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PreSonus FireStudio Mobile Reviews

4.5 stars based on 22 customer reviews
  • from Cairo.egypt October 9, 2014Music Background:
    Sound Engineer

    Pretty Audio Interface

    No Word Can Describe this awesome one it`s jump over nasty (Avid Fast Track Duo) I Recommend This For Any One

  • from United States April 19, 2014Music Background:
    musician, producer, technician

    solid at low latency!

    Haven't recorded with it yet, I bought it mainly for software instrument playing with MIDI keyboard and drum pad controllers. My Echo Audiofires weren't cutting it, way too much delay and large buffer settings. The Presonus Firestudio Mobile will happily go down to 64 buffer setting on my PC, which is less than 4 ms latency with my software instruments, I love it! My samples are suddenly usable. I am using the SPDIF output to run to a high end DAC for monitoring. It seems well built, and I can't get over how well it runs with the Universal Control software. I had to use the 1.7.1 driver because 1.7.2 was buggy. What a standout in the budget interface world. The Firestudio Mobile deserves praise.

  • from Gillette, Wyoming March 25, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Live Sound, 18+ years Professional Vocals, Guitar, and Keys

    Start Heating Up Your Recording

    PreSonus FireStudio Mobile sound is going to impress you beyond your sonic imagination! The FireStudio Mobile is intuitive, simple, and incredibly nice sounding, and loaded with inputs. Eight to be exact. The sound is as incredible and clean as anything you can find. Don't even bother to think it's size makes it any less of a professional tool for your sound. Undetectable, pure, noise-free, and clean! That's what describes the results you'll get in your studio or out. The firewire interface into my Mac was so simple with a Thunderbolt to firewire adapter and the Firewire 800 to 400 cable. No driver setup required on Mac as it's class-compliant!!! My studio life is vastly improved by this incredible workhorse, saving time and space. I can't see how any AD/DA computer interface could be any better than this!

  • from Los Angeles, CA May 18, 2012Music Background:
    Sound Engineer, Pro Musician, Special Effects Director

    Versatile Unit...

    This unit has enough inputs to be used as a central audio hub in my rehearsal studio. I leave the unit plugged in so the laptop can come and go while everything else stays plugged in. The multitude of inputs lets me dedicate the back panel to iPad, drum set, MIDI and powered monitors and leave the front two inputs free for guests. When it comes time to record, I simply plug ONE FireWire cable into the laptop and I have an instant DAW. The price is fantastic and so is Sweetwater's customer service.

  • from Amarillo Tx April 22, 2012Music Background:
    Engineer , Song writer , Aranger

    Bigger than it looks

    I have been looking for a well balanced interface software combination for quite some time. I settled on the fire studio after shopping around. For me and the way I work This is a five star setup. There is more to this than meets the eye. The included software is every tool you need to get started . This so well thought out I am blown away. Finally somebody thought the whole process through. the Quality at this price point is superb. Thanks you sweetwater and presonus. The sum is truly greater than it's parts

  • from USA March 11, 2012Music Background:
    Professional Muscian for 16 years, and sometimes semi-professional engineer

    Exceptional preamps and Converters

    I purchased this interface to go along with my change over to Studio One v2. The pres and converters on this box absolutely -100% blow my mbox 2 away. My friends and fellow musicians who've heard the tracks I've done with this so far have universally told me that they sound better than the stuff I was doing before. Seamless integration with Studio One v2 was a plus, but I'm sure this would work exceptionally well with any open-interface DAW. At this price point, you really can't beat the Firestudio Mobile. The pres are VERY low noise (I can't detect any, really), and the overall sound this thing puts out is just amazing. This interface makes me wish I'd gotten off the "industry standard" train a LONG time ago!

  • from Trinidad & Tobago West Indies. March 1, 2012Music Background:
    I'm a Recording & Sound Engineer for the pass 7 years.

    PreSonus FireStudio Mobile

    I was really surprise when I heard the quality audio from this little box, I purchase the FireStudio Mobile while my M-Audio ProjectMix was down for repairs and I have no regrets I purchase it. it's great for any Studio.

  • from USA February 16, 2012Music Background:
    Musician, Composer, Producer

    Just as good as the "big boys!"

    I bought this to replace my Echo Layla 3G. This thing costs half the price and has everything the Layla had, except he ADAT port. The pre-amps are far better than the Layla, and you can run everything on it (including the pres) on bus power. The sound quality is great, plenty of volume, the latency isn't an issue, and I use both Studio One and Sonar. The sound quality of the ins and outs are excellent. And you can chain more of these (or any other firestudio product) together and manage them all on one application. The only reason you'd need anything else is more ins and outs (or ADAT), otherwise, don't waste your money and get this box!

  • from Norman, OK October 10, 2011Music Background:
    Hobbyist/Recording Musician

    Works Without A Hitch

    For the price, this is a fantastic piece of equipment. It does everything I need it to (and more). I have next-to-no-latency when using it with my current system. It's a great product, integrates into FL Studio 10 perfectly, and is made from surprisingly sturdy materials. Two XLR/1/4" hybrid inputs on the front with Phantom Power (if you need it) and comes with some software that may or may not be good (I didn't need any of it). The mixer interface was a bit weird to start, but then again, I'm fairly new to this. However, please note that if you don't need a whole bunch of inputs, this might be overkill. I use it so I can keep all my gear plugged in when recording, so I can just switch between instruments without having to connect and disconnect a whole bunch of stuff. Additionally, using it as a main sound card is pretty sweet if you only use head phones.

  • from Yuma, AZ USA January 15, 2011Music Background:
    Home Recording Artist/Engineer, Semi-Pro Musician

    Do Not Hesitate!

    First of all sweetwater has outstanding customer service! You can't go wrong ordering from here. As far as this product goes I'm blown away. The preamps on this interface are silent! I'm talking 0 noise even with hot signals. I used to own an mbox 2 mini and while it too was a great product, noise was always an issue with hot signals. I also never liked the tonal quality of the pres on the mbox either. This interface however has neutral and natural sounding pres! It hears what you hear! Since it's firewire you know you are getting good transfer rates which is a plus. The Studio One software that is packaged with this is a force to be reckoned with! It has everything you need to produce music. All in all for 300 bucks you can't beat this product. It's worth way more than what they are asking for it. Stop thinking about buying this and get it! You won't be disappointed!

  • from cincinnati,ohio October 20, 2010Music Background:
    musician/sound engineer

    perfect for on the go

    I have been using this interface with artist for a year now and I can say without a doubt that this unit is well constructed. The preamps are very nice,and the sound quality is top notch. I just recently upgraded to studio pro. Very glad I did too because I love the mastering suite. If your looking to buy a interface to record 2 channels at once this is it. I would also add that switching from a pc to a mac for the firewire is a must as it synced right up with no problems verses the pc I used to have.

  • from Decatur IL May 19, 2010Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Presonus Firestudio Mobile and RET Percussion Electronic Drums

    I have had PreSonus products before in my studio but this one is the best! I am triggering Superior 2.0, Addictive Drums and BFD2 with my R.E.T. Percussion electronic kit and the combo is great. Latency is not an issue with the PreSonus Firestudio Mobile. Also if you want to play out live with a VPT set up from R.E.T. Percussion their our plenty of outputs for any sound engineer to be happy with.

    Thanks again for the great service and great product Sweetwater!

  • from Eastpointe, MI USA April 19, 2010

    Very Nice

    I recently purchased this piece and all I can say is it does what it says. I used to have a M-Audio Delta 44, but when I built my new workstation with windows 7 64bit I got all kinds of noise from the faulty updated drivers. Hook up was easy and quick downloaded the latest drivers from the website and now I am in heaven. Sweetwater had the best deal around. Get It now.

  • from Rhode Island December 5, 2013Music Background:
    Lifelong musician, songwriter and home studio hobbyist

    Plug and Play, Really!

    Super easy installation, very portable and easy to use. Bus-powered feature is excellent. XMAX preamps are great.

  • from Charlottesville Va. June 3, 2012Music Background:
    Ex Pro Musician - week end warrior

    PreSonus FireStudio Mobile

    Well, Is bigger Better? Not when you want to put it on top of your keyboard - I bought this unit mainly to work with a live keyboard rig to cut down on things to set up. My goal is to run keyboard sounds, vocal effects, guitar effects, play back, from a lap top thought this interface - The unit includes a software mixer and a separate DAW program - I have not tried the DAW yet but the mixer is nice - It feels like it cost much more than it does - matches my Mac Book - powered by Fire Wire - I'm impressed - If you have Mac Lion DO NOT INSTALL the DISC - Do a down load from their web site - I plan to plug my lap top, guitar, keys, and mike into it and run it straight into a power amp - Light Load

  • from Jonesboro Ar USA May 25, 2012Music Background:
    Audio/Video Editor Central Baptist Church

    Love Presonus Pre's

    I needed something portable for the laptop to capture voice overs or lay a guitar track while away from the studio. Since I already have the Firestudio 2626, and 7 DigiMax FS's, I knew that this would be the logical choice. The fact that it is bus powered is just icing on the cake!
    Now if it just had lightpipe too...............

  • from Atlanta, GA March 4, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, Semi-Pro Musician

    A must for any project/mobile studio

    I was very hesitant to pick up this unit, but I needed something smaller for my mobile rig that would allow me to build a backpack kit. Well, was I in shock! Could not believe how clean the A/D conversion is on this thing, not to mention the headroom on the Pres. Connected it to several different computers running (osx, WINxp, win 7) and it performed flawslessly with Nuendo, cubase, wavelab, and sonar. The presonus ASIO drivers produced latency far less than that of my MOTU 896hd! The virtual mixer and Studio One applications are fantastic and couldn't be any easier to get up and running. The only reason I don't give this the full 5 stars is only due to the heat issue as this little sucker does tend to get a bit hot on external power, but this was solved with a couple of cheap heatsinks. Other than that, you just can't go wrong with this unit.

  • from July 9, 2011

    Great Value and Versatility

    I've owned this unit for a couple years now, and I'm still continually impressed by its portability and versatility. There have only been a few minor downsides to the firestudio. The D/A conversion is a little disappointing, and I had some issues with the drivers when the unit was brand new. But that's it. I was very impressed by the PreSonus support staff, who helped me resolve the driver issue, and get up and running very fast. The preamps are fine. Not stellar, but totally functional. What's really made this unit stand apart is how portable it is, combined with the I/O options. I've moved around quite a bit in the last few years, and still had the ability to record live drums and entire concerts on separate tracks because of the two mic and six line inputs. Plus, if I was away from home and needed to work, all I had to do was throw this in the bag with my laptop and headphones, and I could sit in a coffee shop and EQ. The fact that this unit is bus-powered is a huge advantage. Overall, the firestudio continues to be indispensable, even now that I own a much bigger interface. I don't think there are many interfaces that can compete with the versatility of this unit, especially if you're on a tight budget or on the go.

  • from pittsburgh February 25, 2011

    Nice interface for the money

    A very good FW interface. Preamps are good though not as clean as duet. Considering the price of this item, it deserves as one of the best choice in its class. one can buy this without any hesitation. seems the current sweetwater offer adds more smiles and extra value.

  • from Oakland, CA April 27, 2012Music Background:
    Producer, Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, Label Owner

    Great box if you need portability!

    Super easy setup on Mac, sound quality is solid and it's got a ton of inputs for the money. Great for someone doing mixing directly on stage or who needs a very portable unit with a lot of inputs for recording.

  • from Trinidad and Tobago West Indies. December 26, 2011Music Background:
    Mechanical Engineer, Recording Engineer, Sound Engineer, Guitarist.

    Robby I'm really happy with the FIRESTUDIO Mobile great.

    This little piece of interface did the job for me, this was just what I needed to get me on the road, it was hook up the same night I got it, no problem getting it to work with Logic 8, I'm happy with it.

    Thanks so much for your continue support.

  • from Colorado Springs, CO USA July 14, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    PreSonus FireStudio Mobile

    Built rugged, but my Mac has firewire 800; had to adapt to the firewire 400 port. Initially worked well, but now having synching problems despite downloading latest drivers. 1st Firestudio Mobile melted down after being plugged in for a year in my studio. This 2nd one also worked for a year, although I now disconnect power when I'm not using it. My primary application is live performance, and it works admirably when it works. When it doesn't, it's a nightmare. Now looking for a more reliable unit.

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