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Wave Distribution UBK Fatso Reviews

5.0 stars based on 3 customer reviews
Questions about the Wave Distribution UBK Fatso?

Questions about the Wave Distribution UBK Fatso?

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  • from bethesda, md June 9, 2013Music Background:
    producer and engineer

    Awesomely versatile analog hardware!

    The UBK Fatso, now known as the Wave Fatso ( same exact product) was my first analog outboard unit. I now have a few other units including an 1176, CL1B, SSL buss comp, and APi 2500, and I still love and use this unit as much as I did when I got it.

    The compression presets sound amazing and are very versatile. You can use this box for compressing any individual sound, group, or whole mix and it sounds great. The lack of attack and release controls are not an issue at all due to the fact that a great deal of thought went into tweaking the presets. Reading the manual and experimenting and using your ears is the key with this unit.

    The high frequency limiter is very versatile as well and can be used for de essing vocals, taming overheads, and generally warming up sounds. It's a really cool feature that I use a lot more than I thought I would.

    The trafo button adds some low girth and thickens things up. In combination with the high frequency limiter you can really thicken up sounds in a pleasing way.

    Perhaps now my favorite feature is the saturation. I use it on almost every mix on synths, drums, and sometimes even the whole mix. Analog saturation just sounds really good, and so much better than anything digital can do, in my opinion. While the plugin version is also great, I really do prefer the real thing.

    This is a great unit to have and you will see it in a lot of studios that have walls of other outboard. It really holds its own. It's great as a first outboard compressor due to its great versatility and since its also incredibly easy to use.

    Highly recommended!

  • from CT March 1, 2013

    Digital who?

    This thing is a game-changer, and as easy to operate as your bluray player.I had been polishing off my mixes in the box with plugin tape sims and limiter/loudness maximizers prior to getting this unit, and will be very happy to never look back. I was very happy with the software I had been using, but there is a depth and believeability to the "Glue" setting and tape warmth on masters that I now feel dependent on... I'm hooked! Definitely recommended for LIGHT compression/coloring on tracking at the end of your signal chain, definitely NOT recommended as a primary tracking compressor or mastering compressor - yes, it's a compressor, but in my opinion it's best used lightly as a limiter and coloration enhancer, so to speak. Though I will say some of the more intense settings like "Splat" are INCREDIBLE on snare drum and distorted guitars. Long story short, this has found it's way into probably 80% of my front-end signal chains (last in line, applied lightly), and is a permanent staple at the end of my outboard mastering chain. Thank you UBK!!

  • from San Francisco Bay Area, CA USA August 1, 2010Music Background:
    Producer, Recording Engineer

    Wow! Amazing.

    There is a lot of hype about this unit. After using it and listening in my own studio, I have to agree what a game changer the UBK Fatso really is! Greg/UBK has improved upon an already great unit created by Dave Derr at Empirical Labs. Anything you throw at it sounds fantastic. As a bass player, I was blown away at the SMOOTH body and super TIGHT low end, yet high-end headroom. I use it for tracking on bass, drums, piano, vocals, etc. I highly recommend the UBK Fatso.

Questions about the Wave Distribution UBK Fatso?

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