Gruv Gear Fump Bridge-Side Dampener For 4 or 5 String Bass

Clip-on String Mute for 4- and 5-string Electric Bass
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Gruv Gear Fump Bridge-Side Dampener For 4 or 5 String Bass image 1
Gruv Gear Fump Bridge-Side Dampener For 4 or 5 String Bass image 1

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Gruv Gear Fump Bridge-Side Dampener For 4 or 5 String Bass
In Stock!

Quick and Easy Mute for Your Bass!

The onomatopoeically named Fump bass string mute by Gruv Gear is a must-have for serious gigging bass players. This simple clip-on gadget delivers palm-muting tone while leaving your hand free to play. Many of the bass players here at Sweetwater have replaced our DIY foam block solutions with Fumps, because it's so convenient. You only need an inch between your back pickup and your bridge, and slipping it over your strings only takes a second. There are no moving parts, and when you want to take it off, just clip it on your strap and it'll be right there when you need it.

Gruv Gear Fump Bass String Mute Features:
  • Super-convenient clip-on string mute for 4-/5-string bass
  • Clips on easily and can clip to your strap when not in use
  • Delivers palm-mute tone while freeing up your hand
  • Fits any model bass with 1" of clearance before the bridge
  • Clip it on from the top or the bottom for maximum comfort
  • Built ultra tough with no moving parts and replaceable padding
  • Works best with basses with little or no radius
Gruv Gear's Fump delivers amazing palm-mute tone, without tying up your hand!

Tech Specs

Size 4/5 string bass
Manufacturer Part Number FUMP5-BLK

Customer Reviews

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Great idea, poor execution

The idea of the Fump is great - slip it over the strings next to the bridge and bingo, you've got a palm muted sound - almost that of a plucked double bass. Looks classier than a hunk of foam shoved under the strings and quicker to put on and take off. Sadly, the Fump I received did not contact the strings evenly. E and A strings were nicely muted but the D string rang out with essentially no muting and the G string was hit and miss. The 'jaws' of the Fump were simply too far apart to contact all the strings uniformly. There is no provision to adjust the clamping force. Fortunately, the 'jaws' of the Fump are held together with a screw. I disassembled the unit, ground down the area where 'jaws' meet and reassembled. Now it works. (Dremel comes thru for me again) Way overpriced for what it is now. If Fump would build it so the distance between the jaws could be adjusted they'd have a winner. Sweetwater service, however, was splendid as usual. Pleasant and easy shopping. On time delivery. Sweetwater is the best.
Music background: Retired pro/hobby and church player now.

Not so much a mute as it is a pincher

I've been looking for a mute I can use and remove on the fly for years. When I saw the Fump, I thought maybe I could finally end my search. To say I'm disappointed is putting it lightly. The mute does not give a nice, fat, thumpy tone like a traditional mute from days past. In fact, it doesn't really give anything useful. I think the problem is that it uses the strings to hold itself up, which reduces vibration to a point where your playing loses musicality. Also, there is NO way to adjust the amount of muting. If you don't like the tone when you first put it on, you'll just have to live with it.If you're looking for a mute that is easy to use on the fly, this is it. If you want a mute that will sound like a traditional mute, do yourself a favor and buy a sponge to wedge under the strings.

Doesn't work

I had the same problem as the other reviewers. The Fump does not contact all of the strings, so I get a thump on some and others ring out, or just buzz. To me, it looks like it is poorly made and not very well thought out. Definitely not worth the money! I'm going back to my foam strip. FYI: I play a Fender American Standard, 4 string P Bass.
Music background: Advanced bass player

Doesn't work at all

This think is clunky and doesn't do a good job muting the strings evenly. The E string is completely dead while the G string rings out completely unmuted. This is a terrible product and it is ridiculously priced at $20.
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