Zoom F6 Multitrack Field Recorder

6-input/14-track Field Recorder and USB Audio Interface, with 6 XLR Mic Inputs, Line Input, Time-code I/O, Headphone Output, and SD/SDHC/SDXC Card Support
Zoom F6 Multitrack Field Recorder image 1
Zoom F6 Multitrack Field Recorder image 1
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Zoom F6 Multitrack Field Recorder
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Capture Better Sound in the Field

Designed for high-quality audio and reliability in the field, the Zoom F6 multitrack field recorder sets a new standard for portable recording devices. You can expect great results with practically any microphones, thanks to premium preamps with up to 75dB of gain and a virtually silent noise floor. Time-code I/O is available to sync with other recording devices, and a headphone output delivers plenty of gain for monitoring your recordings. And for recording flexibility, you can record to SD card, use the F6 as a USB audio interface, or do both simultaneously. When you need a budget-friendly field recorder with a pro feature set, Sweetwater can highly recommend the Zoom F6 multitrack field recorder.

Use as an audio interface, SD card recorder, or both

The Zoom F6 field recorder offers a lot of flexibility, both in the field and also back in your editing studio. For onboard recording, the F6 supports SD, SDHC, and SDXC cards up to 512GB. You can also use the F6 as a 6-in/4-out USB audio interface with your Mac or PC. And if you want or need to record to two separate destinations at the same time, for redundancy or file management purposes, then you can record to SD card and use the F6 as an audio interface simultaneously.

Top-notch sound quality

Filmmakers and sound designers have long approved of Zoom's handy portable recorders for all types of applications, and the F6 sounds mighty impressive. Its mic preamps offer generous gain for your microphones, up to 75dB, with an ultra-low noise floor. The dynamic range is amazingly wide, thanks to 32-bit A/D conversion.

Your iOS device can be your remote control

Depending on the details of your recording project, you may want to tuck the F6 out of the way and manage it with your iOS device instead. Just use the free Zoom F Control App to gain wireless remote control, including recording and transport functions. You'll also be able to rename files and enter metadata from the app, potentially saving you time in the editing room later on.

Zoom F6 Multitrack Field Recorder Features:

  • 6-input/14-track field recorder
  • High-quality microphone preamps with up to 75dB of gain
  • Reliable connectivity thanks to locking Neutrik XLR inputs
  • Multiple power options: 4 x AA batteries, AC adapter, or Sony L-Series batteries (not included)
  • Excellent dynamic range with 32-bit float recording
  • Time-code I/O with support for dropframe and non-dropframe formats
  • Look-ahead hybrid limiters prevent signal spikes from ruining your recordings
  • Dedicated headphone output for monitoring your recordings in the field
  • SD/SDHC/SDXC card slot supports up to 512GB card media
  • Can operate as a 6-in/4-out USB audio interface
  • Can be used as an audio interface while simultaneously recording to SD card (up to 48kHz resolution)
  • Use the free Zoom F Control App for iOS for remote transport control, file renaming, and metadata entry
  • CMF-6 mounting bracket included

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Tech Specs

  • Audio Interface: 6 x 14 Multitrack SD Recorder/Interface
  • A/D Resolution: 24-bit/192kHz (fixed), 32-bit (float)
  • Simultaneous Rec Tracks: 6 (WAV), 2 (MP3)
  • Analog Inputs: 6 x XLR (mic/line)
  • Analog Outputs: 1 x 1/8" (line out)
  • Headphones: 1 x 1/8"
  • Memory (removable): SD, SDHC, SDXC (up to 512GB)
  • File Format: WAV, MP3
  • EQ: Low-cut filter, Highpass filter
  • Effects: Delay, Limiter
  • USB: 1 x Type USB-C (6 x 4)
  • Bluetooth: Optional BTA-1 Adapter Slot
  • Clock I/O: 1 x 1/8" (time code in/out)
  • Software: Zoom AutoMix software, Optional F Control App (iOS, BTA-1 required)
  • Power Supply: 4 x AA Batteries / Sony L-Series Batteries / USB AC adapter
  • Battery Life: Battery type dependent; 5-7 hours (24-bit/48kHz), 1.5-3.5 hours (24-bit/192kHz)
  • Stand Mountable: Camera Mount Adapter
  • Height: 2.47"
  • Width: 3.93"
  • Depth: 4.71"
  • Weight: 1.14 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number: ZF6

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Customer Reviews

Rated 5/5
Based on 5 reviews
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Rated 5/5

Zoom F6 first thoughts

Outfitted with a big Sony battery, this little unit record without a sweat for 5+ hours, recording a channels on a 64GB card at 96K and 32bit float. The floating takes a bit of getting used to, as you don't set a record level, like in traditional Zoom recorders, like the H4, or the F8. It's done automatically. I was able to record a M/S pair and have the unit decode the matrix to send to the line out which fed a livestream. Worked perfectly. You set the output levels for the main mix and line out mix, which for a M/S pair means how much "side" you want to add for your stereo field. Having this on the fly is pretty cool, plus you have the traditional recorded channels for later to mix, however, I did find out that by setting the Zoom to process the M/S in the box, you give up the separated M/S tracks for mixing on your own later, as the levels you set for those channels are what gets recorded as a stereo signal. So, in my case, if I were doing M/S and stereo recording, next time I will send the stereo feed to the line out, and do the M/S work in post as regular mono channels, not processed. The Zoom did fine with it, but sometimes I may not be so lucky. Hope that makes sense. Loving the size and portability with my camera gear. Some negatives? Cant fit it on a Manfrotto tripod without a spacer, had to mount it on an arm. Equipped with a big Sony battery, it isn't light, so be mindful your mounting arm is sturdy. Due to real estate, the SD card (single) is mounted behind where the big battery goes, and it isn't easy to access if you were recording and wanted to give the files easily to someone and move to a different card, in my case you have to remove the battery, essentially powering down the unit. Otherwise, a really awesome little recorder.
Rated 5/5

Incredible device with great sound.

I can't say how much I love this. It just sounds great. It's simple to use, directions are simple and it's largely "plug n play".

We've been making our own videos and the sound has always been frustrating as the DSLR cameras cannot handle extended use of audio. They are built for video and after 20 minutes or so, the audio tends to get crummy. So we ordered one of these and record our audio externally. WOW. Incredible, plus the audio is so clean.

Last week our nephew passed away unexpectedly. We ran 3 cameras and 2 mics during the service. We made no adjustments to the audio. Cleanest sound we've ever had. For mics we used a Sennheiser cordless lavalier mic and a Sennheiser shotgun mic with a windscreen, both plugged into the F6. For video we ran a GoPro 7 black, an iphone 11, and a Canon DSLR with a Rode shotgun mic. When the service was over, we took the 3 videos and the 2 audios and plugged them into Final Cut Pro, which sync'd them up. Such a time saver.
Rated 5/5

Powerful recording features

This has made my recording projects much simpler. Better quality and it saves time.
First, the size and USB power feature makes setup simpler. Using the camera mount on the top, I can secure a USB power source for complete mobility.
The bluetooth feature allows complete control of features I need while allowing me to perform as well. The bluetooth is key. The unit is small and having to make changes on the unit can be fussy. (Not dissing the excellent quality of the hardware or interface) Not to mention, your cable runs may not easily support being a performer at the same time.
32 bit float has eliminated the 'retake' issues that extend recording sessions. If it sounds good, it's there. (As long as your mic placements were good ;-))
There are many other features of this recorder that I dont use.
But for me, this was a game changer.
Music background: Classical, Sacred, Music Theater, Opera,
Rated 5/5

Zoom F6

Very nice unit with an excellent remote app.
Great cost for 6 channels plus I like the small form factor. Powering is flexible and even the 4aa batteries last a while, though I’m powering with a Sony l series. Time code is solid I’m syncing my Black magic pcc4k to it. I’ll be using it on a concert video shoot in a couple of weeks with high quality condenser mics as well some dialog interviews later in the year.
Initially I was going for the Sound Devices but the cost per channel as well as the superior app and ability to use Bluetooth timecode systems equipment sold me.. outstanding piece of kit.
Music background: Musician recording and film work
Rated 4/5

One Major Design Flaw

Everything is nearly perfect on this machine but the knobs for setting mic gain are just too small for adult fingers. I wish they had made it a little bigger and put larger knobs on the recorder. I found the knobs on Zoom's F4 similarly challenging ergonomically and switched to a Sound Devices Mix Pre 6.
Music background: radio journalist

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