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Roland Fantom-G8 Reviews

4.0 stars based on 13 customer reviews
  • smarajeet bhattacharya
    from india October 4, 2012Music Background:

    it's still an awesome machine

    i am owning all the flagship keyboard except kurzweil and nord means i have fantom g8, motif xf 6,and korg kronos. and still i thing fantom g8 is better!! and reasons are1. technology and navigation motif xf is very back dated in terms of navigation and technology because it has neither touch screen nor it has any mouse interface kronos has touch screen but it is th most complicated instrument of the world, and fantom g is as smooth as butter in this.no 2, three modes in fantom g studio single live are amazing to work!! no . sounds these thee keyboard are good but fantom g sounds way better in every aspects of live conditions!!

  • Carl Nelson
    from Grand Haven Michigan July 24, 2012Music Background:
    25 years in classic rock bands/have played piano since age 8. JX3P, JX8P,Fantom,Fantom X8,Fantom G8,Korg Monopoly,Korg Poly 61,Roland RD700GX

    Fantom G8

    Having the Fantom X8 already, I inquired with my saleperson A.J. Peterson if it was worth the cost to move up to the G8. I love my X8 but its a few years old. He stated the new G8 had even better sound quality and moving around the board was better than the already easy to use X8. So, with his advice I purchased the X8. FANTASTIC! Keep in mind I am a piano player not a computer freak. The G8 is SO much easier to write live patches than the X8. Sounds are wonderful. I am still learning the short cuts and some new stuff on the board and am thrilled with it. Ed Diaz has some videos on You Tube that are a great help also on how to do even the most basic to advanced things with the new G8. I strongly recommend this board. Carl Nelson Grand Haven Mi. Thank You SWEETWATER!

  • Barbie Lee
    from Germantown Maryland December 20, 2011Music Background:
    Singer, song writer, Keyboard and guitar player

    What a beautiful machine!

    Still learning about this wonderful workstation and all the things it's capable of. It sounds great and the keys feel like a real piano. It's very heavy though. Not something I would recommend as a gig piano unless you have roadies! But it IS a great addition to anyone's studio. I got the drum expansion pack so the possibilities are endless. It's pricey but well worth the money. Roland did a great job with the documentation and the tutorials and Sweetwater are sweetheart when it comes to customer service.

  • Craig Tate
    from Texas December 24, 2008Music Background:
    Producer, Musician and Songwriter

    Awesome Keyboard

    Just heard the Roland, Fantom G8; very well put together and great sounds that are sure to record with perfect sonic character. I currently have to major workstation by Yamaha (Motif) and Korg (Triton). Both keyboards offer something special; however, the Triton is the best for both live and studio. I often layer the sounds of the Motif with my Roland 3080 or Triton for balance and fullness. I will be purchasing the Fanton G8 for both live and studio use as it will offer something that neither the Triton nor the Motif can offer. Number one, the keys on the keyboard is the best I have ever felt and will provide some extreme articulation. Number two, the sounds are very real and effects appropriate for any creative style. Number three, it has the capability to do some serious sequencing and audio recording. This board will become my new lead synth in my studio in the place of the Triton. I can see my self producing and writing more hits faster.

  • Todd
    from VA April 24, 2010Music Background:
    (Part time) Pro musician

    The G8 is a very impressive instrument!

    First the good news: keyboard feel is excellent, sounds are excellent except for the strings, the user interface is powerful and easy to navigate with a USB mouse. The screen is very easy to read.

    The bad: the manual is awful and very confusing. The OS has been updated many times but seems to be mostly bug free in v1.31. The drums don't have a great timbre to them - I can hear why someone would buy an ARX card for this. If you think you will sing into the phanton powered mic input and get a decent vocal reverb, think again. The effects are good for guitars and generic sounds but the reverbs are not up to vocal quality.

    Summary: If you shop, you can find some amazing deals on this keyboard but I would not recommend purchasing it at full retail price. It's a great instrument but sounds on par with maybe a K2500X with a big screen.

  • Mr. H
    from Columbus, Ohio August 13, 2008Music Background:
    Contemorary Jazz, Fusion, Pro Musician, Songwriter

    Fantom G8 - Up Close!

    My first impression of the Fantom G8 was very good. The "ivory" feel of this keyboard is really amazing. It feels like a real piano. The sounds are cool, but I prefer the piano and rhodes in my S90ES. I love the color screen on the Fantoms. The LCD on this is HUGE!!!!! It's the biggest I've ever seen on a workstation. If you're composing, arranging, sampling, editing, this will make your task much easier. It's a very USER-FRIENDLY workstation. The design is very futuristic which really draws your attention.

    I do wish the expansion bay was on top like on the previous X8 model for easier access. Other than that, this is a very solid axe that I wouldn't mind having myself.

    You should check it out!

  • Chuck
    from McRae / Baxley, GA June 23, 2008Music Background:
    performer, teacher, multi-instrumentalist, studio owner, carnivore

    First hand look...

    Now that I've had a closer look at the Fantom G, I must say that the big color screen is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition, even my old Fantom X7. I was amazed at how brilliant the colors were! When you consider the smooth transition between performance patches and the ability to utilize a mouse, then this keyboard becomes more and more attractive.

    I wish I could comment on the sounds, but the speakers used on the demo were only average, so I don't feel qualified to comment just yet.

    Also, I got to try out the Motif XS at the same store visit (I'm a former ES owner). I was impressed at its improved screen layout and functionality. The screen doesn't even come close to the Roland. But, when considering a performance keyboard, you can't go wrong with either the Motif or the Fantom. The sounds are getting so good, it's becoming more and more redundant to listen to the arguments of which is better, apples vs. oranges, blah, blah, blah. For me, it's more about function now.

    Although the Roland has the incredible screen, mouse option, and performance transition, I don't feel comfortable placing it above the Motif yet. I'm really torn about which keyboard to buy! If you are a creative keyboard player or performer, you really can't go wrong with either keybaords. I know, as a performer and a studio owner, I hear sounds and samples all the time from all sorts of companies. It's all about functionality. Pick the one you feel most comfortable and creative with, and make it your axe.

  • Chuck H.
    from McRae / Baxley, GA January 21, 2008Music Background:
    Multi-instrumentalist, Performer, Studio Owner, Instructor, Deranged Arranger, Jack-o'-all-trades, etc.

    Should Check It Out...

    Ok, I don't own one (thus the 4.5 stars), but I do own a Fantom X7 and use it regularly in my studio and live gigs. It's hard to imagine much improvements in the sounds already available with Roland.

    One thing that makes this keyboard so attractive is its ability to smoothly transition between patches with no drop-outs or sudden stops. Why can't the other performance keyboards do that??? This feature alone is causing me serious thoughts about trading in my Fantom X7. With the DSP available to do what it does, it's a great time in history to be a keyboardist! Not to mention, 24 audio tracks & 128 MIDI tracks via sequencer??? Whacked...

  • Tyler Burns
    from Portland, OR May 18, 2008Music Background:


    I played the G8 at Guitar Center today and was very impressed by its user interface. The color screen is H-U-G-E and has the most brilliant sheen I've ever seen on a workstation. The keybed has been updated, just like the new RD-700(GX), which is pretty nice too.

    Roland has never had great piano sounds on their workstations, and, unfortunately, the G8 doesn't alter that statement. I didn't get to spend too much time with the board personally, but I talked to one of the salesmen who said that the sounds were subordinate to those of Yamaha's Motif XS series.

    Like its predecessors, it seems that this board is very much intended for urban, trance, and techno genres. Personally, I would rather get a Motif XS.

  • Walt
    from New Bern, NC November 22, 2009Music Background:
    Minister of Music, Producer, Song Writer, Pro Musician over 14 years

    Not a Motif XS

    I went to Samash yesterday to compare the Fantom G8 against the Motif XS8 and to be fair the G is a good board but it can not even compare to what the XS can do in sound quality and construction on the machine. The sounds in the G are ok but the problem with it is that most of the sounds are the same just effects added to them to make it seem like there are more sounds there than it really is. Basically you have 10 pianos that are the same but with different filters and effects put on them. The strings on this thing and techno sounds are great! it would be good for someone who is into the new style of music that is out now which is that techno R&B and Hip-Hop. If you want to have a serious production tool with the most realistic sounds and sonic quality get the Motif XS. However, both boards are great boards but the XS is the true workstation to have over the G. Try it for yourself and make your choice everybody has different ears and taste.

  • Tommy Radclivve
    from Sarasota, FL July 9, 2009Music Background:
    Professional 31 years recording, performing in large venues.

    Particle board bottom?

    This is an awesome machine! Yes, it is, but the construction is disappointing. The particle board bottom is so disappointing that I nearly returned it in the first few days. Why not use light aluminum? It is lighter even than this type of wood material. Cost maybe? I don't know, but I am extremely let down.and I am perusing a return on this issue alone.

  • Melanie Foster
    from Nashville, TN, USA January 3, 2014Music Background:
    Semi-pro Musician, producer

    A Roland to be sure

    The techno sounds are above average. The LCD is fantastic.
    The overall sound pales compared to Korg & Yamaha's offerings.
    Roland can't touch Yamaha for acoustic sounds and the arpeggios that come with the Motfif XS & Motif XF destroy Roland and Korg together.
    Thius is a logical evoluton for the Fantom Series and Roland still leads with the concept of "expansion" modules.
    It's worth a good look or two.

  • Warrioress
    from June 30, 2008Music Background:
    producer, musician, protools, singer

    Just bought the Fantom G8

    I just bought the Fantom G8 and although the display is nice, I was a little disappointed. I have a Motif Classic 8 that I bought 5 years ago and the sounds are better. I was looking for the "live" element with the G8 but considering trading it for the Motif XS instead. The rhythm patterns are limited. I could do so much more with the Motif. If the XS is even better than the classic, I may return the G8 and buy the XS and then sell the classic. I think the G8 has some nice features but can't say that it is better than my Motif and that being 5 years old. I just got it a few days ago so I will work with the G a little more before returning to make sure. But my overall impression with the G8 after purchasing, I have to admit I was a little disappointed for my purposes. Other's may feel it is great for them and I think that is key. You have to buy what best suits your needs. I am still tossing.

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