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TC-Helicon VoiceSolo FX150 Reviews

4.0 stars based on 20 customer reviews
Questions about the TC-Helicon VoiceSolo FX150?

Questions about the TC-Helicon VoiceSolo FX150?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • Rick Steuart
    from Tampa, FL area August 29, 2016Music Background:
    Professional musician, producer and arranger with 40 years experience in jazz, pop, rock, and covers.

    Nice piece!

    This is one of the best thought out personal monitors I've seen. Let's start with this: It sounds fantastic. Plenty of clean power. Enough low end to sound full, but not so much as to be a feedback problem. The dual cone thing seems to really work well in this application. It has lots of bells and whistles, from multiple channels with phantom power (on combo jacks), to aux in and effects. I don't need them, but you might,many they are there. The coolest thing, though, is the instant clip on attachment to a mic stand. No need to screw it on, and then screw something else to it. Take your standard mic stand (boom is recommended to get enough distance to hear the monitor), walk up with the monitor, tilt it about a quarter turn, line it up, and turn it back straight. Done. Best part? No more expensive than any of the other, less well designed units. Buying a personal monitor? The FX150 is a no-brainier. You're welcome. :-D

  • David
    from Midlothian, VA August 29, 2016Music Background:

    Just what I was looking for!

    An amazing speaker for small gigs. Would have loved to have had this for a monitor back when I was doing the bigger bands but now that I'm just doing a solo show it makes a perfect PA. I'm able to Input a mic, guitar and some programmed background music through the auxilary audio input and everything sounds clear. You won't find a better powered speaker with built in mixer and effects out there (if you can find one at all). I highly recommend it.

  • Owl and Dove
    from New Hampshire August 15, 2015Music Background:
    Singer Songwriter

    TC-Helicon VoiceSolo FX150

    This is precisely what we needed for our duet. While we could have used one more channel to pass my partners signal back to me. It is an outstanding unit and has made a major difference in our setup time. The on board sound FX are more than enough and no longer have to carry our pedals and all the cords. We are going to be using the FX150 exclusively on tour from this point forward. The output of the FX150 is tied to Bose L1 columns. Thank you for making a great product. We purchased two FX150's and love them. David Searching Owl and Janet Quiet Dove aka Owl & Dove

  • Jay Enanoria
    from Hilo, Hawaii April 23, 2015

    TC-Helicon VoiceSolo FX150

    Excellent personal speaker. I play on a worship team for our church and so far four (4) of our band members have bought this item. The options with this product are ideal and you can really shape your sound.

    Because we play in an all steel building - we can now minimize our platform volume. Our vocals have also improved because you can really dial in and concentrate on your own voice especially during harmonies.

  • Ron Robbins
    from Orange County, Ca June 1, 2014Music Background:
    Musician/Singer/Songwriter/Recording Artist


    Question is, why did it take so long for someone to come up with it?
    Used it yesterday for my own live performance and also my students'
    at a music-school recital-concert. Had limited space, no set-up time,
    or sound-check. VoiceSolo, along with the Helicon mic that had just
    arrived as rebate the day before, gave us the best vocal sound ever,
    using just this one tiny mic-stand-mounted unit as both monitor AND
    PA in a small recital-hall setting. Having access to the lighted controls without having to control separate mixxer/speaker/effects
    was a Godsend, and I've never been able to SING BETTER or get a
    better AUDIENCE RESPONSE in my many years of performing. And
    young singing-students were able to hear themselves perfectly (and
    enhanced) without any of the fake boominess or limited frequency-
    response of typical systems. Planning to get another for stereo key-
    boards and tracks. FANTASTIC PRODUCT!

  • Ernie Wood
    from Lancaster, CA May 25, 2014Music Background:

    Great Unit 2nd review

    OK, I am convinced this is best unit of its kind on the market. After a SMALL problem easily fixed by me (a tightening of front grill), it works flawlessly. I have used it on several different live gig situations, and was please to extreme on the sound, functionality and portability. The free gig bag is perfect and the TC Helicon mic is awesome. Connects to a larger PA very easily and the tone button work perfectly. I used it last night on a single performance, connected to my Fishman Solo PA; my voice, guitar, and some backing tracks sounded just great. No feedback, and was able to mix the three flawlessly. Several of my musician friends will be ordering one also, based on my recommendation. The customer service at Sweetwater, is second to none. I've been doing business with them for ten years and they have never let me down or disappointed.

  • Isaac vernon smith
    from October 4, 2016Music Background:
    guitar Bass Harmonicas


    I think the voicesolo fx 150 monitor is very good for what T c helicon put into it the fx's sound good I like it.I like TC Helicon product I bought 7 pcs. so far harmonizers and they all sound good. Mr Stewart from Sweetwaters is a gentleman to deal with, I tell all of my friends about him.

  • Baggy Britches
    from Arizona April 16, 2015

    vocal monitor for bluegrass band

    Great monitor and very loud but still very clear. Easy to use and the design is well thought out for mic stand or floor application. I would have given it a Wow rating but the third channel that is used for MP 3 input etc. has a button to take out the vocals so you can sing along with music without the original vocals. It only works "fair". The button just makes the sound "muddy and you can still hear the vocals. I tried lots of different recordings and CD music and it is "muddy " on all of them.

  • RJ
    from Seaside, OR USA January 25, 2015Music Background:

    I can hear for miles

    Works well with the Voice Live Acoustic-you can use it as a personal monitor on your mic stand or in a small rooom as a PA. You can blend the volume on the voice and guitar to hear both clearly. I haven't used the EQ much since I am using the Voice Live Acoustic. Even if it were used stand alone it improves your hearing which will improve you singing and or playing. Im not sure how the guys running the PA like it, I think they are trying to change the sounds that I am trying to make from the Voice Live Acoustic. Need to work on that part.

  • Steve
    from Near Wormtown MA June 10, 2014Music Background:
    Hobyist/Live Sound

    Edit to previous Reviwe.

    Ok So I said this unit does not snap on to the mic stand well if you try to put it on the base part it will go on but not stay where you put it. But if you raise the Center of the post up it will stay pit on the top part so it does work like they say it does but they don'T tell you it has to go on top not the bottom shaft of the mic stand

  • Thomas Braun
    from MO September 20, 2016Music Background:
    Former professional

    Very Good Versatile Monitor

    The TC-Helicon VoiceSolo FX150 is a great sounding monitor. Very loud and clean with lots of great features like reverb and compression. Works great using a monitor output from a board or plugging into it directly. I would have rated it a 5, but I did find one negative. If you are using it outside, the LED lights that show levels are impossible to see in bright sunlight.

  • Sheila
    from CT August 4, 2016Music Background:

    FX 150

    October 2 for a 75 anniversary in a small church hall will be its first use. So far only tested it out in home. Very good and love it being small and all in one.

  • Bird
    from Nashville April 26, 2016Music Background:
    Full time pro musician; soloist, duo, four pc

    TC-Helicon monitor Monster

    So far, so good! What I love: size, loudness, sound, aux in volume, Ch 1/whole mix switch, connections, mounting. Don't use fx; use TC Voice live Touch 2. What I don't like: AC cable (like a computer accable), it's bulky and delicate (could be the first thing to go bad). When I'm doing my own mixing from stage I enjoy the sound; when I'm using a soundman mixing from FOH, not so much. Our FX150s were on the stands and the sound bounce off the back wall creating a delayFX which the soundman tried unsuccessfully to fix by turning down the mains and futzing with the monitor mix. It was terrible overall.

  • Customer
    from United States December 7, 2014Music Background:

    Very good sound for vocals in a very small package

    This small amp doesn't quit measure up to my 15"-woofer keyboard amp for vocals, but it's pretty close. And it's very portable (as opposed to huge and heavy). A very nice choice. Thanks to Sweetwater for the advice to buy it. It's a keeper.

  • E. Zane Wood
    from LAncaster , ca May 21, 2014Music Background:

    Very Nice looking Unit, and functional

    Sound is Terrific. I have used in Live situations with a Band several times as a personal monitor, with Mic through to a larger PA. The Tc Helicon tone button works. When you get yours, be sure to update the firmware on line (USB) because they have improved a few things. Love the lighted buttons, however not so much in outdoor light. Rather dim, which should be expected..not a fault, just the way it is. Very nice in darker environs.
    The metal cover buzzes sympathetically on a middle C, and sounds bad; only that note. I thought something was wrong when testing it, but found when I put my hand on the grill, buzzing vibrations stopped. Maybe there is a way to quell that...not too bothersome, but still..
    Previous reviewer mentioned not as powerful as expected. It is powerful enough , however with tone control button on, the volume does decrease a lot compared to when off.
    Over all nice unit, good price , several of my friends are getting one too, that speaks volumes...

  • Sarah
    from New Orleans, LA May 19, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Great for quiet gigs.

    I've used my new FX-150 on two gigs already, and it has changed my life! It's so funny how the audience perception is changed for the better with that thing, and I can control it moment to moment while on stage, as the sound in the room changes with people filtering in and out. It's not as powerful as I thought it would be, but it still does the trick for my little gigs. AND I already got my gig bag and mic in the mail as a rebate gift! I thought for some reason the mic was the MP-75 with the reverb control, not the MP-70, but I can still control the reverb fairly quickly from the unit if I hook it up to my mic stand. Thanks again. Super pleased!

  • Steve
    from Wormtown MA June 5, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist/ Live sound

    Sound is awesome But some Issues that make it questionable

    I got this beast a few weeks ago and It worked fine. Then I brought it to Band rehersal and the Issues started. First it does not snap onto the Mic stand no matter how hard you push the rubber just bends and twists. So when you are preforming the speaker spins around and slides down the Mic stand. It is good exercise chasing it all night but who wants to do that. Also if it is on for long periods the power supply and speaker both get fairly warm and the output from the speaker decreases. As noted before the Tone button also decreases the overall output significantly.
    Aside from that if you mount it on a seperate stand with supplied adapter it works fine. I was just trying to make less floor clutter in practice space.
    The sound is nothing short of amazing I have my Mic on channel one and have played my bass through channel 2 and was impressed buy the bass response. The effects all sound good and the amount of control is great. One last thing if the power supply is left plugged in when the speaker is off it takes some time when you turn the speaker back on for it to power back up as opposed to if the power supply is unplugged it comes on almost instantly.

  • Will R
    from Mobile, AL July 9, 2014Music Background:
    Old and Cranky Sound Guy

    All Smoke, No Fire

    First of all, I bought this item from Sweetwater for $299.00, expecting close to what TC Helicon’s website was advertising in this units capabilities. I was very impressed with the reviews on Sweetwater and the videos on TC Helicon.

    And to be honest, this does a good job for home vocals or karaoke for parties, but nothing more than that.

    I emphasize HOME USE ONLY, and I will explain as to why I gave this product two out of five stars. I don’t know if people are actually gigging with this, or just really playing in their home, but it is NOT something I would take on the road.

    The three major issues that I have with the TC Helicon Voice Solo FX150 should be the same ones you consider before investing your money.

    On the fence about buying? If build quality, loudness and speaker hiss are pet peeves of yours, look elsewhere for cheaper, better made personal monitors/mini PAs.

    Build Quality: I would not expect this unit to last a month if I was gigging (taking outside of my practice space) with this on a frequent basis due to the plasticky exterior and the cheap audio connectors.

    The exterior of this personal monitor is low-grade plastic and it feels like it would crack or break if you accidentally dropped it. Out of my 20+ years doing live sound, this monitor doesn't have the cojones to really be taken seriously as something I’d gig with.

    Again, I am sure it would survive a tumble on carpet in your house or apartment, but anywhere else, like loading into a car in a parking lot, or having it accidentally kicked around on stage would be questionable as to its survivability.

    My other letdown: my unit looks like it was hand-assembled. The box that I received it in, indicated it was built in Thailand and there are tool marks on the lip that separates the lid from the back enclosure AND there are very obvious swirl marks on the exterior of the plastic. Also, around the front lip of the enclosure it looks like glue marks.

    Again, I’m not trying to nit-pick, but if I paid $100 bucks for this, I wouldn't be so hard with this review, but I paid $299.00 and this built quality is way below average. And it’s not because of aesthetics, but because it looks like it was shoddily put together and the cheap, plasticky feel of the entire monitor.

    Also, if TC Helicon added some 25 cent rubber bumpers around the edges, my confidence level would be a lot higher with toting this around in my car. And if TC Helicon is really touting this vocal monitor as “gig-worthy” why not make the enclosure a bit more beefy and bump resistant? One star deducted for build quality.

    Combo Vocal Monitor and Guitar Monitor: The size of the unit is lot smaller than I expected and I do realize its main purpose is a VOCAL monitor. If you’re wondering about actual size of this monitor, it’s about the same footprint as a standard US magazine, or close to it. It’s small.

    Yes, you can add your guitar and send a clean out to your main PA. Just don’t read “150 watts” and think it’s going to be a real deal PA for you as a soloist or a substitute for a guitar amp -- No Bueno!

    It can get loud for vocals but add the two together and it’s pretty muddy sounding from the speaker. I know this isn't being sold as a “studio-quality” monitor, but the output is less than impressive in terms of fidelity. Total sound projection isn't that impressive, so to get an idea of loudness think of the total sound projection as limited to a SMALL bedroom in your apartment or rehearsal space.

    And again, I wouldn't be complaining if the videos on the TC Helicon website didn’t advertise supporting simultaneous vocals and guitar. From a hobbyist/ play-at-home standpoint, sure. From a weekly gig at the coffeehouse – No Bueno! It’s just too small, fragile and the speaker doesn’t project.

    Vocals do sound decent, and I will say this monitor excels at vocals, but there is a top-end limit on the level and volume setting before you start hearing hiss from the speaker. There are some really great features like the reverb and per-channel EQ settings, but if you turn this up (to use as a personal PA, as advertised) you run into a bit of hiss.

    Also, (and I am using my price point of $299 to validate my points here) I was not impressed with the audio connectors on the back of this monitor. Even some of the cheaper monitor/personal PAs on the market have much better audio connectors. Don’t believe me? Go find a Guitar Center and check out their personal vocal monitors /mini PAs and see what you think.

    I was dissatisfied when I plugged in a ¼” input to channel one and realized my guitar cable had some play in the connector. No Bueno! I tried different ¼” connectors and also channel two. In my book (of 20+ years’ experience in the music world) there should be NO PLAY in any of your connectors. I don’t care if they are combo connectors, they should be tested before leaving the factory (QA) before shipping to the customer.

    Again, you can tell I’m just a little disappointed in the overall build quality of this unit, which is something I keep coming back to. If I paid $100 bucks for this unit, no complaints. At $299 it’s nowhere near the quality I expect from TC Helicon product. One star deducted for chincy audio connectors.

    Speaker Mount for Mic Stand: I have a rounded weighted-base mic stand. When you place the Voice Solo on my vertical mic stand, it is not balanced itself and although my mic stand doesn’t fall over to one side, it sure feels like it wants too. Do I want to risk my brand-new Voice Solo FX150 crashing to the floor? No Bueno!

    I ended up using the supplied vertical adapter and mounted the Voice Solo up and down ways. If you don’t want to use this on the floor, I would suggest only mounting this on a tripod-based mic stand (for balance and support) or you will have problems if you use a rounded weighted-based mic stand like mine. One star deducted for poor mic connector design.

    Ever hear the old phrase “Jack of all trades, master of none?” I was really sold on the “multifunction” use of this device (vocal/guitar monitor/mini PA), but it really is more of a novelty anything else outside of vocals.

    Gigging with this? No way. Home use only. I was a bit deceived by the “all-in-one-device” pitch TC Helicon advertises on their videos on their website. Everybody is jamming out, having a great time with this product. Doesn’t sound as cool if they called it a “Novelty Powered Speaker” right? It’s a harsh but true description of this product.

    Again, there are much sturdier personal PAs (that can be used for vocal monitors) on the market for less money and much, much higher build quality. For close to the same price range (if you shop around) I looked at the Fender Passport Pro 150 and I would of paid another 50 bucks at Guitar Center and gotten something a lot nice in terms of build quality, functionality and sound.

    Summary: A very good (but expensive) vocal-only monitor, but for the premium price, it definitely needs a massive overhaul on build materials and audio connectors. Wanna sing to granny in the nursing home with this? Sure! Wanna try it out at open-mic at the coffee house? You might sound a lot better with something less expensive and more road-worthy.

    If TC Helicon added some rubber bumpers around all corners, re-designed the mic stand connector, added a handle (for carrying without a custom gig box) AND dropped the price, you’d have a real bargain for the feature set. Right now, I don’t feel in any way I paid for the quality and performance that was advertised by TC Helicon.

  • Customer
    from October 21, 2016

    Built not to last

    I've always been excited about the sound of th tc-helicon stuff but after owning the fx-150 and the Play Acoustic it is clear you need to budget for replacements every year. It just doesn't hold up to a steady play schedule.

  • Bird
    from Nashville July 11, 2016Music Background:
    Full time traveling pro-musician

    I tried to like these, but...

    I tried to like these, I really did. A clean crisp sound at first that gradually decreased to a sound that was not loud enough and distorted when I turned it up. Whew, it has a lot of bells and whistles that I thought would be the ultimate monitor and then I discovered that after using for 4 months in mostly duo and solo gigs that I don't need all the bells and whistles, I just need a really good monitor that lets me know what the audience is hearing through the mains. To make matters worse after sounding checking before a gig in Canada, where it worked just fine, I went to play the gig and the unit was off and wouldn't come on (a gig without monitors is a bummer). Next night, it came on then went off after a load was put on it, bummer a second time. Now I have to hassle with getting it fixed so I can get rid of it. This is where buying from Sweetwater sucks: I have to take it back to Sweetwater, in Indiana, or ship it, to get it fixed under warrenty and they didn't offer to swap it out for one that works. Something I'll consider the next time I buy gear.

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