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Line 6 AMPLIFi FX100 ToneMatching Amp / Effects Modeler Floorboard Reviews

4.0 stars based on 23 customer reviews
Questions about the Line 6 AMPLIFi FX100 ToneMatching Amp / Effects Modeler Floorboard?

Questions about the Line 6 AMPLIFi FX100 ToneMatching Amp / Effects Modeler Floorboard?

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  • Pete and the Invisible Band
    from South Florida October 19, 2016Music Background:
    Career Musician

    Just What The Dr. Ordered

    I have been playing music for a living 40 years. I still play 4-5 shows a week in restaurants and bars. I was never a big Line 6 pod fan, but the AMPLIFI FX100 is a gem. Great guitar sounds direct to PA in an easy to use and convenient package. Love the fact I can use my Ipad to make any on the fly adjustments to my sound without having to crawl on the floor to do so. Have used it so far for one month (15 shows) and this rig works flawless. For me this is the best rig for the gig. And to top it off Sweetwater and Mike Picotte have been of great service to my career over the years. Always the best gear at the best prices and always there when I need them. Thank You Mike, Sweetwater and Line 6.

  • Customer
    from April 25, 2016

    Great sound for the price

    This thing is freaking great. I'm into ambient rock type stuff and though there is definitely better options to approach ambient music, or any music with, they will all cost way more than 300 bucks. The notion that I could get great sounding compression, stack several delays, and a nice, spacious reverb (large hall) and control it all within in app on my phone is insane. Again, if it wasn't about money I'd spend thousands of dollars on eventide and strymon products but this things is only 300 bucks. I'm impressed with its capabilities. The distortions sound pretty good, the chorus's sound really good, the delays are super fun to mess with. If you're looking for a cheap way to do live worship or cover some Devin Townsend stuff or whatnot, I suggest this unit.

  • Michael
    from Western North Carolina March 21, 2016

    Line 6 AMPLIFi FX100

    Easy to use . MAking your own Effects is pretty much a breeze.

  • Chris Jude
    from Cumming, GA March 3, 2016Music Background:
    singer/songwriter, demo studio owner

    The Ultimate Stomp Box

    this unit is unbelievable for the price! Pick a tone--all the parameters are selectable through the blutooth connection to the App. I have it loaded on both my iPhone and Kindle Fire HD. Save it, share it. since I am most interested in shaping my own tones I can start with one that is close and modify the parameters (amp, cabinet, modulation effect, dynamic effects, EQ, delay, reverb, etc.). I use a clean setting on my Mesa Boogie and then use the FX100 presets do most of the work rather than changing the settings on the amp. I did create a bypass on the unit to let my clean signal go through in case I wanted to use the amp independently of the effects. There is the occasional glitch or artifact in the sound, but nothing that is distracting or detrimental. At $199 this is the best effects unit I have ever purchased, bar none.

  • Jon McD
    from Nashville January 25, 2016Music Background:

    Great value

    The tones in this package are great. I have worked with profilers, software plugins, emulators etc and this one hits well above its price point. The controls on the board are intuitive, but the need of an iOS device to use it may deter some. I have no issues on this point and the app and Bluetooth connection work seamlessly. My only complaint is a lag when switching patches if the device is connected. It only happens sometimes and I believe later firmware will work this out. No lag at all if using only the board and not the app. I would buy another!

  • Jason
    from January 13, 2016

    Great for tech savvy guitarists

    This multi FX unit is amazing! The board is simple and uncluttered with the minimum of knobs and foot switches. The app is great for adjusting your tones on the fly. Best of all, this unit really sounds good. It's inspired explorations into tones and genres I wouldn't usually go to, all to the advancement of my playing. The ability to assign any parameter to the volume pedal is a great feature and works wonders (try assigning a drive knob to the pedal and have instant access to an overdrive or super sustain by working the pedal). My only quibbles with it are it has no looper and you can't change presets without a hiccup in your sound. They have been coming up with updates since release (adding recording functionality through the USB being the big one IMO), so maybe they'll be able to address these. I use this for bass as well as guitar, and while not as extensive as the guitar sounds, it works really good for bass as well.

  • William
    from Las Cruces September 24, 2015

    Very Happy!!

    This unit is absolutely fantastic. I had no problem installing it and connecting it to my Android phone. I was downloading tone patches in seconds. It is easy to use and the tone library is awesome. When I want to just practice I have to put my phone away because it is too easy to stop and play with the settings. This thing is very versatile and will keep you playing for hours. I play in the Praise and Worship at my church and the different sounds I can use make it a great time for me and everyone listening. Thank you Line 6!!!!

  • Ryan Mowdy
    from OKC OK PLANET EARTH June 1, 2014Music Background:
    lots of stuff i guess


    First let me start out by saying that this mother is difficult to install. I was having problems with my iPad Air but now it works after I uninstalled the app on the iPad and reinstalled it.

    So....I've tried pedals, mutil-fx processors, literally everything out there. The first thing about this processor first off, is the bluetooth capability. You will require an iPhone and/or an iPad. Of course I have an iPaid Air and I downloaded the line 6 software from the app store then went into settings on the ipad and checked bluetooth and activated the actual processor. HOW cool is that? You control 90% of the processor through the iPad (the other ten percent is parametric eq, reverb, fx, drive on the pedalboard). A novel and unique cutting edge way to really incresae workflow and simplify things. Its pure genius.
    Anyway, the device upgrade took a LONG time but its better to have everything up to date. Now even without the actual iPad which allows you to access hundreds of effects, and amp modules, you can adjust drive, parametric EQ, reverb and gain levels and it looks so high end and fancy extremely good looking. This is taking an effects processor steroids but very organized and simplistic to operate with bluetooth. Even if you don't have bluetooth, it can still be used as an f/x processor but its very limited. The idea behind Line 6's new processor, is that you operate it from your iPad or iPhone which actually simplifies things much more. And as far as user friendly, listen I'm the dumbest guy I know but I can operate it quickly and get what I want so anyone can.

    oh and what is so cool is I had a beatles album on my iPad. I could literally play the songs THROUGH MY MESA BOOGIE AMP!! Amazing. Is it practical....not really but just really cool. The concept of using iOS7/iPad's to configure effects, etc., is a very smart move. it increases your workflow, allows for so many possibilities, you don't have to mess around with the pedalboard (unless you want to). Alll I can say is out of all the gear I have bought, for some reason this is like the holy grail. I mean you check out the delay effects. There's like 20 of em! Amazing. I insist that you buy this right away. It is a great deal and its so much fun. Anyway thats a long review but rest assured you will be like a kid in a candy store with this baby!

  • Jeffrey Johnson
    from Florida May 5, 2017

    Nice Unit

    I bought this so I can lay tracks without being in my studio. It has a very nice set of sounds and is very easy to use. I had no problems connecting it to my tablet with their android app. If you want to be able to record good studio sounds without having to set up the amps and mics, you should give this little gem a try. It is very versatile.

  • Gregory Lafler
    from MI November 18, 2016

    Great Multi effects for the money

    This little multi effects pedal is awesome! comes with 100 presets! but what makes this special is you look into the cloud for a song or tone( done through Bluetooth) and you can set up your tones yourself. Very easy to use! every preset you can adjust in many different ways to make it perfect for you! there are better machines out there but not for the price!. The only negative about this is I later found it less expensive on other sites or I would of given it 5 stars

  • Customer
    from March 29, 2016

    Really Kool! Very Helpful

    The control, the sound quality, and the ability to learn signal routing while producing the tones from the templates are awesome! Really Helpful and I can't wait to use it everyday!

  • woodnknoll
    from Upstate NY March 24, 2016Music Background:

    Flexible and well designed.

    If you don't want (or can't afford) a bunch of individual pedals for all your different effects, this might do the trick for you. Some of the effects or cabinets don't sound exactly right or maybe too digital, but the overall package is pretty neat and well worth the price. It seems to be well made and I expect it will provide good service for as long as I need it.

  • Dave
    from Los alamitos, CA March 9, 2015Music Background:
    Semi pro

    Great stuff

    This unit is great. But it really only works well with Apple iPad. I tried using my android but unreliable Bluetooth connection. Now with iPad all is going great and I'm using I live situations.
    Very intuitive layout and operation.

  • Byron Enders
    from Florida USA July 11, 2014Music Background:

    Great Pedal

    I would give this a 5 star if the software was a little different, I would like if they used older devices like ipad 1 and am sure people would love android or PC based software not just IOS, I'm ok with IOS only. I love the pedal it self is near flawless and exceeds what I expected. there is a delay switching banks so I make sure to program what I need fast on the same bank. I do use it at church and the buttons are loud to press so changing between songs during a prayer can get eyes turned your way. overall its borderline phenomenal with all you can do and yet is very simple to operate. I would recommend this to any guitar player for studio home or church, not sure of durability for on the road musicians but I wouldn't see why not!!!!

  • Wayne
    from Austin, TX June 18, 2014Music Background:
    Professional guitarist, Producer

    Got it right.

    I am impressed with the ease of use and accuracy if the amp_cab-effects built in. I was easily able to 're-create the classic sounds with a large number of guitars. I look forward to new updates.

  • Perry D
    from Farmingdale, NY June 5, 2014

    FX 100

    This is a really great pedal. The app is very user-friendly and works as described. Sound quality of the amps, cabs & pedals are really authentic. Took me about 20 minutes to create a preset tone for China Grove by the Doobie Bros. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because it doesn't have a Midi connection, yet. There is a USB connector "for future use", so hopefully it will be utilized for that. And oddly enough, you can't create a tone from scratch. At least I couldn't figure out how! The documentation is sparse. But it is still easy to use & play with.

    from Bell, CA May 12, 2017Music Background:
    Professional Singer, Producer, Compocer and Audio Engenier

    Very Good for the price

    The Amp sounds very nice and have the sounds I need, plus the extras on the app option.
    I think is very good piece of equipment for the price. : )

  • Paul
    from California May 12, 2017

    Amplifi Fx100 well worth the price of admission

    Light, versatile and the phone app is awesome!!

  • Clay Hoff
    from March 16, 2016

    Nice effects

    The amp out does not work! I can not find any trouble shooting information.
    I can still get a out signal from the mix out so I can still use it. It has very good sounds, and works with my iPhone very nice.

  • Alex
    from NY March 17, 2016

    Cool Concept but Finicky and Limited

    I'm a firm believer in Line6 Products and I've been using them for years. The Amplifi series kind of disappointed me. From a hardware perspective, this thing is the great quality you'd expect from Line6. The software side and accessibility side was where things went downhill...

    Bottom Line: The pedal is nice quality but useless without the phone/tablet App, which doesn't work well and is really annoying. Has old Pod amp models instead of the newer generation HD ones.

    So here's what you absolutely must consider before buying this product.

    The thing is pretty much useless without the IOS/Android App. There's no digital display other than the patch number so you have no idea what the presets are called. You can change the tone with basic EQ controls on the pedal but there's no "save" button to save tweaked on the pedal, you have to save the changes via the app. Now here's the problem with that...

    Out of the box, this thing only works with Apple products. Which is great if you have one, but if you want to use Android you have to update the firmware on the pedal. I tried to update the firmware on 3 different PC's but every time the update would fail (I've owned several Line6 Products in the past and never had issues updating hardware). According to the Line6 forums, many people had this issue. I finally tried updating it on a Mac and finally it worked. Now that the pedal finally worked with Android, I had numerous issues with the bluetooth Connectivity on my Samsung Galaxy phone and tablet. Everytime you minimize the app the pedal disconnects from bluetooth, very annoying.

    Sound wise it's what you would expect from Line 6. I'm a bit disappointed that these are the old POD models, not the PodHD models.

    Overall not very impressed. Great idea but flawed. Should have a basic LCD screen to see the patch name and a "save" button to overwrite presets.

  • Jerry Richardson
    from Concord, CA October 8, 2014Music Background:
    Guitar, live sound, recording

    Cool but....

    Had this for 3 months.

    While it has lots of bells and whistles I found myself fiddling with it too much, only to find that the “digital” quality of the sound was not appealing.

    American Strat, Egnater Rebel 30, and now Xotic SP Compressor

  • Dominick
    from Independence, MO. September 25, 2015Music Background:
    Professional Stage and Recording Musician for over 20 years

    Great if upgrading from individual pedals

    Sounds are exact with my existing kidney bean POD XT, however, I require more functionality than this offeres. The expression pedal can only be assigned volume or wah, no parameter changes for any other effects. The phone interface is cool, but cumbersome on my Android. The bluetooth connectivity comes and goes on my android, but is fine on my wife's IPhone. The concept of a phone app is cool, but if you've had previous gear, you'll miss being able to adjust parameters without the need for a phone in one hand and your guitar in the other. I'm upgrading to the HD500X for the dual processing routes and adjustability of parameters with the expression pedal, as well as a better selection of detuning capabilities and a friendly, more reliable interface.

  • Alascar
    from Alaska February 9, 2016Music Background:
    professional musician

    Stay away if you even remotely resemble a pro. And def not for live gigs

    Great idea- I thought. Nope. I tried using it at a gig. Wouldn't change the tones from my ipad. I get this "unable to load presets, please try again" error. It's useless. The tones arent all that good either. This thing is only good for a teenager just starting out. Nothing more. I'm a working musician. Cannot rely on it. Now I'm trying a firmware update. Regardless if it fixes that It's still worthless to me. Stick with pedals. This is silly shortcut junk. It's bad when I had to play the gig with the built-in distortion in my amp.

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