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RME Fireface UFX Reviews

4.5 stars based on 35 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Nick Church

    The RME Fireface UFX has 30 inputs and 30 outputs, some seriously powerful on-board DSP signal processing and routing, and a very usable monitoring section. This 1U unit really is all you need to set up your high-end project studio. Four very clean low distortion mic or Hi-Z instrument pres on the front panel, and another eight line level inputs on the rear panel, all feeding RME's legendary A/D convertors, (192kHz capable, 24 bit, of course). Eight line outputs plus two independant stereo headphone outputs, and all at very high quality, together with an array of digital and computer I/O makes this unit the heart of a VERY well appointed studio set-up. Keyboard players are not forgotten, with separate MIDI I/O's on the front and rear panels for true 32x32 capability. The well-known stability of RME's drivers will make installing and running this interface on either MAC or PC a piece of cake!
    Beg, borrow, (but please don't steal), and do whatever you can to get one of these Fireface UFX's into your studio. You will not be disappointed!

  • Carson McClain

    This is possibly the best pro/consumer audio interface ever built in my opinion. Plenty of analog output for analog summing with a DBOX as well as AES input to the DBOX if you see fit. 16 channels of ADAT input and output. Firewire and USB as well as stand-alone USB recording! You get the lowest latency compared to any other interface in its category, you get the best drivers, the best convertors, and the best pres! Welcome to the the Mercedes Benz of audio interfaces.

  • from Monterey January 8, 2017

    Quality German Engineering

    I've owned the RME UFX for about 3 months now, testing often. I use it everyday in tracking.

    I don't use the onboard pre's or instrument inputs, but I did test them thoroughly and they are very high quality indeed.

    All of that being said, the converters in this unit are very high quality. I tested them in and out running audio from the DAW back and fourth via high quality cables, and the conversion is completely transparent. ANYBODY saying anything otherwise is wrong, flat out.

    The drivers are extremely solid as well, have yet to have a single dropout.

    The system is very easy to use, and user friendly. I never picked up the manual, just started using it and haven't needed any help since.

  • from NYC (Manhattan) November 21, 2016Music Background:
    Jazz guitarist, composer, educator

    Fireface UFX

    After several years away from music (last interface was a Digi 002 rack) I found the Fireface UFX to be just what I needed to get back into my art. A bit of a learning curve, but I suspect that is because I have been away from it for so long and wasn't used to software control (e.g., it took me around 30 minutes to figure out how to turn on 48v phantom power - if I had actually read the manual first it would have been useful). However, once I got used to it, I found the software to be intuitive and powerful - it makes the unit extremely versatile. Mic pres are good to very good. No latency to speak of over USB (but I haven't really stressed it yet). Front panel display offers a lot of information in a tiny window - a bit of an eye test. Very good printed manual. Also, I was especially impressed with the sales engineer, Thomas Leahy. He spent a lot of phone time getting to know me and going over various options. When I decided on the Fireface he gave me a great price. Excellent purchasing experience.

  • from South Louisiana November 9, 2016Music Background:

    Solid as a Rock! Professional Audio!

    I'm coming from a Roland VS700. The Roland is a great unit with quality ADDA. I decided to upgrade and the UFX has been on my radar for quite a while. I was actually prepared to buy it at the original price but it just so happened when I decided to pull the trigger a couple of months ago it had just dropped in price. Thank my lucky stars!

    In use: It's standard RME quality (I also own a MultiFace II, and still use it). I'd define it as high-end on the prosumer side. I'm sure by spending a lot more money one could find better ADDA but at the end of the day this thing delivers totally professional sounding audio. I find the AD and the DA to be a bit more transparent and open than the Roland. The mic preamps are VERY transparent! They're as good as most transformer-less mic preamps can get IMHO. I own a few "colored" (as in transformer-based) mic preamps and these are a great compliment! Totalmix has come a long way since the MultiFace days and I had zero issues getting used to it. I love the fact that I can deliver multiple headphone mixes completely independent of the monitor mix in my control room- with effects, equalization, and dynamics that can be applied to the recording- or not! The same can be applied to all the monitor mixes! That's a sweet feature. But at the end of the day it's about quality. RME is a German company that pays attention to the small detail- much like other German companies (Neumann, for example). The drivers are excellent and as stable as I've EVER found and I've been in the DAW world now for over 14 years. I'm hearing things better now and mixes take less time. I thought about the UFX+ but after reading the comparative spec sheets I couldn't justify the $ difference in price. Further, I don't see me needing MADI at any time in the near future. Yes, it's been around for a few years but it hangs sonically with some of the newer stuff I've tried. And that's what matters to me.

  • from NYC May 23, 2016

    it just works. rock steady

    Bought this unit after selling my fireface 800 (which I used for several years without issue), mainly for the improved sonics as well as standalone operation and either redundant or computer-free recording. The recording to USB key has thus far been flawless. I've recorded 12 tracks @48K without issue, or the load on the USB buss even reaching 20%. Using the unit by itself to setup recording is SO easy. Just hit CHAN on the front panel and scroll to each channel you want to record arm, and scroll to record and turn it ON. then you can scroll thru all channels and turn the record switch to ON very quickly, as the previous field will be highlighted in the new channel you've scrolled to. You can set 48V / phase, etc. very quickly for multiple channels as well in a similar manner.

    Once you've recorded to USB drive / key in standalone mode, the UFX will write 2GB max files in sequence, with each file containing ALL tracks you recorded. Using RME's wav file batch processor (splitter) you can then split these record files into separate channels, and give them names etc. This program is on RME's website.

    I recorded a 3 hour concert the day after I got the unit, in standalone mode, and an hour after I got home i was able to split all the files, load into logic pro x, and listen. the DA quality is SUPERB, as is the conversion. I will be recording thru the mic pres today and am eager to hear the results.

    having inputs 1-8 on the back, and having inputs 9-12 on the front is a great change from the fireface 800 and makes a lot more sense! And we get 2 more analog inputs due to this change compared to fireface 800.

    The headphone output is LOUD. its not live console loud, but plenty loud for control rooms, and also listening to the record monitoring at an event if you've got decent headphones. The volume dial for main / phones 1 & phones 2 level is fast and easy to use.

    I was also able to, in complete standalone mode, connect a focusrite pre over ADAT, selecting slave on that device and easily sync. all adat inputs were metering on the fireface. super easy to interface digitally. i would say this - the meters are very narrow and there are so many on the unit (analog in 1-8 mic pre 9-12 AES 1-2 ADAT 1-16 INPUTS, and the same for OUTPUTS, all in a ~2" x 1.5" space), so it can be hard to tell exactly which input is clipping, or doesn't have a signal. But I was doing ok despite this if i am sitting close enough to handle the controls. any further away and it can be real tough.

    NOTE: there are Firewire, and USB drivers on RME's site. make sure you are connecting with a cable for the driver you are installing, unless you are just going to go ahead and install both. E.G., I didn't read carefully, installed the FW driver (which just says fireface ufx driver), and connected by USB and see no unit, no totalmix would launch, no fireface settings app would launch. Installed the driver for USB, and all worked as expected (on laptop i used, no firewire ports)

    Another thing you can get off RME's site is DIGICHECK. Digicheck is serious real time analysis, and runs in the hardware DSP on the fireface, with display on your connected computer / laptop. You can configure level meters (peak / rms), with peak hold etc., surround meters, goniometers, scopes, correlation meters, etc. You can select any input or series of inputs. I routinely have this open when mixing and mastering. all the analysis is done in real time on hardware DSP chips, so you can save your computers plugin slots for all the metering stuff and focus on your fx. This made a difference on my old laptop using logic. using the mixers meters and these was all the info I needed.

  • from North Haven, CT May 9, 2016

    Never looking back

    This is an incredible piece of gear for a mid-level project studio.

    I have worked with various consumer level interfaces as well as having done work in pro studios running PT HD interfaces, and I have yet to encounter something as rock solid as this device. The drivers are straight bulletproof, which was priority for me. After years of contending with shoddy interop on other devices, I got tired of constant errors interrupting the creative flow. I write in the DAW, so I needed an interface that would stay out of my way.

    I'm consistently running both tracking and mixing with a 128 sample buffer with negligible latency and no playback errors on a Core i7 PC desktop. This was unthinkable with my previous setup. Very happy with RME.

  • from WV March 23, 2016Music Background:
    Audio Engineer

    Buy one and never look back

    I have tried a lot of different interfaces and none of them had the sound quality I was looking for...

    The RME UFX is simply amazing... I was taken back by the price and really didn't want to spend that much money, but simply put, you get what you pay for...

    After using this interface I can't see myself without it. I have been using it for over two years now with no problems at all, the thing is rock solid. I use it for everything from watching movies, playing PC based video games to recording music. The 4 on board Mic Preamps are killer, and the converters are doing their job... Anything I put through this thing comes out the other side sounding great... Having the option to use it as a stand alone recorder is great even though I don't use it this way. If I wanted I could take this thing out to a local show with a few more Preamps and record shows without needing a computer...

    The Total Mix software is now my main tool. Before I do anything in my DAW I'm checking Total Mix first making sure all my levels are good, and the sound is the way I want it before it ever gets printed. This saves a lot of time when it comes to mixing, because your sound is already the way you want it when it gets put on your hard drive. I've had no problem with the sound I hear in Total Mix sounding any different when played back in my DAW at all... I have had this problem with other cheaper interfaces...

    There's really nothing you can't do with this interface except plug in a SPDIF cable, but there are options out there if you need it.

    Killer sound and a great product.

  • from Dallas December 16, 2015

    Really Amazing Interface

    I switched from a Thunderbolt Apogee Ensemble (which was supposed to have excellent latency) to the RME UFX, and the difference is night and day. First thing I was sold on is the cross platform Mac and PC support. I built a custom PC for studio use and needed an interface that would work on it and my Mac Book Pro for mobile recording. On the MBP the Apogee was nice, but the latency wasn't as great as advertised when using software instruments. I would constantly need to run Kontakt at 512 buffer to avoid pops and clicks. I had a thunderbolt 4 drive SSD array for samples, so data speed and throughput wasn't a problem. I wasn't blown away by Apogee conversion quality either. It had some cool routing features, like send/returns for reamping, but compared to the RME, it was rather restricted in use. So I took a leap of faith on the RME after a friend raved about his UCX version. I was nervous about using a USB interface, but wow, I could run my latencies crazy low on the MBP. 64 easily for most things. Heavier projects, I might go up to 128. Just rock solid. Same stability on the PC. The conversion quality is perfection. I really noticed a difference. Crystal clear and defined! I monitor through Presonus Sceptres in a well treated room, and just wow, goose bumps! The routing options are insane too with the TotalMix software. Anything can route to anything. Recallable settings. Built in FX are super useful. Just a great piece of kit. I'm looking to pair it with the Audient ASP880 for 8 additional preamps. Solid buy especially considering RME is known for their drivers and stability. Highly recommend!

  • from Clarksburg, WV September 26, 2014Music Background:
    Rockin' for the Lord

    RME Fireface UFX is worth every penny

    I have PreSonus Firestudio, Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 and a 003 plus. All are good but without any question the RME Fireface UFX just kills the rest. The sound quality is so much better than any of the other interfaces I have it is a sin. If the price doesn't turn you away. Give it a try! By the way that price is how I ended up with the PreSonus and the Focusrite interfaces. Instead of just buying the RME first. So don't make the mistake I did if you want a first class interface. When I say this I do not mean to take away from the other interfaces because they are very good. But that being said the RME is nothing short of great. The Total Mix is a fantastic tool that can do just about anything you ask of it. While the other interfaces have mixer windows, the RME just does it better than the rest. And if you want to try it for a live performance.... hold on cause it will not let you down. I guess there maybe a better interface somewhere else, I don't know. But for my money the RME is what I really wanted and exactly what I needed.

  • from Orange County, CA June 15, 2014Music Background:
    Composer, Artist, Producer, Arranger


    I run a small home production studio, but do not believe in skimping on quality for my work. I've used many interfaces through the years, including an Apollo and Apogee, but believe total mix is what seperates this from the rest of the pack. The flexibility is unreal, conversion beautifully clear and full of depth. The drivers are flawless too, as well as the customer support. I believe this paired with UAD2 cards,Pro Tools11, and Dangerous Box to be a great setup. I think it's a steal, don't make a hasty decision by choosing something cheaper if you want long term expandibility. I'd also like to compliment Nick LaMendola for his exceptional service, and unbelievable knowledge of the gear sold by Sweetwater.

  • from United States June 15, 2014Music Background:
    Music Composer/Studio Owner

    Now the music sounds just like it does in my head!

    Working in the high paced, high stress, world of music composition for film and tv, one stakes much of their reputation on the tools they use. After extensive discussion with Delvin Wolf (thanks!), he recommened we give the RME Fireface UFX a try. What a great decision!
    As typical, a score was due the day it arrived. I didn't want to change out interfaces for fear of complications. We held our breath and plugged it in. Viola!! Within 5 minutes we heard the most pristine, musical mix I've heard in our studio! Wonderful. Great headroom and clarity. This box truly sounds great. Having the "big knob" was a nice asset when it came to doing the 5.1 stems to boot.. Being able to control the volume of 6 monitor outputs without changing the master bus.
    We recorded some acoustic guitar and fiddle for a show and again the UFX impressed. Preamps sounded good, clean, and easily dialed in with the DSP in TotalMix.
    At first glance, the TotalMix looked a little complicated. It has so much flexibility routing wise and as such isn't the easiest to use. Being able to route inputs to multiple outputs for diiferent mixes is sure nice. And while TotalMix is complicated, I must admit I have no ideas on how to improve it. So great job RME engineers!
    And as always, Sweetwater provided exceptional professional service and advice. Thank You Delvin....I DO LOVE IT.

  • from February 3, 2014

    Happy Customer

    After recieving my UFX in the mail I knew I had made the right investment for my home studio. Thanks to my Sweetwater sales rep Nick...I am one happy customer.

  • from lakewood, CO January 2, 2014Music Background:
    recording engineer, musician

    RME made me a loyal customer with this interface

    everything about this interface from the drivers, all the way to the total mix software, and everything in between with the pres, converters, I/O is just a total home run. I came from using a presonus fire studio, and had a pretty rough time with it. lets start with the preamps and conversion. Preamps are crystal clear, i would be ok with just using these preamps alone for an entire albums worth of tracking, and the conversion is on par or better than that of the appollo. the fact that they give you so many i/o options is awesome too, i have external pres, my guitar processing gear and sans amp plugged strait in some of the "line ins" as well as its adat expandability has me covered. i also love the total mix software that comes with this interface, i have the advanced remote and between those two tools i feel like i can fly through any encounter in seconds not to mention how easy it is to set up a second set of monitors or a sub mix for a musician thats tracking. I'm not sure ill ever need another interface again, but if i do i know that i will be choosing another RME product.

  • from Gaineville, Florida November 8, 2013Music Background:
    Engineering Manager for Software company, Musician for 45 years ...

    A Big Step Forward ...

    I've been dealing with video and audio systems for 34 years (at TV stations and Networks). And I've been a musician for 45 years. I've been making improvements to my home studio lately where I've been using a lower end Focusrite interface as part of a move away from Avid hardware. I just added the RME interface and the A/D and D/A converters are unbelievable. After all of the rewiring, addition of noise suppression hardware on the power side, and the rest of it, the biggest improvement in my system has been the upgrade to RME. Honestly, I was ready to toss my studio monitors but now I realize that all of the garbage in the signal path came from the audio interface. Nothing against Focusrite. For the money it was OK, but it turns out that you do get what you pay for.

  • from USA September 11, 2012

    Simply awesome!

    For those of you who is considering anything else stop and think again. Great sound, converters, effects, lots of IO, very powerful total mix software. This should be a standard for any interface. I almost got UAD Apollo, but after talking with UAD and Sweetwater it was clear to me that it won't be enough for me. With UFX I can mix anything into anything and do it fast. Other interfaces are pretty limited. It's not the same as working with a real mixer board but very close to the feeling of it and the speed you can do things without the size and weight. It is actually more then 30 in and 30 out add to that 30 in from your daw and 30 loopback sends you can have- it would be the equivalent of 120ch mixer! Pair it up with something like a couple of octopre dynamics (focusright or whatever fits your budget) and you will actually have a ton of physical i/o . A few more things the drivers ARE rock solid both USB and FW. Works great with Mnt Lion and Win7 x64 laptop. Also unplugging computer/ turning computer on/off does not create interruptions in the sound output unlike various Presonus interfaces(to includeSL16.4.2) I used to have. If you need something smaller but with the same great capabilities get UCX or Babyface

  • from August 21, 2012


    This is brilliant, have worked with a lot of different audio interfaces over the years and this is definitely one of the best ones. You can NOT go wrong with Fireface UFX. Keep it RME!

  • from Las Vegas, NV August 18, 2012Music Background:
    Audio Engineer, Musician

    Amazing interface

    I know coming up with two grand for an audio interface is a bit to swollow, but the RME UFX has some serious bang for the buck. Low latency, 30 ins/outs plus two headphone outs, internal DSP, no computer needed to record and playback, and 4 amazing sounding preamps that compare with some of the best on the market. If you were to get all of these features with even the cheapest interfaces, you would be paying twice as much. I would have considered lowering my rating a half star because the setup is difficult, and updating the OS is a pain using the firewire, but mine is running smoothly, and I'm not the brightest engineer, so 5 stars it is.

  • from Detroit June 10, 2012

    THE card to own

    I feel bad for anyone who can afford this card but buys something else. If you've invested in UAD already then your exempt with a purchase of the Apollo. People always forget that RELIABILITY and STABILITY are the #1 thing to look for! And features/specs aside no one comes close to RME. Absolutely ROCK solid on both USB/Firewire, TotalMix is a godsend, and the I/O is incredible. DURec is a life savor, I really don't know what else to say. Sleep on this one and you'll be regretting it!

  • from chicago March 10, 2012Music Background:
    artist, engineer, producer,12 tears

    Rme Ufx BIg Sounded

    i have been in pro studios with pt hd converters and 30000 dollar sound system. the conversion is clean. m audio and,anything else emu echo apogee ensemble, focusrite 56, steinberg mr16 blah blah. the sound is huge ,clear, clean, and, transparent. dont be fooled by the forums. I almost believed the fan boys on that site. it easily competes with orpheus. its the right step to take on your first try. if,you,can afford it get and dont skimp.

  • from USA December 29, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musicians, producers, recording engineers.

    Truly Fantastic!

    We really expect a LOT from the gear we purchase and we're really difficult to please when it comes to audio quality. Simply put, the RME Fireface UFX has surpassed our expectations in every way. We tour with this piece of gear and can't say enough good things about LIVE and IN STUDIO.

  • from CA October 25, 2011Music Background:
    Home Studio Hobbyist


    I made a huge jump coming from the Mbox 2 Mini to the UFX and spent years researching the right product to buy to become the center of my studio for a long time... I still have yet to find a bad review about the UFX except for people who own insanely expensive gear. This thing does everything you could ever ask for and it does it very well. I'm still getting to know it since it takes awhile to understand all the features - there are lots - but overall it's very easy to use and sounds fantastic - like you will read elsewhere it has a super clean sound. It will keep me happy for many years to come and I have no doubt that in ten years and more it will still be a top notch product. If you are looking for a high quality interface that offers great pres, AD/DA, monitoring, etc I personally don't believe that you could find something of more value for the price...

  • from Seattle, WA July 21, 2011Music Background:
    Semi-pro musician and song writer. Ex-rock band member.

    Amazing headroom and clarity

    I don't often write reviews, but this piece of equipment is the heart of my home studio and it has made a huge difference for me.

    I have a few decent condenser mics for recording acoustic guitar, mandolin and vocals and I was using an M-Audio 610. Other than the frequent lock-ups I had with the M-Audio drivers, I thought it sound really good.

    I purchased the UFX more for the idea of not having lockups anymore, but the first time I heard the purity of the signal and how good my mics sound after getting it, the investment was worth it just to have the ability to create professional sounding recordings.

    All of the musicians that have heard my recordings before and after the UFX have been blown away like me.

    I highly recommend the unit.

  • from Nashville, TN June 9, 2011Music Background:
    Audio Professional

    It does what it's supposed to

    I've owned a Fireface 800 for about five years and it took a surprising dump on me right before a big recording date (seems I had an early one that had a power supply issue - which I did get repaired for a reasonable fee) .

    ANYWAY... I bought this and had it up and running and recording 10 tracks within an hour, using two of the built in pres with the rest using outboard pres. I recorded about 24 hours of material over three days without a hitch. I can say that the pres on the UFX vs the FF800 seemed to be lower noise, which was great.

    I've since been using it for simple DAW editing - so I haven't been putting it through its paces in a major way, but it seems to agree with my PC, sharing drivers between a variety of audio programs (all open at once) which is a big deal for me. I've owned and tried other interfaces that only like to play with one program at a time, which is a hinderance.

    This unit is on the pricey side, but when you compare it to anything else, its feature set is somewhat unrivaled. And as an audio professional, if I can use this for five years with no audio/sound card issues (like I did the FF800) then it will definitely be worth it.

  • from Jersey City, NJ USA February 22, 2011Music Background:
    Aspiring Recording Engineer, Hobbyist, Musician

    Fantastic, Versatile and Stable Unit!

    A lot of people feel the need to write raving reviews for expensive gear that they purchase to justify the amount of money spent to themselves. This is not one of those cases. I can guarantee that if you've done any amount of recording with interfaces that add "pops" or "cracks" to your recordings, drop out in the middle of a good take, have poor latency, or have unstable drivers that crash your machine, or drivers that simply don't work because they are not updated by the manufacturer when the OS is refreshed... then you need to purchase this unit.

    At the time of this writing, I recently tracked a band that had the following requirements:

    - They were tracking everything live
    - We were working in a small space with drums and amps, and the musicians needed to be able to hear themselves well.
    - I had about 16 inputs running at once

    Since every track was live, even the smallest pop or drop out would ruin an entire take. This was not a problem. The unit performed flawlessly.

    The TotalMix software that comes with the unit lets you essentially configure whatever mix you can conceive and route it to anybody's headphones. Two headphone outputs on the front plus 8 channels of output in the back gave me more than enough for everybody to have their own mix, in addition to me monitoring everything.

    Even with 16 inputs running, I still had another 14 left to track an entire other band if they wanted to jump into the room and tag along.

    Bottom line.. whatever headaches that were induced during the recording process because of my audio interface have been eliminated by this unit. Well worth the cash.

  • from NY December 6, 2010Music Background:
    Recording ,Live sound,Hobbyest

    RME is GREAT

    I was probably one of the first purchasers' of the new RME fireface ufx from sweetwater as soon as I heard of it I put my name on the list. I upgraded from the RME fireface UC , and all I can say is WOW!!! As soon as I hook it up I noticed a big difference. The new total mix software is fantastic and very flexible also . Im one very happy RME fireface ufx owner. My sales engineer Luke Herian always steers me in the right direction when ever I have questions on a purchase .

    Thanks Sweetwater

    Alan Gonzalez

  • from Manassas VA December 12, 2013Music Background:
    Legitimet professional musician/composer for 35+ yrs.


    Well thought out very solid unit. I'm running Windows 7. I set up the physical side of the unit and turned it on and IT downloaded the software from the net. Smooth, really plug and play. The unit was recognized by Sonar X2 and responded well to a basic vocal "testing- testing" routine. Haven't had more time to test further but so far all is well in my world, no drawbacks so far. 4.5 stars as nothing is perfect.

  • from Atlanta, GA USA July 9, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Enginner, Producer, Pro Musician

    UFX = workhorse

    I have worked with several different interfaces and converter systems and this one is great. Its overall functionality and expandability is boss. I think the converters in this unit are great, they are on par with the Lynx Aurora at my last commercial studio. That said, they are different in sound; If I had to describe it, the Lynx sounds prettier in the highs and the RME is darker and more bulbous in the mid-lows (not hyped though). Darker is what I was looking for anyways, so a score for me. If you are doing the stupid Google RME vs Lynx vs Apogee vs the competition, take it from someone with experience in higher end converters and interfaces, when you cross the $1,800 mark it doesn't matter much anymore. If you cant make good records of any genre on any of them you're doing something else wrong. You need to ask yourself, what can help me work better at this point? It's being future-proof and knowing you can throw any piece of hardware you invest in later at it and know its going to play nice. RME driver reputation holds true and TotalMix with DSP is definitely work a few hundred dollars alone. All of the UFX claims seem to also hold truth. I am running an 8-core system with lots of RAM and have absolutely no lag or latency issues, no hiccups or glitches and it performs well. A WORKHORSE. Bottom line, if you know you're in the market for one of the best firewire/usb interfaces: PULL THE TRIGGER!!! you won't be disappointed.

  • from Hampton , VA February 8, 2012Music Background:
    Studio Owner / Hobbyist

    Good unit - not a simple one to use

    Great sounding piece of gear with lots of features. I upgraded to this from an MBox-2pro using Protools 9. There are a lot of changes that must be done to your I/O channels to start using your Fireface UFX. I am not that familiar with big changes since I have only used my MBox2pro in the past. Sweetwater Tech Support helped me get past that problem.

    The software installed without difficulty, and works great with my MacPro 8core. Solid interface and very stable.

  • from Savannah GA December 6, 2011Music Background:
    Classical producer & engineer- many years in major orchestras also.

    Flexibilty + Dependability= UFX

    Rock-solid drivers and a great RME forum (and tech support) combine to make this a great addition and outstanding "bang-for-buck." Having 12 mic channels (8 external) takes care of most location assignments, The DURec (Direct USB recording) is brilliant-- a complete backup of all WAV files makes this fairly idiot-proof. The DIGIcheck utility offers excellent metering-- and absolutely accurate RMS values. Unfortunately it is not fully functional in Mac OS.

    This is an extremely flexible and capable unit, and as such requires some homework before critical use. Once it is understood, however, it is approached by only a few interfaces for the its sound. If desired it can operate fully stand-alone and thanks to 2 onboard DSP chips DURec will carry on.

  • from NJ, USA November 7, 2011Music Background:
    Jazz piano, Pro Tools


    Excellent audio interface! Works very well with Pro Tools 9.0.

  • from Los Angeles, CA October 25, 2011Music Background:
    Producer, Engineer

    Just buy it and thank yourself later!

    I will not get all technical and ramble on about this product with things you can read about from the description here on sweetwater. My opinion, this interface is the only firewire interface I can say is truly high end in quality, performance, capability and craftsmanship. It has more than worthy conversion and the pres get the job done. I use it for my B room and track sessions while the A room is in use, then send the session to the A room for mixing. I produce many genres of music and design sound/produce music for video games. This interface is the last I will buy until the next gen.

  • from Springfield, Oregon November 23, 2010Music Background:
    Drummer / recording engineer.

    Great interface

    RME made a winner with the ufx. Converters are awsome in and out. Great features and solid build quality. Preamps are very clean and transparent, giving a very natural, precise sound and image. Basically want you here in the room is what you get. Total mix is very nice and the effects are really good. Everything they explain in the overview is correct and I haven't found anything I don't like about it. I've tried a lot of other gear and interfaces but nothing compared to this, and in one package. I am getting rid of all my other gear it took to do the same thing and making my studio very mobile. If your looking for a clean powerful interface than look no further than this.

  • from Hampton, VA February 21, 2012Music Background:
    Studio Owner / Hobbyist

    Not Plug And Play

    The RME Fireface UFX is not a simple audio interface. It is much more than that. It has a very sophisticated and rather complicated software audio mixing/routing feature that must be installed. This must be used to operate the interface.
    This software will run parallel to Protools or whatever DAW you are using. This will put a load on your processor, I am not sure if it is a heavy load or not. I got this to go with my Mac Pro (8-core) so that has not been an issue, but if you have a smaller core count or low RAM you might experience issues, and should carefully look into that before purchase. I am sure your Sweetwater rep will look into that when you ask him/her if you are considering purchasing one.
    This is the first time I switched computers with Protools. I was using a Mac Mini with the M-box 2 Pro and Protools 9 before. After loading up all the software on to my new computer it was time to fire up the audio interface and get things talking. The Fireface UFX software icon plants itself on my Apple Dock whenever the device is turned on, very nice! Clicking on the icon opens the mixing window, pretty cool.
    Now getting Protools and the Fireface to talk is not hard but I was not familiar with new audio interfaces and Protools. With the M-Box, Protools had a preconfigured audio interface template for IO. To use the Fireface you have to reconfigure the IO. Fortunately Sweetwater tech support was able to guide me through this process. If there is a guide or manual somewhere to help a user make the necessary changes to get different devices talking I am unaware of it. The RME Fireface UFX manual is not very helpful (that is why I give this 4 stars), but the interface is rock solid and sounds awesome. I have only had the Fireface a couple of months now. I am still getting familiar with how to use it. I would recommend it to anyone wanting a deep and versatile interface that is willing to dig in and learn how to use this beast. It does not give up its secrets easily!
    I am still learning the mixing software RME uses. It is not intuitive, at least not for me. I wish RME wrote a better manual. I think everyone agrees that manufacturer manuals are written for people that already know the gear! Where do they Beta test the manuals, at NASA, or MIT? They certainly do not at the Home Project Studio level. Anyway - Great gear! Good Sound! If it was not for Sweetwater Tech support I probably would have returned it because the learning curve is pretty steep. I still am probably only using about 15% percent of this things capability. Good luck to you all with your studios!

  • from Seattle, WA USA January 25, 2012Music Background:
    Musician, Producer, Composer, Mixing, Mastering, Sound Design.

    RME Fireface UFX

    The product seems amazing. I had a DIGI 002 and I upgraded to this because PT10 works on any hardware. I did a lot of research. I wanted something that would last for a long time and have a big upgrade in the A/D D/A conversion and I/O features. I haven't used it long enough to give a 5 star review. But when I first plugged into it I could hear a big difference in audio quality from the 002. Everything seemed wider and clearer, more depth and resolution. A very tangible sound through the pres. Just what I'd hoped. Again, I haven't used it for long or A/B'd anything just a first impression.

    I do wish RME had a better "set up" tutorial available. Even with the manual in hand, I struggled a bit getting all the software set up and communicating with Pro Tools and Ableton, but I got there and its working perfectly. TotalMix FX can be daunting at first. Once it's set up I'm realizing what a powerful mixer it is. I really expect this to be a great expandable interface for my growing studio. Sweetwater has great customer service too, thanks.

  • from Nashville November 4, 2012Music Background:
    Professional Recording Engineer

    Solid function, weak sonics

    Functionally this box was rock solid. No complaints.
    Sonically, it was pretty weak. I use all outboard pres including a 1073, so i spent little time with the onboard pres The converters were very abrasive with a very clear spike in the upper mids and the D/A stereo imaging was collapsed significantly and difficult to listen to next to the D/A on my Dbox. I had changed over from an Ensemble which functionally was okay, but sonically was a much better unit overall. In the end, I sold this and went to a Symphony I/O. You can't beat the I/O, features and function of the RME, but expect home studio quality sound. Overall it's a solid box, but I would have rather paid more for it to sound as good as it performs.

  • from Detroit February 26, 2015Music Background:
    Church Musician

    TotalMix - where are the tutorials, RME?

    Wow...TotalMix is impressive in what they SAY it can do, but for those getting started, GOOD LUCK trying to figure this thing out. I have found maybe two dated and minimally helpful tutorials on youtube--neither produced by RME!!! The manual is useless, the RME website isn't any help either.

    What is needed is a series of How-to's that illustrate different common scenarios in the studio....like getting a headphone mix, combining with another interface, etc.

    Remember those wonderful diagrams and user manuals you used to get with Mackie boards? Or the ones that accompany PreSonus interfaces? How about something like that RME?

    Maybe Sweetwater could produce something in conjunction with RME? Until then, BEWARE of TotalllyIncomprehensible.


  • Mitch Gallagher

    RME interfaces have long been known for their feature-heavy design, rock-solid drivers, low latency, and pristine sound quality. With the Fireface UCX, RME has brought all of these qualities together into a compact, portable Mac-/PC-compatible interface that can connect via FireWire or either USB 2.0 or 3. And check this out: the Fireface UCX is class-compliant, so you can hook it up to your iPad using the Apple Camera Kit. How cool is that?

    The half-rack Fireface UCX has eighteen inputs and outputs (eight analog, eight ADAT optical, and stereo S/PDIF). There are two mic preamps with phantom power, as well as word clock I/O. They even found a way to squeeze in MIDI input and outputs plus a connection for a remote control (you can add the RME Advanced Remote Control, which offers more features).

    The Fireface UCX comes with RME's TotalMix FX software for latency-free monitoring. In fact, there are two DSP chips built into the unit -- one for eliminating monitor latency and one for providing DSP-driven effects. TotalMix also includes a complete control room monitor-control section for handling your speakers.
    In use, the Fireface UCX is a joy, getting out of the way so that you can make music. The array of I/O covers all needs, and TotalMix FX drives the whole thing transparently with a user-friendly interface. With its compact size, the Fireface UCX is the ideal laptop companion for location recording. The mic preamps deliver the goods, and the overall sound quality is clean and clear. And the iPad connectivity (via the optional Camera Kit) is a bonus that shouldn't be overlooked. I was able to get eight analog ins with my iPad 2, at resolution up to 96kHz/24 bits! I predict this will become increasingly important as the iPad comes into its own as a DAW host.

    RME's reputation for building quality audio interfaces and drivers is well deserved. That reputation is enhanced even further by the Fireface UCX -- another great interface from a company that clearly "gets it" when it comes to understanding what recording musicians want and need.

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