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Line 6 Floor POD Plus Reviews

4.5 stars based on 7 customer reviews
  • from Arlington, TX July 23, 2011Music Background:
    Worship Leader

    I am very happy with my floor POD Plus

    It is everything that I was hoping that it would be.

  • from Evansville, IN May 25, 2011Music Background:
    Guitar Student

    Sounds Great

    I received the floor pod for a Christmas gift. I've been taking guitar lessons for about 5 years, I wanted to start adding other sounds to my music. The floor pod is easy to use, and it makes my music sound great.
    I would recommend this to my friends.
    I enjoy all the different things I can do.

  • from champlin, mn USA August 18, 2011Music Background:
    R&B, Funk, Blues, Rock, Fusion

    Line 6 Floor Pod Plus

    This is a great unit for players needing looking for a device capable of storing customized setups/presets and recalling them rapidly. You won' have any regrets with fhis purchase!

  • from Northern California May 1, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist of 30 years

    The Line POD Plus is great

    I got this pedal board multi-effect for my birthday. I've figured out how to get the custom sounds I like. There are some really good effects to choose from and save, like distortion, chorus, clean, flange, delay, etc. So it's really worth it to hear lead, rythm and classical on the electric guitar now and I get more out of my playing.

  • from Berryville, AR. , USA June 21, 2012Music Background:
    I've been playing music over 40 yrs. Both Worship leader and concert band.

    Floor Pod Madness

    My rating would probably better after I have become fully familiar with all the nuances available. There's a lot of effects that, at first listen, seemed like wasted space, sounds I thought I would never use, but as I played with the small knobs ( compression, gate, effects tweek, delay,reverb ) I started finding a seemingly endless number of variations. Only your imagination limits what you can come up with.

  • from WV USA April 25, 2012Music Background:

    Killer effects board

    I love this board. It works for everything I need and then some. A few minor issues aside it works very well.

    The pedal needs to be tightened frequently. The big issue is the built in tuner. I have 3 tuners that are all in sync, this is consistently sharp by a noticeable amount.

    Otherwise, it is a great buy!

  • from Nacogdoches TX January 22, 2009Music Background:
    project recording studio operator, musician

    Versatile and inexpensie

    I bought the Floor Pod Plus last year when I embarked on a project working up original material with a long-time playing partner. As the songs developed, I felt the need for various effects, and went shopping for an all-in-one pedal board that would be convenient to carry around.

    This device has an AC adapter, and Line 6 has cleverly placed the transformer between the connector to the Pod and the wall plug, which makes it very easy to plug into a strip (unlike the usual "wall wart").

    It has a chrome "roll bar" over the knobs so you won't inadvertently mess up your sound. I would like Line 6 to sell a dedicated gig bag to go with it: I found one that fit at the local music store, but it has no provision to store the AC adapter or necessary cables. I solved that by using the draw-string vinyl bag that came with a pair of Sony MD-7506 headphones to put the AC adapter in: the bag goes inside, on top of the pedal board, and I Velcro the cables together so they are easily disentangled at a gig.

    The Pod comes with a comprehensive manual, in several languages, but -- as is usually the case -- it's more fun to plug into it and try it out. Some familiarity with the manual is needed for the less obvious features, however.

    It has a number of amp presets selectable by two foot pedals that allow you to scroll up or down through three banks, and a separate amp model rotary switch for additional alternatives. There's a choice of effects and delays: the exact effect is selected by another rotary switch, and activated by on/off foot pedals. Another a pedal allows you to tap in a tempo, and it doubles to activate the internal tuner/mute. On the far right is a large pedal that acts as a wah or volume pedal.

    Once you learn where everything is, it's fairly easy to set it up to do what you want...as long as you don't change parameters a lot on the fly. For example, I preset the tremolo so that I can turn it on with the dedicated foot pedal when I want it added in the song; but if I decided I wanted chorus instead, I'd have to reach down and turn the knob to that effect, then fine tune it with the "effects tweak" knob, again not switchable by foot.

    The wah is great: I used to use a Cry Baby, and this one beats it in every way. I can get a cool "vocal" sound out of it without scratches or noise or hum.

    In the beginning I used the amp modeling a lot, not to imitate amps so much as to find an appealing tone, but since I upgraded to a Fender Jazzmaster Ultralight, I don't use that feature so much. If I weren't using an amp on stage, the Pod would be terrific for plugging into the board -- I haven't used it for recording yet, as the majority of what I've done since I got it has been Dobro or other acoustic recording, but I have recorded with the PODxt Live, and it was dead quiet.

    Overall, a versatile box with many useful sounds and effects, for a reasonable price. It has a simplicity in layout (assuming you read the manual) that makes it easy to find what you're looking for. Other products from Line 6 offer more, but cost more, too; for my needs this one hits a sweet spot between features and price.


  • Cody Allen

    I remember when I brought the Floor POD Plus home. I went into it with a limited amount of expectations. It was replacing a much larger multi-effects unit that broke down on me after years of abuse. I just plugged the Floor POD in, and started exploring the presets. About four hours later I found out how much I really got into this machine. It's a simple design, very straightforward and easy to use, and everything is very intuitive so you can get right to the core use of the pedal. So I dove into refining the presets so I could have my own bank of sounds. It went incredibly fast because of how to-the-point the layout of the pedal is, I had a few personal presets in a matter of minutes.

    I played it for months with just my presets and found myself one day deciding to explore some of the other presets in the pedal. Even though I had owned it for a while and used it regularly I was still shocked at how many sounds you get with this unit. Bank after bank of things ranging from chorus heavy clean tones, to gritty blues drives, to ambient delay heavy big sounds, to nasty dark metal tones, to straight forward amps with enough dynamics to please anyone that dials in tone with their guitar's volume knob like I do. Overall my impression of this pedal was impressive to say the least, and in the 200-dollar price range, it's definitely something that shouldn't be overlooked.

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