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Godin Freeway SA - Lightburst Leaftop Hi Gloss Reviews

4.5 stars based on 6 customer reviews
  • from Tempe, AZ April 21, 2015Music Background:
    40 year player, open mic nights, blues band


    Bought one of these after playing a friend's. It was originally as a backup to my GK-3 strat. Now it is my #1 guitar to play at home or live! The action and overall playability are superb and effortless. The pickups are fantastic and give great tones with all of my amps. My only issue is that there is not a dedicated acoustic tone output from the Graphtech pickups. Then it would be 100% perfect. As it is, my SRV Strat will now get to stay home safe and sound when I go out to play. I love that guitar and only something beyond exceptional could replace it as my #1. This guitar has done that and more. Again my deepest thanks and respect to Bob Mondock, my sales consultant! He is a great asset to Sweetwater, the only place I get my gear from any more!!!

  • from Ft Wayne, IN. December 15, 2013Music Background:
    Full Time Musician/Studio Owner/Audio Engineer/Guitar Teacher

    I own 2 Freeway SA's

    Full Time Musician/Studio Owner/Audio Engineer/Guitar Teacher. Excellent guitar. String action is incredibly low and has a fast thin neck compared to most other Godin guitars. I've owned the LGXT, A6 Ultra and currently own the Solidac, Acousticaster and 2 Freeway SA's and use it with both the Roland GR 20 and 55 with the Ghost pickups sound great. Just from shows I've played in the last year I've personally convinced 10 people to purchase one. I should be on commission or be indorsed by Godin. Love them.

  • from Dalton, GA May 7, 2014Music Background:

    Great Value

    I would agree with most everything said in the other reviews about the Freeway SA. I am fortunate to own several high quality brand name guitars, but this Freeway, along with the Roland GR-55 is my bread and butter. Even without a synthesizer this guitar is worthy to plug into your favorite amp and go at it! I play in a oldies cover band and this Godin is so appropriate for the wide variety of needs in our group! Buy one now! I mean it!

  • from Dalton, GA April 16, 2014Music Background:
    xPro Musician, Oldies Band Member and guitar lover

    Delighted with FreewaySA

    I've had my Freeway for several months now and it has proven to be everything I need with a good bit of overhead remaining for my talent. Sweetwater did a fine job of pre delivery. I only made one small adjustment on the neck to get the action where I liked it. The Lightburst Leaftop finish is just beautiful. I think it makes it look like a much more expensive guitar than it actually is. The neck is very stable and it is rare that I have to tweak the tuning during my band's practice or performance sessions. The tuners are consistently responsive and of good quality. Layout of the controls is just fine --- nothing has been thrown in the controls to make things complicated. All of the switches and pots are smooth and perfectly proportional. The HB SC HB pickup arrangement provides so many desirable tones! I've always been a Stratocaster player in the past. The Freeway captures much of that Strat sound when the SC pickup is active. That brings up the ONLY minor complaint that I can muster. The SC pickup has a little more noise in it than I like. With that said I have to admit it is much quieter than many other SC's I played in the past. I am going to put a beautiful black Lace Gold in it this week and see what I think. :-) I use this guitar as a straight up guitar and I also use it with the Roland GR-55.
    Both Sweetwater and Godin have been very helpful with after sale questions.
    Do not be afraid to buy this excellent instrument. It is a delight!

  • from Killingworth CT December 3, 2012Music Background:

    Godin Freeway SA

    I bought the Godin Freeway SA after playing a Progression as a backup to my Godin LGXT and to use with my Roland GR-55. This has become my main guitar for a number of reasons. First it’s light weight and the neck has a nice slim profile with a nice radius. The pickups are really good and I can play this through a clean JC 120 and get really nice tones. I love taking this guitar along with my GR-55 on gigs and run it through the PA. It great to show up with just two things in hand and set up in seconds. Overall the Freeway is an awesome quality guitar for the money and one that is not made in Asia but in Canada and the USA. This is truly a great guitar with limitless possibilities. I love it!!!

  • from Jacksonville Florida USA July 8, 2011Music Background:
    Full time musician with a part-time 9 to 5 as Professor Digital Media and Studio Recording FSCJ, Forty years musician, Bachelor of Music, Masters Art Teaching Computer Information Systems. Toured and lectured for four major music companies in the good ol

    Professors Review – Godin Electric Guitar Freeway SA (Synth Access)

    Professors Review – Godin Electric Guitar Freeway SA (Synth Access)

    Experience: Full time musician with a part-time 9 to 5 as Professor Digital Media and Studio Recording FSCJ, Forty years musician, Bachelor of Music, Masters Art Teaching Computer Information Systems.
    Toured and lectured for four major music companies in the good old days.
    Currently playing in a old fart rocking working house band. Music styles – play anything on the back of a twenty-dollar bill. I have twenty plus working guitars and more in the collection. All this is carp till you pick up the instrument. I have lived a long time.

    The Instrument: In a sentence: A Strat on steroids! Yeah!

    Experience with the instrument: Own it and use it as my primary live guitar mainly for the Synth interface.

    I purchased the Godin Electric Guitar Freeway SA in early June 2011. When I received it I was impressed with the beauty of the craftsmanship. This is truly a well-made guitar for the money. Being my first review I must explain that I am very picky about how my guitars are set up. As soon as I placed the guitar in my hand I knew I had work to do.

    First I noticed the neck was not straight and rgw strings were to high for my old arthritic hands. Primary setup took about 20 minutes to get it playing. I am sorry but I was not impressed with the Godin brand strings and had to change them.

    Second I liked the feel of the neck but was surprised to find it more like my Gibson SGs necks. The neck is a bolt on neck that is slim and tapered for easy play and speed. The next thing I noticed and had concern over was the neck was out of alignment were it joins/sits in the body block. The E sixth string was falling off the frets. Happy to say I solved the problem by loosing the hold down screws a little and then torked the neck (pushed the head stock down) into alignment with the bridge while I tighten the screws. I have had no further problem.

    I had to set the intonation on three strings to get it in tune with the body.

    Plug it in… Plug it in.
    This is where the excitement begins. Was shock by the power of the pickups. Very fast to crunch distort but extremely sensitive to the volume control and cleans up nicely. The tone knob works and has a good range. This makes me very happy! My main gigging amp is an Egnator Renegade but I have every high in-amp out there. (product of being a gear hound with no kids). I found the guitar to be bass heavy due to the humbuckers but was able to eq it to my tonal sound quickly. The single pickup is balanced tonally very well to the humbuckers but I had to adjust the pickups height to match volume out of each other.
    I then tried the freeway in my Marshall 410h with jvm 900 4-12 cab. It rocked the house hands down. I then tried it in my Fender Hotrod DeVille. It has a great sound though I had to mess a lot with the bass settings because the DeVille is very bass heavy. I will post some YouTubes soon.

    After all this I just had to grab my favorite strat and do an A/B comparison with friends in a jam session. Is the freeway a strat? No, It is a strat on steroids. Does it play like the strat? No, It plays like my SG. Does it sound like a strat? Sometimes but it screams without effects a lot better than my strat. I like how it cleans up with a nice warm sustain sound.

    The Synth Access.
    The reason I got excited about buying the Freeway was for the Synth Access. I just brought the new GR-55 (love it). It connects seamlessly. Do not have to mess with the GR-3 pick setup and crap. The Freeway bridge saddle pickups do not mess with the tone or sustain of the strings at all. You do need to set the GR-55 to pickup H to make it work correctly. No further adjustments were needed. Best tracking yet of any guitar interface. Godin has taken much time to make this work.

    Sales and Service: These guys are the best. Always solve all problems and issues quickly and professionally.

    Last thoughts: For the money, quality and workmanship, I have a new useful instrument in my personal arsenal. This is a workingman’s guitar that will last a lifetime. I would take time to check this instrument out but give it time to grow on you. The Freeway has solved a lot of problems for playing live for me since I am Synth heavy in my playing and like a guitar interface. (Days are gone of left hand hammering strings and the right hand playing a keyboard). Did I mention that with the SG style neck it is slightly wider so finger picking is breeze?

    Thanks for reading and hope this helps.
    Prof Phillips

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