Fishman Fluence Modern Humbucker Pickup Set with Black Plastic Cover

Active Humbucking-sized Electric Guitar Pickup Set with Multi-voice Fluence Core - Black
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Fishman Fluence Modern Humbucker Pickup Set with Black Plastic Cover image 1
Fishman Fluence Modern Humbucker Pickup Set with Black Plastic Cover image 1
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Fishman Fluence Modern Humbucker Pickup Set with Black Plastic Cover
In Stock!

A Set of Dual-voiced Modern Humbuckers for Your Guitar!

The Fishman Fluence Modern Humbucker pickup set delivers the most sought-after humbucking tones, from modern active pickup sounds to high-output humbucking tones. Unlike most wire-wound models, Fluence pickups manage to deliver the Modern humbucker sound - without noise or inductance issues. On top of that, Fishman Fluence Modern Humbucker pickups (one with alnico magnets, the other with ceramic magnets) provide you with your choice of two distinctly different voices for each pickup. Give your Sales Engineer a call to learn more about these innovative pickups!

Fishman Fluence Modern Humbucker Pickup Set at a Glance:
  • Active electronics deliver Modern tone - without the noise
  • Multi-voice Fluence Modern provides two distinct voices
  • Contains all you need for installation
Active electronics deliver Modern tone - without the noise

We all love the sound of vintage pickups. That being said, buzz and inductance issues leave a bit to be desired. With Fishman's Fluence Modern Humbucker pickup set, you can run hundreds of feet of guitar cable without any quality loss. Your volume control will operate with unprecedented smoothness, allowing you to milk useful sounds out of your guitar, even at low settings. To call these pickups "noiseless" would be a grand understatement!

Multi-voice Fluence Modern provides two distinct voices

Each pickup in the Fluence Modern Humbucker set provides you with the choice of two unique, selectable voices. The Modern Alnico pickup gives you a modern active humbucker and a unique wide-range humbucking tone at the flip of a switch. And the Modern Ceramic pickup offers a modern active pickup sound with tight bass, crisp highs, and a touch of growl and a high-output humbucker tone made for distortion. The voices can be accessed by any number of standard switches or push/pull controls and can be added as a completely reversible modification to most guitars.

Contains all you need for installation

Fishman Fluence is a revolutionary new way to look at the art of pickup building. To deliver their wide range of tones, noise-free performance, and low-impedance signal, these pickups require a power source and specially designed pots. All of this is included with every pickup. Inside the package, you'll find the pickups, wiring, push-pull and standard 25k potentiometers that are ideal for the active circuitry, and more. Installing a set of Fishman Fluence pickups is a quick and easy way to achieve your electric guitar's full potential.

Fishman Fluence Modern Humbucker Pickup Set Features:
  • Active electronics deliver Modern, yet noiseless, tone
  • Multi-voice Fluence Core provides two selectable voices
  • Alnico pickup voicings: modern active humbucker and a unique wide-range humbucking tone
  • Ceramic pickup voicings: modern active pickup sound with tight bass, crisp highs, and a touch of growl and a high-output humbucker tone made for distortion
  • Power supply delivers 200+ hours of use and recharges in a few hours
  • Direct replacement design requires no permanent guitar modification
Unwind with a Fishman Fluence Modern Humbucker Neck Pickup!

Tech Specs

Type Humbucker
Active/Passive Active
Position Multiple
Covering Covered
Number of Strings 6
Manufacturer Part Number PRF-MHB-SB2

Customer Reviews

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Best pickups I've ever heard
Music background: hobby

Incredibly Versatile pups

I got these pickups on a whim and am just awestruck by how versatile and musical they are. Comparing them to other brands of active pickups reveals them to be staggeringly more versatile, especially when it comes to configuration. You have four available alterations to each pickup through push/pull pots (voices 1 or 2, HF rolloff, -db pad for voice 1 and coil tapping). This set comes with 4 push/pull pots so you are able to wire them to all four separate functions or dedicate some functions switchable to one humbucker and some to another. I felt compelled to leave a review because I see so little info about these pickups on the web, if you are considering these versus other active pickups and aren't "locked" into the other pickups by taste I'd say you need to try these, it's like buying two sets of pickups at once, one voice is brighter and one voice is darker so that means if you have a bright guitar you can use the dark voice to even out your sound or if you have a mellow guitar you can liven it up. That alone makes these incredibly worth consideration because _you can A/B different "sets" of pickups in your guitar for any given situation without changing electronics out_If you are curious and can afford them, I'd say you should definitely get them, they're absolutely not just for metal, they're a great mid gain and clean pickup as well. I'm going to buy the classic set for another guitar eventually because of how impressed I was with these.
Music background: Seasoned Hobbyist

Nicely surprised!! Amazing and versatile!!

I bought these based on a lot of guys that I respect in the industry getting behind them. Joel Stroetzel, Ola Englund, Lasse Lammert...I waited about a week before installing them, because I have yet to find pickups for my Horizon that work better than the Dimarzio Dominions. I decided to pop them in...which is kind of a chore. I am not a fan of working with push/pull pots. The tiny terminals are always difficult for me...that aside, the wiring diagram that they come with is pretty decently laid out, and if you understand electronics a little, then you should be OK installing these. Fishmans install instructions are pretty weak, overall, I think. Where companies like Duncan and Dimarzio and EMG give you wiring diagrams for different scenarios, these do not...they assume you know the concepts and can apply them on general rules for their humbuckers. So, you have to figure out how to make them work for what you want. I wanted 2 volumes, they give you a diagram for 2 vol/2 tone. Anyway...I was able to get them working with almost no issues, and the one I did have was immediately noticeable and fixable.I installed these with the HF Tilt and Voicing switches each activated by a volume knob.If you are worried about output, do not worry!! These have a gain feature as well that you can either wire to a switch or wire directly to ground to have a lower output version of these pickups. This is hinted at in the install guide, but not explicitly spelled out.There are also terminals on the pickups for coil tapping. I imagine you can wire this functionality to a switch as well...So, if you have a 2 vol/2 tone guitar, you can have 4 push/pull pots and wire coil tapping, hf tilt, voicing, and gain to each to be able to tap in to all of the functionality that these pickups offer.I may try out the gain option at some point, just to see what it sounds like.On to how they sound. Absolutely amazing. I have found pickups to replace my beloved Dominions. They are high output, but they arent over the top. They do not compress the way EMGs do. They definitely have a fuller and clearer tone, with a much more passive character in their attach than any other actives Ive played. The switching if pretty cool. I dont notice a whole lot of difference between the 2 voicings on the bridge pickup. I find the HF Tilt function to make more of a difference in tone, and I think that HF Tilt is really awesome for clean tones. I tend to stick with voicing one of the bridge pickup for my main heavy tones.Tons of clarity and punch. High end unlike any other active I have tried...not nasally or shrill, just very balanced and sits at the right frequency. I am playing these through a Mesa Mark V 25, Fryette Power Station, and Earcandy Buzzbomb 212 with Eminence Legend V12s.
Music background: hobbyist, semi-professional
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