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Virtual Studio Software with Audio Recording and Editing Capabilities, and Sequencing - PC
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Sorry, the Image Line FL Studio Producer 10 is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Image Line FL Studio Producer 10
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An All-in-one Music-production Playground!

Image Line FL Studio Producer 10 DAW is a complete music production and recording environment that lets you take your ideas all the way from early creation to pro mixing to final mastering. It's not just an environment either, FL Studio Pro 10 hooks you up with tons of amazing virtual instruments, effects, and mastering tools, and more. You get a super-intuitive work environment and big-time music production power for an extremely low price tag, with Image Line FL Studio Producer 10!

Image Line FL Studio Producer 10 at a Glance:
  • An amazing music-production powerhouse
  • Slicex and Edison let you get really creative
  • Make your dream synths, with FL Synth Maker
An amazing music-production powerhouse

FL Studio Producer 10 is a music production force designed to take your ideas all the way from early creation to pro mixing to final mastering. Inside this program, you get more than 30 software synthesizers, so you can build your creations with realistic sounds. Add piano, strings, electric guitar, bass, and a whole landscape of synth-style tones. Record audio, slice up beats, and mix like a pro with effects such as maximization, EQ, compression, delay, vocoding, and more. What's more, you can use all of your favorite VST or DirectX plug-ins inside Image Line FL Studio Producer 10!

Slicex and Edison let you get really creative

If you love to make beats, you're going to have a blast with FL Studio Producer 10's Slicex. This inspiring beat-making tool is perfect for carving up drum-loops and turning the slices into completely new creations. Image Line also includes Edison in FL Studio Producer 10, which gives you flexible recording and editing anywhere you can load up a VST plug-in.

Make your dream synths, with FL Synth Maker

If a full complement of amazing synths, not to mention impressive effects aren't enough for you, then check out FL Synth Maker. Part of Image Line FL Studio Producer 10, FL Synth Maker lets you create new and unique virtual instruments and effects, without having to go through the trouble of learning to code. Create your own synths and share them with other FL Studio Producer 10 Synth Maker users.

Image Line FL Studio Producer 10 DAW Software Features:
  • Complete music production DAW software environment
  • Audio recording from external sources
  • Direct-to-disk recording & offline rendering of Mixer tracks
  • Audio Clips with waveform view & support for cue points
  • Automation Clips with editable envelopes and LFO mode
  • Piano roll allowing chords and note-slides
  • Playlist (Pattern Clip) arranging
  • Full automation of all enabled parameters (as Event Automation)
  • Internal controllers as a modulation source
  • Acts as VST instrument in another host DAW
  • Acts as a ReWire & VST client or host
  • Program or record 999 separate 'loop' patterns into the step-sequencer
  • Enter beats or monophonic notes on each instrument Channel (unlimited Channels)
  • Enter velocity, pan, modulation, pitch and note-start offset per-note
  • Each 'loop' pattern can consist of an unlimited number of Channel instruments/samples
  • Route and mix Channels through any number of the 104 Mixer tracks and add effects such as delay, reverb, flanging chorusing, or EQ
  • Play back or render a single pattern at a time of up to 64 steps
  • Render to wav, mp3 or ogg format
  • Access to the Mixer (104 Mixer channels, rerouting, integrated EQ and more)
  • External MIDI control and recording
  • Unlimited number of instrument Channels
  • 4 to 64 notes in the Step Sequencer per pattern (up to 999 patterns)
  • Advanced instruments include: FL Direct Wave (player), Edison integrated audio editor/recorder, Slicex loop slicer & re-arranger, Vocodex advanced vocoder, Synthmaker, Simsynth Live synthesizer instrument, Drumsynth Live percussion synthesizer, DX10 FM synthesizer, and Wasp & Wasp XT synthesizers
  • Additional Instruments include: TS404, 3OSC, Autogun, Channel Sampler, BooBass, Beepmap, Plucked, Fruit Kick, Chrome, FPC, WaveTraveller, Dashboard, KB Controller, Fruity Vibrator, Midi Out, FL Slayer, FL Keys, and Granuliser
  • Effects include: Delay, Delay Bank, Equo, Flangus, Love Philter, Vocoder, Parametric EQ & EQ2, Multiband Compressor, Spectroman, Stereo Enhancer, Wave Candy, Wave Shaper, and Soundgoodizer
  • Supports unlimited VST & DX plugin instruments
  • Import/Export WAV, MP3, OGG & MIDI
  • Piano typing keyboard
  • ASIO support (for low latency)
Take your project from idea to completion, inside one easy-to-use interface with FL Studio Producer 10!

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