RME Fireface UFX Demo

30-in/30-out, 192kHz USB/FireWire Audio Interface with DSP Mixer
RME Fireface UFX image 1
RME Fireface UFX image 1
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Condition of unit: Light signs of use. Included accessories: Manual, Firewire cable, Power cable.

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RME Fireface UFX
Only 1 Left!

60-channel Performance, in a Single Rackspace!

When you demand uncompromising performance plus several I/O options from your audio interface, then you need RME's Fireface UFX. This outstanding USB 2.0/FireWire interface gives you 30 input and 30 output channels, digitally controlled preamps, a range of digital I/O options, and an onboard word clock. You'll love the Fireface UFX's included TotalMix FX DSP mixer and signal router; it maximizes what the Fireface UFX can do while it improves your workflow. The full-color front-panel display lets you meter plus view parameters and menus. The Fireface UFX can even be configured for standalone use as a preamp, a monitor mixer, an AD/DA converter, and more.

If it's I/O flexibility you're seeking, then look no further than the Fireface UFX! You don't just get 12 channels of premium analog I/O; you also get AES/EBU, ADAT, S/PDIF, and MIDI I/O. You also get a rock-solid onboard word clock. RME did an outstanding job of making the Fireface UFX the ideal centerpiece for your studio setup. This incredible single-rackspace interface even includes built-in monitoring control. When you couple that functionality with the TotalMix FX DSP mixer/router, you have a total studio solution.

RME Fireface UFX 30 x 30 USB/FireWire Interface Features:
  • 24-bit/192kHz
  • 30 Input / 30 Output channels
  • 12 x Analog I/O
  • 4 x Mic/Instrument Preamp, digitally controlled
  • 1 x AES/EBU I/O
  • 2 x ADAT I/O (or 1 x ADAT I/O plus 1 x SPDIF I/O optical)
  • 1 x Word Clock I/O
  • 2 x MIDI I/O
  • 1 x FireWire 400
  • 1 x USB 2.0
  • TotalMix FX DSP mixer/ signal router

AD, Line-in 1-8, rear

  • Signal to Noise ratio (SNR): 110dB RMS unweighted, 113dBA
  • Frequency response @ 44.1kHz, -0.1dB: 5Hz - 21.5kHz
  • Frequency response @ 96kHz, -0.5dB: 5Hz - 45.5kHz
  • Frequency response @ 192kHz, -1dB: 5Hz - 66.5kHz
  • THD: < -110dB, < 0.00032%
  • THD+N: < -104dB, < 0.00063%
  • Channel separation: > 110dB
  • Input: 1/4" TRS jack, electronically balanced
  • Input sensitivity switchable to Lo Gain, +4dBu, -10dBV
  • Input level for 0 dBFS @ Lo Gain: +19dBu
  • Input level for 0 dBFS @ +4 dBu: +13dBu
  • Input level for 0 dBFS @ -10 dBV: +2dBV

Microphone In 9-12, front

  • Input: XLR, electronically balanced
  • Signal to Noise ratio (SNR): 112dB RMS unweighted, 115dBA
  • Gain range: 65dB
  • Maximum input level, Gain 0dB: +12dBu

Instrument In 9-12, front

  • Input: 1/4" TS jack, unbalanced
  • Signal to Noise ratio (SNR): 112dB RMS unweighted, 115dBA
  • Gain range: 55dB

DA, Line Out 3-8, rear

  • Dynamic range (DR): 115dB RMS unweighted, 118dBA
  • Frequency response @ 44.1kHz, -0.5dB: 5Hz - 22kHz
  • Frequency response @ 96kHz, -0.5dB: 5Hz - 34kHz
  • Frequency response @ 192kHz, -1dB: 5Hz - 50kHz
  • THD: -104dB, < 0.00063%
  • THD+N: -100dB, < 0.00%
  • Channel separation: > 110dB
  • Output: 1/4" TRS jack, servo-balanced
  • Output impedance: 75 ohm
  • Output level switchable Hi Gain, +4 dBu, -10dBV
  • Output level at 0dBFS @ Hi Gain: +19dBuB
  • Output level at 0dBFS @ +4dBu: +13dBu
  • Output level at 0dBFS @ -10dBV: +2dBV

DA - Stereo Monitor Output XLR (1-2)

  • Output: XLR, balanced
  • Output level switchable 24dBu, Hi Gain, +4dBu, -10dBV
  • Output level at 0dBFS @ 24dBu: +24dBu

DA - Stereo Monitor Output Phones (9-12)

  • Output: 1/4" TRS stereo jack, unbalanced
  • Maximum output level at 0dBFS, High: +13dBu
  • Maximum output level at 0dBFS, Low: +2dBV
  • Output impedance: 30 ohm


  • XLR, transformer-balanced, galvanically isolated, according to AES3-1992

ADAT Optical

  • 4 x TOSlink, format according to Alesis specification
  • Standard: 2 x 8 channels 24-bit, up to 48kHz
  • Double Speed (S/MUX): 2 x 4 channels 24 bit 96kHz
  • Quad Speed (S/MUX4): 2 x 2 channels 24 bit 192kHz

Word Clock

  • BNC, switch for internal termination 75 ohm
RME's flagship Fireface UFX interface gives you the connectivity and premium sound quality you need for your ultimate DAW setup!

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  • It was returned by another customer who tried it out for a few days.

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Additional Media

Audio Interface Buying Guide
Fireface UFX User Manual

Tech Specs

Computer Connectivity USB 2.0
Form Factor Rackmount
Simultaneous I/O 30 x 30
A/D Resolution 24-bit/192kHz
Built In DSP/FX Yes
Analog Inputs 4 x Combo (Mic/Line), 8 x TRS
Analog Outputs 2 x XLR (Main), 9 x TRS, 1 x TRS (Headphones)
Digital Inputs 2 x ADAT (Optical/8 Channels), 1 x AES/EBU (XLR)
Digital Outputs 2 x ADAT (Optical/8 Channels), 1 x AES/EBU (XLR)
Number of Preamps 4
Phantom Power Yes
MIDI I/O 2 x In, 2 x Out
Clock I/O 1 x Word Clock (In/Out via BNC)
Rack Spaces 1U
Depth 9.5"
Width 19"
Height 1.75"
Weight 6.6 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number UFX

Customer Reviews

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Quality German Engineering

I've owned the RME UFX for about 3 months now, testing often. I use it everyday in tracking. I don't use the onboard pre's or instrument inputs, but I did test them thoroughly and they are very high quality indeed. All of that being said, the converters in this unit are very high quality. I tested them in and out running audio from the DAW back and fourth via high quality cables, and the conversion is completely transparent. ANYBODY saying anything otherwise is wrong, flat out. The drivers are extremely solid as well, have yet to have a single dropout. The system is very easy to use, and user friendly. I never picked up the manual, just started using it and haven't needed any help since.

Simply awesome!

For those of you who is considering anything else stop and think again. Great sound, converters, effects, lots of IO, very powerful total mix software. This should be a standard for any interface. I almost got UAD Apollo, but after talking with UAD and Sweetwater it was clear to me that it won't be enough for me. With UFX I can mix anything into anything and do it fast. Other interfaces are pretty limited. It's not the same as working with a real mixer board but very close to the feeling of it and the speed you can do things without the size and weight. It is actually more then 30 in and 30 out add to that 30 in from your daw and 30 loopback sends you can have- it would be the equivalent of 120ch mixer! Pair it up with something like a couple of octopre dynamics (focusright or whatever fits your budget) and you will actually have a ton of physical i/o . A few more things the drivers ARE rock solid both USB and FW. Works great with Mnt Lion and Win7 x64 laptop. Also unplugging computer/ turning computer on/off does not create interruptions in the sound output unlike various Presonus interfaces(to includeSL16.4.2) I used to have. If you need something smaller but with the same great capabilities get UCX or Babyface


I was probably one of the first purchasers' of the new RME fireface ufx from sweetwater as soon as I heard of it I put my name on the list. I upgraded from the RME fireface UC , and all I can say is WOW!!! As soon as I hook it up I noticed a big difference. The new total mix software is fantastic and very flexible also . Im one very happy RME fireface ufx owner. My sales engineer Luke Herian always steers me in the right direction when ever I have questions on a purchase . Thanks Sweetwater Alan Gonzalez
Music background: Recording ,Live sound,Hobbyest

Fantastic, Versatile and Stable Unit!

A lot of people feel the need to write raving reviews for expensive gear that they purchase to justify the amount of money spent to themselves. This is not one of those cases. I can guarantee that if you've done any amount of recording with interfaces that add "pops" or "cracks" to your recordings, drop out in the middle of a good take, have poor latency, or have unstable drivers that crash your machine, or drivers that simply don't work because they are not updated by the manufacturer when the OS is refreshed... then you need to purchase this unit. At the time of this writing, I recently tracked a band that had the following requirements: - They were tracking everything live - We were working in a small space with drums and amps, and the musicians needed to be able to hear themselves well. - I had about 16 inputs running at once Since every track was live, even the smallest pop or drop out would ruin an entire take. This was not a problem. The unit performed flawlessly. The TotalMix software that comes with the unit lets you essentially configure whatever mix you can conceive and route it to anybody's headphones. Two headphone outputs on the front plus 8 channels of output in the back gave me more than enough for everybody to have their own mix, in addition to me monitoring everything. Even with 16 inputs running, I still had another 14 left to track an entire other band if they wanted to jump into the room and tag along. Bottom line.. whatever headaches that were induced during the recording process because of my audio interface have been eliminated by this unit. Well worth the cash.
Music background: Aspiring Recording Engineer, Hobbyist, Musician

It does what it's supposed to

I've owned a Fireface 800 for about five years and it took a surprising dump on me right before a big recording date (seems I had an early one that had a power supply issue - which I did get repaired for a reasonable fee) . ANYWAY... I bought this and had it up and running and recording 10 tracks within an hour, using two of the built in pres with the rest using outboard pres. I recorded about 24 hours of material over three days without a hitch. I can say that the pres on the UFX vs the FF800 seemed to be lower noise, which was great. I've since been using it for simple DAW editing - so I haven't been putting it through its paces in a major way, but it seems to agree with my PC, sharing drivers between a variety of audio programs (all open at once) which is a big deal for me. I've owned and tried other interfaces that only like to play with one program at a time, which is a hinderance. This unit is on the pricey side, but when you compare it to anything else, its feature set is somewhat unrivaled. And as an audio professional, if I can use this for five years with no audio/sound card issues (like I did the FF800) then it will definitely be worth it.
Music background: Audio Professional

Sweetwater Advice

Carson McClain

This is possibly the best pro/consumer audio interface ever built in my opinion. Plenty of analog output for analog summing with a DBOX as well as AES input to the DBOX if you see fit. 16 channels of ADAT input and output. Firewire and USB as well as stand-alone USB recording! You get the lowest latency compared to any other interface in its category, you get the best drivers, the best convertors, and the best pres! Welcome to the the Mercedes Benz of audio interfaces.

Nick Church

The RME Fireface UFX has 30 inputs and 30 outputs, some seriously powerful on-board DSP signal processing and routing, and a very usable monitoring section. This 1U unit really is all you need to set up your high-end project studio. Four very clean low distortion mic or Hi-Z instrument pres on the front panel, and another eight line level inputs on the rear panel, all feeding RME's legendary A/D convertors, (192kHz capable, 24 bit, of course). Eight line outputs plus two independant stereo headphone outputs, and all at very high quality, together with an array of digital and computer I/O makes this unit the heart of a VERY well appointed studio set-up. Keyboard players are not forgotten, with separate MIDI I/O's on the front and rear panels for true 32x32 capability. The well-known stability of RME's drivers will make installing and running this interface on either MAC or PC a piece of cake! Beg, borrow, (but please don't steal), and do whatever you can to get one of these Fireface UFX's into your studio. You will not be disappointed!
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