Behringer MIDI Foot Controller FCB1010 Demo

MIDI Foot Controller with 2 Expression Pedals, 10 Banks Of Presets, and 2 Relay-controlled Programmable Switch Jacks
Behringer MIDI Foot Controller FCB1010 image 1
Behringer MIDI Foot Controller FCB1010 image 1
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Condition of unit: Light scuff marks on pedal from being out of the box and slightly used. No substantial signs of use. Included accessories: Manual/Power cord.

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Behringer MIDI Foot Controller FCB1010
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Powerful MIDI Foot Controller

The Behringer MIDI Foot Controller FCB1010 delivers a ton of flexibility in a road-tough package. Feel the emotive power of two expression pedals with freely assignable MIDI channel, controller number and range; ten banks of presets (each with ten fully user-editable presets); simultaneous transmission of 5 MIDI program change commands and two MIDI controllers per preset; and more. Everything's right underfoot and can be effortlessly programmed while standing. Get the most out of your gear without tying up your hands or bogging your performance down - with the Behringer MIDI Foot Controller FCB1010.

Behringer MIDI Foot Controller FCB1010 at a Glance:
  • Killer flexibility
  • Easily programmed while standing
  • High quality components and rugged construction
Killer flexibility

The Behringer MIDI Foot Controller FCB1010 gives you killer flexibility. In addition to the two onboard expression pedals, you get two relay-controlled programmable switch jacks that allow you to, for instance, select channels on a guitar amp.

Easily programmed while standing

You don't have to get down on the floor to program the Behringer FCB1010 MIDI Foot Controller! Everything's right at your toetips - right where it belongs!

High quality components and rugged construction

The BehringerMIDI Foot Controller FCB1010 is built tough with high-quality components to ensure long life. So go ahead and take the FCB1010 on tour - it can whatever punishment the road dishes out.

Behringer MIDI Foot Controller FCB1010 Features:
  • Ultra-Flexible MIDI Foot Controller with 2 Expression Pedals and MIDI Merge Function
  • Ten banks of presets, each with ten fully user-editable presets
  • 2 expression pedals with freely assignable MIDI channel, controller number and range
  • Simultaneous transmission of 5 MIDI program change commands and 2 MIDI controllers per preset
  • MIDI note commands for trigger and tap-tempo applications
  • 2 programmable and relay-controlled switch jacks, e.g. to select channels on any guitar amp
  • No need to take a seat-everything can be easily programmed while standing
  • Global setup allows for individual customization
  • Backup function via MIDI SysEx
  • MIDI merge function allows for soft through and merging of controller and input data
  • Built-in power supply ensures trouble-free operation
  • Open architecture for future downloadable software upgrades
  • High quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life
The Behringer FCB1010 MIDI Foot Controller: killer flexibility in a road-tough package!

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Additional Media

MIDI Foot Controller FCB1010 User Manual

Tech Specs

Pedal Inputs 2 x 1/4"
MIDI I/O In/Out/Thru
Height 2.4"
Width 27"
Depth 8.7"
Weight 9.5 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number FCB1010

Customer Reviews

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Nice Setup

I got this to drive my Fender CyberTwin SE. Initially daunting task to get the thing working with my older gear, but folks have been doing this config since 2003, so I figured I could get it done!I was able to download an application and get the pedal system working with my Amp as I liked, Still a bit of tweaking here and there but it works!
Music background: Beginner

Great Budget MIDI Foot Controller

I owned one of these years ago to control a Peavey Transfex Pro 212s guitar amp. Great amp, but have since sold it and the FCB1010 I used to run it.This MIDI controller was absolutely great. I remember it having a fairly steep learning curve getting everything setup and working, but once I got over that hurdle, it did everything I wanted. I loved having the two exp-pedals. For being my first (and only) experience with MIDI, I thought it was great. I'm actually looking to get into it again - and is why I'm here checking out this pedal (and the reviews) again.I think people give Behringer a bad rap, but I would buy this product again and would consider any of their other products in my quest for tone.
Music background: 20 year guitar player, gear nut


Amazing...considering it sat in my basement for 2 years waiting to be programmed. Only after heavy flooding this summer in North Florida which also flooded out my basement while I was out of town only to come home and find it had been underwater for 2 days!! Needless to say, I was sure it was history. I decided just this week to turn it came on, then I took it apart to see all the rust rust, then I decided to see if maybe it wasn't such a pain in the neck to program contrary to a lot of reviews I read....Now I feel very ignorant for not utilizing this extremely durable and useful unit earlier when I first bought it two years ago. I have had several other midi controllers over the years and this one was very simple (also Google FCB 1010 set up for idiots online) made it a 20 minute initial set-up. I use this with a tc electronics g-major with a BBE Sonic Maximizer through the effects loop on my Mesa Boogie MK II C+ and I have virtually any number of sounds and or configurations under my feet at any time. I doubt you could beat this unit at any price. There are tons of user groups and information out there to help out if you get stuck. If I can program this, you can program this....enjoy.
Music background: I've been recording and playing guitar for over 30 years

FCB1010-- highly recommended

I love the price and flexibility of this controller. I found a yahoo group dedicated to this product that provides excellent info- which is great considering the manual is useless. Please don't let some of the negative reviews steer you away from this box! A lot of these devices require programming! Give it a try- it will be worth your while.

The Utility is in The Chip

The Utility is in The Chip I read a review addressing the difficulty in programming this controller, and while the reviewer is correct, there are 3rd party chips out there such as the UnO chip and the EurekaProm, which make the pedal more useful. I use my FCB1010 with the Adrenalinn III and originally installed the UnO chip when I bought it. When the EurekaProm came out, I bought that and the difference was instantaneous. I did not have to do any external programming for the pedal; it was just plug and play. The EurekaProm is designed to optimize the FCB1010 to work with other units besides the Adrenalinn III, but my experience is only with that box. The FCB1010 with the EurekaProm installed allowed me to make maximum use of the Adrenalinn III, especially in a live situation, I can do tap tempo (for synced effects) right from the board, and the expression pedals can be configured to control whatever you need. I set most patches to have one pedal control volume and the other pedal control whatever parameter (delay volume, wah, etc.) I need from that patch. I can also turn off effects such as delay and compression, or turn on amp boost right from the FCB1010 in real time. When I compared the price of the FCB1010 with the Roland FC300, even adding in the price of the EurekaProm, you’re less than half the price of the Roland pedal. While the Roland pedal is easier to program, I say, why program when you can just plug in a chip and be on your way? If you’re the least bit squeamish about installing the chip yourself, rest assured I have close to zero tech skills and I was able to install both the UnO and the EurekaProm chips without killing the chips or the FCB1010 pedal, so if I can do it, so can you.
Music background: Guitar Player
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