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Bose F1 Model 812 Reviews

5.0 stars based on 32 customer reviews
Questions about the Bose F1 Model 812?

Questions about the Bose F1 Model 812?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

Sweetwater Advice

  • Mike Picotte

    The Bose F1 system gives me the definition and coverage I need for midsize live-sound gigs. These PA speakers lets me get great separation of all the parts. It also responds really well to EQ and has plenty of punch. Best of all, the whole compact system packs down small and is easy to transport.

  • from May 30, 2017

    Killer Sound

    Going from my previous system (Fender Passport Event) to this is amazing! The sound quality is crisp and clear whether playing music or vocals through it. Though the speakers are built quite solid, I can not stress enough to get either an ATA case or the padded case for this.

    My only negative would be that when really cranked up volume wise, the sound is very high pitched and harsh but not a huge problem as I was really pushing these probably at or past their limit.

  • from San Jose April 14, 2017Music Background:
    Technical Director

    Good portable speakers and best sounding system

    Been using Bose L1 Model II and decided to give the Bose F1 a try and its really a game changer in terms of the Array dispersion. Love the way it projected to sound. Bose L1 Model II is still my choice for small venues and club gigs.

  • from hoquiam, WA March 30, 2017

    Sheer Excellence

    Amazing system. Best of the Best!

  • from White Hall, MD March 24, 2017Music Background:
    Worship Leader

    Beautiful Bose

    Beautiful rich sound is what you will get when you purchase this speaker. I originally purchased a Line 6 L3m as my sound system to use for church to run my guitar and vocals through, but I didn't like the sound of the Line 6 so I sent it back to Sweetwater and upgraded to the Bose and it is a night and day difference in sound quality. I've used it a couple times for church and once for a senior citizen luncheon already and I'm loving its warm tone. I purchased the transport bag for it and it is great as well.

    Nice job Bose! Thanks for the great service from Clint, my sales representative for his excellent service!

  • from hoquiam, WA March 6, 2017

    98% Perfect! Best Bang for your Buck.

    Been slinging guitar for 40 years and gigging for 35. Played in empty bars, fairs, weddings and occasionally at 5000+ Venues using everything from POS Franken PA's to Top shelf stuff. I can say with conviction this by far the finest sounding package I have ever played through. Imagine vintage tube HiFi and new vinyl on a large scale. Have been using the Bose L II w/B2 and 2 Tonematch as a stage monitor/Practice room PA and Main PA/mixer for small gigs for quite a while and just love it. This is the exact same quality with power that will move your body but at the same time not give you any ear fatigue even at substantial volumes. Crystal clear LEGIBLE vocals with both guitars, drums, bass and hand instrument all sitting perfect in the mix with wonderful definition and separation.

    We just played a 1,500 seat theater with balcony and using the L II system on stage and just ! 812 with F1 sub and the sound was fantastic and venue filling. Yes I said just one. There was a slight drop off on the far outer aisles but the L II did an admirable job aiding with dispersion to those areas just at about -10db. Color me impressed. I will NEVER go back to standard PA gear.

    BTW Set-up and teardown have been shaved by nearly 2 hours plus we no longer need a sound engineer. Saving us significant $$$ not to mention chiropractor visits and working all night to try and get a good mix. Just five bags now for our entire Sound System compared to mixer. snakes, endless cables 3 monitors, powered 15" mains, Subs and stands

    Do yourself and your audience a huge favor and just get one. You'll soon be telling this same story to someone else. BTW The club owners just love it because of the sound quality and lack of headaches the following day fro being pounded with VOLUME and bookings have increased.

    My only complaint is the lack of wheel for transport with their case hence 98% perfect.

  • from Knoxville March 5, 2017Music Background:
    Guitar, piano, singer

    Update to the Truth Behind These Speakers Review

    I wrote a review that is currently listed here on this site with the title as The Truth Behind These Speakers, and I gave them 4 stars not because of the speaker but because of the effort to eq the speaker, when I now know that in reality it was I was so used to speakers with horns. Now that I have these dialed in and have used them for multiple shows, I must say, no horn is the way to go. Yes you may lose a little bit of that breathiness, but at any volume they are so much better on the ears. You never get that harshness you get from horns and the sound is always warm. I have owned full JBL PA's, full Mackie PA's and about everything in between and I think I can honestly say that this Bose system is the last PA I will ever have to buy...unless something breaks. They are a little steep on the price but do yourself a favor and get them...you will not be sorry, then you can throw all your other PA gear away. By the way...my sales dude is Roq and without question I have put this guy through the ringer on gear, especially guitars and he always come through for me....always.

  • from Oklahoma February 7, 2017Music Background:
    Sound engineer and musician

    Quality sound

    Bought the whole system with covers, use daily in home studio and must say they are great for live and studio work. Listening to them compared to horn loaded system is so much easier on your ears and they are very accurate compared to studio monitors such as NS 10 and vintage JBL 100 , if you need both live and studio speakers in one package these are it.

  • from Galesburg, Il, 61401 January 30, 2017Music Background:
    Weekend warrior/Church Worship Leader

    Clean Power

    Amazing lightweight and crystal clear sound! Running them full-range without the subs, and they sound great, and great low-end!

  • from West Virginia October 13, 2016Music Background:

    Versatile and LOUD

    If you're looking for something to cover wide variety of venues and genres, the F1 system is the way to go.

    The 812, by itself in full range, is probably the same sonic quality as the L1 with a single B1, with less of an angle of dispersion from from left to right, but with power you can feel.

    I used this system at one 5K race and 2 weddings -- At the 5K, I used one (1) 812 + Sub pair @ 50% and it was loud and clear for approx. 200 people. At the weddings, I used two (2) 812 + Sub pairs @ 50% and it was probably overkill. At the first wedding, I was shaking the metal in the wall at the facility, and at the second wedding, I got a complaint from another wedding in the facility that my bass was too loud. LOL whoops.

    Anywho, the F1 is a powerhouse. Definitely a favorite.

  • from Johnstown, PA July 25, 2016Music Background:
    Solo act singer/songwriter

    Everything it should be!

    I have had two of these units for a couple weeks and use it along with a L1 Compact for a monitor. I mix with the t1 tonematch. It is nothing short of amazing. I love the vocals and acoustic guitar through the F1 and with the combination of the these and the L1 Compact. Doing solo shows from 100 to 1000 - it has you covered. I use to use the L1 model II and loved it. But for me, I like this setup up a little better

  • from June 15, 2016Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer & DJ

    Great System the those Serious about Sound

    Absolutely easy to set-up. Amazing sound for the size and weight. Flexible line array actually works! I have four F1 tops and four F1 subs that has just replaced our JBL 15,000 watt PA. Looking forward to less weight to move around and clearer sound! We do live sound and DJ work... This system is so versitile it can be used for anything! Don't miss out go Bose go F1! BTW Sweetwater ROCKS! Thanks Kent!!!

  • from Ky May 27, 2016Music Background:
    20+ years experience performing


    Amazing! The Bose F1 812 Tower, and Yamaha DTX502 electronic drums with the Behringer XR18 mixer is absolutely the best sound system we have had the privilege to use! The band is still im shock! Plus, my "old lady" is now our new "mixer", given we are using her Ipad to run the mix. Its a win win for everybody! I wish i would have bought it all "YEARS" ago!

  • from Montgomery, Al. April 27, 2016


    I have used Bose L1 since 2007 and the F1 blows me away with the low end and hi end response. We have used them on to out door gigs and they have performed fantastic. Would recommend anyone who is wondering what speakers to buy these are it. Right now I have used them with my old subs and without subs and they do great. Will be getting the F1 Subs hopefully later this year

  • from PA April 20, 2016Music Background:
    10 years active gigging international musician and event production

    Perfect sound clarity, warmth, sustain

    VOCALISTS- these are your speakers. The F1's live up to Bose' sound quality reputation. Like many of us, I've gigged many years on countless arrangements of small PA size speakers and have always struggled to get a sound that accurately captures all elements and subtleties of my vocals. These speakers do it, and do it perfectly. Getting strong low range vocals to come through is always a struggle w mid-low end gear. W the F1's the lows are strtong and thick, the highs are bright and soft. Just awesome. And when adding 2nd,3rd vocals into the mix you can clearly distinguish each voice. Add instruments in and still clear as a the blue sky. But really- if you can afford the investment and long for a great sound, these are your speakers. Oh- and they naturally EQ perfectly to any small gig situation. Have used them for a few months now and have nothing bad to say about them.

  • from April 17, 2016

    Not Just Sound..An Experience!

    I recently purchased the F1 Array System (F1 Model 812 with Subwoofer). I am by no means an audiophile, but I stopped in my tracks when I used this system at an engagement yesterday. Multi-directional sound coverage with articulate, crisp highs and thunderous bass. Most of the evening I was answering questions about the system from the listeners who could not believe their ears. I am considering purchasing a second set to give me various options; however, this system, as a stand-alone, performed exceptionally in a very large venue. I also purchased the protective carry bags and wished only that they came equipped with wheels as an option.

  • from Williamsburg VA March 19, 2016Music Background:
    Professional Singer

    Review is for 1 F1 Model 812 and 1 F1 Subwoofer

    I own a Bose L1 Model II and LOVE it. I did however have issues when I would do larger gigs. I am a singer that sings to backing tracks so the L1 was the best thing on the market for smaller gigs. I had been on the hunt for additional speakers for crowds 300 and over because people absorb a lot of sound and I bought some powered speaker but they did not have the quality of the Bose L1, so when I saw these I knew this was the answer. The sub and Model 812 together are unbelievable. That is an understatement to say the least. At first I thought the flexible Array was a gimmick... But it really does make a difference. I love that I can use my existing Tone match with this and set up is easier than the L1. The price is steep, but if you want the best you have to pay for it. Bose has done their homework on this and it shows.

  • from February 18, 2016Music Background:
    Worship leader

    Bose F1 Model 812 w/subwoofers

    I've had the L1 Model ll system for many years &... somewhat pleased with them, until I got these. Much more compact to carry around on a cart & much more bang for the buck. Don't seem to get the overload & feedback problems I had with the L1 systems. Thanks again Nick for answering all my not so intelligent questions sometimes.

  • from Mesa, AZ December 25, 2015Music Background:
    Part time musician

    Bose F1 Model 812

    These speakers are crystal clear and the sound carries a long way. We use them for larger outside gigs and they sound fantastic!
    Thank you Sweetwater, your deals and terms are the best there is!

  • from Yakima November 20, 2015Music Background:
    50 years a guitar slinger and singer

    Model 812 a winner

    Spendy and worth every dime. High- fidelity describes it nicely. I tried everything within reason to get these speakers to distort but they never did. Plenty of volume and headroom. The adjustable coverage pattern is a great idea and all in all what a great pair of speakers! I may one day buy the subs to complete the package but for now these speakers are more than enough!

  • from Mesa, AZ November 16, 2015

    Bose F1 Model 812

    Got this for some extra coverage for larger outside gigs.Crystal clear and loud! Hope to order another one soon! Thanks Mike Godlove and the Sweetwater crew!

  • from Bridgeport West Virginia October 31, 2015Music Background:
    50+ years performing musician

    Great new level

    Our sound level just went up about three layers - this new Bose unit is terrific - ;we have model I and model II units an they are good but this system just dwarfs them completely.

  • from Stryker, Oh October 27, 2015Music Background:
    Sound Tech 15yrs, Bass player 20yrs

    Bose a plesant supprise.

    I was hesitant to go with a pair of Bose F1's as the mains for our church sound system upgrade as I thought of Bose as good at sound canceling headphones and under the cabinet CD players. My sales rep Dante assured me that they would be more than enough speaker for our space and that the clarity would be almost perfect, In the 3 years I have been buying from Dante he has never lied to me. We were not disappointed, install on the ceiling was simple and the sound was amazing. The low end was particularly impressive. It fills the room and we are considering not adding subs later as we may not need them. Thank you Sweetwater and thank you Dante.

  • from New York September 30, 2015Music Background:
    Recording Artist

    Bose F1 Model 812

    Used in outdoor setting, major upgrade from what we thought was a fairly good JBL system.
    Combined with the subwoofer, great clarity for the vocals. The dispersion is amazing. Looking forward to our 2016 concert season.

  • from Massachusetts September 29, 2015Music Background:
    Singer / acoustic guitarist / DJ

    Bose F1 Model 812

    I have used Bose products for years. I'm a singer / acoustic guitarist as well as DJ (mainly at weddings). I've used the L1 with Tonematch for many years for my solo act and have used 802's with 502BP bass bins and then later switched to MB4's for easier transport, for my DJ gigs. I've never liked the L1's for DJing because they put universal volume throughout the room and for weddings, I want it loud on the dance floor and softer at the tables (where people are talking). I tried the F1 because I've never been thrilled with the low end the MB4's gave me and was tired of carrying the 80lb 502BP's. The F1's have exceeded my expectations in so many ways. Along with the F1 subwoofer, you can't beat the overall sound quality, volume and thump (I never got with the MB4's)! I've used them at 8 weddings so far and they're awesome! This past weekend, I did a wedding with 100 guests and decided to just use the F1/812 in full range mode using the built-in tripod mount without the F1 Bass speaker (and their built-in stand) and again, they amazed me at how loud they could get and still sound great with plenty of low end even without the F1 bass speaker! I'm picking up a 2nd set very soon!

  • from West Texas September 20, 2015Music Background:

    Bose F1

    Been a big Bose fan for years and a long time user of the L1 system. We do some gigs where the L1 is just not loud enough. I usually use a pair of QSC K8s in those places, but wanted to try the new F1 so I bought one (couldn't afford two). Used it this past weekend instead of the K8s and it blew us all away! Sounded great! It is big compared to what I've been using, and pretty heavy, but once we heard it, we forgot all about that. This thing is awesome and I would highly recommend it! Can't wait to another one and the sub!

  • from lllinois May 31, 2017Music Background:
    Guitar performance/instruction

    The 'hype'...

    ...ain't hype. Everything l'd heard/read about Bose quality, starting at their micro home stereo units up to these F1 812 live performance speakers, has been proven to be the truth. l play solo acoustic & electric guitar (down-tuned) with vocals at a substantial volume, which demands a system capable of handling a wide range of frequencies. After using Peavey, Mackie, EV, & Yamaha (all of which have their merits), l decided to go with a system l hoped would be the best & last l'd have to invest in. Now that l currently use two of these cabs with an added sub, & couldn't be happier with the way everything sounds. The F1's are worth the price. They're portable, easy to set up, & sound consistently loud/clear in a variety of in & outdoor situations. Anything else l could say has already been said in Bose's own ads & user reviews...in my opinion, the 'hype' is true.

  • from Akron, Ohio January 13, 2016Music Background:
    Sound Engineer

    Really Impressed

    I bought the Bose F1 system for "Club Gigs". I usually haul two EAW LA460 and two EAW LA400 subs with amp racks. The F1 812 and F1 subs replace that AND fit behind the seat of my Ford F-150...
    Now the Bose won't keep up with that EAW rig, but it's close. It sounds great, is super easy to setup, and looks almost invisible.
    I used it for a band on New Years Eve for 200 people, and it covered a 45'X60' room beautifully!
    It was an expensive purchase, but also a back saving one! In all seriousness, I'm really impressed with this Bose system.

  • from NJ October 11, 2015Music Background:
    Musician, FOH engineer, Studio engineer

    Performance and Sound is Great !! Cabinet design not so much

    I have used these along with the subs for 3 gigs now. Two outside shows and a club date. We mic everything. The vocals were clear and crisp. The drums, bass and guitar sat in the mix were they should be without much Eq. They have lots of ***** for a outdoor performance. The people that follow our group were very impressed how much more "Body" the F1s created. My only complaint about the F1 Series is the cabinet design. The top and back handles make them awkward to handle. They should have side handles which would make them much easier to attach to the built in stand and in general handling. That is why I gave this a 4.5

  • from September 15, 2015


    I was very skeptical about the product from my experience with the L1 systems. My sales rep Israel assured me that it would meet my needs. Once we had the system setup we were blown away with the sound. The top alone has a great quality 15" powered tops. When combined with the sub you get a great balance of tone that screams. The line array effect really pulls the sound to a full level. I highly recommend this product!

  • from December 18, 2016

    The Truth About This Speaker

    I have had these speakers for a few months but just actually played my first show with them. First let me say they do sound great...but not without some work. At the show we just played someone from the crowd actually said that is sounded like a music video. Guess that is about as good as a compliment you can get but it did take a bit of trial and error. One thing about this speaker is it does not have the "breathiness" in the vocals that I have had with other speakers. This is because the lack of horn that will push those highs. This speaker pushes hard in the high mids from the array drivers, but there is virtually no highs so the vocals will always sound a little flat. Normally when you eq you never want to add, you want to subtract but not the case with this speaker. I use a digital boards, QSC Touchmix, which does have a global post eq. If you have a post eq, you will need to push the highs around 5k, and you may have to push them a bit to get that clean vocal. One more thing you want to do is also increase the 100k and 125k in the bass eq. That will make these speaker come alive and will give you a very rich full sound. Also, if you have a digital board, you will want to shelf the vocals. Do not roll off the highs. Shelving seems to work better with these speakers. With all this being said, the speakers sound amazing. the reason for 4 stars is because of the trial and error and bose does not list a eq curve anywhere that I can find so I spent alooooooot of time tweaking. Also, bose could have taken one of the array drivers and mid it a high driver. To me that would have been smart.

  • from Rochester NY May 10, 2016

    Bose F1 model 812

    First of all the service from Sweetwater was impeccable as always... Thanks Bryan.
    I am an acoustic guitar performer and have used " better quality" PA gear for years.... When the guitar is all there is... it has to sound great... the downside to PA gear is usually the horn ( none in the Bose) ...regardless of quality, unless they are carefully EQd they can be harsh, or even overwhelming, and much of my setup time was spent softening the horn.. this is especially true of DJ type gear often found in venue systems.
    I also wanted to lighten the load I was carting, so a single powered speaker was in order.
    The first thing I did when the F1 arrived was take it outside and plugged in an Ipod with a split jack to use the RCA inputs..with the Bose on 2 and the I pod on 6 the sound was absolutely stellar.and load !
    Zac Brown sounded like he was playing live on my patio, and from 60 yards away the vocals were still pristine.. I have used that test on lots of speakers, and this was beyond compare.... as i turned the volume up there was no distortion present,,, I tried it up to 5 after which I think I may have had the cops called on me... ha ha
    Then I plugged in a Dtar solstice Guitar preamp and a Santa Cruz guitar with a Baggs I mix, and it was totally natural and clean... no more harsh horn issue , just a few tone tweaks and I was ready to go..... most importantly it sounded the same at low volumes, as high, which is key
    I see no need for a sub for my use, but I would love to try it.... the sound without any EQ was flat and natural... and when I added bass it was round and full.. no muddy thump... punchy is a good description
    No retailers in my area ( includes CG) had this in stock yet... have no fear of buying this. I have tried the QSC, EV, JBL Yamaha which are a few hundred less... spend the money on this and don't look back

  • from October 31, 2015Music Background:
    Guitar and vocals

    No covers

    A good speaker system, but not protective covers to secure your investment.

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