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Pigtronix FAT Drive Overdrive / Distortion Pedal Reviews

4.5 stars based on 10 customer reviews
Questions about the Pigtronix FAT Drive Overdrive / Distortion Pedal?

Questions about the Pigtronix FAT Drive Overdrive / Distortion Pedal?

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  • Chris Leonard

    I've tried many overdrive and distortion pedals, but there's something about the Pigtronix FAT Drive that makes it unique. You can add rich overdrive to your sound without losing your dynamics and the character of your guitar. It's a staple in my rig, and it should be in yours too.

  • from Ohio March 10, 2016

    Great Pedal

    Great Pedal, gives a nice tube saturation tone to many different amps. I have tired the pedal with a Marshall DSL 15, Fender Deluxe Reverb, Fender Bassman, Matchless lightning clone, Peavey Valveking, even a Hammond reverb driver amp converted into a guitar amp. Pedal Really makes Fender Style guitar sound very thick. Needs to be adjusted a little to sound good with a thicker Gibson Humbucker which also sounds great. Fat Drive works well alone, but adds a lot when stacked with other drive pedals.
    You can get and amp and guitar sounding pretty good together, turn on the Fat Drive it just sounds better!!

  • from November 26, 2015

    Best I've used

    Best OD I've used so far. Was recommended by Seeetwater staff ( TJ) and I'm truly grateful.

  • from CT August 7, 2013Music Background:
    Active musician 30+ years

    Fuzzy in a good way!

    Thought is was going to just be another average OD pedal.
    But its different than the hundreds of others out there.
    Love the way the tone knob works as a low pass filter.
    And the way it enhances the natural fuzzy characteristics of my tubes just blows me away!
    Great job Pigtronix!!

  • from Kennett, MO May 3, 2013

    Many tones in this little box

    This is just a great overdrive pedal. It is very transparent and cleans up really well as you roll off the volume or pick softer, very dynamic pedal. With the gain set low you can use it for a clean boost and as you turn up the gain you get some really nice bluesy tones and some really nice crunch the higher you set it. Flip the more switch up and you start moving more into the realm of distortion but the notes still ring through clearly instead of just becoming mush like some pedals. The tone knob really affects the character of the pedal's sound giving you a lot of very useful flavors to work with and it doesn't become useless at either extreme of the knob like some overdrives, I've had some that worked great in the middle of the knob's range but sucked when turned too far either direction. This is a very useful pedal that would be a great addition to any guitarist's rig, there's truly a sound for every player to be had from this pedal.

  • from June 5, 2012

    This masterpiece can beat many others!

    This pedal is more of the mainstream which is not typical Pigtronix, but it is outstanding. Controls are extremely responsive and predictable, the sound is really big and airy with plenty of headroom. As Pigtronix mentions, it really shines with singles. I actually rewired my stacked humbuckers to have coil split and it really works, showing the bright and vintage rock-n-roll sound... But with high-end modern touch :)
    And the pedal is not expensive at all, although the work Pigtronix is all about top quality inside and outside.
    Whether you want to buy your first pedal or thinking about something new, this effect is going to become classic!

  • from Ashland, Ohio June 4, 2012Music Background:
    Live performer for over 35 years

    Pigtronix does it again

    I was looking for a overdrive pedal that wouldn't color my original amp tone and after trying several, this one did the trick. The more switch did add just a bit too much drive for my liking but still a great feature.

  • from Tumwater, WA April 11, 2012Music Background:

    sensitive to aggressive

    This pedal is perfect for those looking to add bite to palmed riffs and high gain leads with out the hair and hiss. With the tone dialed to zero it almost has a muff quality.
    When used to overdrive your clean channel, it sounds smooth creamy and super responsive to picking dynamics.
    There are many tonal/gain options due to the "more" switch and flexibility of running 9v or 18v

  • from Dinwiddie,Va April 1, 2012Music Background:
    guitarist since 95'

    Nice Pedal

    I really like this pedal for thickening up my sound. I don't use overdrive to replace my amps gain but more than enhance it. This pedal will get a good bluesy sound on an amp that is slightly driven or push a driven amp even harder.

    I don't really care for this or any overdrive on a totally clean amp as I don't think any pedal can truly replace good tube breakup, but it will certainly make due if you had to play on a really clean house amp and needed some grit in your sound. The people listening would never know the difference, the pedal really sounds nice.
    What I like the most is the way it can tame and sweeten up a really brighter more thin sounding guitar like a strat and make it growl a little more at the same time and get your amp singing. With that said this pedal is very fat and warm sounding and with a les paul style guitar you will have to run the tone setting a little higher and the gain a little lower than you might be used to on most od pedals to get it to sound to your liking.

    It takes some tweaking to find the right settings but the whole range of the controls is very linear and easy to make minor adjustments. The controls do a good job of making the tone you want pretty easy to find.

    I like to use it for a gain + volume boost for some solos and for some songs I like to set it and leave it on the whole song. I find the pedal really helps overdrive my amps nicely and this is a lot better than the pedal it replaced on my board. I tend to leave it on more with my Strat style guitar and use it for a boost more with my LP style guitar.

    I don't really have a need to use the high gain setting but there is a lot more gain available in the more setting. I really like how the down position of the switch will break up a little more just like a tube amp if you dig in a bit more. This combined with a tube amp that is already a little or a lot overdriven = good times.

    Very versatile and I think many guitarist could find this useful. It also stacks and blends nice with other pedals. I still need to experiment with it in some different spots in my chain but so far so good.

    Only feature I do not like is the location of the power jack, I think they should have realized it would get in the way of patch cables on a lot of peoples boards. I found a way to make it work ok but it is not ideal. The sound is worth the minor design imperfection. I use the 18 volt jack they provided, it seems to give nice clarity to the tone.

    My sales engineer here at Sweetwater reccomended this pedal when I asked for something to boost my Orange amps tone up a bit for solos other than my standard clean lead boost. I'd say his reccomendation was a very good one.

    Seems like a really nice pedal for the price and I plan to make good use of mine.

  • from Surprise, AZ August 23, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician & Guitar Instructor

    Responds like an amp ... sounds great!

    My Sweetwater Sales Engineer was familiar with the pedal and offered me a great deal. After I received the pedal, he called me a few days later to see how I liked it. My initial response wasn't so positive: "What's with placement of the power supply input? It's not pedal board friendly at all." (Which is why I'm giving this pedal 4 stars and not 5.) Then I told my Sales Engineer what I liked about the pedal, and that's how it SOUNDS.

    The FAT Drive delivers subtle crunch ... to in your face ... to get out of my face (the latter being with the "more" switch in the on position, which for me is too extreme). Enjoyed in moderation, this is an extremely musical pedal. For example, when I roll back the volume on a P-90 equipped guitar, the FAT Drive responds more like a tube amp than an ordinary overdrive pedal. Chords clean up nicely while retaining their tone and clarity. Nice!

  • from new york city, ny October 25, 2013Music Background:
    recording engineer, hobbyist, GAS syndrome man


    i hate giving ok or bad reviews i like putting superlatives next to whatever i buy but I either can not figure out the trick to this pony or it just happens to suck, not tone or anything, in fact it is quite good for what it does, but just not what I wanted/needed it to do...

    so the explanation is that it's tone knob is quite different and not as powerful as i thought it'd be. i like very subtle overdrives not full blown fuzz boxes noise makers etc, so this is somewhere in between the former and latter, making it only useful to me on a clean channel for a hint of something something, ya know? and the tone knob needs to do a lot of filtering for me since the other controls are almost worthless to me or something to mess with as an aside. this one is just too subtle a change from full clockwise to counter clockwise, and on top of that functions slightly differently than other more traditional drives, not a bad thing, just not my thing, should've maybe tried before i buy, but i'm stupid and a musician, so that's doubly bad

    i did find the use of it on a clean to cleanish channel to be nice as a in between the clean your lead or something else, it pretty much adds a channel or whatever to your amp, but it doesn't bring the brootalz to the lead channel like i wanted,

    oh well ce'st le vie and so be it

    get it if you like experimenting and weirdness, for traditional stuff see the million 808 rip offs or something a la xotic or mesa new stuff which i must say is amazing

Questions about the Pigtronix FAT Drive Overdrive / Distortion Pedal?

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