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Dunlop JDF2 Classic Fuzz Face Pedal Reviews

4.5 stars based on 7 customer reviews
Questions about the Dunlop JDF2 Classic Fuzz Face Pedal?

Questions about the Dunlop JDF2 Classic Fuzz Face Pedal?

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  • from May 8, 2017

    A wild, wooly beast

    I've been playing through a Dunlop germanium Fuzz Face as my main dirt pedal for the past 6 years or so. Ever since I got my hands on one, I've been hooked. It has helped define the sound of my band. I play a Les Paul with a Pearly Gates in the bridge and a Shaw Humbucker in the neck. The two controls on the Fuzz Face are always dimed and the pedal is on 99% of the time. I use the guitar's controls to achieve a wide range of tones. Back off the volume and it gets super touch sensitive.

    It can be finicky with temperature fluctuations and I have one Fuzz Face that has slightly more gain than the other one. Put a buffer in your wah if you want to use it in front of the fuzz. The impedance thing can be a problem with some setups. I've tried the Fulltone 69, the London Fuzz, the mini Fuzz Faces. The big red Dunlop dominates them all. Gritty and smooth at the same time. Heavy as I need it to be and cleans up like nothing else I've used. Depending on the guitar and amp it can be punchy, thick, warm, nasty, biting, complex and more. Lots of character from such a simple circuit. Experimentation will be rewarded. It's cliche, but truly I get compliments on my tone every gig I play with this thing. It has basically become my voice.

  • from Carlinville,IL September 11, 2015Music Background:
    35yrs live and studio: Rock, Blues, Country, Alternative and Psychedelia

    '93 Fuzz Face Reissue

    Not only gives exact retro sound of Hendrix, but this must-have fuzz is EXTREMELY DYNAMIC! Great for any style of Music and offers a huge range of grind using your guitars' volume-pot. WORTH EVERY PENNY!

  • from United States April 17, 2015Music Background:
    15 year player. self taught by Internet and other means

    Incredible pedal

    I bought this and man let me tell you it sounds exactly like hendrix. I'm running it through a fender mustang practice amp and it makes it sound like a real expensive amp. If you love that bold of love sound this pedal is for you. its really easy to control and even works great at the lowest volume setting. You will love this pedal trust me.

  • from Chicago, IL November 17, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist of 20ish years

    Classic Fuzz Face

    Words can't describe how awesome this fuzz is. It is like a time machine that transports you back to the late 60's.

  • from Brunswick, GA March 11, 2015Music Background:

    A Little Hard to Dial In But Great Tone

    This has great sound once you get it dialed in to everything including your amp, guitar other pedals etc. It took several tries to get it in the right spot in the pedal chain and tweaked for amp and guitar. The sound changes depending on the guitar and how you strike the strings. You can get a lot of different tones out it based on every variable. It is a great pedal and has great tone. Be patient, don't give up. It can be tamed. An OD pedal right before it really helps push it.

  • from Lawrence Kansas April 2, 2015

    Love it

    Overall I am satisfied with this pedal. I bought it to get a more vintage fuzz tone than my EHX NY BMP. It performs very well with very little to no noise. Good basic fuzz pedal.

    There were problems though.

    Read the small print - I didn't. This is a recreation of the original Dallas Arbiter right down to the smallest details. Vintage pedals have some annoying details that modern pedals do not.
    #1. The input jack is on the left rather than on the right. Most pedals have the input on the right hand side. This is kind of a pain if you are installing it on a pedal board that flows from right to left. I simply unbolted both jacks and swapped them....."in" is now out, and "out" is now in. No soldering required.

    #2. It operates on batteries only. There's no 9v jack. I had to solder on a 9v jack and drill a hole in the case. Problem solved - but the warranty and return policy are now null and void. I do not use batteries, period. This would have been a deal-breaker for me. I would have returned it had I not made this modification.

    After this modification I realized that the original fuzz face had a positive-ground, yet this pedal worked with a negative-ground power supply....it shouldn't have worked at all. So the circuit must include a voltage inverter, which isn't true to the vintage specs if I'm not mistaken. This doesn't bother me - but this might matter to someone else.

    I gave it 4 stars mostly because the warranty is now voided because of the simple modifications I had to perform to make it suitable for my use. Otherwise I love the pedal.

  • from Nashville November 23, 2015Music Background:
    30+ years playing rock guitar

    Good fuzz does bad things on some amps

    Dunlop's Fuzz Face is a traditional, classic fuzz pedal, but it does have a BIG drawback. READ CAREFULLY!

    IF you have a so called "high gain" Marshall amp like a JCM 900 50 or 100 watt amp with diode clipping (4100 etc) or SL-X 2500 type amp. you probably will blow some or all your preamp tubes AND possibly one or more POWER TUBE/Valves!

    This applies especially to those of you who use SHUGUANG 12AX7-A high gain preamp valves.

    I blew all 3 of my Shuguang preamp tubes last week, and it sounds like I ruined at least one of my JJ 6L6 Power tubes. BECAUSE Fuzz Face hits the tubes with a sledgehammer of loud raucous distortion.

    With excellent low volume Fuzz Pedals such as the Wampler Velvet Fuzz or the Boss Mega Distortion pedal, that are harmless to preamp tubes. there is no reason to risk your precious and costly Tube/Valve bottles, by hitting them with Fuzz Face.

Questions about the Dunlop JDF2 Classic Fuzz Face Pedal?

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