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Crane Song Falcon Tube Compressor Reviews

4.5 stars based on 3 customer reviews
Questions about the Crane Song Falcon Tube Compressor?

Questions about the Crane Song Falcon Tube Compressor?

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  • from United States November 4, 2013Music Background:
    Student, Tracking Engineer, Songwriter

    Modern, improved LA-2A

    I happened to purchase this puppy as part of a massive purchase of gear of many different flavors, and this module really stuck out to me. The thing about this compressor is that it can make a sound huge and saturated, like a vintage LA-2A ("100" setting ON), or it can be completely transparent and apply seamless level control without changing tone ("100" setting OFF). It's so versatile, It's extremely rare that I find myself NOT using this on anything during tracking.

    Where this thing REALLY sells me though, is how fantastic it sounds on vocals. It's like an LA-2A, but more modern sounding and less intrusive to your sound. I've always had a problem with LA-2As because they tend to make the source sound a little "older," which is good in some cases, but if you're recording more modern music, that's not usually what you want. The Falcon just smoothes the source and makes it sound so much more professional and bigger... There's no way I could replace it with anything.

    In terms of versatility, sound quality, and "that magic something", this has very quickly become my favorite TRACKING compressor I've ever used. (Nothing really beats an 1176 or Distressor for mixing)

  • from Las Vegas, NV January 18, 2015Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Sound Engineer (Berklee)


    One of the most musical peices of gear I own. I am reluctant sometimes to commit and print compression or EQ when tracking but never think twice about using the falcon. Sometimes use it after my 1176 in a vocal chain to polish the sound. I use it with my A designs REDDI on bass for a wonderful bass track. Used regularly on kick and snare.
    I own two and use them on the stereo bus on some mixes in lieu of my SSL. I think of it more as a sound shaper more than a compressor. It has a quality that goes beyond compression and just brings out the tone and qualities of a particular source. It seems more art than science and makes me feel I am on a journey to see what this will bring out in a kick, a snare, a guitar, vocal etc. My only issue is I need two
    more of them. I really like the gear this company produces.

  • from OKC, OK October 4, 2013Music Background:
    who cares


    Well I happened to buy two of these suckers. Cost me a lot but let me tell you, stereo compressing and limiting is a necessity if you want to get professional. I have checked out a few of the other 500 series comp's the SSL is a good pick as its a channel strip with all the dynamic processing one could ask for literally. Yet the Crane Song has a type of color that just keeps getting better as my sessions improve (I realized it was my PCM 91 that was the problem with my vocal tracks - stay away from old PCM's).
    At any rate, the Falcons will do great heck get two of them and do stereo mixing with them. They are simple to use and you don't have to completely understand the concepts of compression, etc. I'd say get it right away from sweetwater!

Questions about the Crane Song Falcon Tube Compressor?

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