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Roland FC-300 Reviews

5.0 stars based on 3 customer reviews
Questions about the Roland FC-300?

Questions about the Roland FC-300?

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  • Carson McClain

    I currently use this to control Ableton Live and Apple Mainstage during my live performances. Pedal #2 moves down from backing track to backing track and the patch pedals switch entire scenes of synths, guitar rigs and vocal FX inside of mainstage. This is truly a limitless tool for the creative musician.

  • from Arizona February 15, 2017Music Background:

    Great Roland quality

    This is my second FC-300- the first one was stolen. I use it to control my Roland VG99. Absolutely no issues with operation and it works wonderful. It's pricey- but well worth the investment! My only issue is- I wish I could use it to control more than one unit (like my GR55) simultaneously in the Sysex mode

  • from Monclova,OH September 12, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist then some

    Using with Yamaha S90XS

    Using the arp buttons during live play usually disrupts the beat and then some. With this little beast you can control your 5 arp selections with your foot and do a better job of it!

    Study the FC300 manual a little .. and you will see you can send midi sysex messages on button down and a another on button release. What I programmed is on a press of button one I send sysex command to turn arps on and on arp 4 which is a short 1 measure turnaround, on release it sends on arp 1 my main drum beat. If you just tap the button quickly it works out you don't get any arp 4 just arp 1. So I can play along my blues tune, at measure 11 just hold button one for a second and my turnaround drum beat happens at the right time and when I release it drum arp 1 goes on again . Button 5 I have set to play arp 5 which is an ending drum riff and on release turn arps off.

  • from New Orleans, LA October 21, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Recording Engineer

    Built like a tank!

    I've been using this lately as live control for Apple Mainstage 2. The rest of my rig includes a Motu Traveller, Akai MPD-32 controller, Tech 21 Power Engine 60, and 3 Sennheiser ew100 G2 wireless systems for acoustic fiddle, electric fiddle, and whichever guitar I bring - Strat, LP or Godin. As with all of the Boss pedals I sold to move over to this setup, Roland gear is built solid. With Mainstage, I've found numerous uses for 2 expression pedals onboard. It fits like a glove, alone in a cheap Roadrunner pedal bag - easy setup, just power and Midi through loom tubing back to a custom box I built for the Motu, Akai, MacBook Pro, and a power strip that sits on top the Tech 21 like an amp head. With Mainstage, just plug in the board to a Midi in, press the mode button once to change to "Control" and you're DONE! Requires NO PROGRAMMING, other than doing "learn" for each of the footswitches, for the first time you set up your layout in Mainstage. With this pedal and the other components, I now have a simple, compact rig that does EVERYTHING! Only improvement would be if it allowed Mainstage to send Midi back to it, so upon Patch Changes, the lights for effects that are on or bypassed would switch to match the new patch. From my research, it seems that none of the current controllers from other companies have this feature either. Right now, I set the buttons to "Absolute" mode in Mainstage, so On is lighted, and Off is Off. Upon patch change, I quickly switch a few pedals to match the pedal state on the screen before starting the song, to avoid my own confusion - the patch will still sound right regardless.

Questions about the Roland FC-300?

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