve as your only drive device as it does one thing LOUD distorted fuzz. I have owned a bunch of fuzz boxes and all do not work in a live setting as they disappear in the mix. This one is more focused and tighter than most fuzzes, probably from the silicon clipping diodes. It stands out in the mix of a full band! I tested it through a 59 Bassman reissue with a strat that has Bare Knuckle Apaches, sounds amazing. Then I plugged in an LP with 59 Classic humbuckers. The sound was a little thicker, still tight and focused but still fuzz. I wanted to see how it would react through a high gain amp so I plugged the Strat into an Orange. It now was what I expected from a Fuzz as it obliterated the signal( in a musical way)but was not tight or focused. The pedal reacts so different in front of different amps. I waited over a month to review it so the honeymoon would wear off and I still look forward to plugging this pedal in. Simple, Big, Loud and pleasing to the ear!

  • from Cleveland April 30, 2012Music Background:


    Within minutes figured out Foxey Lady.

  • from July 30, 2016Music Background:
    Been playing for three years

    Fuzz Face

    This pedal is absolutely nasty. If you figure out how to dial in your desired tone, it just sings. Like others have said, the silicon Fuzz Face can be a bit finicky. To be completely honest, I got one as a gift and loved it. Unfortunately, it started to malfunction about a month later. I just contacted Sweetwater and they sent me a new one (free of all charges), which has been working great for a long time. Personally, I love the analog fuzz sound, and this pedal is perfect for that.

  • from Fort Wayne, In. February 24, 2012Music Background:

    Primative, but Awesome!

    Let me start by saying that I love this pedal because I love the sound of Jimi Hendrix, If you like his sound then get this pedal. The pedal is however, primative. No indicator light, no dc input, no frills, just great Jimi Fuzz. I solved the dc input problem using a One Spot and a dremel tool to make a hole to run the wire through, and as far as the light, well I like to think I know what's going on on my pedal board. If you're looking for a multipurpose drive or distortion with multiple tones, keep looking. The pedal is also rather large compared to other stomp boxes, and surprisingly so for the small amount of simple electrical components. It may sound like I'm just pointing out negatives, but if you want a nostalgia inducing sound and feel like I do, add this to your board, tweak it, and rock on!

  • from May 28, 2010

    Fuzzy Logic

    This is great sounding unit. I owned the original, purchased new in the 60's and this is it. Is it worth $170? No. I can build it for less than $20 including an enclosure, and in fact I did. The BC108 transistor sells for only 40 cents each so it isn't special. Can I make it look this cool? No. So if you want this sound and to look cool too then buy it. Now if you can really play like Jimi, that would indeed be something to behold!

Questions about the Dunlop JHF1 Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face Pedal?

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