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Roland FP-30 - Black Reviews

5.0 stars based on 6 customer reviews
Questions about the Roland FP-30 - Black?

Questions about the Roland FP-30 - Black?

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  • from Nashville February 28, 2017Music Background:
    Piano degree, jazz, classical and big fan of the Nashville Number System

    Outstanding piano for multiple reasons -- built like a tank.

    I own three acoustic pianos (grand, tall upright and small spinet). This piano action (PHA4 Standard Action) is not as good as the Roland RD800 action (PHA4 Concert Action), but it is almost as good. Additionally, it is better than my upright and spinet but not my grand piano. What I love most about this piano is that it is rugged and almost twenty pounds lighter than my RD800. Very solid piano. I practice with it about an hour or so a day, because if I can nail it on this piano, I can nail it on any piano I play. So it's a fantastic practice piano. I only use the traditional piano sounds because I have a Nord E5 that supplies most of the other sounds I need. Much of the time I use this keyboard as a MIDI controller into my Nord, but when I don't need the sounds from my Nord, I just bring this -- and it works great. On high-paying gigs, I bring my RD800, but I'm tired of carrying that around, so the FP-30 is here to stay -- and likely to become the first piano I take. I believe this is a great first piano, student piano, college dorm room piano, spare corner in a bedroom piano -- and it's a good gigging piano too! I wish it had standard two 1/4" jack outputs and a standard five-pin MIDI IN and MIDI OUT (and thru), but there are cables made by HOSA (and others) that take care of this design decision handily. I'm shocked that I love the blue tooth MIDI capabilities and I have it paired to my iPhone, which greatly expands this low priced piano with more modern features. They could greatly expand this piano with additional software, and I hope they do. So, this piano gets ten stars: great beginning piano, great student piano, rugged gigging piano and enough features to keep you busy practicing. It weighs five more pounds than a lot of other DPs, but it feels much more rugged and the action takes lots of hours of playing -- without loosening. I really like Casio too, especially the 350M and the 560. But I highly recommend this DP because it feels like it will last. I'm playing on a 350 as well, and like it very much. I have had no problems whatsoever with the 350 (and love the sounds too), but the FP-30 is built like a tank. Time will tell!

  • from Brockport, NY January 3, 2017Music Background:
    Music Teacher, Saxophonist


    The FP30 has met and exceeded all of my expectations so far. It is a powerful instrument, with more capabilities than I will realize for a while. The sound is terrific and the sound bank and internal rhythms are characteristic. There isn't a digital instrument around that sounds like the real thing, but this sure does get close!

    The weighted keys are as close to a real piano as I've ever felt (keep in mind...I am a saxophonist, not a piano player, but my son who is, actually said, "this feels more like a piano than some pianos I've played!").

    Looking forward to exploring this instrument a bit more and discovering all it can do.

    Customer service with Sweetwater has proven to be exactly what it should be - prompt, courteous and thorough. I'm very impressed!

  • from October 31, 2016Music Background:
    Church Volunteer

    What's not to like?

    Everything that I want is in this fp30. The real piano feel, the sound. The two guys who reviewed before me took all what I have to say. The only thing that I didn't like much is the note holder. A page at a time is fine but it does not hold books that well. But that is not enough to take even half a star. Awesome!!!!!

  • from October 10, 2016


    I'm not even a Roland fan. I actually dislike most of their offerings, even up the RD-800. But I have to say, once I laid hands on this, I'm sold. I have had a variety of boards- Nord Stage 2, Yamaha CP4 (one of my favorites), RD-800, Kawai MP11 (outstanding, but HEAVY). This lightweight FP30 is the best thing that has been made in recent history. The action is VERY good, and the sounds are amazing. I wish there were a few more EP's, but the handful that are there are quite good. The built-in speakers are reasonably powerful and sound quite good and full-range. This board is approaching pro-level, and is a serious piece of kit for the money. The Kawai ES-100 has been dethroned. Well done, Roland. Now if they would make an intermediate version of this that would be under 30 pounds with many of the features of the yet to be released FP90 (52 pounds!).

  • from Seminole, TX March 14, 2016Music Background:
    church pianist

    Best bang for the buck by far! USB MIDI

    As a pianist, I look for two things in a digital piano: That it feels and sounds as close to the real things as possible! I don't care for extra effects, EQ, or hundreds of tones/features I never use. The FP-30 is great in that respect!

    I really like the SuperNATURAL pianos, and the PHA-4 keyboard feels really nice. I would say it's a bit on the harder side, which is good or bad depending on who you ask. I personally will have no problem adapting.

    The builtin speakers to make it really easy to take to gigs without having to worry about bringing an amp, though they would sound better facing the player as opposed to facing downward. I'll be playing this mostly through earphones, so that's not an issue for me.

    One thing that had wondered about, but is not mentioned in the specs is that it will do MIDI over USB!!! that was just the icing on the cake for me! I had really hoped that this would be the case, but again, found info only on the Bluetooth MIDI. But I plugged it into my Surface Pro3 and two seconds later I'm hearing my pianoteq sounds :) so this makes a good MIDI controller as well, USB or Bluetooth!

    I can tell you that I did TONS of research before deciding on the FP-30, and I am absolutely thrilled with my purchase!

  • from Southeast Ky November 20, 2016

    Roland FP 30

    My Wife Loves the Roland FP 30. Sweetwater Music are very Professional People, Super fast shipping as well, I will call them again when We need anything else. Thanks Chuck

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