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Yamaha FC3 Reviews

4.0 stars based on 12 customer reviews
  • Al
    from Egg Harbor NJ November 23, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musican

    Excellent Pedal

    The Yamaha FC3 pedal cost a bit more than some of the others you can purchase but if you are looking for a well built excellent pedal look no further.

  • Joel Powell
    from Brighton, MI November 12, 2012Music Background:
    Former bar band rocker turned home Jazz studio hopeful.

    Does it's job

    Great feel and sensitivity. Not your average sustain pedal - much more. I use it with the Yamaha S90xs - no complaints...

  • Gerald Gabbard
    from Trinidad, CO December 2, 2007Music Background:
    Music educator, pianist and composer

    Excellent half damper pedal

    The Yamaha FC3 half damper sustain pedal is truly an excellent addition to one's keyboard tools. It is much nicer than a traditional electronic footswitch and it feels and acts like a real grand piano's pedal. Half pedaling is not just a sales pitch with this pedal--it really works! Combine this pedal with a hammer action keyboard and it should more than satisfy the descriminating player who expects acoustic response from an electronic instrument!

  • Bill Prescott
    from Salisbury, MA February 26, 2012Music Background:
    44 years piano and keyboards

    this is what you want

    You're hear for a good reason, you can't control your sustain properly with the less expensive on-off sustain pedals. For compatable yamaha gear this is the one you want.

  • Daniel Prunier
    from Naples, FL December 31, 2013Music Background:

    Yet, unbiased review

    I have many reasons to be biased here and do my best not be in my reviews. To be even more fair and remained unbiased, I could easily deduct another star but I won't.

    The one star reduction is because I think this pedal is very over priced. Overall it just feels cheaply made. I love what it's meant to do, but the housing is cheap, the foot bar is hollow. By hollow I mean what might appear to people as a solid pedal, is actually only about 1\16th thick. Slightly thicker than the rim of a coke can. Finally, it's easy to see why many say it squeaks. Mine doesn't "squeak", but there is a lose sort of play side to side that I can only imagine may have been from Yamaha possibly fixing the squeak issue. The hollow part I mentioned doesn't mean it isn't solid though, and it feels solid to me. It's the biggest pedal I've ever own in my many years though, haha. For what it does in half dampering, I'm sure that would deserve the 4 stars I gave it. Unfortunately for me, I won't know for a couple months when I get a new keyboard that it will work on.

    I own a Korg Triton Pro (76) and even though it supports half dampering, this pedal won't work for that or at all without a hack. The jack is stereo and the Triton only supports mono. I expected this so not depressed, too much. Changing polarity won't help either since it still isn't seen at all and can't be used as even an on\off sustain pedal without a bandaid fix. For those that this pedal won't work on your current hardware, I'd say to hold onto it for when you have a board that it does work with and do as I do. To get it to work on my Triton (or any keyboard that rejects stereo jacks), simply unplug it half way. You won't get half dampering but it will work just fine. Gigging however I wouldn't bother trying that since of course it will fall from that sweet spot bandaid fix if you play as hard as I do. Looking forward to seeing (hearing) the difference this will make when I get my next board.

  • Ric Dudley
    from FTC, CO February 19, 2013Music Background:
    Lifelong Student, and theatrical techie

    Yamaha FC3 pedal is the closest to the C3 grand's in feel and action.

    The FC3 with the MOX8 and S90 is as close to the C3 grand's as I have found. Not as much variation for the amount of travel but close enough and better than on /off pedals. Seems to stay in place as well as expected but I stll gaf tape it in place. I have had none of the sqeeks that others have reported. It is a tad larger than I would like but better than too small and unstable like some other models. No regrets...still the best unit for the Motif series, in my opinion.

  • Bart Skrbec
    from Hawaii September 27, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    FC3 Sustain Pedal

    Yamaha's sustain pedals will last a 1000 gigs or more. I know, my old Yamaha sustain pedal was purchased with my M01 DX7 and saw 1000s of gigs with my Yamaha keyboards through the years. FC3 half damper pedal performs like an acoustic piano pedal. Some getting used to if you haven't used 1/2 damper on synths but will come quickly. the FC3 has a wide base, impossible to flip over accidentally at gigs. Check out M-Audio MGear pedals too. They're less expensive. I just used MGEAR via our Backline company in Orlando and they worked great. No worries though about paying more for Yamaha. The Yamaha pedal will easily pay for it self.

  • Zach
    from NYC February 21, 2009Music Background:

    great pedal but doesn't stick to floor

    sounds great, works great, but slips right out from under the keyboard

    these things work for a couple of bucks, though:

    Surface Gard, 1/2" 13mm Foam Pads

  • Alex
    from greensboro nc June 26, 2009Music Background:


    It does what it is supposed to do with my motif xs. Soooooo squeaky at times. Frustrating if trying to play quietly with headphones as to not disturb others.

  • J.M.
    from Iowa City, Iowa May 9, 2008Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Cool and Squeaky

    I like it. I just wish it wouldn't squeak every time I press it down. Barely used it, but there's a loud mouse in it!

  • Jonathan Feinberg
    from Medford, MA May 1, 2009Music Background:
    Amateur pianist

    Squeak, honk, squeak... blech.

    The pedal seems to function as designed as far as providing half-damper effects, but is extremely squeaky. I'm hoping to find some lubricant for it that will kill the squeak without killing the electronics.

  • Customer
    May 12, 2008Music Background:
    Bachelor degree in music theory and composition


    This pedal is mediocre in quality. As a music graduate (piano is my main instrument), a serious pianist will know that a grand pedal is normally timed for quarter (not half) pedal travel for partial damper lift. Also, the FC3 has a rubbing sound during movement (not bad, but I would expect more from Yamaha). I ordered another pedal but it had the same rubbing sound. I prefer the way the FC4 feels, although it doesn't offer a partial damper effect. The FC3 pedal concept is a great idea. Yamaha needs to make a better pedal.

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