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Behringer FCV100 Dual-Mode Expression Pedal Reviews

4.0 stars based on 17 customer reviews
Questions about the Behringer FCV100 Dual-Mode Expression Pedal?

Questions about the Behringer FCV100 Dual-Mode Expression Pedal?

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  • Tim Carter
    from Las Vegas, NV April 27, 2017Music Background:
    Professional Guitarist

    Beringer FCV100

    Best volume pedal I have ever owned. Regardless of price this pedal blows way anything out there. Absolutely no signal loss. Very smooth and well built. Beringer hit a home run with this pedal. Thanks Sweeteater , Jeff is the man.

    Tim Carter
    Las Vegas

  • nyce maell kedh kignoumba
    from Bronx, NY June 6, 2016Music Background:
    Pianist, Live sound operator.

    Great Product

    Was`t disappointed when i started using this product it just what was missing for me to tune my volume level easily. thanks for this product!

  • Terry Pepple
    from Indianapolis, IN June 13, 2014

    Works with iRig Blueboard & iPad

    I was looking for a guitar volume and expression pedal to use with iRig Blueboard and iPad mini running Amplitube and guitar apps. The pedal itself is well built and very responsive. The pedal has normal mode (for volume) and CV mode (MIDI CC). You have to be sure to run from output 2 to the Blueboard (1/4 TSR cable) and have a 1/4 cable plugged in input 1 (even if nothing is connected to it). The 9v power is activated when cable is plugged into input 1. Input 2 is inactive when using CV mode. Able to control WAH and volume in realtime with no noticeable latency.

  • Mark "the Modfather" Boone
    from Ypsilanti, MI July 11, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician/Singer/Songwriter

    Best pedal ever

    This thing brought my Nord Electro to a whole new level of brightness, expression and sonic energy.......... I love it.

  • Michael Hofius
    from Bristol, VA - USA March 3, 2012Music Background:
    semi-pro singer, Cantor in the Catholic Church.

    An excellent inline volume pedal

    I am impressed at how well I am able to control the volume whether I am performing live or recording. This pedal does everything it promises, and it does it well. I love that I can put it anywhere inline and it gives me the results I am looking fror. The price is reasonable as well.

  • Paul
    from Texas March 12, 2016Music Background:
    Full-time (5 nights a week)

    It Does Eventually Break

    I've used these pedals for almost five years, and typically run them between 12-20 hours per week. There is no better pedal out there! They use a potentiometer that controls an amplifier circuit rather than just a simply putting a potentiometer in line with the input and output. The result is incredibly smooth action and ZERO noise. I've spent as much as $100.00 on pedals that are nowhere near this sound quality.

    The only bad news...the pot eventually wears out and you get uneven response.

    They are not economically repairable. Nonetheless, I am perfectly happy to use one for about 2 years and replace it at the sales price of around $30.00. A typical user should easily get 5 years use. This is a great buy for casual musicians as well as professionals.

  • Glen Calvin
    from Charleston, WV January 30, 2015Music Background:
    Praise Team Keyboards

    Great Pedal! Priced Right!

    I purchased two, one for home and one for the church, I use it daily and found it is a great volume pedal. The only weakness it does not come with a power supply. Seetwater takes the time to call and say thanks for the order and let me know when to expect the product. Good job Sweetwater!

  • Gary Kunkel
    from United States December 7, 2014Music Background:
    Keyboard player

    Excellent Volume Pedal for M-Audio

    This is the best volume pedal that I have used! Long throw but very smooth from off to full.

  • Alan Trammell
    from Jefferson, GA September 20, 2016

    Good product

    Works as it should.

  • Jim Richards
    from Chicago, IL January 16, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer(pro), Musician(semi-pro)

    Very long throw....but built like a more expensive unit!

    First off, Sweetwater was out of stock when I ordered this, and Matt called to let me know ship dates and such... They had it to my house 6 days before I was expecting it! NICE! When I got the pedal the first thing I did was power it up ( easy to do using a Phillips head screwdriver and a 9-volt battery. This is my very first expression pedal, even though I've been playing keys/synths for years (15 or so) I've always just set up MIDI or used analogs with knobs... Upon putting this unit down on the floor next to the sustain pedal, I found the throw was large enough that I couldn't operate it at that angle.... For me, this is a CV pedal, filter mostly, so I have not yet tested the VCA function, however if the rest of behringers line is the benchmark, I'm sure it will be pretty clean, even clinical, up until distortion, where it'll get ugly quick!

    I'm having some trouble locating an DC adaptor out of the MANY MANY wall warts I've got here, so I may have to order yet another one. Know that this pedals plug supply expects 12V and "at least 10ma"....not sure if the average pedalboard provides that or not?

    Overall, it does exactly what I wanted it to do, with zero fuss.... I'll have to get used to smoothly changing the filter with my feet is all!

  • Evelio Valle
    from NJ, USA June 22, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer

    Behringer Foot Controller FCV100


  • Hankster
    from Mississippi, United States February 9, 2012Music Background:
    Musician, Student, and Teacher

    Behringer Products

    Just because Behringer products are inexpensive doesn't mean they aren't quality equipment. I have 2 KX1200 (120-watt Keyboard/PA amps I use in my studio as powered stereo speakers). They are over 7 years old and I've yet to have a problem with them. Sally says they sound cleaner, clearer, and better than my Altec-Lansing 2.1 speaker system I used to use with my computer.

  • Jim Murphy
    from Branson, MO November 17, 2011Music Background:
    Professional Musician

    Excellent Value

    Smooth action coupled with flexability and durability make this foot controller a winner! My other foot contoller is a Yamaha FC7, a very well made/repsonsive volume control (and a lot more expensive), and the Behringer, so far (1 month), feels and responds very similar to the Yamaha. I was a little aprehensive about purchasing a Behringer product, but they've really stepped up to the plate with this one.

  • Alexander Matheson
    from Amherst, MA February 5, 2014Music Background:
    Electronic Musician, Engineer

    Serviceable Budget CV Pedal

    For the (low) price, this is a perfectly adequate CV pedal. I use it with a Moog CP-251 to control that device's LFO speed. I haven't used the volume pedal function that makes the FCV100 "dual-mode". I'm leery of Behringer gear, but I think this might be one of the few products, along with the FCB1010 MIDI footswitch and, from what I've heard, the cable-tester, that's a decent buy.

  • Ned
    from California October 26, 2015Music Background:
    Professional musician and stage performance instructor.

    Good for home use, not gigging

    I teach students to gig on stage and use volume pedals continuously. For home use, this is a good unit, but for gigging it has two fatal flaws. First - wrong external voltage. it requires a 12V external power supply, so you can't daisy chain all your 9v pedals with it. Why would you take a 9 volt circuit and make it use a 12 volt adapter? Second - difficult battery change - you have to take the pedal apart to change the battery. It's not hard, but it's not quick. For home, it's value priced and pretty good. For gigging get the Ernie Ball (no battery) or Morley Little Alligator (easy change battery and standard 9V external jack).

  • JAlmen
    from United States April 3, 2014

    Great Pedal But

    Bought and experienced the usual top-notch Sweetwater service and delivery. The foot pedal seems to be top-notch as well. Now, here's the BUT. If you, like me, don't like the 9 volt battery hassle, and expect an AC to DC power cord, you should know two things....1.) the pedal takes a 12 vdc power converter which doesn't come with the foot pedal, and 2.) a 12 vdc after market power converter may or may not be hard to find. Local GC didn't carry. Local Best Buy didn't carry. Local radio shack did, but $25, with various pin connectors from which to choose (there are several sizes of the pin connector that connects to the guitar) and there is no guidance on what pin to pick. Finally found a unit that switches voltage and pins for $15 at local Battery's plus, but took a little running around. Got the power converter and like the pedal, but someone in the distribution chain should have provided two sentences on what to look for for those of us who don't deal in the arcane topic on regular basis. Heck, no one at GC, Best Buy or Radio Shack had any idea either, so I'm not alone.

  • Anthony Jackson
    from Woodbridge, Virginia January 6, 2017Music Background:
    DJ; Producer

    Behringer FCV100

    This product hasn't performed at the level of my expectation. I wanted add expression for keyboard but I haven't heard any difference. Very disappointed.

Questions about the Behringer FCV100 Dual-Mode Expression Pedal?

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