Fretlight FG-421 - Renegade Red No Longer Available

Solidbody Electric Guitar with Alder Body, Maple Neck, Advanced Polymer Fretboard with LED Learning System, Shelby Designs Pickups, and N-Tune - Renegade Red
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Fretlight FG-421 - Renegade Red image 1
Fretlight FG-421 - Renegade Red image 1

Sorry, the Fretlight FG-421 - Renegade Red is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Fretlight FG-421 - Renegade Red
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Built-in LED Learning System - and Shelby Designs Pickups!

Fretlight fretboard
The Fretlight FG-421 gives you Fretlight's unique Advanced Polymer fretboard LED learning system in a smooth-playing solidbody electric guitar. Visualizing your guitar's fingerboard as a musical roadmap is one of the keys to stellar playing. Just connect the FG-421 to your computer via USB, load the included Fretlight Studio software, and scales, chords, riffs, and even full songs come to life right under your fingers. Fitted with great-sounding Shelby Designs pickups plus an onboard N-Tune tuner, this special edition Fretlight FG-421 will ignite your musical creativity.

Fretlight FG-421 Solidbody Electric Guitar at a Glance:
  • A real guitar that helps you learn and advance
  • Shelby Designs pickups and N-Tune on-board tuner
  • Advanced Polymer fretboard with built-in LED learning system
  • A time-saving learning tool for any guitarist
A real guitar that helps you learn and advance

The Fretlight FG-421, like all Fretlight guitars, is a real electric guitar through and through. With an alder body, maple neck, and a humbucker/single-coil/single-coil pickup configuration, you've got everything you need for great tone. And it's designed to be played for years - it's got an adjustable truss rod to keep the neck playing perfect, and the chrome bridge has fully adjustable saddles for precise intonation. Long story short, the Fretlight FG-421 is a capable electric guitar even without the built-in LED learning system.

Shelby Designs pickups and N-Tune on-board tuner

This special edition Fretlight FG-421 sports Shelby Designs pickups (in an H-S-S configuration) and an N-Tune on-board tuner. Shelby Designs pickups are made with Alnico II magnets, with a few extra windings around each pickup to increase the burn when you push 'em. Warm and creamy sounding, these pups are ideal for classic rock and jazz. You get a standard volume, volume, tone control layout, but with a twist: your treble doesn't attenuate when you back off the pot, so you get consistent tone throughout the complete volume spectrum. As a bonus, the Fretlight FG-421's fitted with Shelby Designs pickups get an N-Tune on-board tuner - so perfect tuning is never farther away than your guitar's volume knob!

Advanced Polymer Fretboard with built-in LED learning system

The real magic of the Fretlight FG-421 is its built-in LED learning system. The Advanced Polymer Fretboard has LED lights embedded in it to show you riffs, scales, songs, and chord fingerings. Just connect the Fretlight FG-421 to your computer via USB, load the included Fretlight Studio software, and you're ready to learn! You can even use Fretlight Studio to play Hal Leonard Fretlight Ready instructional videos to learn the styles of your favorite guitarists.

A time-saving learning tool for any guitarist

The Fretlight FG-421 will make playing and learning guitar more enjoyable for any player, because you're still forming the solid foundation every guitarist needs. If you're a beginner, you'll love seeing your scales and chords lit up on the fretboard - no more looking back and forth between a book and your guitar! Intermediate players will love how the Fretlight system can inspire you out of a rut by making it fast and easy to learn new chords and scales. And if you're a gigging pro and constantly need to learn new songs, or new scales to solo with, the quality feel and great sound makes the Fretlight FG-421 a guitar you'll love practicing with.

Fretlight FG-421 Solidbody Electric Guitar Features:
  • Electric guitar with innovative LED learning system to make practice fun and effective
  • Great tonal variety from the humbucker/dual single-coil Shelby Designs pickups
  • Built-in LED learning system shows you how to finger chords, scales, riffs, and even full songs
  • Connects to your Mac or PC via USB for use with Fretlight Studio software (included)
  • Standard 1/4" output lets you connect to your amplifier, multi-pin output interfaces with your computer
  • Perfect for beginners, eliminating the need to look between a book or video and your guitar
  • Ideal for intermediate players, helping you expand your skills to new chords, scales, and licks
  • Great for pro players too: quickly try new scales and modes; learn new songs fast
  • Includes Lennon & McCartney Fretlight Ready video DVD and Beginner 101 and 102 DVDs
Take your playing to the next level with the Fretlight FG-421!

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Manufacturer Part Number FG-421 DLX RD

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