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Behringer FCA610 Reviews

3.5 stars based on 14 customer reviews
Questions about the Behringer FCA610?

Questions about the Behringer FCA610?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • Jazpiano
    from St. Joseph, MI December 21, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    GREAT inexpensive interface

    I've used this interface for the past year with Mainstage on my Macbook in a live jazz trio setup. It has performed flawlessly through the firewire connection at every gig. I highly recommend it!

  • Q
    from Canada June 4, 2014Music Background:
    Musician, Producer

    Great Interface

    Awesome audio quality through my JBL Monitors and Sennheiser 280's.

    Got a demo unit, on sale, and a pair of 1/4" cables for under $200.

    Seems to have nice clean pre-amps and converters, with a decent noise floor, especially considering the price, and my budget setup.

    Versatile (USB/Firewire, multiple types of I/O's), expandable (add 8 mic pre's w/ the ADA8200) and so far, incredibly reliable.

    Pretty tough to beat at this price point. Would buy again.

  • Customer
    from February 28, 2014

    FCA610 - Works great

    Especially for the value.

    Works as advertised. Had to increase the buffer size to prevent drop outs. (Thank you to Sweetwater's online trouble shooting tips!).

  • Ron Bass
    from NC November 21, 2013Music Background:
    Pro musician, long time recordist

    It DOES work USB, simple fix!

    The "not recognized as USB" thing is easily fixed. Sweetwater has a great support team and anyone who buys an item and has a problem should make that their first call! It's a simple matter of powering on while holding the "Digital Select" button. That info is in the tiny print of the manual. If Behringer had printed that on the unit, you wouldn't even need a manual. I've only recorded a few tunes so far, but have not needed the 4-input feature. I really like the layout, and having 2 headphone outs sometimes eliminates a separate headphone mixer. A lot of my studio time involves overdubbing vocals and instruments, and they get their own headphone level and I get mine. The sound is noticeably better than my Echo PCI card (and a couple of other $100-200 USB boxes) and less noise too. I've been home recording for 30 years and this is a purchase I do not regret.

  • Harley Davis
    from LA October 20, 2013Music Background:
    Recording engineer\hobbyist

    comes through in the clutch

    I needed to record a gig, and needed to do so with a stereo style audio that kept the motion of the vocal characters (our players\singers) as they moved throughout the stage, while still capturing a choral balance for one or two of their sets. This device blew me away. Not only did it perform that task, but I was able to work with a PA sound engineer, who's gear had a balanced output over xlr, so I ran that to a special xlr to 1\4" converter and piped to the back input 3. The L and R are just a rough guide for how to set up the wiring and mic's from what I saw. I was able to set those up just fine, and in my software, I was able to set each mono input to left, right or center, completing the feel of the motion, while allowing me to capture the instrumentals as well, from the third input, which increased the amplitude of the instrumental picked up by the other mic's and also filled out the amplitudes and balanced the levels of the singers\players when are are mixed in. Great product, great output.

  • robert aguilar
    from GARDEN GROVE, CA September 23, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist......for now.....Muhahaha

    This is a great interface! best I've owned so far!!!

    MY ONLY BEEF SO FAR IS I WISH I WOULD HAVE KNOWN A RACK MOUNTABLE VERSION WAS COMING!!!!! It would look so sexy in my rack in all its crimson glory!!!!!

    I purchased this in hopes to completely eliminate all the latency issues I've been having with my (at the time of purchase) over priced usb interface from one of the DAW manufacturers. So i decided firewire was the only way to go. Bottom line no you don't completely get rid of the latency. I got it down to 10, I know i get get it as far down as 4 but 10 ms can live and work with without sacrificing any quality. The drivers were downloaded/installed and interface synced up with my DAW all in about a good ten min. So to the guy that couldn't get it work out via USB very sorry but there are better choices to make in USB interfaces with far Superior features, DAW, and bonus plug-ins. This is for the guy that wants a good firewire interface without paying an arm and a leg as most cost as much. I'm running it though studio one and it was practically plug and play. I love all the little bonuses you really take for granted: all the outs that you'll never use, the obscene amounts of ins, the red brushed aluminum finish as that nice little touch. For the stuff you will need and will use: The balanced outs (no one wants unwanted noise from a cell or any other pda), The two head phone pre amps will be a heaven sent for anyone recording vocals (your vocalist needs to hear the back track too ya know).....Oh and phantom power!!!! All in all a very simple meat and potatoes interface that will give you everything you need and some. I could definitely say I would recommend this to a friend and would blow another two c-notes to replace if I ever lost or broke it (doubted its built pretty sturdy). I wish I could post anything about the DAW you can download and the bonus VSTi's but I'm pretty set so I never even bothered to download them. But I'm sure there's gotta be a ton of reviews on the net about them.

  • Harley Davis
    from west hills, CA October 17, 2013Music Background:
    not much

    Not a bad option

    As far as functional, it was. However, you'll want to be sure to note that the mic interface is XLR or pre-balanced 1/4" driver, otherwise you get nothing but feedback. However, when using even low quality cords, this unit provides great functionality with Adobe cs6 audition, along with the possibility of portability, when utilizing the firewire interface as a power source. Just remember, you may not get great output to PA for larger monitors using this, as the power demands would probably be too high; as a recording device, however, the usb function while using firewire for power offers a brilliant marriage of portability and functionality. I'm a novice by most standards, but I work with a non-profit organization (a community choir/performing arts group) that takes any excess, and donates it out to charities. They put on several performances per year, and the group is always changing people, and themes. The Choir-Master is an extraordinary instructor who can bring out the talent in those who join his group, and I've known him for more than a decade. He has often asked me how to provide post production media, like audio cd and even video discs, which has pushed me to learn new tech and new disciplines. This device replaces an older unit that was mainly a guitar input. This has proven to be an exceptional purchase over the past week of use. It's only limitation is that it needs xlr from microphones, and has only 2 of those inputs. However, with an inhibitor attachment, the back 2 inputs provide an extra 2 mics of input (or so I've been told and will test at the main performance). I only need 2 for the performance, but I'd like to build a set of 4. 1L 2R on front panel for stereo basic and a double on the back panel for a center in stereo, all pulled together to provide the volume and dynamic left
    ight motion of the audio to reflect the onstage action as well as offer a clearer spectral analysis to aid in removing the audience interfering by coughing, sighing, child rearing, sneezing... ...basically being human. With this unit, I will be able to study the performance and offer a more promising output later on, not to mention putting something impressive (by novice standards) out this time. FOr somebody starting out with the post-production output side, this isn't a bad option.

  • Michael
    from Orange County, CA USA September 14, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Musician

    Learn to use the device correctly and you'll love it

    The first reviewer here says that the device wasn't recognized when in usb. This is probably because he didn't switch off the firewire side of the interface into usb when he booted it. These things come set up as Firewire first. Usb users have to manually press the button to set it into usb2.0 mode. Otherwise, this thing is great :). Best bang for the buck as far as I can tell. I probably should have just waited for the bigger version though.

  • Larry
    from Nashville, TN March 6, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Great Value with one hitch

    I bought this unit to run my MacBook Pro for live gigs, running both keyboard patches and backing tracks via MainStage. I was attracted to it because of the multiple outs so I could send click, tracks, and key sounds to separate outputs. Also really liked the price.

    I was excited about running this via firewire. One less AC cord to have to deal with! In live situations where you are often setting up and tearing down very quickly, every connection you can eliminate helps. After reading several summaries of the unit I was comfortable that it would work fine via firewire using the thunderbolt adapter, since my MacBook Pro has thunderbolt instead of firewire.

    I was disappointed to find that it only sort of works without the AC. You have to have the AC plugged in to start the unit. Once it's powered on and "sees" the firewire, you can unplug the AC. But you MUST plug in the AC to sort of "jump start" the unit. Of course, by this time you're already plugged in, so the convenience factor is gone.

    Eventually, I learned that the firewire/thunderbolt adapter does not transfer the full amount of voltage needed to start the unit without the AC. I wish Behringer had made this disclaimer on their website.

    Otherwise, the unit is great and easy to use and does exactly what I need it to do.

  • Customer
    from June 5, 2017

    works, cheap

    this unit is pretty fancy for the price. It stared making a crackle when I started recording each track. I lived with it, and always left crackle space. But now it has persistant crackle in the right channel. I hope to get it fixed, a good unit with a lot of features. I got an RA from behringer and sent it off today. heres hoping.

  • george m.
    from Silicon Valley September 1, 2015

    `He's dead, Jim.`

    Unit died after 14 months of always-on indoor studio work. Sent it off to gear heaven.

  • Customer
    from Anaheim, CA May 15, 2014Music Background:
    Live sound engineer, Music director

    Don't buy this product

    I am working as a live sound engineer at a local church.
    I bought this for me and my wife. When I connected to my computer via USB cable, it made a pause noise almost every one minute.
    I recorded the sound and sent to a technical support. But they didn't say anything.
    I tried to use via Firewire but it still had a problem.

    Don't buy it.

  • schitz8
    from February 25, 2014Music Background:
    pro musician


    i see all the reviews here being pretty positive and most of the features on this device are great but aren't any of the reviewers using powered monitors as you can't use the two headphone outs as the main output knob is global and without buying a switcher of some sort this is unusable
    even my 10 year old mbox2 has this feature
    i know there is a work around to use one of the headphone outs but i find this is a problem that needs to be addressed

  • Stan Rosenbaum
    from Lexington, KY September 12, 2013Music Background:
    Audio Designer, Developer and Editor, Video Games/Radio

    Do not buy.

    I bought this on a whim. $200 for a 6x10 computer interface, it would either be the best deal ever or too good to be true. It was the latter.

    I cannot comment on the actually audio quality, because I never got the device to work. Even with Sweetwater great support in sending a replacement, I still had the same problems with the replacement.

    The device is supposed to be USB class compliant on OS X. However, other then the MIDI ports, the device failed to be recognize on either of my Macs. When I tried to connect it to my PC, the installation program failed to complete because it failed to recognized the device was connected.

    I took a chance and got burned, so let my experience serve as a warning for the rest of you considering the FCA610.

Questions about the Behringer FCA610?

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