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Mesa/Boogie Express 5:50 Plus 50-watt 1x12" Tube Combo Amp - Black with Black Grille Reviews

5.0 stars based on 30 customer reviews
Questions about the Mesa/Boogie Express 5:50 Plus 50-watt 1x12" Tube Combo Amp - Black with Black Grille?

Questions about the Mesa/Boogie Express 5:50 Plus 50-watt 1x12" Tube Combo Amp - Black with Black Grille?

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  • from California January 28, 2017

    Best Choice I've Ever Made

    I was looking for a more versatile gigging amp since my Twin Reverb didn't give me too many options for anything past great clean sounds. I was originally going to buy a Mesa Lonestar, but thought twice considering that I couldn't get a whole lot of gain out of it. I loved the clean of the Lonestar but it wouldn't solve my versatility problem whatsoever, so I decided to give the Express 5:50+ a go. I've had the amp for a few months now, and I am so happy I made this decision.

    The clean channel is simply amazing. I have tried to use the Mesa and the Twin side by side, but I just can't go back. There is a clarity to the clean channel that is really striking. The lows can cut through while the highs are still singing. It has a ton of headroom, even though it doesn't have the wattage of the Twin. It basically blows the Twin out of the water. The blues channel offers a bit more grit and urgency and I use it nearly as much as the clean. Both gain channels are amazing, and with the preset scoop settings on the EQ, you can go from that awesome high gain Marshall sound to the more chuggy Double Rectifier scooped mids by stepping once on your foot switch. I am not even close to having fully explored everything I can do with this amp. The icing on the cake is the different wattage selections, which can drastically alter your sound without even having to re-EQ everything. The five band EQ is also something I always loved in Mesa amps, and I use it far more than I initially thought I would.

    This amp is a no-brainer. The number of options is amazing, but the quality of each of those options is pretty stunning. 10/10

  • from California March 12, 2016

    Mesa Monster!

    Super powerful amp! Excellent clean tones. Very nice gain. This little amp is a Beast! It's a Boogie! Need I say more? Awesome amp made in the U S.A.

  • from October 23, 2015

    The best

    Mesa Boogie is great amp. I wanna thank Arend Reby he is the best sales engineer.

  • from Your town October 7, 2015Music Background:
    Professional musician and studio owner

    Holy Grail of Sonic Bliss

    I have ,according to my wife, too many amps....what? So I wanted to focus on
    the perfect amp for everything....alt rock, blues, clean , crush..etc...
    Most of my amps do one or the other really well ....but I wanted to downsize my collection
    so I would have somewhere to sit..ha ha...anyway, compared Mesa, Hughes and Kettner (very nice amp)
    Engl, and Fender 65. That's a pretty wide survey so I started to narrow down the candidates.
    Engl was a super metal amp, Fender of course clean, Hughes and Kettner nice but a touch inorganic.
    Then comes this Mesa Express Plus...what the heck is this? Basically 2 channels that have 2 settings to choose from and 3 differently voiced power choices (5 watt class A, 25 watt class A push.pull, and 50 Class A/B). So essentially you have 12 different starting points of tone. Add in the 5 band Slider EQ, contour boost knob, and solo switch and the tonal possibilities are enormous (and without adding in a single effect).
    The tube spring reverb is the best and most usable reverb I've ever heard...(you never sound like you're in a cavern...and can have different settings for each channel)
    So what about the sound dude!.....ok I'm getting there....
    The clean channel is super quiet ( no snakes anywhere). It has the roundness and harmonic fullness
    Of the Fender 65 deluxe reverb RI , without the ice pick bright ear piercing high end.
    The headroom is clean all the way to ten and very loud. I played my Ramirez FL2 flamenco nylon through
    That channel and it sounded like a HiFi ....so real with a near unplugged richness.
    The crunch channel is my favorite because it starts out super clean,but can be gained to the sweet spot where is breaks up just where you want it. Really great sustain with smooth Mesa power.
    The Blues channel is that perfect setting for popping out cliches and runs. Your dynamics and volume setting on the guitar control when you want the phrase to be dirty or clean....
    The Burn setting is classic Mesa all the way.....smooth...overdriven sustaining,,rich tone. Really their signature channel.
    I have this amp now for 8 months and it's like my favorite TV series....I sit in front of it and play it over and over. With guilty pleasure. ,always finding new tones for my music..super inspirational.
    I have the standard black combo and it is built with such quality and strength that I don't worry
    About taking a backup amp to a gig...(which if I,did,would be my Mesa Express 5/50 head anyway)
    So for me this is the ideal tone machine which is built strong enough to last a lifetime and sounds so great
    I can't see myself every not having this baby...
    So I highly recommend this Mesa Express sonic work of art.......

  • from Redlands Ca March 16, 2015Music Background:

    This one will stay awhile!

    This is my 3rd tube amp. I had a Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue about 2 years then a Peavey 6505+112 for another 2. Loved the Fender cleans but it didn't have a great drive channel. The Peavey had more gain than I knew what to do with but I couldn't dial in any kind of clean that could satisfy me. Now the Mesa Express 550 plus can do all that and more! Great clean punchy tones reminds me of my old fender but with the addition of a great gain channel. It doesn't have the high gain saturation like the 6505+ (IMO) does but the correct pedal can fix that. Takes pedals as well as my Fender did. It is a little different to dial in than other amps I've played through so take your time and explore. Overall im very happy with my purchase!

  • from Charleston, SC February 23, 2015Music Background:
    weekend gigs

    Fantastic Amp

    This amp is absolutely fantastic. After getting this amp I was able to reduce the number of pedals on my board thanks to its features. The boost works great - basically just a switchable master volume. The two channels have a great deal of tweakability and character. I love the blues channel for that very dynamic, responsive sound that gets clean or dirty based on how aggressive you are playing. The amp is heavy and built like a tank. I like that I don't have to worry about much about it when taking it to gigs. The reverb is a lot like a classic fender spring tank. Lastly, I especially like the ability to set the output power - it makes the transition from my bedroom to gigs much easier.

  • from Louisville, KY October 29, 2014Music Background:

    Great Amp

    I love the clean channel on this amp when running 5 watts. Still working out the best settings on the EQ, etc... The amp does have a loud "click" when switching between channels. The footswitch is really big and the cord is too long for most applications. Overall I'm really happy with this amp.

  • from Long Beach, NY October 23, 2014Music Background:
    Professional Musician, Recording Engineer, Producer

    Very good amp

    I would say that versatility is the strongest feature of this amp. It does modern rock tones pretty well and blues rock tones even better in my opinion.

    The 5-band graphic EQ section is very usable which makes up for the fact that the standard Treble, Mid and Bass controls are not very usable at all. Which is really my biggest issue with the amp and why I choose to rate it 4 stars instead of 5.

    The 5/25/50 watt options are great for moving back and forth from the studio to the stage, which was a big selling point for me. This thing gets really loud when you push the 50 watt channel and is even surprisingly loud at 5 watts if you want it to be. I found the 25 watt setting to be the perfect in between for rehearsal rooms.

    The reverb sounds really good in my opinion and the 4 button foot switch makes it very easy to navigate this thing on the fly.

    The amp is built like a tank, very well made and put together but kind of heavy. Not unexpectedly so for an all tube amp though.

    All in all I would say if you're a rock guitar player with a budget under $2000 and you're looking for something versatile with solid rock tones that this a good buy. Especially if you also own or do studio work.

  • from Fort Wayne, IN October 3, 2014Music Background:
    lifetime part time gigging guitarist

    Problem Solved!

    This amp has virtually everything I need! I was looking for an amp that provides superior transparent tone for single coil and humbucking pickups for both clean and clipped/ distorted tones, foot switchable. has variable wattage options, and most of all rugged and durable, Problem solved! The tones are amazing. The clean is very sparkling, and options for clipped and distorted sounds (Mesa Lead Tone!) are limitless with two channels, two voices per channel, and assignable wattage per channel, solo boost, graphic eq, etc. The reverb is exceptional, has individual settings for both channels and can be switched on/off with the included foot switch. Speaking of the foot switch (it comes with the amp), it can change channel 1 to channel 2, reverb, eq contour, and solo. The solo function allows a pre-settable volume boost for each channel. The complexity of the responsive graphic eq and unique tone stack of Mesa can be challenging, which is why I appreciate the EQ bypass until I can master the TMB and graphic eq settings. I look forward to the infinite possibilities of tone tweaking. Regarding durability and quality of fit/finish, the amp cabinet, interface controls, and foot switch are the finest I have seen. This amp is built to last. Regarding foot room and head room, this amp will easily accommodate bedroom levels of volume, as well as incredible headroom with 50 watts. One note, per Mesa Customer Service, they do not include line out circuity on their amps because they have not discovered a circuit that meets their demanding criteria. They have created the Cab Clone for this solution, and there are other direct line out solutions available for live line out and recording situations. The tones on this amp are amazing; you will only appreciate if you plug in and play. Only one regret... I did not buy this amp sooner. Thanks to Roq Martin and Greg Baum in retail for letting me test drive with different guitars. If you can, stop by the retail store in Fort Wayne. You won't be disappointed!

  • from Cape Cod Mass USA August 6, 2014Music Background:
    Pro musician

    She does it all!

    I busted this thing outa the box asap- as soon as i opened it up i was impressed by the cable to the footswitch - it was rugged and road ready - this amp does it all- nasty and nice at the same time- all you need is a little delay and some chorus and your options for great sound is at your fingertips - the toggles switches go hot or cold to your liking on each channel - it feels like i bought two amps-and i like the boost on the foot switch - its more than i bargained for- and what can you say about Sweetwaters- they're as good as they get-#1

  • from May 16, 2014


    After my brother reneged on a deal to purchased his 1980's M/B Mark III combo I purchased the 5:50 plus. I use the amp for home studio work and the sound and versatility of the 5:50 is amazing providing crystal clear clean to raw and edgy distortion. Highly recommend.

  • from Pittsburgh Pa April 25, 2014Music Background:
    done it all, seen it all, dont regret any of it

    covers all the bases

    this is my 5th Mesa. in fact, I sold my Mark IV to buy this amp.
    It has all the features you need. A Switchable FX loop would have been nice. I've owned all manner of tube amps over my 40 years of playing and still own 2 Peaveys and a Carvin. The Express is as good as any of them.
    Good quality that will out last me.

  • from Kenilworth N.J. April 11, 2014Music Background:

    Great Deal on a Great Amp

    I`m a novice player having only played around with an acoustic I bought years ago. Well, this year I hit for $3K on the Superbowl & it was burning a hole in my pocket so I decided to get myself my first electric rig. I was looking at a Marshall JVM 50watt 2x12 tuber after discussing with a friend at work who plays. Then I found this baby with 5/25/50 switchability, 2 channels with 4 modes an EQ and Made in the USA. I read up on Mesa and heard great things about their warranty & support so I bit on the 5:50+ combo and for $20 more than the Marshall, I bought the amp and a Widebody 1x12 closed back cabinet with a C90. So now I have a 2 piece 2x12 that looks & sounds awesome and is a breeze to move around. As I said I am a still a novice and will be learning what I can do with this amp and my new American Standard Strat for some time to come. Everything came safely packed in 2 days from date of order, free shipping & no tax, overall a great purchase experience. Nice Job Adam & Sweetwater...

  • from Alton, IL February 12, 2014Music Background:
    Semi-pro Musician. 15yrs live + 5yrs studio

    Amazing Combo

    This is the best amp I've ever owned. It is my first boogie. Love the tone! Just be careful with the added EQ silders. It's a fantastic feature, but can hurt you as much as it can help if you don't have it dialed in properly. I love the Solo feature for live performance's! It's helped me a great deal! It helped me take a pedal out of my chain for my live gigs.

    I also do a lot of recording and I bought this amp to try to get a better tone while not lugging around my big half stack Peavey to record. I'm very very pleased! I do a lot of Pink Floyd Covers, and I use the clean channel on this amp combined with a couple stomp boxes to get a fantastic Gilmour sound!! It has such a warm tone! It can have such a good clean full sound!!

    Because I do a lot of covers this amp worked out fantastic. I can dirty up channel 1 and use it with a Boss DS-1 amongst other stomp boxes to get a great Cantrell sound or any grunge sound for that matter.

    The amp is so versatile which works perfect for me doing covers. It is also powerful enough to play small venue's with. I've even played 1k person venue's with this amp and it sounded amazing being mic'd up live.

    It also has a Wattage reducer switch. Which you can use to reduce overall volume while still overdriving the tubes to get that warm sound.

    I took copies of the blank front view pages in the manual for the amp settings. I marked them up after dialing in each sound and mark them with the name of the song/band to use them for later references if needed.

    Just like any other combo tube amp i've owned. While recording I did notice some tube rattle. This is to be expected out of a combo amp though.

    I'd buy another Mesa amp in a heart beat!! Hell It took a couple months for me to get this one because they weren't in stock anywhere in my area. Sweetwater had the shortest lead time!

  • from Helena, MT February 3, 2014Music Background:
    Weekend Musician.

    A sweet sound!

    Great tone and very versatile. Lots of features and plenty of power for my needs. Seems to be very well built and so far is a great amp! I am very happy with it.

  • from Chester, TX USA December 22, 2013Music Background:

    Awesome, Killer Tonal Capability With Ample Volume

    All righty, then...my first Boogie purchase was back in the early eighties @ the Rockin Robin music store in Houston. It was a Mark ll B, Simul-Class, so, I'm familiar with the quality of Mesa Engineering Amplifiers. At the time, I was searching for a small, quality amp with great tone with plenty of sustain & volume. I tried most of the major brands but nothing seemed to totally satisfy my tonal requirements until a young salesman advised me to try a Mesa amp which were relatively new on the market at that time. I'd never even heard of Mesa Boogies before that & was a bit skeptical. It only took a few minutes of playing time to realize that this is what I'd been searching for. I was sold on Mesa amplifiers from then on. Unbelievable! I thought...where is this "singing voice" coming from? It allowed me to sound better than I really was & made playing more enjoyable. The monetary outlay was around $1,500 for the Mark ll B. A lot of money at the time for an amp. Didn't matter...I had to have it. I took it out on the front porch on a quiet afternoon when I got home and cranked up the volume to about the 2 or 3 o'clock position & folks from over a half mile away said they heard my playing. I was using a Randall 2/12 Combo before that which I thought was a great sounding amplifier. I'm retired now and living on a fixed income and couldn't afford the Mark V...otherwise, I'd have purchased it instead of this 5:50 Express Plus. However, the 5:50 Plus has met my tonal requirements today. There's no need to go into detail as the demo on Sweetwater's website is descriptive enough. I didn't really need a Mark V...just wanted it because I miss my Mark ll so much. I'm not a performer...just an occasional jammer with friends, some home studio recording & practice many hours every week. I truly love this new 5:50+ and couldn't ask for a better 50W amp or even suggest any improvements. It will be in the family until death do us part. Sweetwater is the best music gear supplier I've ever dealt with and I'll also take this opportunity to thank my sales engineer, Ryan Darmos. He's very knowledgeable and accommodating & so are the folks @ Mesa Engineering. Although I haven't tried them all, I think this is one of, if not the best 50 watt, two channel amplifier on the market today. Extremely sensitive & versatile. Nothing's perfect but Mesa is probably about as close as you will get. If there's a better amp on this planet, I'd like to know about it. This amp is also excellent for studio recording & I have no complaints. To sum it all up...couldn't be more satisfied with this purchase.

  • from Burleson, TX December 8, 2013Music Background:
    Player for 26 years

    Love this Amp!

    I bought this amp from Sweetwater back in late February. After playing it for nine months I am still amazed from the tone that I get from this amp. The clean tone is absolutely beautiful! My Telecaster in the neck position and my Stratocaster in the 2nd position(neck pickup & middle pickup) sound just warm and full in the clean mode. The Crunch Channel rocks and the Blues Channel I cannot speak more highly of! I do prefer the Blues Channel in the 25 watt mode! It rocks! I personally think the Burn Mode is great for screaming solos. I did have to replace some tubes after about seven months but that is part of having a tube amp. It is kind of like having a Harley! A Harley and a good Tube Amp takes maintenance but if you want the best that is just part of it. I will say that my experience buying this at Sweetwater was a great one. My questions were answered, they were kind and I never felt like they were annoyed with the time that I needed from them. I will do my business again when I make a big purchase.

  • from Deep River, CT, USA October 25, 2013Music Background:
    Semi-Pro Musician

    A stage musicians dream!

    I play in several different bands (Motown, Classic Rock, Party Pop) and the Express 5:50 Plus covers it all. Mesa really did their homework in delivering an "any situation amp" that's capable of delivering 5, 25 or 50 watts.The added EQ and Solo controls enhance your already killer tones with the click of a button. I added a Lone Star 23 1x12 Ext. Cab. for my bigger gigs and now I have most versatile rig on the East Coast! Thanks to Mesa and Sweetwater for building and delivering my dream amp!

  • from Athens October 9, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Mesa Boogie Express 5:50 Plus Combo

    I own several Amps from Carvin to Peavey and to Marshall. But something is always lacking. Boogie delivered it. I recently acquired a Roadster and now the Express and both blew my mind. Simply telling you my experience here with these two amps is not enough. So go to a local luthier shop try any Boogie and I can guarantee a wow from your face ;-)

  • from Parrish, Florida September 27, 2013Music Background:
    Southern rock, new country, classic rock, blues

    Love this amp!

    Can't say one bad thing about it, only maybe the footswitch could be a Little smaller. Other than that, one of the best, if not the best amps I've played or owned

  • from New York September 3, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist , Recording Musician


    This is one of the best versatile amp on the market now. The clean was undoubtedly clean fat and smooth. Blues crunch channels are another great feature that works very good. Also built like a tank construction

  • from Medford OR USA August 30, 2013Music Background:
    Performance,recording guitar player

    Ya baby - that's what ahm talking bout!!!

    The minute I plugged in I heard the tone(s) I've been chasing for years now. The Clean is a marvel - the sonds from the Blues and Crunch channels is full of character and nuances - the Burn channel is to die for - Can't you say SUSTAIN ? I CAN !! Running my effects thru the fx loop really cleaned up those pedals. A perfect amp for the clubs and the range of music I play. READ THE MANUAL ! I didn't at first and managed to make the amp sound bad - the next night I had more control and the tones came thru. If yer looking for that last amp or ready to step up past the average stuff - this is your amp. I got good advice from Will at Sweetwater and picked the 5:50 -.

  • from Postfalls Id. USA June 14, 2013Music Background:
    Pro musician

    Mea 550 express plus

    This amp really does it all! At low volumes or cranked- it roars at every level! The cleans are perfection-over the top good! And I love the burn channel it just does anything from crunch to fire! And despite all the comments of taking time to dial in...not true in my experience. IT takes about 5 seconds to get great sounds! True there is more to discover for sure (And I'm having fun doing just that!) Also I love the effects loop! Delay and chorus pedals sound like they should!!! I 1st orderd the mark 5 and if you don't care about playing at lower levels-GET THE MARK 5!!! but I personally needed that 5 watt option for what I do. All in all-best amp I've ever owned by far!

  • from n.c. January 15, 2013Music Background:
    pro musician

    mesa boogie express 5:50 plus

    By far the best amp I have owned. The tone on this baby is what you would expect from a mesa. I play in a band and have gigged with it once already (plenty of clean head room). The different modes are awesome. Although I use a pedal I find myself playing straight amp with channel one on clean and channel two on blues for my dirt and use the solo boost for lead work. If reverb is your thing this amp has the best of any amp I have played. The 5, 25, 50 watt settings are awesome not to mention the on board eq. I have been a tone chaser for years and I have finally found it in this amp. I could go on and on. Nate with sweetwater is always a pleasure to deal with. This will be an amp I keep for a long time

  • from SC October 21, 2012Music Background:
    Play rock, prog metal and worship music

    Clean and mean machine

    This is a great amp. I was looking to downgrade a head and 4x12 setting I ran for 14 years (back pain anyone?:) I tried a Fender Deluxe reverb RI (too piercing for my tastes), a used Rectoverb (did not cut it fot me) and some Line 6 stuff (good but not to settle with). Then I decided to buy a new Express based on my testing a couple at some brick and mortar stores. I called Ryan at Sweetwater and ordered the 5:50 Plus but with a Vintage 39 speaker and wow- clean tones were sweet and readily available right out of the box. this amp took my pedals set-up and ate it up! It loves pedals. Maybe is just me but I ended up running all my pedals in front of it after trying the loop for delays and chorus. They sounded good but seemed more alive running in front of it at least to my ears.

    Now to the 5 slider EQ. This really transforms the sound when engaged. If you are wondering if it is worth it, it is. I run the sliders for enhance the trebles to go from a round clean setting to funky trbly on channel 1. Then I run channel 2 usually with the EQ set to knb preset since it provides the V setting anyway. Running distortion pedals thru the 2nd channel on Blues with gain at 8 or 9 o'clock is a dream!

    The reverb is top notch, period.

    I play a strat with an 85 EMG on the bridge and it rocks with this amp when needed as well. This amp is versatile with a capital V- but will never give you the tight distortion of a recto if that is what you are after. BUT, it can do metal with the right pedals for sure.

    Nothing is perfect, and this amp will make poping sounds when:

    - Switching from a channel set on 50 watts to one set on 5 watts.- Does not seem to happen if the switch os 50 to 25 or remaining on the same wattage level between channels.

    - engaging the EQ (sporadically)- every now and then it will pop when footswitching the EQ on. I need to play more to see if I can discover a pattern (or if it is a warranty issue).

    I recommend this amp wiith a Vintage 30- It will help round up the tone and control the trebles. Sweetwater can order it that way for you and it costs the same but you will have to wait for it to be built.

    Portable, excellent clean tones, great blues and distorted tones, loves pedals and sounds much bigger thab
    it is. Occassional pops are the trade off...

    I'm glad I got mine!

  • from Los Angeles June 28, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Great Amp

    I have owned the two twelve version of this amp for six months. Like most Mesa amps it's a good idea to play around with the tone settings especially in unexpected ways. My current set up is channel one on Crunch and channel two on Blues but with the gain set low for a clean sound. Channel one seems to have a fatter bottom which fills out the overdrive nicely but seems boomy on clean especially when playing with a bass. Channel two has a very different tone. When set to clean (blues) I find it sounds great but not to boomy. Then there is the Contour control. There's a lot of tonal variation on this beautiful amp and I couldn't recommend it more. It's surprising how often I can use it in the 5 watt mode. Fifty watts is plenty just about anywhere. Best for blues and classic rock. Mesa makes plenty of other amps for metal.

  • from Austin, Tx February 2, 2012Music Background:
    Part Time Guitarist

    Excellent Amp

    This amp is perfect if you want Fender and Marshall sounds in the same amp. Because the crunch is on channel one, I use the blues mode on channel two as my clean. I set channel two so it sounds like a clean tweed amp with the contour off and it sounds more like a blackface amp with the contour on. I don't care for the 5 watt mode, but the volume controls in 50 watt mode are good enough that I can play quietly with the 50 watts switched on. Overall, this is hands-down the best amp I've ever owned.

  • from Monterey, CA USA January 6, 2012Music Background:

    Tone King

    The Mesa 5:50 EXP is perfect for my needs. It's a studio amp and gig amp all-in-one and the tone is so pure. Portable yet "big" enough to fill a large venue and accepts pedals well but has some great fx right out of the box. Looks good. Sounds great. Very satisfied with the Mesa.

  • from Palmyra, VA July 20, 2011Music Background:
    Gigging musician

    Awesome two channel combo - great with pedals

    I've owned this amp for over a year now, and it is simply fantastic. The clean channel is the best of any amp I've owned. Takes OD and distortion pedals fantastically. Crunch mode on this channel is very Marshall-y, which is surprising for a Mesa. Burn mode on channel 2 is also quite good. I've also used external preamps into the effects return. Outstanding.

    Spring reverb unit, tube buffered, and with individual controls per channel...AND foot-switchable? Very nice. I like it and I generally don't like reverb.

    I consider this amp the "foundation" of my rig. So much so, that I am ordering the 212 version and an extension cab to replace my Fryette half stack, although I must say the volume on even the 112 on 50 watts can be LOUD if need be. I use the 112 in church mostly on a larger stage. It takes whatever I've thrown at it and loves it,. whether it be pedals, preamps, modelers, etc.

    My only complaint is that crunch mode is on the clean channel. I think it should be on channel 2 so both could be had via the footswitch. I don't use the Blues mode, just not my cup of tea.

    Still, as another reviewer says, play this amp with OD pedals into the clean channel and you'll forget all about that little limitation. And that's why I plan on keeping this amp for good. Mesa quality construction, and all-tube, made in the USA. Very hard to beat by any other 112 all-tube combo out there.

  • from Tustin , CA August 5, 2010Music Background:
    Pro / Hobbyist

    The Gigger

    I have owned and played this amp now for about thee weeks. The clean channel is among the best I have ever played. Very black face with a nice bounce and without the ice pick harshness I hear in so many newer Fender amps.
    Sweet lush reverb. The contour control on each channel is a welcome addition that allows for added and frankly necessary tonal shaping. Put a mild OD pedal in front of this clean channel and you may never even get curious as to what the other channels can do.
    Read the manual. Boogies can be a little "tweaky" The tone stacks are very good if you know how to use them. If used properly allow you to finely tailor your amp for the room and the volume you are playing at.
    The Crunch mode is pure Marshall 70's rock. Great sound that cleans up well with lowering you volume knob. A little mid-rangy but that's what the 70's sounded like. I was there.
    The Blues mode is a little darker version of Crunch. It can be set up to be clean or pushed or with some nice gain. This cleans up well with the volume knob on your guitar.
    The Burn mode is classic boogie. Although I hear a bit more articulation in the midrange.It has a very nice attack but still is fluid.
    Switchable from 5 to 50 watts. This feature yields some nice tonal variations and is great to push the clean channel at lower volumes.
    The build quality on this rig is excellent. Quality potentiometers, dove tail solid ply very solid cabinet. This amp should become a classic.
    I currently own a Marshall 18 watt, a Vox AC30, and several other boutique rigs. This amp is my current favorite.

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