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Chauvet DJ LED Followspot 75ST 75W Follow Spot w/ Stand Reviews

4.0 stars based on 9 customer reviews
Questions about the Chauvet DJ LED Followspot 75ST 75W Follow Spot w/ Stand?

Questions about the Chauvet DJ LED Followspot 75ST 75W Follow Spot w/ Stand?

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  • Impact Theatre
    from Palmyra NY March 28, 2016


    Great spotlight for small venues. Change moods with lighting at the touch of a button. can take anywhere.

  • Ken Hardee
    from Halifax NC January 9, 2016


    Purchased for my church...had borrowed one last Christmas for Children's Christmas Program and was impressed. Decided to purchase for our church for our program this year so we would have one.

  • R. Johan B.
    from North Coast of CA, USA March 24, 2015Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Amateur Live & Recording Engineer

    Amazing Spot Saved The Day

    Major problem in old school gym where their ancient lights had a cooling fan that disrupted the power, which was also built out of phase. The fan created terrible hum in the PA speakers (digital). Set up my pair of Chauvet 4BAR Tri lights and asked them to turn the fan off, which means they couldn't use their lights. The 4BAR Tris weren't bright enough to light the stage for a play, so ordered this Followspot LED 75ST. It was overnighted and arrived just in time to set up for the first of 4 shows.
    They were ecstatic about my lights, and the ease of use of the system and Followspot. The Followspot is quite bright, and between the Followspot and the 4BAR Tris, was plenty to light the stage for the play performances, and easy enough to turn over to a student to manually operate the light.
    Sure the light has small flaws, such as the cycling of colors to get to the right one, and an annoying high pitch tone that made me think there was feedback coming through the speakers, until muting the system and triangulating on the high pitch sound. The Followspot was on a platform right behind and above the mixer, therefore the high pitch tone was an annoyance to the sound engineer (me).
    Other than that, this Followspot still earned the 5.0 rating I give it. Will come in real handy in the future.
    Now, to find a case that will fit this Followspot, a stand bag will take care of the stand,...

  • Michael
    from Texas May 23, 2015

    Nice Spot

    Great spot for the price. We used it at church for our Christmas Pageant and then for everything else that required dramatic lighting. Works particularly well with very light backlighting. Zoom is great up to about 70 feet. Open it fully and it will illuminate a 35 foot stage with some dimming at the periphery. We recommend two. For the price, it cannot be beat.

  • Joe Culley
    from Crown Point, Indiana, USA July 9, 2012Music Background:
    I can tune a radio...

    Sweet little light!

    When we moved our community theatre operation from an old highschool gym to a 50X50 black box we didn't understand the lighting problems that we would face. Space and power issues? OMG. But this light was a Godsend! It throws a beautiful spot, takes up virtually no room, and doesn't blow our breakers every time we turn it on. Without this followspot we would not be able to use a followspot at all. The old ones we had were too large, too noisy and too power hungry. Period.

    Yes I shaved off half a star for some very minor issues.
    1) the spot is noticeably not round at short distances. It's an octogon.
    2) the focus (manual) is clunky/sticky. (I think some lube might fix that... and generally you set the focus and leave it.)
    3) it still has a fan and still makes a little noise. For some reason I expected silent... but it's NOTHING compared to the big old beast followspots.
    4) switching colors is less smooth than I had hoped. Still, it is light years better than flipping gels!

    These are all "flaws" that would be meaningless in a small venue music show with a noisy house and lots of action. They are barely noticable when the house is silent in a dramatic moment...

    This is an inexpensive light designed for shows on a budget. This isn't the spot that you would put in the professional theatre with an unlimited lighting budget. But for it's purpose it is MAGNIFICENT. This baby is destined to be the workhorse of our small house community theatre for many years to come.

    I love this light! I would really give it 4.99999 out of 5.00000. :-)

  • Jim Elder
    from Atlanta, GA May 19, 2014Music Background:
    Music education

    Follow spot

    The equipment did a great job for the outside performance!!

  • A@Work
    from Boston, MA April 16, 2013Music Background:
    Media Services, Church Sound, Musician

    Depends what you're looking for

    It's exactly what you would expect and fear about an LED follow spot in most ways.

    Pros: It's very small and light, which is key for me. It doesn't throw much heat or make much noise, especially compared to an average halogen follow spot. And it's cheap to buy and cheap to run, as the LED's are good on power. It also has an incredibly wide beam, better than most halogen, and a very long throw. And LED also means no replacing lamps. DMX control is nice, too.

    Cons: The white is very blue, maybe 6000K. If you are looking for a warm follow spot, you might want to look at halogen. The colors rotate through on a disc, so if you want to switch from red to blue you'll see green and yellow and magenta as it spins from one to the other. That's kinda bad design. Also, some combinations of focus, Iris and diffusion settings make the beam have a shape like a octagon rather than a round circle, but I found I could work around that. The included stand is garbage - not very tall, tough or smooth.

    Summary: So for DJ, club or budget work, this should get the job done and you should be quite happy. For any sort of professional theater, stick with a halogen. If you land in the middle, it might be worth a look. The clincher for me was the blue-hued white actually makes for a nicer accent in my 3600K PAR lights, so as long as I use them mostly in combination, they will look good. If that won't work for you, wait a few years and LED technology should improve quickly.

  • Shad Vick
    from Salt Lake City, Utah December 17, 2012Music Background:
    DJ, Hobbyist

    Great lot - some limitations

    The light seems to have a lot of value. Great brightness, nice digital design with ability to change colors on the fly from the panel. I would have bought more of these lights had they not had a horrible squeal - high pitched noise. Chauvet is aware of the problem and perhaps will fix on future models. I also didn't like that I couldn't change from color to color without the lens sliding across the beam - so going from green to yellow you're going to see all the colors in between as the wheel rolls through. Probably the deal breaker for me was the lever to change the size of the beam. When you make it small - you see straight lines instead of that nice clean round spotlight when it's large.

  • SC
    from June 20, 2016

    Not what I expected

    I pulled this out of the box, set it up and then realized the max height is less than 4 feet?? That makes it pretty much worthless to me. Not sure of the quality of the actual light as I will be packing it up immediately and returning it. I should have read through the details.

Questions about the Chauvet DJ LED Followspot 75ST 75W Follow Spot w/ Stand?

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