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Boss FBM-1 Fender '59 Bassman Pedal Reviews

4.5 stars based on 12 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Carson McClain

    If you owned a Bassman back years ago and want to get the closest thing to it, but in a pedal, get this. This is the perfect compliment to a jazz, blues, or classic rock guitar rig.

  • from August 11, 2016


    I wasn't expecting to be blown away but this pedal sounds great with my Blues Junior Amp. It sounds like a mini Bassman amp.

  • from Princeton TX May 31, 2016Music Background:
    Session and live praise and worship musician

    Awesome tone!

    Great with my Mesa Boogie to push the crunch channel or with my Bogner Line 6 HD100 Valve amp to use it as my distortion along with my Seymour Duncan 805...GREAT TONE!!!

  • from Columbia, MO December 3, 2014Music Background:
    Now performing at the newly remodeled living room for 50 years.


    I'm not a pedal person. Over the years, I've accumulated a dozen or so, but prefer whatever tone a good amp can provide. The Bassman (and the Deluxe Reverb) are exceptional.

    With the Bassman, you can dial in as much or as little flavor as you'd like, and adds a "middle" tone control to any amp. The gain goes from nothing to more than I would ever use.

    Add the Bassman to any amp and it sounds as rich as a Bassman. It is phenomenal with a Princeton Reverb.

  • from Corpus Christi, Texas November 11, 2013Music Background:
    Songwriter, musician, performer along with recording.

    Boss FBM-1 Fender '59 Bassman Pedal

    This is an under advertised pedal by Boss. It will make any amp sound good and if it is a really good amp it will sound great. I have used it with a Quilter, Cube, Hughes & Kettner and a Fender DeVille 4x10. No matter how good your amp sounds this pedal will make it sound better, sweeter and more refined. Boss needs to let people know about this pedal.

  • from Idaho May 3, 2013Music Background:

    Bassman Pedal

    I play a Tele and a fretless Precision, Chicago blues only.This pedal makes any amp sound great to me. I have one for each instrument. Vintage tones for guitar or bass.

  • from Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia November 19, 2009Music Background:
    Intermediate-Blues, Vintage R&R

    Nice Pedal

    Very nice vintage tone. Built like a tank like most BOSS pedals. Good sound with tweaking controls on box and amp. I run through a Epiphone Blues Custom 30 all tube amp with Stratocaster and Epi. Wildkat. Very sweet tone. But although it is not an original '59 Bassman, But it is just a small box. What's not to like!! It will make any small tube amp SING! Not for METAL music..

  • from Sandusky, Ohio February 10, 2016Music Background:
    Professional musician & sound engineer

    Does the job I needed it to do.

    I bought this pedal just for the simple fact that sometimes as a working musician I am in some small venues & do not want to carry my amp with me. I use this little baby as my amp, just running my pedalboard through my sound system. What a difference it has made, I now have wonderful control of my guitar sound with so much headroom. I would recommend this to anyone in my situation, it also sounds great as a boost with my amp. And as usual the BOSS pedals sound ,look & are priced great and last forever, I own some BOSS pedals that are 20+ years old and they still work just fine. And by the way Sweetwater is just the best, the only place I shop anymore.

  • from Ssan Jose, Ca June 10, 2009Music Background:
    Pro musician, recording engineer

    The Best Way to Character your Amp

    This is a great pedal overall. Use it to character your amp, not drive it. The overdrive to me sounds a bit muddy.

    I own a a 59' Bassman Reissue and a Epiphone Valve Jr.

    For some small club gigs, I use the bassman. When i do bigger shows, i actually use the Valve JR.

    the FBM-1 is great because it allows me to character my Valve Jr. to sound very similar to my bassman. Then i use a boss Blues Driver to actually drive in my leads.

    here is my pedal set up

    FBM-1-->BD2-->Danelectro Reel Echo-->PT-13 tuner

    The FBM-1 will definitely get you close to the sound of a real Bassman, you just need to learn to EQ it and you will be fine.

  • from LOUISIANA November 7, 2016Music Background:


    This is a wonderful pedal for adding another tone coloration device The gain is very flexible, and the COSM amp modeling is pretty much spot-on. Used with tube amps, it's essential to set your EQ settings flat and let the pedal build on that; when you do so, you can get a warm, tubey feeling signal that really accentuates a strat's tone. When used with humbuckers, a little more tweaking is necessary, mostly in the gain stage on the pedal. It's very handy for producing that 'just barely' distorted signal, which is a fine mid setting for rhythms. It's also very compatible, and plays nicely with other pedals in a pedalboard format.

  • from Zundert August 14, 2007Music Background:

    a great stompbox!

    My old tubescreamer is retiring after I used the 59 bassman stompbox for the first time. It's really the
    best stompbox I've ever heard. All my guitars sound better with it ,especially my old Gibson 335.!
    Really great!

  • from Central Iowa April 25, 2007Music Background:
    Rockabilly, blues, rock and jazz cover guitarist

    Bassman, anyone?

    Without an original amp to directly compare it to, this pedal nonetheless has excellent tone and capabilities. I use it in conjunction with a Boss Blues Driver to give 4 distinct tone structures with my Marshall JCM900 amp: Marshall clean, Marshall distortion, BD tones and the FBM. This gives me plenty of sonic ammo to cover a wide tonal spectrum and plenty of flexibility with my rig.

  • from Chattanooga,TN September 3, 2009Music Background:


    I DID NOT like this thing yeah it will color your tone but for metal It's not rite I really think Boss was looking for a quick buck when they came out whit this thing I ended up selling it to get a SansAmp Bass driver (the 3 channel one)I bought this for bass and hands down the bass driver takes it home

    all in all if your buying this for bass....save yourself some time and a headache and get a sansamp
    their worth there weight in gold,Platnium, and silver

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