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Mesa/Boogie Express 5:25 Plus 25-watt Tube Head - Black Reviews

5.0 stars based on 7 customer reviews
Questions about the Mesa/Boogie Express 5:25 Plus 25-watt Tube Head - Black?

Questions about the Mesa/Boogie Express 5:25 Plus 25-watt Tube Head - Black?

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  • from Wayne county Pa.. October 4, 2016

    Only amp you need.

    Thank you Phil P. and Sweetwater Since this amp arrived I am amazed at the variety of sounds you can dial in. From warm clean fender sounds to a blazing marshall scream. It will take awhile to figure out the vast array of sounds, but being retired now I should have the time.I originally ordered the M/B 1-12 rectifier cabinet which was a mistake because the amp head does not fit well on top.Phil P. to the rescue, exchanged it for the M/B 1-12 cabinet. What can I say, a match made in heaven.Again thanks Sweetwater and Phil P P.S. please more fireballs next time.

  • from Columbia, MO October 27, 2015Music Background:
    35 yr professional musician, studio owner,


    Bought this amp as a stage replacement for a older Mark IIC, a 1965 Fender Vibrolux and a 1966 Twin. Coupled with a 2 X 12 Celestion greenback cabinet this amplifier kills in all styles. Great sounds for country, blues, rock, praise and worship and jazz. Love the ability to change the wattage output as it allows the amp to sing at low volumes...a really nice feature. Can't say enough good about this amp and have yet to find anything bad to say. Do expect to take some time dialing in your sounds as with all Boogies the process does take a little longer but always worth it in the end. I would recommend this product to anyone that needs a great sounding, versatile guitar head.

  • from NJ August 5, 2015Music Background:
    40 years of music, 15 years of guitar playing

    SPECTACULAR ! Don't look back !!

    I recently moved from several combos to the MB ExPlus 5:25 Head with a 2x12 Vert cab and will never look back. The tonal warmth of this combination is a night and day difference from playing with a combo. The ExPlus has logical, super ease of use with smart thresholds between the gain modes within the channels and across the channels. The EQ is responsive and has wide breadth of frequency control, surprising for a 5 band. Channels are designed and layout is logical and obviously made with high quality parts. There's some physical weight, something to live with.
    Sweetwater team is a pleasure to work with, fast, responsive, my "go to" equip dealer. I Love my Mesa !

  • from West Georgia November 5, 2014Music Background:
    15 year hobbyist in audio engineering and guitar

    Plays Nice with Pedals

    I'm a fan of layering guitar sounds in recordings. I bought this as a platform from which many of my OD and distortion/fuzz pedals could sing. So far, stuck a DS-1 in front, and it is killing with 90's alt rock tones. Very organic and tweakable distortion between the two.

    There are so many features on this amp..I haven't had time yet to explore other parameters. A more complete review will come later. Even though it comes with EL-84's you can dial in thick low end with the 5 band graphic if you so desire.

  • from Cincinnati, OH July 30, 2014Music Background:
    Professional Musician

    I love this amp!

    The Express 5:25 Plus has far surpassed my expectations! Since owning it for 2 months, I've used it for blues, regular jazz gigs, funk, and rock and the tones are all accessible and lovely. Coming from a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, this head isn't as simple in finding a great tone, but once you search and try to understand each knob (and how they relate to each other), you can find most everything you need.

  • from North of Boston April 2, 2013Music Background:
    Weekend warrior.

    Chasing tone? Here's your answer!!

    I've owned a lot of boutique amplifiers and this one really does it all. Playing through a Dr. Z 2x10 cab. There are times when I'm not feeling my tone and this amp's modes and power settings allow you to get what you are looking for without changing amps. It's all in there. Great for low through high volume settings. It does have a lot of knobs and switches but I find it really, really easy to hit a switch or turn a know and get just what I'm looking for. Never had that before with one amp. Great job Mesa Boys!

  • from CT March 3, 2013Music Background:
    Active musician

    Mesa 5:25

    I always loved the sound of the EL tubes over the 6L's. So when I found out (never knew) that Mesa made some amps with the EL's I thought I would give this amp a try.
    I was looking for something small to gig with, but with some useable features.
    Well it has enough volume for sure. I play in a classic / modern rock band with another guitarist, bass and drums.
    Just put the amp though its first band practice and it passed with flying colors with plenty more room to go volume wise.
    I setteled on "blues" as my clean channel, and crunch as my main distortion channel.
    The crunch sounds great for classic rock tunes and cleans up nicely with the guitars volume when you need just a ittle less gain.
    To me clean is clean and the clean channel is just fine and takes OD pedals very well. So its easy to get yourself 3 channels ou of this amo with ease.
    What really sold me on this amp was the quality. Way beyond any amp I have ever owned, and I have been playing 30+ years now.
    If you are debating on this amp and maybe think it won't have enough power to keep up with a band, forget about that and pick one up.
    Being able to change the power tubes with out any bias adjustment is another huge plus.
    Great job by Mesa!
    Thank you Sweetwater for another great piece of equipment shipped fast and with great customer service!

Questions about the Mesa/Boogie Express 5:25 Plus 25-watt Tube Head - Black?

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