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Dave Smith Instruments Evolver Analog/Wavetable Synthesizer with Step Sequencer Reviews

4.5 stars based on 3 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Carson McClain

    I borrowed the Evolver from another sales engineer here, and I am hooked. There is even a "Sweet Dreams" preset on this that sounds exactly like the original song. Absolutley Amazing! I added this in to my DJ rig. Well, I guess you could call it a DJ rig. I am running two Korg drum machines, a laptop running Traktor DJ and Ableton Live and decided I needed more. I produce Drum n' Bass, Ambient, Industrial and spin Hardcore. Aside from the sound, the size is perfect. As most DJs and synth guys know space runs out quick when you are gear junkies like us. Minimal size and massive sound, an electronic musician's dream come true.

  • Brendan Murphy

    Why don't you have one of these? The Evolver would be a monster synth/audio processor at twice its price. Read the specs... you won't believe what you get for the money!

  • from March 16, 2016

    Versatile little monster

    This little box is crazy, and I mean that in the best possible way. I recently almost jumped on the modular synth craze because I am very focused on the 1960's pioneers of electronic music (Subotnick etc.) But, based on a recommendation from a friend, I took the plunge on the Evolver.

    Do not let all the crappy ersatz techno YouTube clips out there fool you: this thing is very much entrenched in madness and sounds you haven't imagined. I prefer to not save any patches because every time I turn it on I feel inspired with just a few tweaks. I've made so much intriguing sound design and sonic sculpture just having the Evolver for a few months..

    The layout is really intuitive (I only consult the manual now and then) in the almost-sense of patching. Twist this to modulate this source etc. I can see using it live in an improvising session.

    And it sounds great! The mix of digital and analog oscillators is the perfect blend of murky and crisp.

  • from Granby, CT April 11, 2014Music Background:

    Just what I needed!

    Small footprint with just the sound and features that I needed to fill in what was missing with my soft synths. Unique in many ways, full of surprises, and plenty of tweaking capability. The SoundTower PlugSE vst editor librarian (sold separately) works great and makes it much easier to dig in and create new sounds, automate in my DAW, and the librarian is a real plus too. I had to deactivate the midi ports in my DAW (Sonar X3 Producer) that were associated and connected to the Evolver in order for PlugSE to work; and the setup and troubleshooting guide indicates that is the case for most other DAW's as well. Lot's of bang for the buck....Well done Dave Smith!

  • from McKinney, TX April 16, 2008Music Background:
    Film Scores, Post Production Audio, Former Synthpop Legend

    This is more synthesizer than anyone could ask for at this price! I love it!

    When the Evolver came out a few years back, I picked one up. This was the first Dave Smith instrument (hardware) in over a decade, and I had to get my hands on it. Over the years, he's released several items based on Evolver technology, but it all started with this guy. Basically, you have all of your basic synth waveforms in here, plus a lot of pcm-based items. You can do simple subtractive synthesis, FM, or sample-based stuff. The whole gamut is in here, which is amazing given the price tag. Analogue-style step sequencing is even available, which takes a little bit of getting used to, but can be a blast and a great way to waste (not really) a whole afternoon with just the evolver and a MIDI keyboard. The fact that you can also use it as a guitar pedal (kind of) and a bitcrusher are fantastic. Most any classic analogue sound can be produced with it, from sweet watery tones to sawtooth waves ripping dancefloor flesh. The onboard effects are fantastic, as well. You can also, of course, get a version of this with a keyboard that also has a larger display, and you can even string this little box to a Polyphonic Evolver to give it another voice or two. You can even make faux-chords and arpeggiations. It's really cool, and you have to look at the demos on Youtube to believe it. Great little piece at a great price. I would recommend it for ANYONE making electronic music.

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