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TC Electronic Flashback Delay and Looper Pedal Reviews

4.5 stars based on 61 customer reviews
Questions about the TC Electronic Flashback Delay and Looper Pedal?

Questions about the TC Electronic Flashback Delay and Looper Pedal?

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Sweetwater Advice

  • Charlie Davis

    The TC Electronic Flashback is an unbelievable delay pedal! So many options and so simple to use that anyone can find a sound they'll love. You can also go to the Tone Print site and download the setting of one of your favorite guitarists. Simply put, it's a feature-rich pedal that's almost impossible to go wrong with.

  • from CA June 13, 2017

    Build quality lacking

    Lots of features and a great sound, but the center position of the toggle switch was DOA.
    A year later it has stopped working altogether (using a Voodoo Labs power supply).

  • from SEKY March 23, 2017Music Background:
    Semi professional

    My favorite delay pedal

    I have had many delay pedals, and this one has become my favorite. I also have the Flashback Mini, which I have had for a while and love it and made me wanna by the Flashback. The different options are all well designed and useful. I love the dipswitch options for adding dotted 8th notes, etc. As always, TC Electronics has built a very useful and inspiring pedal. My pedal board currently has several TC Electronics pedals, full size and mini because they are quite simply some of the most versatile and well built pedals on the planet, in my humble opinion.

  • from California January 22, 2017

    Jack of All Trades

    First off let's say what this pedal is not. It is not amazing at any one thing. If you are looking for "amazing" you will probably be happier spending three times as much on a single effect pedal that let's you get the exact effect you need for your exact sound.

    However, while not amazing at one thing this pedal is great at all the many things it can do. I play a wide variety of styles and songs so it fits me well. I was actually in the market for a Ditto looper when I stumbled across this gem.

    I had been using a very old delay pedal that wasn't true bypass so I had a mini bypass pedal on my board to kill or engage it. This one pedal has allowed me to ditch both for one. With the right setting of level, delay, and feedback I can add just a hint of dreamy space to classic R&B/soul covers, and the slap setting is awesome for rockabilly and country swing or reverb. Again with the knobs just right on the MOD 2290 setting I can cheat it as a chorus pedal. So this one pedal does the job of a reverb, chorus, and delay, for my modest demands while eliminating my need for a bypass switch.

    On top of that you get a great looper. While not as versatile as the Ditto I was originally looking for when it comes to record time and loading/saving tracks, it uses the same intuitive tap/tap/double tap design. 40 seconds is good for me as I use the loop to practice scales and leads when I don't have my friends there to play rythm. My only complaint is that the level knob controls as a master volume on the looper selection even when disengaged, and does not independently control the loop volume from your main signal. You'll need to hit an overdrive/boost/volume knob to cut through. Again, not a huge deal for my needs, but it isn't quite as good as a stand alone loop.

    The reverse setting is a lot of fun. I've spent hours noodling around creating trippy sounds with it. Haven't tried to use it for anything serious though. I can't speak to the ping setting, tap settings, or tone print options as I have relatively basic needs from the pedal that the other presets fit.

    Construction and fit and finish are top notch.

    Overall a great "multitool" for a minimalist like myself.

  • from ST.LOUIS July 26, 2016Music Background:


    I was looking for specific sound to play every thing with , clean, heavy , lead and not have to make adjustments and so far I have 3 and still just getting to know the pedal , having more fun creating idea's from the sounds I'm getting and mixing with the hall of fame pedal , theres so much you can do I should wait a year before reviewing .

  • from Dallas June 28, 2016Music Background:
    Experienced Musician

    Awesome delay pedal

    Awesome pedal. You can get a lot of sounds out of this.

  • from Illinois June 10, 2016

    Flashback pedal

    This pedal is exactly what I was looking for. It's easy to use and has a lot of options and settings built into the pedal. In addition you can download a ton of settings by professional artists through the tone print app that allows you to beam them through your pickup to the pedal using your smart phone. Cool. Magical.

  • from June 10, 2016

    Boss RC 3

    Got this request for a review two days after having received the Boss RC 3. I haven't had a chance to work with it much, but so far I'm impressed. What does impress me with Sweetwater is how fast things get shipped out with free shipping. I've ordered from them several times now and receive my order within two postal delivery days.

  • from Alabama December 25, 2015Music Background:
    Lifetime professional

    TC flashback delay

    I like TC gear. Well made and solid. This delay works well for me and is easy to use. As I mainly play acoustic these days I appreciate the true bypass and use only one or two settings. As I have a real looper I don't use this function as for me 45 sec. Is not long enough. Sound is good if you don't overdo it.
    I have two of these.

  • from Lexington, KY November 29, 2015Music Background:
    IMdw MB

    Great Delay

    I have one of the older flashbacks (I think they updated the tone print interface @ some point; I probably need a firmware update if such a thing exists.) and it still keeps on amazing me. I do wish it (like many w/o LCD screens) had pot markers for the delay time & number of repeats (feedback). It maybe that there's no way to equalize accurately between the presets, but hold while strumming tempo setting is particularly nice for someone like me w/2 left feet! I kinda wish it wouldn't silence the pedal while sensing the atrumming tempo as it makes changing the repeats/time mid-song challenging, tho the tap tempo option acts as a good failsafe.

    It's got a pretty good selection of presets, tho I wish there was more stereo minded options -- a space or panning mode, other than ping pong, would be a welcomed addition. Still, it covers the basis pretty well & of course throws in the always-included-with-delay-pedals prerequisite looper (what are looping pedals for if every delay wants to take a stab at it? I understand the logic, but it's the least option use, if I ever use it...), reverse (dig it especially in stereo), the tone print option is a little hairy, & I don't find I'm that awed by the selection. Then again I don't really care what gear/parameters my influences use. Still, when in a pinch, it can knock off some options if for nothing else, to
    eliminate delay ideas.

    The tape setting, while nice, needs more warble/flutter to be accurate tape delay emulation. That said, it's still one of my most used presets along with 2290, analog & lofi. Sounds great stereo thru 2 amps routed via the fx loops. Often, it's the only effect I use other than the amps's settings -- gain @ noon, verb dimed & tremelo speed @ 8/intensity @ 9 o'clock, respectively, & used sparingly.

    With the right settings, hours/days/weeks can be lost (or gained depending on perspective) with the Flashback! TC makes great, hardy & dependable stuff that sounds really smooth. Mos Def very well priced for functionality comparable to some units (boutique) $100+ more!

  • from October 1, 2015

    Perfect Delay pedal

    This pedal has many profiles of delay effects including a looper select. It is compact & simple to use. It does everything a delay should do. If you want a great delay pedal, this is the one. I love it.

  • from In August 29, 2015Music Background:

    Flashback Delay

    As a delay I really like this product a lot. Has multiple delays and they all sound good. It also works well alone or with other pedals. I have never been a pedal guy up to this point, but after spending time with this one and a few others I have changed my mind. The looper, although it can be fun seems to me like it was an after thought. If the looper is important to you I would look at some other product, but if a great sounding delay is what your after I think most people would be very happy with this. Seems well built with good quality controls and switches. Not much to complain about here as long as you don't expect too much from the looper. Glad I purchased it.

  • from August 3, 2015Music Background:
    Professional Hobbyist !


    Absolutely perfect in every aspect. That is all i can say. It is the ultimate delay pedal.
    I don't use presents so i can clearly say that this is really all i need for my pedalboard.
    If you depend on presets and u consider yourself a tweeker, just go with the "Strymon Timeline" which i also have to admire.
    And for people who prefer "tap tempo" over "audio taping" you have to try this.
    It is much easier and much more efficient especially with very short delay times that cannot be achieved with your foot or can make you look stupid dancing on pedals!

  • from May 29, 2015

    Good Delay

    The Flashback has added a whole new layer to my sound. I love the toneprint feature,, which basically gives me an unlimited number of delay patches. The built-in looper is as good as the ditto, making the pedal worth more than sale price, in my opinion. The only reason why it doesn't get a 5 is that you can't use delay while using the looper. Otherwise, a great buy..

  • from Pittsburgh, PA February 19, 2015Music Background:
    Guitarist, composer, educator, Apple geek

    Best delay pedal ever!!

    This delay pedal has great sound, nice parameters, and a looper. What's not to love? Highly recommended!

  • from St. Louis January 14, 2015Music Background:

    Great delay

    I just got the flashback for Christmas and love it. It does not color your tone like so many other delays do. I've played around a bit with some of the different delay types but for me I mostly just leave it on the 2290 (digital delay) setting and it sounds great. I've owned several different delay units over the last 30 years but this is my favorite so far. I owned a couple Boss delay pedals and thought they colored your tone too much...the flashback is the answer.

  • from El Paso Tx USA November 9, 2014Music Background:
    Musician 28+

    TC Electronic Flashback Delay and Looper Pedal

    First I want to THANK EVERYONE at SWEETWATER ,They really go the extra mile to make sure that You become family, not just another customer. This pedal does it ALL !!! It's like having eleven delay pedals
    plus a looper ; tap tempo spill over function and more lots more.
    If you don't sound great already ,It's not the pedal.
    ( time to practice,practice,practice ) So Much Fun So Little Time!!!

  • from Union, OH August 3, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Recording Hobbyist

    Great Delay

    Great sounding delay pedal with a wide variety of tones. The Tone Print feature is pretty cool. While downloading the artist presets is fun, I think the coolest part of the Tone Print is the editor, where you change the parameters of each control and customize the delay sound to get exactly what you're looking for. This is really cool because it allows you to design sounds that aren't possible in any of the modes with the standard control parameters and values.

  • from Lynnwood, WA USA. March 5, 2014Music Background:
    Guitarist, Vocalist, Pianist, Drummer, Sound Engineer, DJ, should I continue?


    Just like what they said it'd do. It does just that! best delay for anyone pro or beginner alike.

    Tasteful tones. AND YES, you can download "Tone Print" from all the cool artists from TC Electronic site too.

  • from Nashville, Tennessee USA January 27, 2014Music Background:

    Flashback Delay

    Just like the chorus, lots of bells and whistles and not much useful effect. Also uses batteries at an alarming rate. I gave it to a friend hoping he would like it and offer me something for it.

  • from Las Vegas January 10, 2014Music Background:
    lifetime guitar enthusiast

    Delay Heaven

    WOW! This pedal is so awesome! Though I have been turning all the knobs experimenting, I haven't even scratched the surface yet on what this pedal has to offer.Totally blown away by the Flashback. One of the best pedals on my board. Well built, solid, lots of cool functions, settings variations. Tone Print and true by pass. My only complaint is it goes through batteries quick. Get yourself an ac power supply and you'll have no worries with this unit.

  • from United States January 8, 2014Music Background:
    Musician for over 40 years.

    Great Pedal, Great Price.

    I've been using a Boss ME-50 for years. But I could never get great sound. The Delay on the ME-50 had a tap tempo setting. Although I liked that, I couldn't use any of the other delay settings while in tap tempo mode. TC Electronics Flashback has taken care of that. I can use any of the modes (including the toneprint mode) and have tap temp available. The Flashback has an even better tap tempo than any other pedal out there. All you do is strum the strings and the Flashback learns the tempo. No taping your foot on the on off switch. Just strum. In addition to the tap tempo feature, the Flashback doesn't suck the tone out of my guitar.
    This pedal has great sound, lots of features and very compact.. I liked it so much I purchased the Hall of Fame Reverb and received the Poly Tune Mini for free. Thanks TC Electronics!

  • from United States July 1, 2013

    Perfect Pitch!

    Love it. It does what it says it will do. I love the different delay styles to choose from as well as the ability to dial in a previous settings with no effort using Toneprint. Awesome and functional feature. The only drawback I have when using tone print is that it does not work going through an effects loop. Outside oft that...amazing pedal.

  • from United States June 12, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    You cannot go wrong with the Flashback.

    I would first like to state that I am a bassist and my approach will be different than the conventional guitarist. Having said that a friend of mine had purchased the Flashbackx4 and upon hearing it for the first time I was sold on the sounds alone. I have always been a TC fan support their products 100%.

    I was considering the MXR Carbon Copy delay which is similar in nature and for my applications was not needing a tone of features but just a good sounding delay. I could tell within the first 5min of testing the pedal that I would be pleased with the functionality and sound. The delays are so clear and your tone remains comply transparent, and that is VERY important to me as a bassist. The last thing I want it muddiness.

    I couple this with a Superego pedal to create synth pad sounds and atmospheric textures. I enjoy the Tape Echo setting to get minor modulation.

  • from Traverse City, MI June 6, 2013Music Background:
    Semi-pro musician

    Great Sounding (and secretly versatile) Delay

    I've had this pedal for two years now and it is a great sounding delay. The delay settings all sound really nice. My favs are 2290, Tape, and Mod. You can get psuedo-reverb and room sounds with a really short delay time and the switch set to the bottom setting (1/4 and dotted 1/8) and higher Feedback. One cool feature is by holding down the footswitch and strumming the strings, you can set your delay time. No foot tapping needed! This is easier and more accurate than tapping a footswitch. The Loop function works well, although I have had trouble hitting the footswitch properly. And sometimes I accidentally hit the setting knob and knock it off the Loop setting, then the pedal gets weird and I have to switch it off and back on to get it right. However, the coolest thing might be the Toneprint function with the release of TC's Toneprint software. Using the software, you can create your own flange, chorus and vibrato sounds, as well as new delays. Need a flanger for just a couple songs? Use the software and create your own and store it as a Toneprint on this delay! It's like two pedal in one! You can only store one Toneprint at a time, but if you have a smartphone, you can use the phone to upload ("beam") different Toneprints into the pedal. Finally, the pedal itself is compact and lightweight, but still tough. And you can choose to run it in True Bypass mode or buffered mode via an internal DIP switch that is easily accessed by taking the bottom off. This is a great pedal and with the Toneprint software, even more versatile! Get it from Sweetwater - today!

  • from Raleigh, NC April 15, 2013Music Background:
    Musician, Live Sound,

    Flashback Looper (Buy This Pedal)

    I was running a line 6 m9 in the effects loop of my Mark V head switched over to the MXR Carbon copy and noticed some volume and tone loss. I called Dunlop and they said that pedal is not ideal for a "V" Shaped eq curve or heavier Prog style music. I repleaced both of the units with the flash back and was blown away the pedal is incredible no clicks pops volume drops or jumps and it has build in swtich to enable buffering for long cable runs. Buy this pedal!!!! I bought the corona too and its just as good now its time to save up for the hall of fame :-) TC all the way

  • from Southern Illinois April 13, 2013Music Background:

    So many flavors

    TC Electronics packs so much into such a small pedal. It's going to take me a while to find out all the different tones from this pedal. And the Toneprint is awesome. I've already "beamed" several Toneprints in to play with. This pedal is going to keep me busy for quite a while. If you are thinking about a delay, this is the one. Don't get a one trick pone when you can have so many colors in one little box.

  • from Yakima, Wa December 29, 2012Music Background:
    Bass, Studio Owner

    Very usable delay

    Gotta use your ear to dial in your sound & that can get - detailed, as you switch through the different delay types. The Tap Tempo function is worth the price of entry alone - I've never been real good at tapping a button with my foot to set tempos. But the Flashback allows you to hold the button down (cuts audio) you strum short 1/4 notes on your guitar (bass in my case) and you have locked in global tempo until you reset the delay knob again. The TonePrint of Nathan East I downloaded from TC/Electronics is very nice sounding to my ears and for my playing. Hopefully my rating will go up once I try out a stereo setup of this pedal!!! I expect it will.


  • from Ashland, Ohio December 20, 2012Music Background:
    I been playing in bands for over 35 years and tried alot of effects.

    TC Electronics Flashback Delay

    This like all TC Electronics effects sounds great. And the ability to download Toneprints via your cell phone is a added feature. It's much easier than using the USB port and cable. Having muliple delays is great with enough variety to a sound just for you. I have 4 TC pedals in my board.

  • from Quincy, IL July 30, 2012Music Background:
    rock / blues guitar player of 26+ years

    Love the Flashback !

    My new favorite delay pedal. I have actually put my EH Memory Man on the shelf. I love the sound, feel & transparancy of the Flashback. It is incredibly musical & I absolutely LOVE the Toneprint feature.

  • from Somewhere deep in the Midwest July 25, 2012Music Background:
    Guitarist/Producer/Complete Hack/etc.

    The Best Pedal I've Bought in Years

    I bought the Flashback delay as much for the simple 40-second looper as I did for the tiny footprint and reasonable price. To be honest, the delay sounds themselves were only a passing consideration for me, although that may be a testament to my faith in TC's prowess when it comes to digital delay. At any rate, my only complaint about this pedal is that now that I've gotten to mess around with the delay sounds, I'm going to have to pick up another looper. These delays sound AMAZING! If it weren't for the size, you'd swear TC managed to pack the Flashback full of real analog components. You just couldn't ask for a more musical and overall useful delay pedal.

  • from Indianapolis Indiana July 21, 2012Music Background:
    Professional Musician,

    Very Lush, and Musical sounding Delay

    I tried this pedal out at Gearfest, I've used an Ibanez AD-99 Analog delay for the past ten or fifteen years, its still a great delay, but the Flashback has a much wider sweep of sounds available, easy to use, and navigate, very nice presets, true bypass, and built like a tank. If thats not enough, it also has a 14 second looper, so you can lay down tracks and maybe practice a riff, or a lead run. But with all its features, presets, looper, yadda yadda, it all, "to me" comes down to the sound and Tone. and this pedal has it in spades. Thats the main reason I purchased it, so everything else is just icing on the cake.

  • from Buffalo, NY May 18, 2012Music Background:

    Amazing Delay!!!

    This delay pedal is truly amazing. Technology has come so far and can now recreate the timeless classic pedals of earlier decades. this pedal is one of the best digital delay pedals i've ever used (and I've use a lot). This can recreate sounds from Def Leppard, to Van Halen and U2 and back. Anything you want is here inside this pedal including a 40 second looper (twice as long as digitechs processors loop time). Buy it and try it out, you wont regret it!!!

  • from Gibsonia PA April 25, 2012Music Background:


    First off, this pedal sounds wonderfully. I especially like the MOD setting.
    the tap tempo feature is VERY COOL, even though it takes some getting use to. I'm also looking forward to downloading some new programs...but the existing programs are nothing to sneeze at. Love the value here.

  • from United States April 18, 2012

    Coolest pedal ever!

    This is the coolest pedal I have ever owned, and I've owned a ton. Any possible setting you can think of for delay is in here, and the Toneprint technology?!?!?! I mean come on! You can beam settings into the pedal from your phone! That's ridiculous! First and foremost though, the quality is top notch.

  • from Tampa FL April 2, 2012Music Background:
    long time singer, guitar, piano, mixing for quality sound.

    Review on stuff

    Everything I received works great, clear quality for my small self creative studio. Service was great any Questions I had were always answered. Excellent work.

  • from United States March 10, 2012Music Background:
    professional: performance/education/recording/sales

    correction on my first review

    it would appear that the effect level control is engaged whether you have the effect on or off, and further more, that it affects the overall level of your entire rig. strange, but basically you just have to turn it all the way up when it is off if you want everything to be at "normal" levels. a bit of a pain but it could be worse. at least now i can leave it hooked up to my pedal board.

  • from United States March 9, 2012Music Background:
    professional: performance/education/recording/sales

    flashback delay

    this is a great pedal with but one flaw; if you use it with other effect pedals it will alter the tone and gain levels. when i run this with my wah and tube screamer it completely brings down the sweep range of the wah and it lessens the gain of the tube screamer. it also noticeably affects the tone and overdrive level of my amp. it decreases the amount of drive. however, this could be a problem with my power supply. but, even with this problem i am keeping it because the delays are great and the looper is cool and easy to use. and for the price you cant go wrong. if you use it with the acoustic guitar or clean channel electrics there is no noticeable change in sounds, so it works great. just not a good pedal to use with overdriven and distorted guitars.

  • from Ephrata Pa March 8, 2012Music Background:
    studio musician , guitar teacher

    TC Flashback Delay

    great sound through my Mesa Mark IV, I couldn't be happier. Get One

  • from Georgia March 7, 2012Music Background:

    Best Delay I have ever used!

    The delays in this unit are worth twice the price you pay for it. You can get any delay sound you want including the Nuno Bettencourt "Flight of the wounded bumblebee" and more.

    This pedal does not color your tone like the Carbon copy delay. The flashback is great for high gain and clean sounds alike. Be sure to buy a power supply, as this pedal goes through batteries fast.

  • from Washington State, USA February 13, 2012Music Background:
    Amature guitarist for 30+ years. Rock, blues, and acoustic.

    The New Standard for Stompboxes

    What a fantastic pedal! So many delay options, including a looper and toneprint, that the Flashback is pretty much is the only delay pedal you would ever need. The sound and features are just incredible.

    I am simply blowin away by this pedal. As a result of purchasing the Flashbackl, I ended up with the entire eight pedal line of the new TC Electronic stompboxes, plus the polytuner. Frankly they are all fantastic. I highly recommend this and others. I'm hoping TC continues the line of new toneprint stompboxes and other pedals, perhaps adding a phaser, wah, equalizer, and a noise gate.

    You simply can't go wrong here. TC sets the new standard for stompboxes. Highly recommended.

  • from todalagloria@gmail.com February 10, 2012Music Background:

    Flashback to the Future

    I was looking for a clean versitile Delay/Looper. i stepped into a couple of music stores and compared many pedals to this one. TC came out Victorious. Love the Tap/strum Tempo feature on it. Does not add noise to signal.. Toneworks is a bonus that made me pay retail for this pedal. try it for yourself and you will be in love with this pedal.

  • from Jacksonville, FL January 26, 2012Music Background:
    Singer/songwriter, worship leader

    Overall great sound, lacks a couple features

    I was very impressed with the tone and delay sounds available, especially when taking into account the artist toneprints. I had a few things I disliked though... 1) No way to adjust the modulation level. 2) No LED to see the delay time (necessary when the stage-monitor mix isn't set right). 3) In Loop mode, the FX Level knob works as an overall volume, not a dry/wet mix (like the DL4).

  • from Danville January 17, 2012Music Background:

    Flashback Delay

    This is a very musical pedal. The tones are very pristine and very useable. You get a lot of of tone for your money. The true value comes out after spending several hours tweaking the various options. The Tone Print is a unique feature and opens a whole spectrum of sounds.

  • from United States January 6, 2012Music Background:
    Guitar player for 8 years.

    Great Pedal/Easy to Use

    I absolutely love this pedal. The delay features on it sound great. With all of the various delay types, you can get whatever sound you are looking for. The best part of the pedal is the ease of use. You really can't mess anything up. I am still messing around with it and exploring new ideas, but I haven't found any real problem with it yet. For the price, definitely worth it.

  • from Dallas December 12, 2011

    Awesome Awesome Pedal Pedal!!!

    Incredible stompbox! I suggest everybody go out and buy one... Well? What are you waiting for!?
    But seriously, great quality, easy use, and a buttload of options, this pedal is definately worth it!
    I found that each setting is high quality (possibly with the exception of the Reverse) and very inspirational. The Modulation effect in particular is extremely versatile in that it can add a sweet shimmer to clean arpeggios and chords, or give Pat Travers-esque attitude to ripping distorted riffs and runs.
    The 2290, Analog, and Tape Delays are each a unique sounding effect that sound as good as the crazy expensive modeling pedals and racks.
    I haven't really found a use for the LoFi, as it's a very muddy, and, well, lofi sound! But It definately is good for emulating the garage!
    The Looper is also a great addition to an already awesome pedal. It works better when it's at the end of an effects chain and after an amps distortion(in the effects loop), because then each layer in the loop can be customized to the max. I've found when I keep each additional track unique(distortion, clean, neck pickup, bridge pickup, overdrive, wah) you can easily stack seven or eight parts without muddying up. But Beware, If your distortion is after the pedal it will get muddy after a third track.
    Overall, this pedal is fantastic, and I would suggest it to anybody and everybody! 5 stars!

  • from Ft Lauderdale, FL December 10, 2011Music Background:
    Amateur Musician, Home Recordist, Engineering Student

    Nice delays, inspiring loop function. Great starter.

    The loop function on this thing is a great little find. 40 seconds of time has never been too little for me, and the sound quality of the loops are almost identical to the dry signal. Looping also works in stereo, so one of my favorite things to do is run my electric guitar into the right channel and out to the guitar amp, then run my bass into the left channel and out it to a bass amp. That way I can loop a guitar riff or bassline and then overdub with the other instrument, making it sound like two separate loops/players. REALLY fun. I often make a guitar/bass loop, then jump on drums to jam my heart out. It is slightly annoying that the FX Level on Loop mode changes the volume of the dry signal too, but it's not a very significant setback. I would like to be able to keep the loop there once the power is off or the mode is changed, but this doesn't happen---stopping the loop or unplugging the pedal will delete the loop, as will an accidental turn of the Mode knob. Still a great little looper though, I've had loads of fun with it and used it effectively in a live environment, although the double-click-to-stop can be a bit awkward to do in time to music if you're playing at a slow tempo.

    The Delay modes also sound very nice. I use the Analog, Modulated, and Reverse settings all the time because they all help to achieve the really saturated watery washes I like. Though I've found the Tone Print thing to be a lot less inspiring than TC made it out to be, I was able to find one setting that sounds amazing, they call it "Freaky Delay" by Japanese songwriter Inoran. It's super warbly, warm and a bit eery. I use that all the time. The 2290 is very clean sounding so if you're into that it's great, and the Tape delay is very punchy thanks to the mid boost. The switch that allows you to choose the rhythm of the repeats is kind of genius, I haven't heard of any other pedal that allows your delay repeats to have the rhythm of quarter note + dotted eighth. Sounds really unique.

    The housing is extremely solid, switch is pretty good quality too, seems like it will last a decently long time. Runs for less than 5 mins on a battery, so make sure you have a DC adapter around, in case you're like me and are about to order the pedal without thinking about the power supply.

    All in all, I'd say this is a great pedal---I wouldn't compare it to any boutique delays or anything, but as a sort of "Swiss Army Knife" of delays, it really takes the cake. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a versatile general-purpose delay, or to anyone who's just getting interested in loops and repeaters. It's good competition as a streamlined/simplified and updated response to the classic Line 6 DL-4. If you're really turned on by the loop function and want to expand, take a look at the EH 2880 or similar multi-track loopers and let the creativity flow!

  • from Salem, New Hampshire November 3, 2011Music Background:

    A mutli featured delay that sounds great

    Having driven the pedal now for several weeks, I have not found a single setting that doesn't sound great. The 2290, what's not to like? The analog and tape come pretty close to my Carbon Copy which IMHO is probably the best moderate price point analog delay to come down the pipe in years. Tap Tempo can't be easier to set. The looper is a neat feature although in stereo you don't get much time. The Tone Print feature is really what set's the pedal apart. I just downloaded my first today (Thomas Blug,s Mr. Blug's) and was blow away.

    My vote: +1

  • from Michigan October 5, 2011Music Background:
    Advanced Hobbyist / Local Performer

    Great Live Looper and of course Amazing Delays

    I actually bought this because I needed a live looper and did not need all the features and record time of the JamMan or RC series pedals. Tried this one out and it sounded, in my opinion, cleaner than the competition. Fact that this is the cheapest looper out there that offers more than 20 seconds (double that - 40) made it my choice. Very simple to use - intuitive. Don't worry about some saying that the volume of the loop is the same as volume as your overdubs and your live playing - none of the pedals in this category have a blend or separate volumes for those things, so you just have to do it with dynamics - play the loop lower and be more aggressive with the live stuff you do over it. I wish there was another accessory switch that could let you stop the loop with one click instead of the required double stomp that is often hard to do in time to music, but that is the only thing I would change. Delays of course are amazing, and I may actually wind up with two of these pedals so I can loop delayed sounds, but I wanted to comment on the looper itself as there is so little written about that feature. If you want to save/store/recall loops, trigger loops with a built in drummer, or quantitize your loops, this is not the pedal for you, but if you want an inexpensive live looper that sounds great and just happens to have some of the most highly sought after delays in the world, get this - easy to use, well built - I love it!

  • from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma September 20, 2011Music Background:
    Audio Engineer 20+ musician, producer, slacker

    Excellent Gear

    Originally I wanted to get the sound of Phish's lead guitarist Trey Anastasio. After all I have the famous Ross Compressor which is awesome but I noticed in the early 2000's Trey would repeat notes over and over again. Well after getting this I can do the same trust me TC ELECTRONIC MAKES THE BEST PEDALS! GET IT (from Sage)!

  • from Boulder, CO September 14, 2011Music Background:
    Blues, Rock, Alternative

    Take the bad with the good

    Reviewing this pedal is tricky, because it kind of stands in a class all its own. Next to things in its price range like the DD-7, it completely blows them out of the water in terms of features for value, and I would argue that pound for pound this is the best digital delay in its class. But you also kind of have to judge this pedal against itself and what it "could be", since it comes very close to the realm of much more expensive delays like the DL4 and Nova Delay. In that respect, there are a few drawbacks that are a little disappointing.

    The sheer number of features is what really sets this pedal apart. True or buffered bypass, audio tapping, stereo, dotted rhythm options, Tone Print, a looper, and TEN different delay models, all in one compact pedal offered for a very nice price. In terms of sound quality, I think this pedal will stand up next to just about any other digitally modeled delay very well. Some of the models are better than others, but it has enough variety to satisfy just about any taste, and the Tone Print function gives some added flexibility. It also has a huge amount of delay time, which makes things like the reverse mode fun to mess with.

    There are two things that are kind of a drag with this pedal, and they keep it from being truly in league with much more expensive delays. Easily the biggest disappointment is the looper. I know from reading other reviews that I'm not alone in this complaint, but it's very, very impractical and hard to use. No one seems to understand why TC made the FX level knob control both input AND output volume, but it almost ruins the whole concept. With as great a delay as the Flashback is, having a more functional looping option could have made this pedal a game changer, but sadly they just missed it. Secondly, the audio tapping has both good and bad consequences. On the plus side, it's extremely accurate, and much easier to dial in a tempo with your picking hand than with your foot. But it makes it very hard to change tempos on the fly. Two seconds plus the time it takes to strum in a measure is a long time to hold down your foot if you have to make fast transitions between songs. If the tap feature didn't cut the signal, this problem wouldn't be nearly as bad, but you have to put up with some awkward silence before you can move on. The last thing that might be a con for some people is the inability to save/load presets. It's certainly a handy feature and one more thing that separates the flashback from its more expensive competitors, but I just think it's asking a lot out of a compact pedal. I think if you're that serious about delay, it's probably worth it to invest in one of the more expensive models. For me, having to occasionally take a knee and tweak dials is worth it to save the space on my pedalboard.

    The bottom line is this is a fantastic delay. It's not the game changer that it could have been, but I don't think you'll be disappointed if you pick one of these up.

  • from CA August 31, 2011

    Solid, Versatile Delay

    I purchased this delay wanting a jack-of-all trades digital delay for use playing live. I did a ton of research and ended up with this delay being in my top two or three choices.

    The sound quality is seriously impressive. I have boutique pedals, and this delay holds up admirably. The true-bypass and analog pass-through keeps the dry signal unchanged. This is important to me, and is not common among many other pedals.

    The controls are VERY effective, and have a huge usable range. The delay types pretty much do what they say. Every type is usable and high-quality. I use the tape and 2290 delays the most. The analog delay is nice, and the tone prints are really cool when you want something wild or really specific.

    The looper is very accurate and works as expected.

    The only thing which is a little weird getting used to is the strum tempo feature. Once you figure it out, it works great though.

    I recommend this pedal.

  • from Nashville July 23, 2011Music Background:
    Recording, live performing, song writing guitarist

    Flashback Delay

    I love this box! I have several delays, a couple with tap tempos. This new "pick" tempo is cool, after a few stabs at it. The tone is transparent and the selections of delays are very versatile. My greatest compliment is on the time toggle switch: I love the lower selection, multi tap setting for Edge-type delays! Of course, as a simple delay, the Flaskback works wonderfully. For more complex delays, it is equally versatile. The coolest part is that the footprint is as small as the price.

  • from Harrisburg, OR USA July 5, 2011Music Background:
    Worship Leader, Rhythm Guitar

    GREAT PEDAL. one little drawback.

    This pedal is a tasty little addition to my little pedal board. Great sound quality and enough delay options to do some serious damage!
    The only minor issue I have with it is the tap tempo setting...the strum tempo setting feature is unique and intriguing, but doesn't allow you to set tempo on the fly while still playing (like you would with a pedal that has a dedicated tap tempo button). So you're stuck setting it at the beginning of a tune and hoping that your drummer can keep a solid beat or that you can catch a break in the action to reset if need be. Otherwise this pedal is absolutely perfect for what I do and I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a solid, simple delay that still has some good options.

  • from Fresno, CA June 13, 2011Music Background:
    Guitarist, Composer, Producer

    It's OK, if you're not picky

    I picked up one of these pedals because I needed a pedal to get me through a gig. I held on to it for a couple weeks, but have decided to return it. T.C. Electronic makes some truly outstanding gear. Unfortunately, this is not one of their more stellar pedals. It has decent enough delay sounds-- a grab-bag of delay flavors to play with, but lacks some essential features.

    First, as a digital pedal, you would think you could dial in a couple of different settings and recall them as presets. Not with this pedal. Well, if I can't store presets, at least I could do cool analog-type FX like self-oscillation, right? Wrong again. Seems like a real let down to make digital models of analog FX, then remove some of the coolest things about those formats.

    Sound wise, I was similarly unimpressed.The delay FX are rather sterile; not the worst I've heard, but far, far from the best-- definitely not on a par with a quality plug-in, and nowhere near as musical as true analog delay. What's more, I find that with the pedal engaged, my guitar looses it's transparency and transients; a very flat sound indicative of budget A/D/A converters. Thank heavens it has true-bypass.

    What really drove me nuts, though, was the lack of a tap-tempo. Sure, you can strum the tempo in, but that does no good if you play songs with lots of tempo changes and rely on time-locked delay-- a real deal breaker.

    The looper is pretty cool, and has good headroom for layers of tracks-- I'm tempted to hold onto it just for the looper, but that seems like a bit of a waste. All in all, I'd say this is a good pedal for those who just want a reliable delay and aren't obsessive over every detail of their tone and performance. As for me, I'm saving up my clams for a Strymon.

  • from Minneapolis, MN April 26, 2011Music Background:

    great but not perfect

    PROS: Great textured delays, rhythm tapping tempo feature, TonePrint has great potential, 40 seconds loop time, dotted eighth note switch, stereo ins/outs, compact design, 6 seconds max delay time

    CONS: No sound on sound/oscillation feature, LEVEL knob controls loop AND master/input volume simultaneously, no straight up digital delay, button is sticky/hard to control while timing your loops.

    Granted, the Con list is much shorter than the Pro side, but for me the Cons are big ones. I bought this pedal for it's natural, textured delays, and in that area it definitely delivers. But when it comes to the versatility of other delay pedals it lacks key features that I consider crucial to my personal setup. Great pedal if you are just looking for a beautiful, natural sounding delay. If you are looking for something that gives you more room to play around, try a Carbon Copy or DD7.

  • from Detroit, MI April 6, 2011Music Background:
    Gear hound test driver of all...

    Best tempo feature yet

    Instead of a second switch for tap tempo, T.C. is much easier. Hold the switch for 2 seconds, strike your GUITAR strings, presto, the exact tempo is set. Easiest and smartest tempo feature ever. MUCH easier than traditional designs where you have to balance all your weight on one foot, somehow use the tip of your shoe to get the right tempo... not... T.C. is setting the barr higher. Watch the competition copy this idea !!!

  • from Dover, Delaware April 1, 2011Music Background:
    Church Contemporary Music Director

    What's not to like

    Just received the Flashback Delay and it really lives up to the good reviews I have read prior to the pedal's release. There are a plethora of digital and old school delays here and the modulated delay alone made the pedal worth it for me. The modulated delay gives your guitar a shimmering sound (post-delay vibrato/chorus trailings) that has already become an integral part of my basic sound. Build quality is the excellent just like other TC Electronic products. Lastly, TC was very responsive to some of the questions I posted on their website, usually responding in less than 24 hours. Wish the pedal had a way to program some pre-sets but you can't have everything. Highly recommended.

  • from March 19, 2011Music Background:
    Recording artist

    Finally a delay pedal that sounds great

    I use just a touch of delay live but in my recordings I use a lot of experimental delay. This pedal is amazing. The repeats on this are the best I have heard yet. Has great options and took me only 5 minutes to find something I love. No need to run it in the loop either it sounds good in front. I am so glad I got this as I have never been very happy with any delay pedal I have owned, this one is perfect at a great price.

  • from Ashland, Ohio March 2, 2011Music Background:

    So much fun to play with

    This unit is so much fun to play with I wish I could afford to buy about 4 more so I could set them all up for different songs. The reverse delay is fun to experiment with and the TonePrint feature is also fun. Also the "Mod" delay and 40 second stereo looper" feature are added pluses. Not to mention being able to set the tap tempo simply by strumming the strings.

  • from Hawthorne, NJ February 20, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Saw A Live Demo! Tried It, Loved It, Ordered It! WOW!

    I own a TC Electronics Nova System and love It! I run it in the loop end of my amp rig with a Dunlop CAA Bob Bradshaw Wah and a Rotovibe hitting the front end of the amp rig and I constantly find myself trying to duplicate fx parameters of my favorite guitar players and am met with epic failure everytime. Coupled with the fact that I have no time to tweak things for hours on end, this is where the Flashback shines. Tone Print is the bomb and I can find whatever I need in an artist preset to suit my needs and come on people, we all know how great TC products sound. I ordered one Flashback and will be ordering a second one. I cannot wait to try the other pedals in the line. And I sure cannot wait to simplify my setup. Thank you TC for another awesome product and as well to Sweetwater for carrying the line! Five Stars!

  • from Hollywood CA USA February 8, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Flashback Delay

    I think it's a fantastic pedal "Tone Print" great idea - 10 different delays in a stomp plus tone print very appealing - with so many different delays it would of been nice to be able to program two or three delays so you can stomp between these delays other than that the flashback is cool. I'm using the Empress delay pedal right now which runs around $400.00 US dollars - you can't go wrong with the Flashback Delay at $169.00 US dollars no complaints.


  • Mitch Gallagher

    Readers of SweetNotes and Sweetwater's other publications know that I love to get "hands on" with gear of all types. That's why I was so thrilled to be asked to work with TC Electronic to create an exclusive set of Sweetwater TonePrints for TC Electronic's pedals. Talk about hands on -- we were way deep inside those boxes!

    But let's take a step back here. TC's TonePrint line consists of five pedals: the Flashback delay, the Corona chorus, the Vortex flanger, the Shaker vibrato, and the Hall of Fame reverb. These compact and affordable pedals sound great and offer excellent features and benefits, such as allowing the analog input signal to pass through completely untouched. They're also very versatile, with algorithms drawn from TC's long history of amazing studio and guitar effects processors. That versatility is kicked way up by the TonePrint part of the equation. A TonePrint is a free downloadable preset that can be loaded into one of the five pedals. This preset might be an artist-designed sound or something from TC -- or in this case, special sounds crafted by yours truly. You can get the presets off the TC site and load them in your pedal via USB. Or, even cooler, you can use your iPhone or Android to "beam" a TonePrint into your pedal, instantly, anywhere you might be.

    Creating a TonePrint isn't as simple as playing with the front-panel knobs on the pedal to find a sound you like. TC uses specialized editing software that allows you to go deep into the pedal to adjust hundreds of parameters. It's an intense process, but also a lot of fun! In my case, I brought in a box of vintage pedals I'm no longer comfortable taking to the gig, and TC's Tore Mogensen and I spent hours re-creating the sounds of those pedals. We ended up with four TonePrints: a BOSS DM-3-style analog delay for the Flashback, a BOSS CE-2-style analog chorus for the Corona, a BOSS Dimension C-style multi-chorus for the Corona, and an original Electro-Harmonix Electric Mistress-style flanger/chorus for the Vortex.

    After hours of work, we were very pleased with the results. Our goal was to capture the spirit of the original pedals, and I think we succeeded! Best of all, you can have these TonePrints for your own TC pedals, completely free of charge, courtesy of TC Electronic and Sweetwater! Simply use your computer to load the TonePrints from tcelectronic.com, or use your iPhone/Android to access them. TC pedals and TonePrints are a staple in my rig, and I hope that you find them just as useful.

    In the end, what I came away with from this experience was a true appreciation for just how powerful these unassuming little TonePrint pedals are. Check them out!

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