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Roland FP-80 - Black Reviews

4.0 stars based on 9 customer reviews
  • Gene
    from Ann Arbor MI USA June 23, 2014Music Background:
    Pro musician

    Roland FP-80...Incredible Value

    Fantastic piano, organ and Rhodes voices

  • Gordon Penny
    from Bryan, Ohio, USA March 11, 2014Music Background:
    Acoustic everything slow learner with cubase and pro tools. Hobbyist and guitarist with ukuleleistic tendencies!

    Versatile Pedigree

    This keyboard has an incredible sound, incredible versatility and is surprisingly easy to 'get into' as far as editing things goes. I found out about the air recorder from Apple (free wireless recorder and digital playback app) and I hate to admit it, but got it all set up real easy. I used my kid's ipod and it is amazing. I use it for church and the inbuilt speakers give you as big a sound as any acoustic piano could. The automatic features (backing) are quite cool and the organ drawbarsand leslie rotary speaker effects are fantastic. I really like the harmony voicebox features. It looks sharp and delivers big time! well worth the $2K. Sweetwater did me a nice deal with some extra stuff thrown in. Gotta love that!

  • Marita Parker
    from Cudjoe Key Fla. August 9, 2013Music Background:
    beginner piano student

    Feels like I'm playing on a Baby Grand

    This is the only piano I will need for the rest of my life. The sound is awesome.

  • Glen HUey
    from April 12, 2016

    Amazing Piano

    Plays exactly like I expected. The weighted keys and piano sounds give me the closet rig I've ever had to my real Baby Grand downstairs. Works great in the Studio - the backing sounds and chord progressions make it easy to hammer out song riffs and ideas when writing. Easy and very intuitive controls - not all those complicated screens and screens of settings when you just want a good piano. Roland nailed this one!

  • Jim
    from Fort Wayne, IN April 25, 2014Music Background:

    Very Pleased

    Hundreds of sounds to choose from, and it feels like a full size grand piano. The built in speakers are awesome, more than enough for most home environments, and you can still patch into a PA if desired. For the price it's a great instrument.

  • Robert Glatzer
    from Yardley, PA August 13, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Jazz Pianist

    Great choice for what I wanted

    Coming off a Yamaha Tyros 2 arranger, I was looking for an 88-key keyboard with really great acoustic and electric piano sounds as that is what I use as a gigging Jazz pianist. Prior to the Tyros 2 I owned a Roland FP-5.

    The Roland FP-80 sounds really good through the internal speakers, and fantastic through a full sound system or even headphones. Internal speakers are good for at-home playing, on-stage monitoring, and for smaller jobs. Turned all the way up, the FP-80 can start to approach the volume of my 6í acoustic grand, but you can start to get some distortion at full volume. The action and feel far exceeded my expectations. It is very expressive to play on.

    Having owned the Tyros 2, I am very familiar with what can be done with a keyboard that is very strong in style variety and functionality. Since I owned the FP-5 previously I didnít have great expectations of the styles on the FP-80. Given all that, I still found the functionality available for working with styles and the variety of styles in the FP-80 to be rather lacking. The demo that you see online of the guy playing at home and then on-stage with a singer works great for THAT song, but in real-world use the styles are fine for fooling around with, but not much more than that, and not really useable for playing out on. Also, I found the full-keyboard chord recognition to not work very well, even on song when I kept to simple chord fingering across both hands. I know Roland has good style technology that is used on their arranger keyboards. I wasn't expected full-featured arranger features, but a little more functionality would have been appreciated. It was obviously a marketing/pricing decision by Roland to not include a little bit richer set of style features on the FP-80.

    I wish it weighed less, but I knew the weight going in and decided that 88 weighted keys and internal speakers was an acceptable compromise. I liked the idea of the up-firing speakers of the FP-80 instead of the out-the-back firing speakers of the lighter FP-50. Since the speakers are used for at-home playing and on-stage monitoring I wanted the best sound for me. If I need more sound for the audience Iíll use bigger sound reinforcement. I am using a WS550 stand, an older version of the On-Stage Stands WS8550, as a stand for playing out with and think it is an extremely stable platform for the FP-80. I will probably get the Roland stand for at home use. I ordered the RPU-3 triple pedal. Looking forward to trying that.

    All-in-all, I am very pleased with this instrument. It does very well what I bought it for.

  • Jason Gifford
    from Elmira, NY July 5, 2013Music Background:
    playing piano for 30+ years, semi-pro sessions, gigs, and recordings in the past. Now just play for pleasure everyday at home and away, nursing homes, schools, charities, etc. also have built-up a great recording studio that took a few years.

    Be sure to try them all!

    I recently bought the Roland FP-80 and love it. I needed and extra piano for small intimate gigs and this is perfect. No to many portable digital pianos with good on board speakers that actual sound good. FP-80 was the best out of all I could demo (..until, read on). I like the Roland over Yamaha, Korg , and Casio. Yamaha, had a great sounding digital piano cp300, but was 75lbs!! Also, it's been out for years. the technology is a little old. By far, the Roland was the best choice of the bunch. However, I just played a Kawai ES7 for an entire long weekend at a friends vacation home. I must say that was highly impressed with sound and action. The ES7 is very similar to the Roland in class and specs. The ES7 has a much better speaker system than my Roland. The action is about the same, a little softer on ES7, Roland has a bit of a thump. Both Grand piano and EP sounds great but that comes down to personal preference ( i only care about piano and EP). I just wish I played the ES7 when shopping. I wanted to, but tough to find a demo. Might have been a totally different decision. ES7 seems to have the edge over the FP-80 in my opinion. Either way you cant go wrong and I am VERY happy with my FP-80. Both amazing in the own way. But I must admit I cant stop thinking about the ES7 now that Im back playing my FP-80. BTW, thank you Sweetwater for all great deals in the past. You have always been my one-stop-shopping for all my needs. My studio is done thanks to your great advice after many phone calls. You guys really know your stuff!

  • Kara DiCarlo
    from Providence, RI June 19, 2013Music Background:
    Trained in classical piano. But playing it all for hire at birthdays and weddings to make ends meet.

    Very nice, but a little disappointing.

    Pros: nice feel, action, super natural sound

    Cons: keys are little loud, speakers are fair at best, only few super natural sounds, less features than FP-7F

    I bought this with high hopes that it would be big improvement over the FP-7F which I originally wanted after trying it. I bought the FP-80 without trying it I must admit I was let down after owning it for a month. Seems like very little improvement especially if you are banking on better speakers. I fell for the hype of the Acoustic Projection technology thinking it would sound like an upright acoustic piano, but that's my fault. Also, Do NOT expect this to be anything like the RD700NX with speakers. I played the RD700NX and it is far superior in sound and feel. Overall, FP-80 is very nice looking and sleek design if you care. Sounds great with headphones. Great actions. Im content with purchase but wish I shopped or waited a little more. If you really want a Roland FP-80 but want to save $500 get the FP-7F while still available. Use the $500 for amazing Yamaha HS5 speakers. Too late for me. I feel like i paid an extra $500 for 4 tiny speakers subpar to an old boombox. Again, my fault

  • Robin Hall
    from September 9, 2015

    just ok

    Going by the promotional videos I had high hopes for this piano. I had a high range Roland Digital Piano many years ago and the piano sound was remarkable - so I expected something similar. The first thing I noticed with this keyboard was the noise the keys made - there's a real 'thud' when you run up and down the keys without the volume up. The second main problem is the speakers - if you have the volume low the sound is VERY bad indeed - the piano sounds very 'electronic' and distorted at a low volume.

    With headphones its a different story - nice crisp sound - so clearly the keyboard speakers are at fault. Hopefully a couple of high end speakers will sort it out but like I said - from the promotional video I expected the sound to be better.

    Another ridiculous problem is the location of certain important features. To insert a USB stick you ABSOLUTELY have to have full access to the back of the piano or else it is impossible to attach it - it's just not a 'natural' fitting. I would imagine most people place the keyboard against a wall so you will HAVE to drag the keyboard out every time you want to record with the USB - crazy. Same with the microphone - it's located at the back.

    I wont go into details about the various functions - I'm sure other reviewers are more capable - but I just wanted to warn people about these specific problems in case that might be of help.

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